Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Win MAC Jade Dragon Nail Lacquer!

One (1) lucky winner will receive the limited edition MAC Jade Dragon Nail Lacquer from MAC’s Nail Trend F/W ’10 Collection! (Retail value $13.00!)

RULES: All entries must be submitted by September 7th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to U.S. readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws (unfortunately, many countries have strict regulations regarding the shipping of nail polish). Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Congratulations to Michelle A.!

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708 thoughts on “Win MAC Jade Dragon Nail Lacquer!

  1. Melody

    I switch up my nail color every week and use a nail hardener as well as cuticle cream. =)

  2. Christine

    I use a hand lotion, and every couple of weeks when I remember, I will use a hand scrub to exfoliate my hands/nails

  3. Eliane

    I’m obsessed with my nails. I file them, paint them, moisturize my hands and cuticles all the time!

  4. Lauren

    i give myself a manicure once a week and always moisturize my hands.

  5. Bea

    i use nothing special for nails

  6. tricia c

    lately i have not been taking care of them

  7. I don’t do much to my nails. I only shape or clip them when there’s a break. Otherwise, I let them be natural. 😉 But of course, with polish on.

  8. Samira

    I keep my nails pretty short. I use the 4-step from sephora for nails and after, I put some argan oil.

  9. maomao

    I always use basecoat and never use anything but a glass filer to file them down. This prevents peelies, yay!

  10. FlyingBuffalo

    I give them a break between polishes! I find nail polish really dries out my nails and they lose all their natural shine.

  11. Grace

    I take care of my nails by cutting the regularly and applying a cuticle oil from OPI that smells like heaven. From time to time I will use a handscrub to moisturize my nail beds and slough off dead skin on my hands. I use the Sephora by Opi basecoat whenever I’m not using polish because it nourishes, brightens, and strengthens my nails!

  12. Haya

    i take care of my nails by dipping them in olive oil, leaving them strong and helping them grow longer!!!!

  13. Stephanie

    Every night I put Seacret oil on my cuticles, then Seacret lotion and I use the buffer once or twice a week and I try to get a professional manicure once a month…. but that doesn’t always happen! I like doing my nails myself to play with colors!

  14. DJ

    I file my nails with a glass nail file & only file one way.

  15. I recently took off my acrylic nails so I’m letting my nails breathe. I’ve been using the OPI by Sephora Nail Strengthener.

  16. Beryl

    I got a nail strengthener from Talika. My nails get weak when I put on nail polish often.

  17. I try to keep some clear polish on my nails to harden them and keep them looking good!

  18. Audri

    I take care of my nails just by filing, buffing, and cleaning, etc – nothing too interesting. Moisturizing nightly helps tremendously to promote healthy-looking nails.

  19. Christina

    The one thing I never do is open a can of soda with my nails. =)

  20. – cuticle cream
    – push and snip off dead skin
    – buff
    – moisturizing base coat
    – nail polish
    – top coat
    – cutcle restoration oil

    but this is only when i have more time -_-“

  21. Sara

    I use mouisturizer!

  22. by using vitamins and sally hansen hydrating creme.

  23. Arantzazu

    I wear short nails, but I keep them nice and healthy using olive oil as a moisturizer. Simple but really effective =)

  24. Lisa

    I use tons of moisturizer on my hands and cuticle cream at night and sometimes I use a nail strengthener

  25. Daniela

    i do the best i can with them on my own lol

  26. I take care of my nails with olive oil

  27. Karen

    I use lotion to moisturize them, China Glaze Calcium Fortifier to make them strong, a glass file to make them shaped nicely, and polish to make them pretty!

  28. Courtney s

    Well when I get off work, I wash my hands and apply hand lotion. Most times I file, and apply a clear base coat. If I’m feelin frisky I’ll apply polish. It all just depends!

  29. Michael

    for my nails, i use a moisturising handcreme and nail hardener by p2

  30. Melissa

    Keep them polished so I don’t bite them and hand cream!

  31. Carrie

    I keep my nails filed fairly short & keep my hands/feet moisturized. I don’t wear polish on my hands very often, but I feel naked w/out color on my toes!

  32. Kim

    please enter me to win! i’ve actually just recently gotten into taking good care of my nails — hard to do here in the mountains with all the outdoor activities! nonetheless, i am diligent about using burt’s bees lemon cuticle cream and some hand lotion every night, hand cream with SPF during the day, and dish gloves for dishes and cleaning with chemicals. i’m trying hard not to trim my cuticles and have finally invested in a ceramic file, good base, and proper cuticle pusher. my healthy diet keeps ’em growing long and strong.

    woohoo! wearing beautiful polish makes it all worth it.

  33. Danielle

    I always carry lotion with me throughout the day. At night I rub in Smith’s Rosebud Salve to my cuticles. I also make sure to always have some kinds of polish on my nails, even if it’s just clear, because it strengthens my nails and helps prevent them from breaking. Plus, I keep my nails at a certain length. If I let them get too long then they’re more likely to break as well.

  34. Ru

    I buff them with a 4 sided cube; put cuticle oil on them; hand cream and wear a glove to lock in the moisture at night.

  35. Rita

    I’m not very good at taking care of my hands, but I try to put moisturizer as often as I can, and I file the nails, and sometimes use cuticle oil.

  36. LH

    I make sure I trim my nails on a regular basis and always use a moisturizer after I wash my hands.

  37. Jade

    I don’t actually do anything for my nails. I actually bite them when they get too long. I don’t push back the cuticles, which is what I’m told you’re supposed to do, but I like the look and feel of having nice big cuticles.

    P.S. My name is Jade so obviously this polish was made for me. Just sayin.

  38. Grace

    i don’t really take care of them. every now and then I’ll give myself a manicure, but thats it :/

  39. I take care of my nails by making sure I keep my hands moisturized and that the nails have polish on them. My nails seems to only break when I don’t have any polish on them lol

  40. Anna Phylactyc

    I’m always changing my polish! I apply Lush Lemony Flutter and Burt’s Bees Almond Milk hand cream every night before bed, Lush Smitten hand cream throughout the day, *never* cut my cuticles, and file them weekly w/ a glass file. Thanks for the contest!

  41. Jay

    file, buff, base coat polish, topcoat :)

  42. tpzhearts

    I take care of my nails by making sure they aren’t too long and make sure my cuticles are moisturized. I also RTed!

  43. Jess

    I make sure to file my nails every few days, and sometimes use a clear polish. I use nail polish on special occasions!!

  44. Elise Patyn

    I give my self a manicure once a week and make sure to use a base and top coat.

  45. sylkii

    I use Nfu Oh cuticle oil remover twice a week and use cuticle oil every other day!

  46. nicala7

    i use moisturizer a lot throughout the day, at night i use a thicker moisturizer and focus on my cuticles. about once a week i change my polish. i use a cuticle oil to soften my cuticles and push them back with a wooden tool. i keep my nails super short, too. i use a file more than i use nail clippers :)

  47. mochamishmash

    I just keep my short and keep them painted and moisturize with 100% shea butter at nighttime.

  48. Divinna

    Honestly I really don’t, i do keep them painted clear, color etc.
    Water is not there friend.

  49. Meezy

    I’m constantly applying Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream to my fingernails! Also, I try to give my nails a makeover every week or so.

  50. Irina

    I get a manicure every week, and I use hand creams and argan oil on the cuticles.

  51. Beverly

    Vitamin E oil always helps

  52. Nadine

    I don’t do much to take care of them, just clip them and paint them! I’d like to regularly use a cuticle oil, but … meh.

  53. I try to keep my nails trimmed and take omega 3 fish oils to strength them – that’s about it

  54. Karen

    I give my nails a break from polish every other week & use Burt’s Bees lemon butter cuticle cream!

  55. laura

    I use cuticle oil every night and use OPI nail envy :)

  56. Brenda

    Thanks to your advice (“ask temptalia”) I started using cuticle oil a few months ago. It’s amazing what that did with my nails, for the first time in my life I have beautiful long nails!

  57. Kimber Y.

    I file my nails a squoval shape with a glass file. I use Burt’s Bees lemon butter cuticle cream at night and various hand creams throughout the day to keep my mitts moisturized.

  58. Shannon

    I get regular manicures and try to keep moisturized or use cuticle oil. My nails are so short and flaky that I also started taking supplements to help strengthen and grow them out.

  59. I take care of them using moisturiser!

  60. Nikelle

    I go to the salon to gil acrylic nails so I pay someone to take care of my nails! I used to do the acrylic fills myself but it takes too long!

  61. I always use cuticle removers to keep my cuticles in tip-top shape :)

  62. Lola adefusika

    I basically use argan oil as it works wonders

  63. Jamie J

    I use sally hansen ‘hard as nails’ to protect my nail from breakage & cuticle cream.

  64. I usually will file and buff with the 4 sided block. no nail polish. Although I did de-claw (as my husband would say) myself the other day. Ha Ha

  65. Labelle

    I use chip skip every time I do a manicure and either a moisturizing base coat or a hardening base coat. I use Lush’s lemony flutter to keep my cuticles moisturized too.

  66. Dee

    i just paint them haha. and use moisturizer on my hands.

  67. Malalay

    I Use this vaseline hand cream that really makes my nails feels smooth :)

  68. Manja

    I use cuticle oil every night to moisturize my nails and the skin around it :)

  69. Melissa

    I trim/ file my nails every week and use neutrogena hang cream every night!

  70. Tracy

    Before i polish my nails I make sure to take care of my cuticles with lotion! :) <– learned it from a vid by RBL

  71. joi

    I try to get regular manicures and once a month I dip my nails in freshly squeezed lemon juice to strengthen and whiten..

  72. Cheyenne

    I use one of those ‘rectangular’ things to get rid of ridges, add shine and so forth. I also clip my cuticles. Lastly I use lotion on my hands, because my fingers tend to crack. *^_^* Now I wish I knew how to keep my nails from catching on everything!!

  73. Mae

    Cuticle oil, buffing, and wearing gloves when cleaning, washing dishes, etc. I also occasionally wear moisturizing gloves.

  74. a

    paint them and keep em’ short.

  75. Lucy

    Please include me in the giveaway. I manicure my nails every week. I use Blue Cross cuticle remover. File my nails and use a buffer if needed. I clean under the free edge with an orange stick wrapped in cotton. I dip it in peroxide first. After everything is clipped, filed and smooth I use Zoya’s Ridge Filler, polish and then a topcoat. When everything is nice and dry I use cuticle oil. I remove my polish about every three days to change the color. A full manicure every week. I moisturize every time I wash my hands. Thank you.

    [email protected]

  76. Sylvie

    I use an anti-fungal base coat before I put on polish. That’s pretty much it.

  77. yaeli

    I use hand moisturizer and get a manicure one a month. In between I cut my nails. thanks :-)

  78. Nicolette

    i really dont do much to my nails. they just grow long and healthy. i drink lots of water so im so that keeps them healthy and i use moisturizer on my hands everyday.

  79. Mary-Frances

    I keep them painted or they crack & chip. Use gloves to wash dishes & rub lotion on them constantly.

  80. Luna

    I try to get professionally manicured once a month or so, but if I don’t keep on top of them myself, I’d bite them to bits! Every other day, I dip my fingertips in a bitter rosemary solution to keep myself from unconsciously biting, and once a week I go over whichever polish I’m using with a coat of nail-strengthening topcoat. Also, I rub in LUSH’s Lemony Flutter cuticle cream every night or so to keep everything smooth and under control!


  81. Ally

    i use a hardener base coat, cuticle oil, and buff and file my nails.

  82. Charlotte

    I file them, buff them, use nail envy, push back and moisturise my cuticles.. I’m more into nails than other make-up right now lol!

  83. Carrie Ann

    I use Burt’s Bees Cuticle Creme & Hand Creme. I also like to give my nails a few days to ‘breath’ in between manicures/pedicures.

  84. Patrice

    Sephora by OPI nail strengthener

  85. Lisa

    i like to let my nails breath go some time without nail polish after everytime i apply polish

  86. i use only a glass file, keep my cuticles hydrated and pushed back, use a nourishing base coat (Seche Retain) and never bite or use them as “tools” :)

    thanks christine!

  87. crlsweetie912

    I give myself weekly manicures. I use a hydrating basecoat and vitamin e massages daily. My nails are in really great shape! The better to show off my 300+ polish collection!

  88. Leslie C.

    I take care of my nails by always filling them down to size when they are too long, i get manicures weekly and i always make sure to have a moisturize my nail beds and clip any stray cuticles.

  89. Amanda

    i rub Bio Oil all over my hands each night. Seems to work really well, haven’t had a chipped nail since. Love it

  90. Luna

    I work with cardboard so it makes my hands really dry so I treat myself to a spa manicure once a week. :)

  91. Gaby

    The best way to have nice nails is to behave like a princess and do not touch anything, but as it is impossible I would not bite them and have a manicure often.

  92. To be honest, I don’t! My nails have never been my biggest priority but I do file them once a week because they grow so fast. I used to get them done all the time, that is, until I had kids!

  93. To keep my nails in tip top shape, I clean under my nails daily (as I’m an artist). I also moisture my hands everyday, and trim them weekly. Plus to increase strength, I ensure to put on bottom coat, polish and top coat.

  94. Zenia

    I give myself home manicures

  95. Josie

    I use a glass nail file, I use moisturizer at night and I don’t paint them every week. If I do, my nails start to … peel? I don’t know how to describe it… layers of my nails just peel off… it’s weird I know! So I paint them only every 2 weeks to keep them breathing and healthy as possible!

  96. Christine

    I file them, paint them, and that’s really about it

  97. Caitlyn

    I brush olive oil on my nails a couple times a week-whenever I change my nail polish. (:

  98. Emma

    I do my own nails with lots of fun different colors of polish. I pain my fingernails about once a week and do my toe nails about once a month.

  99. Marjolijn

    I clip them when they’re too long, gently push back cuticles and put on cuticle cream sometimes. I don’t paint them very often but when I do, I make sure I use a gentle remover (once the nailpolish has chipped) so I won’t dry my nails out too much :)

  100. right now, i take really good care of my nails… i’m using the Trind 5 Steps (Nail hardner and cuticle cream)

    Works really well :-)

    xx Ilja