Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Win MAC Jade Dragon Nail Lacquer!

One (1) lucky winner will receive the limited edition MAC Jade Dragon Nail Lacquer from MAC’s Nail Trend F/W ’10 Collection! (Retail value $13.00!)

RULES: All entries must be submitted by September 7th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to U.S. readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws (unfortunately, many countries have strict regulations regarding the shipping of nail polish). Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Congratulations to Michelle A.!

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708 thoughts on “Win MAC Jade Dragon Nail Lacquer!

  1. Liz S.

    I do not mess around when it comes to my manicure/pedicure regimen! First, I scrub with Sabon Body scrub which is loaded with essential oils! Second, I push back cuticles, apply solaroil and trim with nippers! I buff and file my nails before color application. Lastly, I always use a proper base coat followed by a fabulous color and Seche Vite top coat of course!


  2. anneri

    I always use a strengthening base coat and every three days, I let my nails soak in warm olive oil!

  3. Dawn

    I have to use Rimmel Nail Rescue, as my nails have a tendency to tear at the slightest thing. Probably doesn’t help that as a Mum I am always putting my hands in washing up water

  4. Chrissy

    I take care of my nails by putting pure Vitamin E oil on the cuticles at night before bed.

    @CorvsQueen on Twitter.

  5. Leah

    I’m actually not too good about that but I have been trying to use cuticle oil as much as i can remember to!

  6. Victoria

    I give myself manicures with soapy warm water, cuticle pushers, etc. The whole bit!

  7. Susan

    I use opi manicure kit 2x because I love changing my polish!! Lol

  8. I scrub with a nail brush in the shower daily. I keep them trimmed and filed neatly and polish several times a month.

  9. Mirna

    i use sally hansens nail fortifier to take care of my nails.

  10. Kat

    Honestly, I don’t take very good care of my nails. I shorten/file them, smooth the edges and use handlotion, that’s it. I love to wear nailpolish on the weekends, no extra care there either.

  11. Step

    I use Sephora’s brush on cuticle oil in the tube.

  12. Vita

    With my job its kind of hard to keep my nails in great shape so I aim for good shape :) I try and keep them trimmed and keep jagged edges smooth.

  13. Claudia

    I use a 4-way buffer to make my nails shiny and get rid of any roughness :)

  14. Evelyn

    I just file my nails regularly and make sure i don’t bite/pick them off. I have a bad habit of doing that, lol. I cut them so they don’t get too long ’cause I find I can’t use the keyboard that well if they’re long.

  15. Rosamaria

    I take care of my nails with Seche Vite top coat. It’s a must-have!

  16. The darkest color looks a lot like yoga ta get this blue but OPI.

  17. i try not to wear nail polish alot but i always make sure to massage my nails with olive oil before going to bed at least twice a week, it makes them strong. tweeted here

  18. Laura

    I’d love to win this! I use a lot to take care of my nails. I use a crystal nail file from Nail Tek, cuticle remover once a week (Lippmann Collection) (deal note – I found those two at Ollie’s for .99 and $1.99 respectively), Barielle Moisturizing Ridge Filler, nail color, and topped with Poshe. For remover I use Zoya’s Remove+.

  19. I really don’t do much to care for my nails — I use Zoya Remove+ to help condition them since I change my mani fairly often and I use Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream. That about sums it up!

  20. Inky

    i give myself a manicure every thursday night while I watch TV with the hubby. Usually during Survivor when it’s on ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Heather

    Usually I remove old polish, buff and file, use a sally hansen nail treatment or nailtek, then I make sure to keep polish on them all week. seche vite topcoat really helps with that!

  22. Janet

    I try to file my nails to keep them at a decent length to prevent them from breaking or chipping and also taking my vitamins.

  23. Tifa

    I’m fairly bad with my nails but I also just recently started ๐Ÿ˜ก I like to keep them fairly short, if that counts lol

  24. Ula

    Taking care of my nails is very important to me. I like to give myself a manicure at least twice a week. Before I paint my nails, I bath my hands in warm water, push back my cuticles and file my nails. I guess it’s the way pretty much everybody does it, but this is how I take care of my nails. :)
    By the way: I love the Jade Dragon Nail Lacquer! The colour looks beautiful…

  25. Christy Ordonez

    I obsessively clean under my nails and occasionally clip, but definitely need some help in this feminine arena.

  26. I moisturize my nail with Trind nail Balsam..only one step but very important for my dry nails ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. Jessica

    I’m pretty low key. I use OPI for Sephora Nail Strengther as a base coat, then two coats of the polish, and OPI for Sephora top coat. I like to soak my fingers and moisturize before starting the paint job. Unless it’s for a special occasion I do my own manicures.

  28. I am all about the nail care. I give myself manis at home. I make sure to use a high quality cuticle oil or balm, a good basecoat, lacquer and my trusty Seche Vite.

  29. Evidently not very well, I have very brittle, splitting nails. :(

  30. I give myself manicures from A to Z, love being busy with my hands and nails. :)

  31. Nicole

    i put coconut oil on my cuticles so there always softt

  32. Kalex

    Even if I don’t have a color on my nails I always use a base or protective coat of polish of some sort. I ocassionally use Mary Kay’s Satin Hands for an at home manicure too.

  33. I use Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter cuticle cream… when I remember to! More frequently though, I’ll rub some Vaseline on them at night, and I try my absolute best not to pick or chew at the cuticles… it’s a slow-dying addiction.

  34. Zoe

    I use this nail oil stuff every week or so. I don’t know what its called

  35. ena

    I file and buff them regularly and when I’m not wearing nail polish I use sweet almond oil.

  36. michelle

    At home manicures and daily moisturizing.

  37. I use nail balm to keep my nails from chipping!

  38. Bernice

    I keep them nicely trimmed and moisturized :)

  39. grace

    i love to keep my nail polish fresh.
    every three days or so i remove the polish
    wash and dry my nails then file and shape them
    after that i apply a nail strengthening base coat
    followed by whatever polish or design i like
    after that seal with a top coat and i’m good to go
    as soon as there is noticeable chip wear or the mood hits me
    i switch it up again :)
    i also use a bliss cuticle creme every evening to ward off hangnails and dry cuticles :)

  40. Julia

    I like to use hand lotion and massage it into my cuticles. I also keep my nails short and filed, I can’t stand it when they are too long and dirt gets underneath!

  41. Jessie Q

    I moisturize all the time, and I use a Sephora by OPI nail treatment as a base whenever I paint my nails. I also keep my nails pretty short these days, and I file/paint them about once a week.

  42. Natty

    I used olive oil and rub it on my cuticles then trim and file my nails before putting on a nail hardener. Lately I have been using Sally Hansens

  43. i get weekly manicures where nail hardener is applied as the base and top coat. i also use mary kay’s satin hands treatment (overnight moisturizer, scrub and regular moisturizer) weekly.

  44. lrielle

    cuticle butter, filing, and buffing regularly. Plus frequent at home manicures!

  45. Caroline

    i Put Lush Lemony Flutter on my hands and fingernails every night !

  46. LauraJ

    I polish my nails 3x per week, and file as needed. In the winter/colder months, I use cuticle cream & hand lotion at least once daily

  47. Michelle

    Buffing + seche rebuild! Secret weapon!

  48. salena

    I have a nail hardener base coat that I always wear on my nails, even if I don’t have polish on. My nails break and split very easily ):

  49. Sabine Dchropp

    I use Argan oil on my cuticles, that stuff is amazing

  50. Jasmine

    Lush’s lemony flutter on the cuticles and I use the Revlon buff and shine thing to keep them evened out and shiny.

  51. Grace

    I make sure to trim my nails regularly to keep them strong, and use plenty of hand cream!

  52. nathalie

    Home made anti yellowing oil and Lush Lemony Flutter everyday do a great job on my nails!

  53. kelly alice.

    once a week i trim / push back the cuticles / hangnails and file. i always use a base and top coat. daily i use jojoba / almond / coconut oil to moisturize the nail area.

  54. Dovey

    I’m pretty bad— I just moisturize once in a while when I remember and before I go to bed

  55. Diana

    i maintain them every week by cutting, filing, buffing, and painting them! never forget the base and top coat! :)

  56. kris

    Every night I slather on Lush The Soft Touch body butter.

  57. Marie

    I don’t do much actually. I’m lucky to have nice-looking nails au naturel. I just shape them regularly with a nail file, and use a hand and nail cream every other day. :)

  58. Monie Lim

    A nail buff and argan oil!

  59. Jennifer

    I usually go to the nail salon every two weeks and get a manicure

  60. Dominique

    I trim and paint them regularly!

  61. Hand cream every night, rose salve on the cuticles, and I push back the cuticles whenever I’m going to paint my nails…that’s sort of about it, lol. I bought a nail hardener but it didn’t seem to be doing a darn thing, and it would just make my nails weird and the stuff would flake off.

    I have such an awful habit of picking at my nails — like someone else would pick at blemishes — and they are very brittle and peel-y, and that doesn’t help ๐Ÿ˜› They break a LOT. I plan to look online to decide on a better nail hardener to use. But currently I’m using nail polish because it does seem to lessen the amount of breakage…

    Also the fact that I take a lot of showers/go swimming a lot probably doesn’t help XD I used to think it did, because after a shower my nails were actually noticeably longer.

  62. Diligent Shopper

    I put on hand cream very so often and I alternate between bare nails and nails with polish every week.

  63. Karen

    I like to put a few layers of colory polish on top to make them a tad stronger. They seem to grow faster that way, too.

  64. H. Lee

    I put on a strengthening top coat to protect me nails.

  65. Kristine

    I file and paint them at least once a week. I don’t cut my cuticles, I just fix them up using an orange stick and cuticle oil. I also use a strengthening soak about once every other week.

  66. Kerri

    I keep my nails trimmed and cuticles moisterized. I always use some sort of basecoat or ridgefiller.

  67. Lulee

    well i use remove+ now and thats pretty good for your fingers so i guess thats how i take care of them.

  68. jessica

    I take care of them by trimming them

  69. I take care of my nails but using cuticle oil daily and not using my nails as tools.

  70. Naz

    Every now and again I sink my nails/fingers into half a lemon. And moisturize with Burt Bees Almond Hand Creme. So thick and rich and smells good enough to eat! Also, wearing gloves when I clean is super important to keeping up soft hands and neat cuticles.

  71. Michelle

    I take care of my nails by keeping them polished to try and avoid my nail-biting habit! Pretty colors help!

  72. Erin

    I use a special protein nail coat on my nails everyday to make sure they are getting the protein they need.

  73. Courtney

    I file all the time, use Lush Lemony’s Flutter on my cuticles, and try to keep them painted with OPI strengthener as a base.

    But every now and then I just trim them all down and start fresh.

  74. lily

    i don’t do anything special but cut them when they’re too long, low maintenance right here!

  75. I use conditioning oil by Sally Hansen on my nail bed and cuticles.

  76. Amanda

    I take care of my nails by using lotion religiously on my hands and cutting and filing my nails short.

  77. Emilie

    I get a manicure to start out and use lushs lemony flutter every night before class.

  78. Janelle

    I exfoliate my hands once a week with a sugar olive oil scrub and then slather on plain yogurt to keep my hands smooth and soft and my nails strong.

  79. Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, coco butter and cuticle trimmer!

  80. crissy

    I moisturize my cuticles with Lush’s Lemony Flutter

  81. Jessica

    I always have my nails manicured never without nail polish on. I put cuticle cream around my nails everyday and use a cuticle remover once a week.

  82. Rengirl

    I take care of my nails in 3 ways:
    1) Always wear gloves when doing dishes/gardening.
    2) Habitual application of Burt’s Bees Lemon Cuticle Butter.
    3) Never have naked nails. Full manicures give my nails extra strength and protection.

  83. Shelley

    Lately, I haven’t been doing that much. I was using Nailtiques Formula 2 on my fingernails to help them grow and strengthen them.

  84. all i do is file them to the squoval shape i like, add a basecoat, and polish them. sometimes i push the cuticles down and nip away excess skin around the nail. i almost always have nail polish on since i hate having naked nails!

  85. Steph

    Usually just a bit of cream around the cuticles. I’m not big on nail-care.

  86. Grace

    take biotin supplements

  87. Jeannie

    i actually don’t take care of my nails too much.. i want to buff up my nails though!

  88. Farah

    I wear gloves when I wash dishes, cleaning with chemicals, or just cleaning. I use hand cream and make sure my cuticles are clean.
    I also make sure I get good calcium intake to help my nails grow.

  89. I use a glass file to shorten them (I prefer my nails short anyway), handcreme – from time to time I put on a really thick coat and then put on gloves and let the cream soak into the skin on my hands and into my cuticules and I try often to use nail treatment polishes.

  90. Alisha in WI

    I have this Sally Hansen clicky pen thing with a brush (green & white), various strengtheners, and also have clear OPI stuff for peeling nails. Not sure if any of it helps but I can at least try. I also only use non-acetone remover, moisturize when I remember, and a base coat always.

  91. Naomi

    I make sure to file them about once a week to prevent… is it called double layering? LOL. I also put on a strengthening base coat and hand lotion.

  92. lots and lots of moisturiser!

  93. Becca

    I take care of my nails by always having a full manicure; the base coat is important since it nourishes the nails, and the polish and top coat make my nails stronger!

  94. Kristen

    I like to use my china glaze oil for my cuticles and their strengthening polish to keep them from splitting. I always use a base-coat to avoid getting yellow nails.

  95. Brittany

    Ive always been lucky to have nails that grow strong and long quickly. I always cut and file them when needed. Other than that they look fake, which i take as a compliment.

  96. Katie

    I like my hands, so I try to take good care of them by moisturizing them at bedtime, and keeping them filed and trimmed.

  97. i use nails strenthener and i eat a lot of fish, because the omega 3 makes your hair and nails grow faster.

  98. Annie S

    I put lotion on every day, I use cuticle oil and file my nails accordingly