Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Win MAC Jade Dragon Nail Lacquer!

One (1) lucky winner will receive the limited edition MAC Jade Dragon Nail Lacquer from MAC’s Nail Trend F/W ’10 Collection! (Retail value $13.00!)

RULES: All entries must be submitted by September 7th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to U.S. readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws (unfortunately, many countries have strict regulations regarding the shipping of nail polish). Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Congratulations to Michelle A.!

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708 thoughts on “Win MAC Jade Dragon Nail Lacquer!

  1. Jumper

    I use moisturiser on my hands every night and focus on my nails too to make sure they aren’t dry for when I decide to paint them

  2. Sarah

    I get a manicure whenever I can, and I use hand creams and argan oil on the cuticles.

  3. Eileen

    I care for my nails by getting routine manicures and in between I use a nail hardner polish b/c my nails chip. Finally, I put on an awesome color that will influence my attitude!

  4. Tiffany C.

    once a week i give myself a manicure and i use mark.’s Big Fix on my cuticles. i try to paint my nails when i have time, because it keeps me from biting them.

  5. Claudia

    I’m a big nail buff so I definitely always try to keep my nails in shape. Cuticle oil, hand cream and use a glass nail file. If I see nails split then I file my nails down to the split so it can re-grow stronger.

  6. Janice

    I usually always have some kind of polish on them, and keep them trimmed- a few nights a week i’ll go to sleep with some burts bees cuticle cream on, or LUSH lemony flutter!

  7. Laura

    I try to go to the nail salon every two weeks and put lotion on to moisturize.

  8. Abril

    I just apply a nail treatment with calcium and garlic…. I’ve always had hard nails and they really grow fast so I rarely use something haha

  9. Amie F.

    I keep my nails pretty short and I get manicures once a month.

  10. Dawn

    I get mini manis every three weeks and lots of lotion in betweeen

  11. eleanor

    I always wear gloves when washing dishes or cleaning house for one. I also have nail files everywhere! My car, purses, drawer by my couch ect. I used to get my nails done but it’s so time consuming. I find it’s easier to have my little spa box with everything I need: cuticle remover, buffer, file and a strength clear coat

  12. marley

    by not biting my nails and putting on undercoats

  13. Giannina

    I take care of my nail doing weekly manicures myself

  14. Rebecca

    i take care of my nails with olive oil :-)

  15. housecuddy

    I just use the nail hardener treatment for making my nails stronger

  16. Etaoin

    I sometimes steep them in olive oil! Thanks Temptalia!

  17. Lenora

    I give myself manicures at home using Carol’s Daughter Love My Hands set.

  18. Kathy

    At night, I use the Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. I think that stuff is amazing. That’s basically the most “fancy” thing I do to take care of my nails though.

    I clip and file my nails to keep them looking clean and even whenever they need it, and I change nail polish colors about every 3-4 days. And that’s about it!

  19. Kerstin

    Hey, I just regularly take a nail hardener by Manhattan.

  20. Ale

    I push cuticles away every week and moisturize them every night.

  21. sarah

    I take care of my own nails by painting them every week and using hand cream daily!

  22. Opheliana

    I give myself manicures at home with myrrh oil and different kinds of moisurizers

  23. Kelli

    I try to give clean up my nails at least once a week; trimming, buffing, moisturizing cuticles, etc.

  24. Lissa

    I use a cuticle oil from Decleor once in a while and I always use a basecoat – Barielle Hydrating Ridge Filler.

  25. Holly

    I file my nails everyday. Getting rid of ruff edges and burrs goes along way to keeping a bit of length and healthy nails!

  26. nayeli

    i file my nails with a 4 sided nail buffer

  27. Claudia

    I regularly cut my nails, push back my cuticles, and file them. For extra care I use cuticle oil.

  28. Deanna G.

    I kinda don’t :(

  29. I have to constantly file down my nails for piano playing. It’s a pain, but what can you do!

  30. When I polish, I start by prepping with Zoya Remove+. Then I normally use a base of Seche Natural. When I take polish off (again with Zoya Remove+), I also wash my hands with soap and a nail brush to get all the plates clean, and then use some kind of lotion as well… right now I’m using ZMei which has been amazing. I also have Aveda cuticle remover which is all natural.


  31. Delia - Katharina

    I file my nails in a form that is comfortable for me, so they don´t break up. After that i apply nail harder so the don´t get cracks. And than i colour my nails with a nail lacquer i like and who works with the season and the clothes i want to wear. and as a finish i aplly a transparent lacquer that the colour doesn´t gets off .

  32. Elena

    i always do myself a manicure on weekends!

  33. groom them regularly with those 4 sided files

  34. natalia

    AVEDA hand relief, burts bees cuticle cream, and naltiques 2!

  35. lemony flutter cuticle butter from lush to keep everything nice and soft, zoya and mac nail polishes to have a diy manicure

  36. i’ll go to the manicure everyweek! no nail polish just grooming it!

  37. Yulivee

    First of all I do change my polish every other day so that i can let some nail oil soak in. I use Nailhardener and an undercoat. My handrcream is also good for nailgrowth. I use a glass file for shortening and forming my nails.

  38. Lisa

    Lots and lots of hand lotion. And I get give myself manicures a few times a week.

  39. Khristian

    I take care of my nails by giving my nails 2 days to breathe between manicures, and loading up on hand cream as well as cuticle oil!

  40. Kaoyee

    I apply Barielle Bail rebuilding protein once a week. My nails are as hard as a rock!!

  41. Kelly M

    I eat healthy and drink a lot of water!

  42. Cindy

    I am a nail polish junkie & do a complete manicure on my tips at least once a week & change polish ever 2-3 days. For basic nail care I use CND Solar Oil on my nails & cuticles about 5 times a day & apply a good lotion just as much. I only file about once every 2 weeks (except for spot repairs) & most importantly, I don’t use my nails as tools. My nails are one of my most coveted & definitely most cared for accessories – they are treated as such.

  43. right now I have to keep them pretty short, so I file and apply a clear nail hardener over. I have very soft brittle nails so I must make the effort to take care of them.

  44. I use the Mary Kay satin hands set to keep my hands soft and smooth, and I give myself at least one manicure per week.

  45. Nicole

    I usually give myself a mani/pedi 2-3 times a month. I’m constantly changing up my nail polish color :)

  46. odessa

    I use a good basecoat and top coat and moisturize constantly!!

  47. I have found that my nails keep their length, if I maintain the polish on them. So every couple of days I use Sally Hansen’s Miracle Cure, Creative Nail sticky base coat, two coats of nail color, and Posh’s quick dry top coat. My nails are long and staying that way. I try to keep my cuticles moisturized as well.

  48. Olivia

    Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream every night, I’m too broke/busy to get manicures on the regular. *Kanye shrug*

  49. Tanya

    my nails were really bad so i start using 3step rehabilitation for nails from sally hansen and i must admit it works)) + cream so my hands are all nice and smooth!

  50. i always use cutical oil and buff my nails before polish. and i always use seche base coat and top coat.

  51. Natalia Bortoli

    Every 15 days I go to the manicurist in the middle of that time I hydrate my cuticles and hands to never have those loose skins or cuticles

  52. Amanda Enn

    I usually cut my nails short because I play volleyball, and then I file them. Not really much xD

  53. Nikki

    I keep my cuticles cut and fingernails filed, every two weeks. I also give myself french manicures once in a blue moon, and everybody thinks I wear acrylics. :)

  54. ter

    I use Solar Oil every night. I also use hand cream a lot. If I want to give my nails a day without polish I make sure to have a nail strengthening coat on them. I also wear gloves while doing chores.

  55. Alex

    I file buff and push the cuticles back using mostly sally brand products. I paint them 3x a week.

  56. Frances

    Jade Dragon Nail Lacquer looks so awesome!!

    I give myself manicures about my once a week so I can always change colours. I use a lot of Lush’s Lemony Flutter cuticle cream to take care of my nails :)

  57. Julia

    I use a hand cream every night and file them regularly.

  58. Well, im a cosmetologist.
    So its highly important for me to have nice nails.
    They cant be too long so i file them everyday.
    I also paint them every other day.
    Once i see chipping, i remove my nail polish.
    Don;t want my clients to think bad about me ;P!


  59. Amy

    I take care of my nails at home, with the occasional trip to the salon every few months.

  60. Michelle A.

    I have found that always having polish on really helps keep my nails long. If I don’t have anything on my nails, they immediately start to break. I also think it’s important to moisturize your cuticles. It looks terrible when you have a great manicure and dried up cuticles! Lush’s Lemony Flutter is a good cream.

  61. keener

    I should do more, but I use a nail strenghtener because my nails peel even though I keep the short and use a cuticle cream when I remember.

  62. chibicheeks

    I get a manicure every once in awhile, but usually I don’t do much 😛

  63. Court

    I use a cuticle cream and lotion. And try not to pick at my cuticles…

  64. man o man, a lot of my hard earned money goes to bi-weekly acrylics and pedicures! 😀 If I dont go to the nail salon, my boyfriend tells me i have “Jesus-feet” hahahahhahaha :( :/

  65. I use Yes To Carrots Hand & Nail Spa once a week on bare nails, after I buffed them.

    My everyday routine: before I go to bed I apply Lush Lemony Flutter and massage my hands with Essie Smoothie. :)

  66. Nicole

    I take care of my nails by using Lush’s Lemony Flutter on my cuticles!

  67. Leticia

    I give myself a weekly manicure

  68. I try to give myself a gentle manicure at least once a week, I used to have acrylics so they are very damaged now I have been using Seche Vite and China glaze to keep them looking cute! my favorite lately is the neon colors with different sparkly top coats

  69. Sina

    I take care of them and try not to use them for example to open something.

  70. Adelinky

    I soak my hands in olive oil and then proceed to a manicure at a salon!

  71. eek! I’m glad the winner is randomly chosen & nit determined by who takes the best care if their nails. I do nothing. Which is why I rarely have nails to speak of. Growing mine out takes major maintenence- daily cuticle scrub & oil, always wearing dish gloves (I like to put olive oil on my cuticles before I put on my gloves!) I also have to have something on them at all times- either polish or a treatment like Nailtiques…so, yeah, I rarely have nails!

  72. Brooke

    I soak them in warm water usually once a week and push the cuticles back and paint them.

  73. Ana

    nothing special, I gust use a gentle nail polish remover and clean and buff my nails regularly

  74. marta

    I use a lot of hand and cuticle butters and moisturizers :)

  75. Estelle

    Solar Oil on my cuticles – LOVE it!

  76. Jywoi

    I use a hand scrub as well as a hand cream (L’Occitane is my favourite) 😉

  77. Amy p

    I actually don’t have much time to do anything with them anymore, I used to take care of them but now all i do is paint them once in awhile :/

  78. Juanita

    I just file my nails, cut the extra cuticle off and paint them. Nothing big and it does the job :)

  79. Taylor

    I take care of my nails by getting manicures every 2-3 weeks!

  80. Annalise

    I use Avon and Sally Hanson’s nail strengtheners and I try to keep my nails smooth and healthy.

  81. kaylabella

    I just trim, file, and paint. Sometimes I like to use a cuticle butter!

  82. Marissa

    Moisturize throughout the day, LUSH Lemony Flutter at night, and always using a glass file :)

  83. Karolina

    I just use Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle every other day or under my nailpolish – it does wonders! I also lik to put Badger Lipbalm on my cuticles :)

  84. In between manicures, I treat my nails to a good clean and cut. I also have a buffer that smooths and shines then I apply cuticle oil. Lastly I bought a mini nail care pack from OPI that has base coat, nail strengthener, and a top coat.

  85. New Ribena

    Every Sunday afternoon I give myself a manicure and use the Zoya system (even with non Zoya polishes).

  86. Buzz

    Hi Christine!

    As far as my nails are concerned, I don’t do much. I just file ’em down every few times I change the colour. I LOVE nail polish though, I keep a rack in my room of them organized by colour :)

  87. Olivia A

    I regularly clip & file my nails because I like to keep them short (it’s easier to keep them clean that way, too!), and try to keep my hands moisturized on a regular basis, too! :-)

  88. Jamie

    I trim and file my nails once a week. I also apply cuticle oil to my nails about once a day.

  89. Fiaspice

    I don’t do much care on my nails beside clipping them!

  90. Emily

    I use Sephora’s cuticle pen and a buffer! I do my best!

  91. Jenny

    Nail file, vaseline hand and nail cream and luck!

  92. Tiffany

    I’m not good at giving myself a mani, but I have brittle nails so I use orly nail treatment products!

  93. Marília

    I paint my nails and take the excess off while in the shower…;)

  94. Holly

    Looove these MAC nail colors!!!

    Not too long ago I actually broke myself of the NASTY habit of biting your nails! I know, grose… but I had been doing it without being aware of it since I was a little kid.

    Sooo anyways… now I absolutely love taking care of and doing my nails. I was never able to wear polish on them because they were too short. Now I make sure to file them multiple times a week and keep them painted with fabulous colors :)

  95. i dont take good care of my nails. i really want to do better but it falls to be bottom of my list. i have nail polish in great colors but i really only take the time to beautify my toes.

  96. Catrienna

    I don’t take care of it. So I should start now

  97. celine

    first i’d wash and scrub my hands, and then i’d polish my nails, at least i put cream on my hands ;D

    xoxo celine

  98. Angela Carreon

    I use cuticle cutter and cuticle cream every other day. Or get a manicure….

  99. My process includes a nail file, ORLY bonder, two coats of polish, and a coat of ORLY clear coat (it usually lasts a week). I’ve got on HARD CANDY LAVA on right now (, it reminds me of ruby slippers 😀

  100. Taunya

    I always have polish on my nails! Every 5 days or so I use a China Glaze base (some sort of bonder), 2 coats of color (it’s so hard to decide…so many colors to choose from!), OPI clear top coat and Seche Vite top coat on top of that…best combo I’m found so far that makes my manicure last for 5-6 days…NO CHIPPING!