Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Win MAC Imperial Flower Nail Lacquer!

One (1) lucky winner will receive the limited edition Imperial Flower Nail Lacquer from MAC’s Fabulous Felines Collection! (Retail value $13.00!)

RULES: All entries must be submitted by September 15th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to U.S. readers only (sorry, there are a lot of mailing restrictions on nail polish sent internationally) as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Congratulations to Heather H.!

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550 thoughts on “Win MAC Imperial Flower Nail Lacquer!

  1. marta

    I like the sally hansen one. :) I really don’t feel that anything more epensive is necessary :/

  2. Amanda e

    I’m a big fan of acetone, the Target brand is fine. Non-acetone isn’t strong enough to get anything off!

  3. Lyndsay

    I really don’t have a favorite. As long as it is has acetone, I find it works! Infact, right now I am using a dollar general brand and it works fabulous.

  4. angie

    whatever is cheapest, honestly & it has to have acetone in it

  5. My favorite nail polish remover is just alcohol!

  6. Kat

    I just use the extra strength kind by Target brand.

  7. Claudia

    I use Shoppers Drugmart’s life brand nail polish remover and it is great! (so is the price!)

  8. Jenni

    i just use a nameless brand from Target.. lol

  9. Amy

    Zoya nail polish remover is my favorite! It’s a remover, prep, and conditioner. I feel like my nails look better after using this!

  10. Tifa

    I’m not very well read in the art of nails, so I just use Sally Hansen or CVS removers 😛

  11. Sarah

    I think my favorite nail polish remover would just be the sephora one. Although I do use other ones like sally hansen from time to time.

  12. sofia

    wow! great shade!!
    my favourite nail polish remover is from sephora

  13. maryelle

    deborah lippmann’s the stripper! it’s pricey but it gets the job done.

  14. natalie

    sephora by opi!

  15. Kirstie

    I am actually trying to find one! So far I am not a fan of those ones you stick you finger into, or Essie’s.

  16. Brianna

    I just always use the generic brand from the dollar store. it gets the job done so why not?

  17. Michelle

    I’ve always just used Sally Hansen polish removers.

  18. Nikki C

    before i didn’t have a favorite but after reading your review on zoya’s remove+ i tried it out and it works really well! it removes my nail polish effortlessly, doesn’t have the super strong polish remover smell, and isn’t super harsh on my nails or cuticles!
    thanks for another great recommendation

  19. Jane

    I really haven’t tried too many… Most work just fine!

  20. Karen

    My favorite nail polish remover are the cutex wipes. They are so great for on the go and in the car, at work, waiting for the train etc. I always tend to take off nail polish and places I probably am not supposed to haha.

  21. Tanya

    sally hansen!

  22. Megan

    sally hansen!

  23. I like the kind from target

  24. ter

    Cutex extra strength remover pads.

  25. Mattie

    I swear by Cutex remover pads haha.

  26. cindy

    Sephora by OPI nail color remover

  27. Tonni

    I don’t really have a favorite, the generic one I’m currently using is awful but I’m dying to try Zoya Remove+.

  28. Leticia

    I don’t have a specific brand I love, but I do prefer acetone free.

  29. Amanda

    I actually dont have one yet. Im still searching

  30. Karin

    I’m not sure… I dont really pay attention to what nail polish I’m getting. Is that bad? LOL!

    & i loove this color! WOW!

  31. Daniela

    Zoya Remove

  32. Luna

    I get my nails done every week so whatever they use works fine for me

  33. Chrissy

    My favorite nail polish remover is the Sally’s brand Acetone. Works great for glitter polish.

    @CorvsQueen on Twitter.

  34. Diane

    I use whatever is the cheapest at CVS or Walgreens… usually the generic/store brand kind!

  35. Camille

    My favourite nail polish remover is the one from Sally Hansen

  36. janette

    Not sure what it’s called but i get it from Sally’s beauty supply

  37. Joan

    I use Sally Hansen or drugstore brand…

  38. Kathy

    I haven’t yet found my favorite one! =(

  39. Opheliana

    Depends nail polish remover

  40. betsy

    I like OPI’s remover.

  41. Shelly

    Usually just go for cheapy generic drugstore brand.

  42. Cindy

    Just regular ol’ acetone. nothing fancy.

  43. acetone based nail polish removers are my favorite! :) they remove it so quick

  44. chibicheeks

    I just use pure acetone, gets it off quickly and easily.

  45. Greta

    I LOVE Zoya Remove +

  46. Diane

    I use straight acetone. I find it the best and most effective.

  47. Tiffany

    I love studio 35 non acetone polish remover. Its great for my sensitive nails and its inexpensive.

  48. Alisha in WI

    Don’t have one…want to try Zoya…

  49. nancy

    I like any acetone free remover.

  50. Joumana

    Sally Hansens

  51. Nikita

    I love the sephora by OPI colour remover… works great!

  52. I love just using pure acetone! Quick and easy…

  53. Dana

    I usually buy whatever store brand of regular acetone. I like the one from Harmon (NY/NJ beauty store chain), it’s big, cheap, and never leaks.

  54. I just use the Walmart brand… nothing special!

  55. Samanthaaa

    sally hansen.

  56. nikki

    I just use a cheap walmart brand. Works just fine for me!

  57. lovesmakeup

    I normally just use Sally Hansen without acetone.

  58. Peggy

    i’ve been using sally hansen ones for all my life, either the moisturzing formula or the strength one

  59. Alexis W

    My favorite is the Target up & up brand professional100% acetone one. It gets the glitters and really dark and staining polishes off quick.

  60. Jazzy

    What ever the people at the salon have

  61. Jay

    i just use the moisturizing cvs 1 :)

  62. Chel

    I’m not picky about what remover I use. Currently I have a strawberry scented one I got on sale at wal-mart.

  63. i love the cvs “instant nail polish remover” its the best but the quickest and easiest way to remove your nailpolish for only 3 or 4 dollars

  64. Danielle

    Love this color!
    My favorite nail polish remover is Cutex Nourishing(the BLUE one!) I think it works just as well as some of the expensive brands.

  65. Whatever’s cheap and gets the job done! Target at the moment!

  66. Whitney

    I always just get a cheep off brand, they pretty well.

  67. Rachael

    just plain CVS nail polish remover :)

  68. Robyn

    Target brand acetone.

  69. asena

    My own fingernails. ^^;

  70. Jane

    elf’s nail polish remover pads are the best

  71. Milessa

    I normally use Sally Hansen

  72. kamala

    Zoya Remove. Best ever.

  73. Kat

    the zoya one is pretty good

  74. Holly

    Any without acetone. Right now I’m using Cutex because it was BOGO at Rite Aid!

  75. Suzieduck

    Sally Hansen

  76. Inês

    I like acetone from an international brand

  77. Sally

    Zoya Remove+ for the win!

  78. LADY DI.

    My favorite is from CVS and its a round plastic container with a sponge in it and filled with nail polish remover. I love that I can just squish my fingers into it and all the polish comes off.

  79. Landin

    I really like the zoya remove+! Works amazing!

  80. Emily

    Whatever I see? =) I need to get something better for your nails!

  81. I get impatient, so I use pure acetone. It’s fine if you just remember to moisturize after!

  82. Kiwi.Cozy

    I’m not too partial about my remover, just whatever’s cheap and says nourishing or something. xD

  83. I use CVS brand, the kind you stick your finger in.

  84. ledonatella

    Zoya Remove + because it actually smells ok and is moisturizing to my nails

  85. Jennifer

    my favourite polish remover is from Sephora.

  86. Jennifer

    Acetone free polish remover, but I’m dying to try Zoya’s. :)

  87. Marian

    My favorite is called “Pretty Nails”. It’s in a jar with a sponge and you put your fingers into slits in the sponge and the polish comes off easily.

  88. Megan

    I just use whatever I can find that’s cheapest from the drugstore. I want to find a natural one though!

  89. Rachel

    I use 100% acetone then follow up with lots of cuticle cream every night!

  90. Jocelyn

    I use SpaRitual remover. LOVE IT! :-)

  91. nenita

    i like e.l.f’s nail polish remover

  92. ilmy

    I use cvs nail remover!! the yellow one!

  93. Vicki. L

    My favorite is definitely Nail Colour Remover To Go from sephora by opi. I can easily remove my nail polish using it and it’s a great size so I can bring it everywhere.

  94. danielle

    Plain old acetone works great, but I have to follow it up with lots of moisturizer.

  95. Sophia

    I use Studio tools nail polish remover with vitamin E.

  96. eva

    sally hansen on sale !

  97. My fave nail polish remover is up&up