Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Win MAC Imperial Flower Nail Lacquer!

One (1) lucky winner will receive the limited edition Imperial Flower Nail Lacquer from MAC’s Fabulous Felines Collection! (Retail value $13.00!)

RULES: All entries must be submitted by September 15th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to U.S. readers only (sorry, there are a lot of mailing restrictions on nail polish sent internationally) as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Congratulations to Heather H.!

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550 thoughts on “Win MAC Imperial Flower Nail Lacquer!

  1. Kaitlin

    Zoya Remove +. currently on my second 32 oz.!

  2. Rebecca

    I use the Essence Polish Remover. The violet one. I love it. Removes everything without problems :-)

  3. Lilly

    Any brand, but 100% acetone.

  4. Emily

    I really like the Studio Tools non-acetone nail polish remover. It’s super cheap and I don’t have to work at all to get my polish off, even glitters!

  5. Kerri

    Beauty Secrets Acetone Nail Polish Remover from Sally’s

  6. Brittni R

    I prefer good ol’ acetone because it gets the job done and you’ll be moisturizing after using it anyway, plus it leaves no residue like I found Zoya Remove did.

  7. Cutex strengthening πŸ˜€ contains acetone

  8. Kerstin

    My favourite nail polish remover is by Essence πŸ˜‰

  9. Elizabeth

    I recently started using Sephora by Opi Nail Colour Remover!!!

  10. Lulu

    My favorite nail polish remover is the strawberry scented pink one from The Face Shop. Smells so nice and leaves nails smell nice too, and no acetone scent! Removes polishes like a charm!

  11. Yao

    I generally just get a non-acetone one from the drugstore, but I’d love to try Zoya’s Remove +!

  12. Megan

    My favorite is the Target brand nail polish remover with gelatin! :)

  13. aclearcutsign

    currently using a brand of acetone called beauty secrets…no frills, just gets the job done

  14. Sara

    Salley Hansen.

  15. kelly alice.

    my absolute favourite nail polish remover of all time is ZOYA! it’s awesome!

  16. Hanna

    I haven’t tested that many to be honest so i don’t really know…..My Sally Hansen removes my nail polish perfectly and that’s really all i am looking for;)

  17. Liana

    Sally hansen

  18. Michael

    my favorite nail polish remover is p2 nail polish remover.

  19. Christine

    My favorite nail polish remover is OPI Nail Colour Remover

  20. Robyn

    I use this $2.00 Onyx stuff that comes in a huge bottle.

  21. JayJay

    I’ve never been loyal to one brand. Usually I use an acetone remover, store brand, or Sally Hansen.

  22. Sam

    My favorite is the Cutex felt pads.

  23. I usually just use the Target brand polish remover. It gets ther job done.

  24. indoorkitty

    Whatever acetone-based Sally Hansen remover I can get my hands on. I have this plan of finding and watering down industrial acetone but it hasn’t happened yet. Why won’t Fisher Scientific phone me back? πŸ˜‰ TGIAlmostF Christine!

  25. Mai

    Scentio, my fave

  26. NΓ³ra

    i use the Essence Nail Art Nail Polish Remover Ultra. it takes off everything easily!

  27. Alexis K.

    My favorite remover is Sally Hansen Acetone. Gets EVERYTHING off :)

  28. Steph

    Mine is Zoya Remove + :)

  29. Colleen

    I just use what ever is on sale at the store lol

  30. Whatever the cheapest brand is!

  31. Meezy

    I don’t know if I would call it my favorite, but at the moment I’m using Cutex’s Twist and Lock Pump Regular Nail Polish Remover.

  32. Sara

    anything with pure acetone!

  33. Victoria

    I don’t really have a favorite nail polish remover. Right now I’m just using a Target one. My least favorite though is Cutex’s non-acetone one… SO HORRIBLE, it takes forever to remove any NP and then it leaves behind a grossly sticky residue :(

  34. Johnathan

    Acetone for sure :)

  35. virginia

    My Favorite nail polish remover and by far the best is Cutex. You Can Purchase It At Walgreens,Walmart and Target. There are Three Colors available(Blue,Clear,Purple) And they All do Different Things To Your Nails Like Give Protein,Strength Etc.

  36. Sephora remover! It gets the job done

  37. crissy

    cvs brand non-acetone

  38. Step

    Target brand acetone free remover. Smells terrible but works well.

  39. Alis

    I like to use Delon polish remover. It’s pretty gentle on my cuticles, and it has a strawberry scent that doesn’t smell terrible either.

  40. Jennifer

    i just use the wal-mart brand, it works just fine!

  41. Jessie Q

    It’s a Sephora by OPI one. It’s purple. So easy to work with, and doesn’t feel harsh.

  42. Adrine

    I love to use Zoya Remove +, thanks to you, Christine, I love this remover, my cuticles have never looked better.

  43. marley

    my favorite nail polish remover is just a target brand

  44. Tiffany C.

    i just use the cheapest one from the drug store, but i’m planning on buying the Zoya Color Lock system soon.

  45. Annie S

    any drugstore brand.

  46. Kimber Y.

    Zoya Remove+, hands down :)

  47. Lauren

    Zoya’s remover!

  48. Jennifer L

    I just use a 100% acetone from Target.

  49. Kim

    I’ve been using Studio 35 Beauty Salon Formula Nourishing, but I just picked up a bottle of SuperNail Acetone Polish Remover from my beauty supply store in hopes that it will do a better job. The drugstore formula just doesn’t cut through polish without a struggle.

  50. Candi

    love my zoya remove+!

    i really hope they have a new promotion so i don’t have to pay and arm and a leg for my remover..

  51. Kae

    I’m cheap so the Beauty Secrets kind from Sallys πŸ˜€

  52. I don’t have one I just use store brand.

  53. Jessie

    i use a sally hansen nailpolish remover!

  54. Jade

    Do my other nails count? If I get sick of a polish, I just pick it off. I love it when they peel off all nice and smooth.

  55. vnssa906

    my favorite, all though its possible horrible to be using all the time, is PURE ACETONE! ahhh, nothing else takes off the 9 layers of polish and glitter when boredom ensues at work 😑

  56. Elena

    I haven’t found a favorite nail polish remover yet because i want an acetone free remove that will work as well as a normal one! and i just haven’t find it yet!

  57. Melissa

    My fave is whatever has acetone & is cheap at the store. Currently something from Target for $1.04

  58. Jennifer

    I use the CVS store brand

  59. Talia

    I used to use cutex but i cant find it anywhere now so i just use whatever generic one i can find. I always make sure its the acetone kind though.

  60. i like sally hasens nail polish remover

  61. Beausci2010

    Generic non-acetone remover from the drugstore.

  62. Kelly

    I use Sally Hansen. It always does the trick and is inexpensive.

  63. Dawn

    I love Zoya remove

  64. vickie

    ive been loving the sally hansen remover

  65. Neela

    currently using onxy remover, the purple one. it’s okay. i haven’t tried any expensive polish removers.

  66. Nikki

    Zoya Remove is my favorie polish remover!

  67. yiota

    I just use a random one from the drugstore! I don’t have a preference :]

  68. Grace

    I just buy a generic drugstore one, nothing fancy.

  69. Erica

    The Sally Hansen strengthening remover is awesome

  70. Kate & Zena

    It’s a Studio something Non-acetone nail polish remover that I buy at Wallgreens. The stuff is insane. I can’t use anything with acetone in it (the first ingredient in Zoya’s Remove+ is acetone). I’m way too allergic to it.

  71. Nadia

    I don’t know if it’s my favourite but I just use Sally Hansen. For some reason, my drugstore has a very limited selection when it comes to nail polish remover! I might try the Sephora one next time!

  72. dimitra

    wow!I just fall for this nail polish instantly!I just use the sephora one.

  73. Jamie

    I use Sally Hansen nail polish remover – does a great job!

  74. They don’t sell this outside Belgium or Holland, but I love the one from Kruidvat!

  75. Lena

    I usually just use cutex.

  76. Zoe

    I like the Cutex non-acetone kind :)

  77. Julia

    my favourite is by essence :)

  78. Dee

    umm, target brand?? haha, i don’t spend much on remover.

  79. Leenie

    my favorite is what ever is on sale I don’t spend to much on my nail polish remover, the one I’m using right now is Delon Salon Formula and the price is 1.29

  80. catrienna


  81. Leah

    Honestly, I am so bad about my nails, I usually dont have nail polish remover. so I wait until it chips off.

  82. Katrice

    Beauty Secrets: Pure Acetone

  83. Sandra

    All time favorite is Sally Hansen! It works wonders and doesn’t leave a lingering scent or taste after you wash your hands like others do.

  84. Maggie

    I normally just buy whatever is cheapest at wally world lol

  85. Nadine

    Zoya Remove+

  86. Mangoo

    My favorite remover is zoya remove plus.

  87. Debbie

    I use Cutex, always have :)

  88. Essence Acetone-free nail polish remover with the scent of vanilla and strawberry

  89. Katherine

    OPI Expert Touch

  90. Tiffany

    I use cutex

  91. Nadine

    I just use whatever is in my vanity — I don’t have a favourite!

  92. Nazih

    I’m not picky, lone as it’s acetone free I’ll be good to go haha. Currently I’l using the Wal-Mbrand. Cheap and it works just fine!

  93. Sarah

    I like the Sally Hansen extra strength one, it even removes annoying glitters and such.

  94. Claudia

    My favorite nail polish remover is just target or cvs brand! it gets the job done easily ;]

  95. Mirna

    My favorite nail polish remover is 100% pure acetone by Calico.

  96. Erica

    My favorite nail polish remover is the Target brand Non-Acetone bottle! It’s cheap and works really well!

  97. Frances

    I use Sephora collection nail polish remover : )

  98. nayeli

    i just use whatever nail polish is 99 cents :)it works for me