Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Win MAC Imperial Flower Nail Lacquer!

One (1) lucky winner will receive the limited edition Imperial Flower Nail Lacquer from MAC’s Fabulous Felines Collection! (Retail value $13.00!)

RULES: All entries must be submitted by September 15th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to U.S. readers only (sorry, there are a lot of mailing restrictions on nail polish sent internationally) as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Congratulations to Heather H.!

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550 thoughts on “Win MAC Imperial Flower Nail Lacquer!

  1. Brooke

    I usually just use sally hansen.

  2. Leslie C.

    My favorite nail polish remover is Sephora collection nail polish remover

  3. Mara

    I love the Essence Nail Art Nail Polish Remover Ultra. It has a nice smell, easily takes of all kinds of polish (yup, even glitters) and is a total steal at 1.25€! :)

  4. Shannon

    My favorite is regular acetone. It is a little harsh, but it makes removing your polish so easy.

  5. Jywoi

    Zoya Remove + ^^. Love it!

  6. my favorite nail polish remover comes to me from TARGET – target brand $2.00 nail polish remover works just great!

  7. Carrie Ann

    I just use any generic nail polish remover from the drugstore that’s non-acetone.

  8. Sydney

    Wow, I am so excited for this giveaway! I love this shade. I like using Sephora by Opi Nail Colour Remover.

  9. Jimena

    one that I buy in Sally’s Beauty Supply, but don’t remember the brand

  10. lily

    i’m liking the target brand now

  11. amy p

    I just buy the cheapest kind from the drugstore with acetone in it, it removes to polish so easily! Especially when your on a budget.

  12. Because I am pretty cheap, I like to use a generic brand without acetone. ;D

  13. Mirian

    I don’t paint my nails very much, but I use Atrix nail polish remover. I’m wishing to try one with non-acetone.

  14. Giannina Canales

    E.L.F. nail polish remover, it’s only $1 and it works great

  15. Rita

    Orly without acetone

  16. Abril

    Regular acetone… that’s the only thing I can buy in my town! Hahaha

  17. Mimi

    I like to use Sally Hansen’s.

  18. Beryl

    I don’t really have any fave right now, but i’m using of of those drugstore brands. It’w working really well actually, except it dries my nails if i use it too often :(

  19. I use A.S.K. nail polish remover. My mom’s big on it, she got me hooked. It works so well, so quickly, and it doesn’t have a strong smell, which is great because I’m asthmatic.

  20. Sarah

    just the cheap walmart brand it does as good a job as any other remover.

  21. Kayvid

    Zoya Remove without a doubt

  22. Princessflttrby

    I love Zoya Remove+, but Onyx Professional Moiturizing Formula in the Lavender scent is nearly identical when I’m on a budget :)

  23. Cindy

    I don’t really have a favorite nail polish remover. I using go with whatever is cheap or on sale. It must be non acetone though cuz I have mani q done on my nails and that doesn’t mess up the gel when I decide to change the polish.

  24. Lisa

    I use pure acetone, but I should probably use something gentler…

  25. Elisa

    I like using opi’s remover

  26. Leah

    I generally just use a generic drugstore brand and they work fine!

  27. Samantha

    i dont have a favorite

  28. sharee

    i use equate from walmart

  29. Sarah

    My favorite one is a CVS brand one. I think it’s the nourishing one.

  30. Joanna

    I buy any beauty supply store acetone… Nail polish remover just takes to long and too much nail polish remover to take any nail polish with a lot of pigment in it.

  31. ANGELA

    I use Wal-Mart brand non-acetone. Its cheap and gets the job done.

  32. Baby in a corner

    I haven’t found the one yet! I just use tesco! Thanks christine

    • baby in a corner

      OOps, I just read the fine print which said that this was open to US readers only. So I’m not eligible, apologies

  33. Mia

    pure acetone is the best

  34. Nicole

    My favorite nail polish remover is the Acetone from Walmart

  35. Sara

    generic- from Sally’s beauty supply- whatever gets the job done.

  36. Elise Patyn

    Sally Hansen Strengthening nail polish remover.

  37. Julie

    Sally Hansen

  38. Sam

    I usually use generic nail polish remover.

  39. Kelly M

    a generic one from target

  40. Jeannie

    sally hansen!

  41. Alexis


  42. Katie

    beauty secrets pure acetone that you get at sally’s. just have to remember to put on cuticle balm after I’m done.

  43. kim

    I don’t have a favorite.

  44. julieh

    I like the Sally Hansen non-acetone polish remover.

  45. Ula

    My favourite nailpolish remover is from Ebelin, a german drug store brand.

  46. Jen

    any cheap drugstore nail polish remover works for me :)

  47. Leigh

    Zoya Remove +

  48. Jennifer

    I use Target Brand non-acetone

  49. Lucia

    Definitely the Sephora by OPI nail color remover =)

  50. Lauren

    I use generic, whatever is on sale nail polish remover….

  51. Kristy

    My favorite is the Boots nail polish remover.

  52. Personally, I don’t use anything fancy. I just use whatever is cheapest at the store 😛

  53. Maggie

    I don’t have a favorite but I do just use a generic drugstore brand without acetone.

  54. Nora

    My favorite is the simple CVS brand. I’d use more expensive brands if I could but this works just fine and doesn’t dry out my cuticles, so I like it a lot.

  55. Madison

    Zoya Remove + <3

  56. Dominique

    Just any non-acetone nail polish remover

  57. ena

    I use regular acetone.

  58. Misela

    I use any generic nail polish remover from the drugstore.

  59. Audri

    I like using any drugstore polish remover that contains acetone. I know acetone is very drying, but it makes it so easy to remove polish. And the drying effect is easily taken care of with a good cuticle oil.

  60. Kris Cameron

    Zoya Remove + – thanks to your recommendation!

  61. Kylie

    I like ones that are easy and don’t include pouring out the remover. For example, Cutex makes one that comes in a pump, which is really nice!

  62. Nicole

    I haven’t found a favorite polish remover. I usually just grab the first bottle I see, but your reviews on the zoya polish remover have me intrigued…

  63. Samantha

    I don’t have a favorite but i rotate between Sally Hansen and the Avon brand.

  64. Michelle

    Sally Hansen Maximum Strength!

  65. Yaderit

    i just use the cvs brand one works good enoug for me lol i use the once with vitamin e for strength and resiliency

  66. Barb

    Sephora polish remover!

  67. Sabrina

    My cheapie drugstore nail polish. *blush*

  68. Eve

    I buy whatever the cheapest nail polish is. i dont even look at the brand

  69. Alaina

    I really like the Beauty Secrets acetone remover from Sally Beauty. I’ve never had problems with it being drying.

  70. DeAnna

    I honestly dont care what brand of polish remover I use but I like the pre-moistened pads.

  71. Jackie

    I just use a generic one from either Target or Walmart.

  72. I love using Diadermine nail polish remover. It’s aceton free, gets rid of nail polish in one sweep, has a nice smell and it has a good price!

  73. Favorite polish remover? Do people have those? I’m gonna have to read through these comments to see if I’m missing anything! I honestly just buy what ever is cheapest, usually a store brand acetone based remover.

  74. Allyssa

    My favorite is anything that says “Non acetone” cuz it doesnt dry out your cuticles.

  75. Jumper

    any brand of 100% acetone

  76. Aww.. too bad this isn’t for people from Europe :(

    • Sorry, the restrictions they put on polish from the U.S. make it too much of a liability – the past 5 times I’ve sent polishes overseas, they aren’t accepted and product just goes missing. I’m out $5-10 for shipping + product cost, so I just can’t keep taking those kinds of losses.

      • No ofcourse, I understand! It’s just too bad they make such a fuss over it :) What if you live in the US and you wanna send something to a relative in Europe, what are you supposed to do then 😀

        Are all your giveaways just for US then or just specific ones?

        Sarah x

  77. I dont have a fav I just use something that has the strnethening stuff in it

  78. Ali

    I don’t spend big money on a specific nail polish remover – I just pick up whatever one is for natural nails at CVS. am I missing something?

  79. Jenny S.

    My favorite nail polish remover is Equate Nail Polish Remover (:

  80. Sephora Collection nail polish remover! :)

  81. Lili

    … I really really like the one from sephora!…

  82. Imogen

    I like generic, cheap, drugstore, non-acetone remover. I find I don’t notice a difference between the branded and nonbranded removers so I like to save money here so I can spend it on more pretties :-)

  83. rebecca

    Any nail polish remover that is 100% acetone!

  84. I use these Vanilla scented ones from from Accessorize. They’re really cute!


  85. Shannon

    my fave is def Zoya’s Remove+. It doesn’t dry out my cuticles, and it works so well with removing. I have this huge 32oz bottle and a smaller 16 (or 8oz?) bottle too. but i also have like half of my Sally’s remover (also 32oz so i guess i got around 16oz left) that i gotta use up first!

  86. Ally

    I just use the cheap Target brand, seems to work well!

  87. Noelia

    My favorite nail polish remover is from Sally Hansen. It’s the moisturizing one that has Vitamin E and Aloe. It’s really awesome.

  88. Claudia

    Hands down Zoya Remove

  89. Nicole F.

    probably the cheapest one…hehe. but i really want to try Zoyas!!!

  90. i use the dollar store brand. maybe i should try something better when it runs out, will look at the thread for recommendations.

  91. Actually I have just used one nail polish remover D; And acetone with oil. And other nail polish. And my nails to scrape it off, lol. I prefer the acetone over the nail polish remover I used! For for example the China Glaze Poolside polishes (Ok, I only have Kiwi Cool-Ada and Sun Worshipper) I like scraping it off. Even though little painful flakes get under my nails D; Hehe.
    I re-tweeted; my Twitter is NyappyDrHouse =)

  92. Bobbie C.

    Sally Hansen

  93. kristin

    I’m easy to please. Cutex

  94. Juliana

    My favorite nail poslih remover is Sally Hansen’s.

  95. i used drugstore nail polish remover called pretty nails.

  96. dana


  97. Angela

    my favorite nail polish remover is sally hansesn’s conditioning formula.