Monday, May 17th, 2010

Win MAC Hipness Blush from MAC To the Beach!

One (1) lucky winner will receive MAC Hipness Blush from MAC’s upcoming To the Beach Collection! (Retail value $18.50!)

RULES: All entries must be submitted by May 27th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Two Ways to Win

You can do one, the other, or both to maximize your chances of winning…

1.) Leave a comment on this blog post telling me your favorite way to make your cheeks pop!

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Congratulations to Amie!

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1,660 thoughts on “Win MAC Hipness Blush from MAC To the Beach!

  1. I love bright pink blush so thats what I wear to make them pop!

  2. Yujin

    I like using a fluffly angled brush to place blush so that it fakes cheekbones!

  3. I like using MAC’s Lustre Drops as a highlight and a nice pink blush (like Ladyblush) for the apple cheek :)

  4. Julie

    I make my cheeks pop by applying benefit high beam before I apply my blush!

  5. Sly

    Like using cream glowy blushes with bronzer for counturing.

  6. Shannon

    I love being creative and using an eyeshadow like Mac sushi flower or a lipstick like mac pink noveau or chatterbox!

  7. Emilie

    Any bright pink blush works for me.

  8. Marinka

    My favorite way to make my cheeks pop is highlighter! I love to use this in combination with a brighter blush color and it just gives my cheeks the nicest glow. If I’m in a hurry, I just pinch my cheeks a little and apply the highlighter and it gives a nice glow as well!

  9. Rawrzellers

    Believe it or not I actually applied some glitter to my friends cheeks when she wanted to go for a more fairy type of look and I used neon yellow glitter. Yes it actually turned out for the better, I think it’s because she has darker skin. But for my skin tone and my face I like to have something peachy and pink with some yellow undertones so it looks nice and not way over done. Bronzer absolutely hates my face so it’s something I try and stay away from.

  10. I already have a pink cheek, and I love to enlighten this feature using light pink colours!!!

  11. Pinky D

    I make my cheeks pop with blush and highlighter!

  12. Torrie Mckeague

    I like to layer blushes on top of highlight or shimmer products for an all over cheek glow!

  13. j e n

    I just add a peachy pink color to my cheeks and voila!!

  14. I love to use benefits high beam to make my cheeks glow and then add a nice coral blush to make my cheeks pop :)

  15. Darci

    Thanks for this give away I love to ware Hard Candy’s Pin Up

  16. Cecilia

    I use a combination of cream and powder blush. It works wonderfully and stays on all day long!


  17. Jen

    My favorite blush right now is Funtabulous–I use it most often but I only have a few blushes. That’s why winning Hipness would rock :)

  18. Christian

    I like to use Benefit’s Moonbeam as a hilighter then apply my blush to the apples of my cheeks. My favorite blushes are MAC Dainty and Benefit Dallas for a more bronzed look.

  19. I love to apply cream blush (my fav is lilicent by mac) with sponge. It makes blush natural and long lasting.

  20. Contour at the hollows of my cheeks, pick my blush of the day and msf in soft and gentle to add the glow! πŸ˜€

  21. Miss_Sofie

    Twitter Miss_Sofie

    I love blush and just a little bit of eyeliner! It makes my cheeks pop πŸ˜‰

    The perfect face!

  22. icosmeticrn

    My favorite way to make my cheeks pop is using MAC instant chic blush!! I use almost everyday since I bought and it gives me a really great glow!

  23. Just choosing a pale, cool pink to put it on my cheeks and a light touch of Nars Multiple Copacabana on the cheekbone. It rules!

  24. Jen

    My favorite way to make my cheeks pop is by using Nars Gilda blush on the apples of my cheeks and then a few dots of Benefit High Beam and it really makes my cheeks look glowy and dewy! Love this combo!

  25. Ramlah

    i like to use a matte bronzer to contour and then pink blush on the apples

  26. irini

    apply highlighter on top of cheekbones πŸ˜‰

  27. Sharday

    It doesn’t take much to make my cheeks pop.

    A little coral blush followed by bronzer give me a nice, healthy, glow!

  28. I contour, add blush and a touch of highlight, simple, but does the trick! x

  29. Ada

    I always try to use blush even if I’m running late. A little swish of Petticoat helps me look perky.

  30. zoey

    I love using MAC Dolly Mix on my cheeks for a nice pop of colour =D

  31. Montrese

    My favorite way to make my cheeks pop is to do nude eyes (only winged liner & tons of mascara), a semi-bold lip (think a medium toned coral w/lots of gloss) & a pink cheek (dollymix blush) & that’s how I like to make my cheeks pop lol.

  32. Anna

    I like to make my cheeks stand out by using a highlighter on the top of my cheekbones!

  33. Kat

    I use MAC Springsheen and Highlighter, as well as a matte golden bronzer for contouring.

  34. My favorite way to make my cheeks pop is with a bright pink/coral (I love sweetness beauty powder) color blush on the apples of my cheeks & then a TON of Dior’s Amber Diamond highlighter. Adding highlighter can make any blush pop! And suttle eye’s with huge lashes – not to take away from the cheeks. I’ve been loving femme fi lately.

  35. happybadfish

    I like to use a cream blush first and then a powder overtop. Sometimes I’ll use a bronzer as a blush for a nice glow.

  36. A dash of Guerlain Meteorites over my blush to blend out too-bright blush will also add a beautiful glow!

  37. Gaye

    I love to make my cheeks have a healthy glow. Not too much shimmer and not too matte. I absolutely love color on the cheeks!!!

  38. Ashley

    I love to wear a blush with subtle shimmer. It looks so good on my cheeks!

  39. Yiota

    My favorite way to make my cheeks pop is by contouring with bronzer and blush!

  40. CurlyKye

    I’m a simple kinda girl so just a hint of color on my cheeks gives me just what I need to feel like they stand out. MACs Ripe Peach Ombre does it for me!

  41. Bea

    a shimmery highlighter make your cheeks pop

  42. Alex

    Light pink blush, and a highlight is my go-to.

  43. My favorite way to make my cheeks pop is just applying a shimmer blush! I usually wear Mac Mineralized blushes which have quite a shimmery finish, mostly golden/peach shimmer ^_^

  44. Sass

    I have dark skin so I put my blush on (any color) and I buff in a little MAC So Ceylon MSF on top to give it a pop of low sparkle.

  45. I like to add a creame blush color of a brighter or deeper color under the powdered blush to help make the color pop and last longer!

  46. Nene

    The best combo for me is Orgasm blush plus Orgasm illuminator… it looks so nice that my husband always makes comments.

  47. Ada

    I like to do simple eye and lips(similar but lighter colour than blush) with a bright cheek colour ^^

  48. MimiG323

    i apply a raspberry pink to the apples and blend out with a light pink shimmer like Benefit Dandelion!

  49. I love the mineralize blush in warm soul, amaaazing colour and just a bit of shimmer. It gives me this very subtle, healthy glow that, whenever I put on this pretty blush, I get complements throughout the day. But I’m dying to try this one, I looooove corally colours! ^^

  50. Lisa

    I like using a pinky corally color on my cheeks and then a highlighter to highlight my cheekbones.

  51. P. Cruz

    Is this open to readers outside of the US? :/

  52. Sandy

    Coralista blush with high beam highlighter!

  53. Heather

    Currently, I love to use style blush for that pop of color!

  54. sarah

    hot pink mineral blush!!

  55. Nik

    I use MAC Cheeky Bronze or Gold Deposit on the top of my cheekbones, MAC Refined Golden topped with Benefit Sugarbomb :) On special occasions I use my beloved MAC Dancing Light on my cheekbones!

  56. My favorite combo of the moment is Benefit High Beam to highlight my cheekbones, MAC Love Rock on the apples of my cheeks, and NARS Laguna or Benefit Hoola to contour.

  57. Rae

    One word: contour! πŸ˜‰

  58. My favorite way to make my cheeks pop is to apply a setting powder on top of my foundation/face makeup and then apply blush. It will help the blush to settle nicely, rather than just seep into my semi oily skin.

  59. Anna

    apply blush right at the back almost near your ears but higher

  60. My favorite way to make my cheeks pop is to put some Blonde MSF right on the apples of my cheeks & work my way up to my temples. It gives a great highlight! :)

  61. Wilcoa

    To make my cheeks pop I usually use bronzer as my main “blush” then I apply some peachy-pink blush to the apples of my cheeks and highlight the cheekbones. I am super pale so some sort of blush/bronzer is needed daily!

  62. Erin

    I love to use Refined or Perfect Topping MSF over my blush to add a nice dimension to my cheeks, especially over Instant Chic or Cantaloupe!

  63. Jessica

    I love to use MAC’s blushbaby to make my cheeks pop. it looks effortless but fresh – i really love the effect it has on my skintone!!!

    love your blog so much!!

  64. Kimberly

    Favorite way to make my cheeks pop is to contour beneath my cheekbones, apply a bright blush (style for instance) and highlight with fresh morning ccb above the cheekbone.

  65. Nayeli

    To make my cheeks pop, I like to use a shimmery blush or a matte blush and add highlighter…. I would like to enter this contest!!!!

  66. Nadine

    I like to use a liquid highlighter over my foundation, then apply a blush.

  67. I use NAR Albatross highlighter to make my cheeks pop! πŸ˜€

  68. I love aply ccb shel first, and next the blush…the skin make pretty!
    i loved!

  69. Sasha

    I love it!

  70. Lauurence

    a baby pink blush, no shimmer with just a bit of highlighter on my cheekbones.
    the less is the best

  71. I never leave the house without a highlight =) my top 3 are Dior, MAC MSF , NARS

  72. Here’s my usual routine for making my cheeks “pop”: first I contour with a non-shimmer bronzer to accenuate my cheekbones. Then I’ll sweep on my blush (usually a pink-toned color from my MAC or NARS blushes.) Then I’ll apply a bit of cream/liquid highlighter to the top of my cheek bones to finish the look. :)

  73. Please consider this my entry into your contest:

    My favorite way to make my cheeks pop is to apply a rosy color to the apples of my cheeks, then contour with a bronze color. :)

  74. Kelly

    I use a light pink blush, then a sparkly rose chanel blush! The combo makes the perfect color, and I apply all the way up to the eyes.

  75. Evelyne Vicca

    using a cream based product under my blush

  76. Carolina S

    i like to contour my cheeks with a bronzer and then on the cheek bone i put a nice shimmery blush and then in the apple of my cheeks i put a very very very pink blush. I love the combo!

  77. shockingblue

    I like to use a light cream cheek tint followed with a matching blush!

  78. Olivia

    To make my blush pop, I contour the hollows of my cheeks and place blush above the area I contoured. This emphasizes my cheeks and the color blush I put on it.

  79. I love to layering colors, first a really high pigmented pink that pops! and then I like to take Mac BeautyPowder in Shell Pearl, which gives my cheeks a really nice glow and it really Pops!

  80. sophiecnc

    Any bright pink or peach colour makes my cheeks pop!

  81. Kajsa

    Before I loved pink blushes, now I’m in love with peachy blushes! Now I can actually see the blush, didn’t really do that before πŸ˜€

    Twitter: Monticka

  82. i like to contour my cheeks and then use a sheer blush (peach) so it really pop out!

  83. Lauren

    My cheeks pop with Nars Penny Lane (as a base). I top them off with either MAC Well Dressed, MAC Instant Chic or NYX Angel (which looks an awful lot like Well Dressed on my cheeks). I just love the texture, though. Lastly, I add a quick highlight with MAC By Candlelight. Voila!

  84. I like to wear a bit of cream blush, blended well, and then a powder on top to make my cheeks pop. Of course, I always contour and highlight :-)

    On days where I want the cheeks to be the focal point of my face, I’ll concentrate a brighter colour, right on the apples of my cheeks, and then blended outward in a circular area. It’s very retro looking.

  85. Joanne

    i don’t like glittery/shimmery blush, but any matte bright pink or coral shade does the trick for me…if i don’t have a bright one handy, i’ll just layer any blush until i get the desired effect.

  86. Tiffany S.

    Cream blush + contouring~

  87. Andrea Foville

    Albtross highlighter ….

  88. My favorite way to make my cheeks pop? Well, I like cream blushes because they make me look kind of dewey. I like warm shades of pink.

  89. right now i’m loving using MUFE HD blush! :)

  90. Camila

    Light pink blush!

  91. jamie

    NARS orgasm gives me the best glow possible!! i’ve already got cheekbones and i actually try to tone it down a little. Orgasm is the perfect shade for me to make my cheeks pop but not too much! :)

  92. Jywoi

    I put a little bit of Rosebud salve on my cheeks :)

  93. Daniel Kaity

    i expose my skin to the sun or sweep up my fave mac shade!(=

  94. nic

    i use nars super orgasm… the color is so pigmented that i don’t need to use a lot. plus the flecks of gold help to add a little bit of glam to the look!

  95. Anna

    any bright blush!

  96. Louise

    I absolutely LOVE my Nars cream blush in Cactus Flower… it really makes my cheeks pop like no other blush!

  97. Danielle

    I love lifting my cheekbones with a little bit of MAC Bronzing Powder to contour, then Dainty blush on the apples with Luna CCB as a highlight. Beautiful, natural effect!

  98. breechan

    I like to smile REALLY big and then sweep the blush from the most bulbous parts of the cheek and upwards towards my temples.

  99. Amy

    I contour my face everyday and then use a bright pink blush on my cheeks.

    • Ina

      Lovely giveaway you are holding! I make my cheeks look their best with bronzer, a coral blush and some shimmery highlighter right on top of the bones

      • My current favourite is my hot pink blush from ChiChi, and a little contouring with bronzer under the apple of my cheeks and highlights under my eye area and my nose bone.:D