Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Win MAC Eye Kohls from To the Beach!

One (1) lucky winner will receive the limited edition Float on By and Rosemary & Thyme Eye Kohls from MAC’s To the Beach Collection! (Retail value $29!)

RULES: All entries must be submitted by June 30th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Two Ways to Win

You can do one, the other, or both to maximize your chances of winning…

1.) Leave a comment on this blog post telling me what eyeshadows you’d pair these with!

2.) Follow me on Twitter & re-tweet the following: RT @temptalia Follow @temptalia & RT to win MAC To the Beach Eye Kohls! Info + one more way to win:

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836 thoughts on “Win MAC Eye Kohls from To the Beach!

  1. Kay

    Pretty! I think I’d keep things simple with a champagne/nude-based shadow so these liners will really pop!

  2. Kay

    I also RT’d this on Twitter (@Kay819)

  3. kat

    i think browns and neutrals on lids and the eye kohls on the bottom last line for a pop of color :)

  4. Emma

    I would pair these colors with MAC’s woodwinked and Firecracker!! It would be such an awesome beach color! Retweeted:

  5. Adrine

    I would pair them with gold eyeshadows, such as, goldmine, reflects gold pigment and naked pigment too.

  6. meghan

    I’d pair float on by with any gold shadow and rosemary and tyme with any taupe-y beige.
    RT: megloves2shop

  7. Jo

    I’d pair them with neutral shadows (browns, grays, etc) to liven up a look! =)

  8. diavolobello

    I would use either one with Fyrinnae Platinum or Cabana Boy.

  9. I would wear Float on By all by itself! I’m so sad I missed my chance to get this. Rosemary and Thyme… I’d probably wear it on the lower lashline with a bronze look on my upper lid.

  10. Torrie

    I would love to win these and pair them up with a neutral eye with just that little POP of color on my eyeliner!

    twitter: macupbytor

  11. ezzie

    i’d pair it with my physicians formula for brown eyes palette for an extra pop of color~ πŸ˜€

  12. Scientific Housewife

    I would pare Float On By with MAC Juxt and Birds and Berries and Rosemary & Thyme with MAC Grand Entrance and Humid :)

  13. Erin

    They would both look great with Plumage and Gulf Stream.

  14. i love pairing netural shadows with colored liner, so i’d use naked lunch and mulch =]

    twitter username- cutegingerbread

  15. i’d wear these with any of my shadows. humid, sweet and punchy, dear cupcake, tempting, flip…

  16. hellt_ru

    I would pair it with Rude e/s

  17. Fatema

    I’d pair “rosemary & thyme” kohl with Humid and sweet and punchy eyeshadow.
    “float on by” kohl with any golden eyeshadow!

  18. ana

    I’d pair Rosemary & Thyme with humid and romper

  19. Jennifer

    I would pair it with mac sweet and punchy eyeshadow. I think the eye kohls are beautiful :)

  20. Amy

    I would pair Rosemary & Thyme with Coquette…green and grey look pretty together. I would pair Float On By with UD’s Sin all over the lid and Satin Taupe in the crease, to let the blue really stand out.

  21. marta

    probably something neutal – like brule all over the lid with some omega in the crease – just use these liners as a pop of colour.

  22. I’d probably just wear a neutral eye with these liners, to make the liners stand out more :)

  23. this would any neutral look that extra edge especially with Dazzlelight or Allthatglitters :)

  24. Rochelle

    i would pair the bright eyeliners with a neutral eye. i would probably use soft brown on my lid and mulch in my crease. Then i would use the eyeliner underneath my bottom lash line. this way i would get a neutral look with a small pop of color to make it stand out a little bit.

  25. DJ

    I’d pair rosemary & thyme with humid eyeshadow & cool heat eyeshadow with float on by!

  26. jamie

    i would put allthatglitters on my lid with mulch in the crease and put these under my bottom lashes to make my eyes pop!

  27. Oh, I would pair Rosemary & Thyme with Humid, Satin Taupe, Gorgeous Gold, or Woodwinked. I would pair Float on By with Birds & Berries, Lucky Green, Shimmermoss, and Freshwater.


  28. Kendra

    I would use floats on by with an intense dark turqoise eyeshadow all over the lid, then fade it up to the brown bone with a lighter teal and scene. Rosemary & Thyme would be great for a deep green smokey eye!

  29. juliana jenkins

    I’d pair with those the mac deep truth eye shadow

  30. Ayesha

    I would pair Rosemary and Thyme with Prankster and Goldmine eyeshadows to create a smokey khaki look!

    Float on by… that would look awesome on the lower waterline/lashline paired with a neutral eye for a pop of colour!

  31. juliana jenkins

    I’d pair with those the mac deep truth or even woodwinked, this would be really pretty!

  32. i’d wear it with aquadisiac and paradisco!

  33. vivian

    i’d pair rosemary and thyme with neutral, soft browns, and i’d wear float on by with a shimmery wash of champagne on my lid!

  34. Jenna

    The most obvious way is with a neutral eye – my choice would be All That Glitters!

  35. Jincy

    Neutral colors on the lid and the eye pencil on my lower lash line!

  36. Stella Leme Marciano

    I’m wearing navy blue shadow today.

  37. Jenniferx33

    i’d pair the blue eyeliner with a bronze/orange/brown eyeshadow.

  38. Nadia

    I’d pair them with gold/brown eyeshadows…just add the eye pencils for a hit of colour on the lower lash line and to add a bit of flair to an otherwise neutral look!

  39. Shefali

    I would pair Float on By with Firecracker for a great bright summer eye, and I would pair Rosemary & Thyme with something like Patina and Bronze.

  40. Donna

    I’d love to try the Rosemary and Thyme one with Bobbi Brown’s Golden Leaf in the crease and MAC’s Mylar on the lid… :)

    I’d have to play with the Float on By to see what it looked best with though :)

  41. jamie

    i retweeted this on twitter@JamielovesMAC

  42. I would most probably pair it with nudes / Gold / browns / oranges and green,it would look gorgeous with these shades stila kitten / starlight / jezebel or MAC mythology MAC bronze or Green smoke Dart teal / Urban decay flipside

  43. Diana S.

    I would wear bare study paint pot on my lid, mystery eyeshadow on the outer v, ricepaper as a highlighter, then line my upper lashes with Float on by! I would pair Rosemary and Thyme by putting on my upper lash line with Melon pigment under it on the entire lid and then humid on the outer v and along the lower lash line.

  44. Jenn

    Yeah, I agree with the first post. I’d probably use the blue one on the waterline to make things pop!

  45. lauren

    I am in love with the colors! They’re so bright that I would go with a nice neutral silver or gold toned eyeshadow or paint.

  46. I’d pair them with neutrals to make them pop =9

  47. TheJoey

    I always wear a neutral eye when doing liner other than black.

  48. Naomi

    Anything and everything I can get away with!

  49. I would pair these with neutral colours (beige, brown, grey…)

  50. I’d use them on my lower lashline with some golden / coppery eyeshadows on my lid.

  51. Ricepaper on the lid, firecracker on the outside of the crease and woodwinked on the inner corner!!

    RT’d – @CosmeticsGeek

  52. Melissa

    Gold and pink would work really well! Particularly UD’s Woodstock.

  53. I would pair the green and blue eye kohls with brown eyeshadows and gray eyeshadows. I think the neutral palette would make these colors really pop and stand out!

  54. mary

    i would pair these with neutrals for a pop of color on the lower lash line. love em all!

  55. Jula

    Just a neutral look with a pop of color

  56. I would most probably pair it with nudes / Gold / browns / oranges and green,it would look gorgeous with these shades stila kitten / starlight / jezebel or MAC mythology MAC bronze or Green smoke Dart teal / flipside

  57. Stephanie

    I’d pair these with neutral or gold shadows on lower lashline πŸ˜‰

  58. jessicab

    i think float on by on the upper and lower lid with birds and berries e/s would look amazing together! & i think green smokebomb e/s would look great with rosemary & thyme with a silver e/s

  59. Maria

    I would apply it with Mac Woodwinked on the lid, Swiss Chocolate in the creae, Espress to the V and Mac Universal Mix Pigment to highlight, then finish with one of the liners in the lower lashine over a wash of Woodwinked

  60. P. Cruz

    I’d pair them with either some light blue eyeshadows or light browns. :)

  61. Sharon

    tweeted: @breadcrumbs84

  62. Brenda

    I’d pair it with a neutral look!

  63. I think all of these colors will look with gold/champagne colors. Also, I would pair the orange one with a smokey blue

  64. Denise

    Well of course the ones from the collection…shimmermoss , sand and sun, humid, firecracker, and sweet & punchy :-) gorgeous colors :-)

  65. Marta

    Mac’s naked lunch and Malt. I think neutrals would look really nice with these :)

  66. Heidy

    i’d pair these with a gold look or with a neutral eye to make it more colorful

  67. Kelly

    I would pair theses with nutrals so the liners would pop! :)

  68. Sly

    I like neutrals so I would use them with brulee or satin taupe for a pop of colour.

  69. Christina8717

    i would pair these eye kohls with a neautral or smokey eye for a punch of colour!

  70. Brooke

    I would use them with Clinique Peacock eyeshadow:)

  71. Azaza

    I would apply these to my lower lashline while using brown eyeshadows for a pop of color

  72. yvette

    I wouldn’t put any eyeshadows with them. They would be gorgeous on their own.

  73. debbie

    Float On By- I would pair with a stunning party night look, Electra on the lid, Beauty Marked in the crease & Yogurt as a highlight

    Rosemary & Thyme- I would pair with a nice earthy smokey eye, Tempting on the lid, Carbon in the crease & Shroom as a highlight

    thank you (:

  74. I think I’d pair it with Sugarpill’s Poison Plum :)

  75. Bernice

    Hi :)
    Thanks for the giveaway !
    I’d pair them with warm neutrals to jazz up the eye kohls really nicely :)

  76. ioanna

    i would pair them with neutral and light brown colors!

  77. kasiaj85

    I’d pair Rosemary & Thyme with brown or neutral eyeshadows. Also wih Lilac ones. And I’ve fallen in love with Float on By when I saw it in your tutorials and I think blues like that totally fit eyeshadows like Sweet & Punchy, colorful makeup and also purple looks.

  78. 1.)
    I’d pair Rosemary & Thyme with a bronze or a sheer pink eyeshadow while I’d pair the Float on By with a yellow just to give it more pop. :)

  79. Beatrix

    With Float on by I would put in waterline with either a brown look or purple/burgundy look.

    Rosemary & thyme I would pair with brown/bronze look or blue, also on waterline/lower lash line

  80. milly

    Id do the everyday neutral look and add these colours to the bottom lash lines for a pop of colours, a twist on the everyday neutral eyes :)

  81. Brenda

    I would pair float on by with expensive pink on the lid and rosemary and thyme with a goldmine

  82. Grace

    beiges and browns to make the liners stand out!

  83. RT’d on twitter – saccharine0158

  84. Teals! Teals! Teals! Love it!

  85. vnssa906

    i would totally pair these with neutral colors, to make the eye kohls stand out in their true glory :)

    thx for this giveaway, Christine
    xoxo, Vanessa

  86. Chloe

    Gorgeous! Either no colors or light neutrals like woodwinked or all that glitters

  87. Claudia

    For the Float on By I’d use the new UD eyeshadows for Sephora exclusives and for the Thyme I’d definitely use Humid and Sweet n Punchy!

  88. Nola

    Neutrals, definitely. Shroom and Patina probably. They would look awesome together :)

  89. LH

    I’d pair them with neutral browns and my green collection.

  90. Anna

    I’d wear these liners with the Teal and Green in the Stila Barbie Palette (the 12 color one).

  91. Emily

    I would pair the rosemary and thyme eye kohl with bare study paint pot on the lid (if that doesn’t count as an eyeshadow, then I would say retrospeck) and I would line my upper lash line with the eye kohl.

    I would pair Float on by eye kohl with neutral eyeshadow colors (retrospeck on the lid, woodwinked in the crease) and replace my black eyeliner with the blue. (upper lash line and water line) Blue eyeliner really makes my eyes stand out!

  92. Giselle

    i would pair neutral eye shadows with those eye kohls πŸ˜€

  93. Leah

    I would definitely where these with a neutral eye because i feel like these colors can hold there own!

  94. Miranda

    I would do a simple neutral eye (dazzlelight + all that glitters + blanc type). I love doing colourful eyeliner as a pop against neutral shadows.

  95. Flor :D

    Expensive Pink…for me is a must!!! πŸ˜€

  96. Nayeli

    I would use these liners with very nude, natural eyeshadows

  97. cristina

    i would use the green one with a brown coppery look,and the teal one with a neutral look like brule e/s on the lid and shale e/s in the crease to make it pop!!!

  98. missy

    I’dpair these with somethinglike woodwinked/ just something neutral. so i can add the blue or green eyeliner to my lower lash line

  99. Xiaoxin Liu

    I will pare with these the firecracker from to the beach collection

  100. Jumper

    I’d pair them with MAC’s Steamy eyeshadow