Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Win MAC Dashing Lassies Eyeshadow Palette!

One (1) lucky winner will receive MAC Dashing Lassies Eyeshadow Palette! (Retail value $36.00!)

Congratulations to Esther K.!

RULES: All entries must be submitted by November 30th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

One Way to Win

Leave a comment on this blog post telling me which eyeshadows you’d use in your first look!

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

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1,459 thoughts on “Win MAC Dashing Lassies Eyeshadow Palette!

  1. Brenda

    I’d love to try the one in the bottom-right

  2. Maria

    I would defiitely use the shadow that is the first one in the second row. Gorgeous! :)

  3. aclearcutsign


  4. Magical mist seems like a gorgeous color to wear everyday :)

  5. The darker at the bottom on the pallete!

  6. Gabrielle

    the top row

  7. Mary Grace

    Top left for the inner corner, top middle for the lid, bottom middle for the outer v and lower lash lining, and bottom right for lining the upper lid. really an awesome palette! i can’t get enough of neutrals!!

  8. The left one in the top :)

  9. Jen

    Buckwheat, so pretty :)

  10. Iqra

    I’d use the bottom row for a nice bronzy smokey eye!

  11. Jena M

    I would use the top middle and the bottom two on the right!

  12. rachel shay

    i’d use the bottom row first!

  13. Valerie Brower

    I’d use A Dashing Lassie, Showstopper, and Buckwheat. Such a beautiful palette!! :)

  14. Nailisha

    I would definitely use Bronze first. It looks like a beautiful color :)

  15. Quynh

    I would use the middle color from the top row on the lid, and the color from the bottom right corner on the crease, and the lightest color from the top left corner on the brow bone for a daytime smoky look.

  16. I`d use on the top right.. beautiful color!

  17. I’d use… the top one in the middle! I don’t know the names by heart, haha!

  18. nancy

    Definitely the top middle color!

  19. Sia

    I would use the first colour on the bottom on the inner 1/3rd of my eye, use the second colour on the bottom for the outer 2/3rd. I’d use the last colour on the bottom row to add depth and the first colour in the top row to highlight my brows and tear duct! :)

  20. Sara

    I’m always looking for good neutrals to keep the focus on my lips… so I’d play and find a way to use them all.

  21. Olivia

    I’d whip out bronze first. These are all so beautiful!

  22. I would use the middle one in the first row and the last one in the second row :)

  23. Magical mist & showstopper – beautiful!

  24. Candy

    I would use Bronze and Buckhweat first!

  25. I would create a smoky silver eye look for the holiday!
    Thanks for providing this giveaway :)

  26. elyse

    i would use the first three on the top row for a neutral look.

  27. Julia

    i’d go with bottom left andbottom right 😀

  28. Diana

    I’d use the top row first!

  29. ioanna

    i would use magical mist first i love these kind of colours!

  30. Laura

    I’d definitely try the bottom left first!

  31. Indah

    I would use Once Upon A Time on the very inner lid, then Magical Mist on the middle, and Bronze on the outer lid. I would use Buckwheat on the inner crease and Showstopper for my outer V and darkening the outer of the crease and lid. And I would use A Dashing Lassie as a highlight, and that’s my first look! 😀

  32. Sandra

    I´d try the darkest shade first =)

  33. Ani_BEE

    A Dashing Lassie as a brow hilighter, Once Upon a Time in the inner corner of the eye, Bronze in the main lid, and Buckhweat in the crease.

    More of a work safe look. 😉

  34. Leah

    The top three for a natural looking eye.

  35. sofluffy

    I’d use the two in the middle first…beautiful colors!

  36. Renata Serpa

    I would begin with the pale brown!

  37. Courtney

    The two on the right. Light on the lid, dark in the crease.

  38. Nailisha

    I would use Bronze first! It looks like a beautiful color :)

  39. Aimee

    why, dashing lassie of course!

  40. I’ll use the dark brown aver my whole eyelid and the golden in my crease ^^

  41. I’d use the rosy color first!

  42. Becca

    Buckwheat – been lemming this!

  43. Lulee

    top middle all over lid, bottom middle through crease and outter corner and bottom right in the outer v

  44. Randi

    bottom left color!

  45. darci chylik

    I would use the top middle one for my lid

  46. I would use the brown eyeshadow first, together with the grey one!

  47. Mimsy

    I’d use Magical Mist on the lid and Buckwheat blended in the crease.

  48. lovesmakeup

    Bronze, buckwheat, and dashing lassie

  49. Would have to be once upon a time its so pretty and would compliment my skin tone :)

  50. phyllis

    top middle and lower right!

  51. zanilla

    I’d use ‘Once upon a time’ with ‘Buckwheat’ first. Love the colors!

  52. Bruna Louise

    i like the darkest shade. =)

  53. Megan

    Magical Mist and Once upon a time!

  54. Mires

    I’d use Once Upon a Time & Buckwheat & Showstopper.

  55. I would put magical mist on the lid, blend with buckwheat, eye brow highlight with Once upon a time!I

  56. evgenia

    magical mist!

  57. Cindy

    I would use the top middle and the bottom right.
    The palette looks amazing.

  58. Samantha P.

    The darkest brown.

  59. Casey

    I love shades like that one on the bottom left!

  60. Sarah

    In my first look, I would use Once Upon a Time and Magical Mist.

  61. Tina Evangelista

    I’d use once upon a time on the lid, buckwheat on the crease and lower lashline. Then a dashing lassie as highlight.

  62. I would use the two colours on the bottom left

  63. Audri

    I’d love to use that deep taupe on the bottom row, right corner – it’s gorgeous!

  64. Olivia

    I would use the taupe/grey color all over the lid and the bronze color in the crease!

  65. Line S

    The top middle with the bottom right, the top left as a highlight!

  66. I’d use the 2nd from the 2nd row very pretty medium bronze!

  67. Oooh, I don’t know the names of them, but I would use the Middle one from the top row then all four in the bottom row in my first look. :)

  68. Kelly

    Magical Mist!

  69. Bonnie

    I’d use the middle top one with the middle bottom and left bottom 😀

  70. melissa martinez

    i would use BUCKWHEAT & MAGICAL MIST!! =D

  71. Bronze on the lid, Showstopper in the crease and A dashing lassie to highlight on the brow bone!

  72. Iben

    The greyish shimmery one on the top right definitely!

  73. egon

    it has to be Once Upon a Time ===> I love these type of colors

  74. Katie

    The beautiful golden color on the bottom left!

  75. Carrie

    I’d use bronze & once upon a time together 1st.

  76. indoorkitty

    Bronze, Buckwheat and A Dashing Lassie – this palette would be gold on me!

  77. Lisa

    I´d use Bronze at first. Then Buckwheat ♥

  78. Jennifer

    The bottom left golden color! Gorgeous!

  79. mel

    I’d use “Once Upon a Time”, “Magical Mist”, and “Buckwheat”

  80. Jena

    I would probably use the first and third on the bottom, because I love golds and taupes.

  81. i’d use the bottom right one first!

  82. Veronica

    I’d use the entire bottom row for a smokey brown effect :)

  83. Mimi

    I would use Magical Mist! What a neat looking taupe!

  84. Andrea

    I would definitely use the 3 in the top row first. I think that would be a nice day look.

  85. Becky H

    I’d use the bottom right as a liner with the bronze shade on the lower lids. Gorgeous colors!

  86. Ayesha

    One Upon a Time on the lid, Bronze in the outer corner and BUckwheat in the crease!! I LOVE goldy/bronzy looks!!

  87. morghan

    The color bottom left!

  88. Buckwheat and showstopper!

  89. Virginia

    I would use the first two shades from the left of the upper row and blend some of the center color of the lower row into the crease.

  90. Roxy

    Magical mist – pretty shade with a pretty name

  91. Maria

    Showstopper and Magical Mist =)

  92. Torun

    I would give the eyelid a soft wash of colour with Once upon a Time, and use Showstopper as eyeliner :-)

  93. Alexis

    The first shadows I would use are once upon a time and bronze!

  94. Sasa

    oh, the bright golden one!

  95. Shaguna

    the bottom row! this contest ends on my brithday! i feel special

  96. Christy

    I would use Bronze and Buckwheat first.

  97. Maja

    Once upon a time!

  98. The bronzy looking color on the lower left side