Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Win MAC Bloodline Pigment!

One (1) lucky winner will receive the limited edition MAC Bloodline Pigment from MAC’s Fabulous Felines Collection! (Retail value $19.50!)

RULES: All entries must be submitted by September 9th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Congratulations to Amber!

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1,005 thoughts on “Win MAC Bloodline Pigment!

  1. Julia

    I like to use em wet on my eyes and sometimes in a blusher or a lipgloss… but usually more on the eyes :)

  2. Katrina

    I like to use pigments over a sticky base like a paint pot! I think this one would be beautiful over Artifact!

  3. Katie

    I got old gold a while back and it is my summer colour. I like to use it when I’m going for a golden beachy look with Nars Luster blush and a coral gloss. Silver dusk also looks good on the inner corner of your eye

  4. Cam

    I love pigments! I use them mostly as dry shadows but add them to lip balms, nail polishes, and to cream bases to use as blush if the color is appropriate!

  5. sofia

    i like having an eyeliner as base and apply pigment above so it also shows the colour of liner which is under it!

  6. Reza in StL

    I love pigments, since I prefer loose eyeshadwos anyway, as long as they’re pigments or highly pigmented. I often apply wet as eyeliner or use the super-concentrated color in my crease. Also, I follow on Twitter as @Rezarific

  7. I absolutely LOVE pigments because they seem to be neverending and can be used for so many different functions. I use mine for eyeshadow, blush, lip color and sometimes I even use them on my brows. With Halloween coming up I will be doing some different looks with my makeup just because it is so much fun! I like to use the pigments wet or and dry it just depends on what kind of finish I want to have.

  8. Sam

    I like to use bright pigments as eyeshadows, and light shimmery ones as highlights on my face.

  9. Karen

    my favorite way to use pigments is on my eyes as a shadow. However I also love to use them as eyeliners!

  10. Jo

    My favorite way to use any pigment is wet. They become so intense and fun!

  11. wait4sum1

    I like to use it as eye-liner. Mixing it with water and line my upper lash.
    Hope I could win this one :)

  12. Sarah

    I like to use them wet…

  13. I use as eyeshadow and nail polish

  14. joi

    Dry for dusting, or wet with mixing medium or fix..

  15. Kiwi.Cozy

    I would use it over an eyeshadow primer just like a regular eyeshadow! :)

  16. Marie

    I mostly use them as eyeshadows. If the color is not too bright, I’d use them as blush. :)

  17. *Carin*

    I like to use them as an eyeshadow and as a pigment for nail polishes.

  18. Maria

    I use pigments over eyeshadow bases. Depending on the shade, I sometimes use them as an all over lid color.

  19. Anna

    with MAC Fix+

  20. Dovey

    just as eyeshadow =)

  21. sarah Bikhari

    I use my loose eyeshadows or pigments with my coastal scents large chiesl eyeshadow brush which just picks the perfect amount and dab it gently over a eyeshadow base or cream eyeshadow.
    Tweeted hI use my loose eyeshadows or pigments with my coastal scents large chiesl eyeshadow brush which just picks the perfect amount and dab it gently over a eyeshadow base or cream eyeshadow.
    Tweeted here

  22. Michelle

    I like using them as eyeshadow, and applying them wet so that the color is more vibrant.

  23. mutantenemeee

    i really like to make my own “frankenpolish” with pigments :)

  24. Kat

    I try my best to use them as eyeshadows!

  25. Jasmine

    I usually use them dry (smash them with the brush first like I saw on a tutorial), over a base such as too faced shadow insurance, but after reading the comments, I think I’ll try them wet with Fix + sometimes.

  26. Ale

    I use them over an eye lid primer and apply them with wet brush.

  27. michelle

    I use pigments with my 239 brush sprayed with a little fix+

  28. Ericka

    I would use this pigment with my MAC liner mixing medium and make a sharp extended line on my eyes.

  29. Elisa

    I like to use it dry as eyeshadow and wet as eye liner

  30. Mina

    I like to use pigments wet (with water or Fix+) and pat them onto the eye for a foiled effect. Once they dry they are extremely easy to blend too :)

  31. chibicheeks

    I usually use pigments as an eyeshadow. I know, not very imaginative!

  32. Anna

    I use it as eyeshadow and liner.

  33. PAOLA

    I use pigments as eyeshadow and as a base i use it wet

  34. nicala7

    ive mixed pigments with clear lipgloss before, i like using unique colors on my lips, my favorite to do that with is melon! other than that i usually use eyedrops as a kind of mixing medium and apply them wet or use them over a creamy base so they stick better.

  35. Stephanie

    I love using them wet with fix+ on the eye for big color pops! I also use them as lip glosses by combining them with the mac pro clear gloss.

  36. maria

    I use pigments alone or with eyeshadows/liner.
    And I love to use them wet !

  37. laden uyguroglu

    I like to use them wet:) more intense color.

  38. I’ve only owned one pigment (MAC Beachchair) and I used it as an eyeshadow mostly. Once I tried it ith clear gloss and it was amazing.

  39. Yesica

    I prefer using pigments wet and mostly in the crease.

  40. Sina

    I always use them wet… i think than the colors are more intensive.

  41. Liat

    I usually use them as eyeshadow (mostly wet), sometime on the lips for a bit of a shine and once I mixed a pigment with a clear nail polish but I didn’t like the way it turned up so I threw it away…

  42. Megan Anderson

    I like using them as eyeshadow. I love placing vanilla or tan in my inner corner with a pencil brush.

  43. Aisha

    I like to use pigments on the lips and as eyeshadow.

  44. marley

    i like using pigments for a smokey eye and for eyeliner too.

  45. saja

    I love to use pigments as eyeliners:)

  46. Fatima

    I spray my eyeshadow brush with fix+ before applying pigments.

  47. Dominique

    I like to put pigments on wet over a coloured eyeshadow base!

  48. Amanda Weston

    I dampen my eyeshadow brush with water and use the pigments as shadows or liners, or a little glitz over boring old black or brown liner. I have also used a bit of pigment in hair serums before blow drying to give my hair an extra shine.

  49. Amanda Enn

    I like to use pigments dry because it’s not as dramatic, and I usually go for more natural looks. (:

  50. Giannina

    I like using my pigment wet as an eyeshadow or on top of lipstick

  51. Megan

    I usually use lighter pigments as a highlishter, but I’d be excited to experiment with a darker pigment like Bloodline

  52. 1. I like to use pigments wet best.

    2. RT’d here:

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  53. Jennifer

    I’m pretty boring – only as eyeshadows at this point! Occasionally I might rim my eyes with a darker-toned one to set my gel or pencil eyeliner. I should start experimenting soon :)

  54. Melissa (divinem)

    I love the intensity dark pigments bring to the eye, especially the outer V or crease. The 219 is perfect for this given my limited lid space. I apply lighter pigments over a MAC paint pot using the patting technique to avoid fallout and blend well with a 217 brush after I’ve achieved the look I’m going for. Would love to add Bloodline to my collection. :)

  55. Beryl

    I will use this pigment a lot as a crease color with any lid combination! I think it’s a pretty fool proof crease color. I can do brown/purpley taupe on the lid and Bloodline on the crease.

  56. Leslie

    I would us it as a crease color or to define my outer “v”. :-)

  57. shari

    i love to use pigments for new nail polish colors!

  58. I love this shade and I love smokey eyes so…I would use it for smokey looks 😉

  59. i use them as eyeshadow mainly- but the frosty light ones as highlighter on cheeks sometimes
    never tried it as lipgloss or nail polish, could be interesting with bloodline- love dark short nails…

  60. sarah

    I normally use them as eye shadows, but I love making nail polishes and lipglosses with them!

  61. Madeleine

    I’ll use it wet all over the lid. Sometimes I’ll use it dry depending on the color.

  62. i like to use pigments with my mac fix + giving them a nice foiled look and making them more vivid! :)

  63. Jamie J

    I like to use pigments with MAC fix it or wet so there isn’t too much fall out all over my face….this is such a pretty color WOW!!

  64. Iciar

    I like to press them, and use them as normal eyeshadows.

  65. Stephanie Carvalho

    I like to use as an eyeliner!

  66. Brooke

    I use starting using 1. I just wet the brush a little and dip it in.

  67. Leah

    I use them wet or over Fyrinnae pixie epoxy.

  68. Nars

    I use pigments in a very typical way– use them as eyeshadows or liners! :)

  69. Sharon

    I usually use pigments to blend in eyeshadows. It really does make everything look so much better! =)

  70. Becky

    I like to use them wet or on top of UD 24/7 to vamp up the color!

  71. elizabeth

    i like to use them wet or dry on my eyes, in lip glosses, and on my nails :)

  72. Leti

    I like using pigments as eye shadows and as highlighters. I’d like to start using them for other purposes as well, but I guess I’m not too adventurous 😉

  73. Linnea

    I love using my pigments as eyeshadow when I want to go dramatic(I don’t have any light pigments). Love using it in the crease, or wet as a liner. :)

  74. Leslie

    I wear pigents as eyeshadows wet and dry and also depending of the shade, i like to use them as highlighters.

  75. Kajsa/Monticka

    I’d probably use it together with some really dark toned purple and the lid and Bloodline in the crease and lower lash line and then darken it up with a matte black shadow.
    And mix with clear lipgloss to get an awesomely cool lip color for Halloween!

    RT’ed, nickname: Monticka

  76. aclearcutsign

    definitely as eyeshadow

  77. Sandy

    I do not own any MAC Pigments! But I would love to try this one. I would use it as an eyeshadow and eyeliner applied wet.

  78. kim

    i haven’t purchased any pigments yet but i would like to try them as eyeliner to start. the videos of d.h. have been great, christine!

  79. Catherine

    I like to use pigments wet as eyeshadows and also as a highlighter !

  80. ecori

    i never used a pigment but i think is a good idea to it wet as a liner

  81. Susie

    I would apply the pigment with a shader brush over cream bases or use a dampped brush (with fix+) to apply the pigment to give the eye more depth.

  82. Caroline

    i Like to use pigment on my eyes and i love to use them into nail polish!

  83. P. Cruz

    I like to dab them on my lib for an extra kick :)

  84. Casey

    I use them over my MUFE cream eyeshadows!

  85. IndoorKitty

    I use Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy to get a really vibrant pigment application. That stuff is MAGICAL!

  86. Vero

    I like pigments always but I prefer to apply them with Fix+

  87. I wear them wet over paint pots but because of Dusty’s videos, I’m going to try my hand at making lip colors from them.

  88. Sarah

    I use them mostly as eyeshadows and the lighter ones as highlighters.

  89. Stephanie

    I usually foil pigments for an all over lid color that really pops.

  90. Lili

    … I would love to use it all over the lid and use carbon or something like it in the crease for a nigh out with the husband!…;0)

  91. Christelle

    I like using pigments as an eyeshadow (dry or wet). And somethimes I like using pigments (like Tan) as a highlight on my cheeks.

    But now that you showed us links to an amazing MUA that described all sort of ways to use pigments, I’ll try it on nails, on hair, mixed with body lotion, with shea butter … Once again, I’m going to spend time and money in make up ! ‘Sight’ lol

  92. G

    Never used them – not sure why – guess I don’t know what to do w/them or I have way too many eye shadows.

  93. Alisha in WI

    Just as eyeshadow….:-)

  94. on my eyes as eyeshadow mostly.

  95. Diana

    i use pigments just like eyeshadow, but i always spray fix + first!

  96. Pretty in Pink

    I love to use pigments for nail polishes it makes the colors one of a kind.

  97. Andra

    I would use it as a all over shadow!!

  98. Justred

    I love using pigments as shadow, in my hair for certain shimmer effects, mixed with polish, and on my lips. Pigments have so many uses!

  99. Kaylabella

    I love mixing them into eyeliner! And of course I love to use them as eyeshadow (wet and dry!).