Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Win MAC Bloodline Pigment!

One (1) lucky winner will receive the limited edition MAC Bloodline Pigment from MAC’s Fabulous Felines Collection! (Retail value $19.50!)

RULES: All entries must be submitted by September 9th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Congratulations to Amber!

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1,005 thoughts on “Win MAC Bloodline Pigment!

  1. i dust pigments over cream bases or i use them wet alone.

  2. Pam

    i like to use pigments with mac fix+ rose and my 242 brush.

  3. Steffi

    I really just use pigments as eyeshadow, not as liner/for nailpolish etc. I am not good enough for stuff like that yet πŸ˜‰ Most piggies I own I just use as hightlighter. Never bought a dark one so far but the shimmer and all in this one is so pretty. Just amazing.

  4. Oh i love this, I think it would be awesome mixed with clear polish for a unique nail polish shade :)

  5. I love using pigments wet!

  6. Farida

    I love LOVE pigments. I usually use pigments on top of same or similar colour eyeshadows, especially gliterry ones to make the colour stand out more. THX!

  7. marta

    I’ve never owned a pigment so I guess I would start with trying this out on the eyes or as an eyeliner :)

  8. elisewin85

    I’d like to use it wet!

  9. I like to use Pigments wet as an Eyeliner!

  10. Lolly

    I love to use pigments to create a smoky look and make the eye really pop with colour, when its a light or golden colour I use it EVERYWHERE, shoulders, cheekbones – makes a good highlighter and sp multifunctional. Love em – I tend to be messy when applying though so always have to clean up after.

  11. Brittni R

    I prefer to use them wet to make extra bold looks!

  12. Katja

    I have never used a pigment and I would love to try out

  13. I like to use pigments as eyeshadows or as highlighters (I’m thinking of MAC Vanilla or Your Ladyship). When I do a make-up for the day, I don’t like using them with wet brush/applicators but when I do a make-up for going out at night, using them with a wet brush brings out all the richness and complexity of their colours.

  14. Beatrice

    I like to use pigments wet as eyeshadows or mixing them with clear nail polish

  15. Anna

    I prefer to use them as an eyeshadow :)

  16. Talenarie

    On a lilac eyeshadow, in the external corner.

  17. Katherine

    I love to use them wet with MAC Fix +!

  18. cass

    Well, I don’t own any MAC pigments, I’ve always wanted to…but I’ve never known what to do with them! I’d prob use this as an eye shadow…or..OR, mix it with some clear nail polish to make a fierce dark color just in time for fall. :]

  19. I would use pigments as eyeshadows, of course! Yea, I know, not too adventurous when it comes to using pigments. πŸ˜‰

  20. Olivia

    I like to use them on their own with just a little bit of eyeliner during the day or mix them up with other greens, browns, or purple shades for a daring evening look.

  21. Arduinna4

    I use them most of the times wet and on the eyes. Of course after Dustin Hunter’s series about pigments i’m gonna experiment in other areas too!Already the Rose pigment looks great on the cheeks!

  22. I like to use them with a mixing medium or just dap them on my eyelid with primer under it. It depends on the color but I also like to wear them as highlighter, bronzer, blush etc. :)

  23. Tania

    I like to use pigments foiled using MAC Fix+ so the color would come out very bright ! :-)

  24. Amber

    I love to use pigments for my eye looks, but also for lighter pigments as a highlight on my face or some pink colors as a blush. I also use them if I am going for a bolder lip look. They are so versatile! For this particular color, I would use it as a crease color, outer V color, or all over lid color for a smokey eye look.

  25. i like to use pigments wet, as eyeliner :)

  26. I like to foil pigments all over the lid, so I get more vibrant looks.

  27. Ms. Jimmi

    I would paint my nails with it and use it as a crease color on my eyelids! I love using pigments to color my nails!

  28. Lisa

    I usually use them with water, but I might try a mixing agent.

  29. Sabrina

    I use them as eyeshadows, liners, nail polish (and depending on the shade) blushes, lip color, and highlighter. :)

  30. Neela

    As eyeshadow. This would look amazing in the crease on me

  31. How can I be the first person to comment on this post? So weird…I must have gotten the link in my feed as soon as you posted!

    Anyway, I like to wear pigments as eyeshadow, and to wet them and use as eyeliner.

    Thanks for the giveaway…this is an awesome shade of pigment!

  32. DJ

    Mostly I use them as an eyeshadow but some of my lighter ones I use as a highlight.

  33. Aline Nayara

    I like to use pigments dry.

  34. Dana

    I usually use them for eye shadows and liners. Sometimes I’ll use them as a highlight, or mix a little with my moisturizer or foundation to make my own luminizer

  35. A big fan of using pigments on the eyes, so much so that I press them into pans for convenience and ease of use. :]

    RT as well. (@beautythesis)

  36. Grace

    I LOVE pigments. I usually use one color all over the lid because they are so multi-dimensional. I also like to use them wet as a liner.

  37. that pigment is soo pretty. I’ll probably used it in a bold smokey look with a light color lips maybe something like a pinky nude

  38. eleni

    as eyeshadows, wet and dry!!!

  39. Josi

    I loke to use them wet with fix plus :)

  40. I LOVE to use them with mixing medium as eyeliner. <3

  41. Melanie

    I love using pigments for eyeshadow, since they are iridescent and for nail polish! :) They are so versatile and pretty :)

  42. Ula

    I like to use pigments as a shimmery, metallic highlight in the middle of my lid. :)

  43. Tiffany Santiago

    I love to use them as eyeshadow, I pack on the color with a slightly wet brush. I’ve mixed Melon pigment with clear lipglass and worn it as a lipgloss alot too.

  44. Megan

    LOVE putting pigments into a clear gloss and using them on my lips… Infinite possibilities!

  45. victoria

    i used pigments for eyeshadow, lipgloss. for lighter ones, highlight parts of my face and body but of course not all at the same time.

  46. crlsweetie912

    I use pigments as shadows, but I want to get some mixing medium and start to use them as liners!

  47. Michelle

    Pigments scare me a little, so I just put them all over the lid carefully, a little at a time.

  48. Inky

    i’ve never used pigments but this color would certainly make me want to try! it’s beautiful.

  49. Tina

    I like experimenting with my pigments and use them all over – eyes, lips face. Some make a great highlight (Melon/Vanilla/Naked β™₯), some are gorgeous as an all over lid color (Lovely Lily β™₯), some are just fantastic when dabbed onto your lips (too many to mnetion).

  50. Etaoin

    buy cheap clear nail polish and make my own metallic nail polish by mixing it with the pigment! Thanks Temptalia!

  51. Elena

    I like to use my pigments for everything basically, if i am going to use them on my lids i’ll use them wet, i also like to use the light ones as a higlight for my face and in the center of my lips and i mix the deep ones with my glosses to add some pigmentation

  52. Maja

    I usually use pigments as eyeshadows, but I also love using Vanilla as a highlighter and I sometimes add it to clear lipgloss for a bit of sheen.

  53. kimberley_ve

    i have twitterd it (is that even a word?)

    uhm… i like to use pigments on the eyelid and then a different color in the crease. just to ‘pop’ the eyeshadow out.
    and when its a really bright pigment i mix it with my bodylotion or mix it into lipgloss.

  54. Karolina

    I like to use my pigments wet on my eyes or in my clear nailpolish :)

  55. Jenni

    I actually like to press them, so I can fit them into my own palettes!

  56. Mayra

    this color would be great for the crease with a plumy color on the lid or a brown, so thats how i would use it!!

  57. iM4cGirl

    I like to wear pigment as eyeshadows or blush.

  58. Holly

    I tend to use them dry and typically in my crease – although it really depends on the shade.

  59. yiota

    I like to use them wet as eyeshadows!

  60. Yulivee

    I usually like to just use them as eyeshadow or to set my eyeliner. But sometimes I put them in the middle of my lip to plump it (mostly rose pigment).

  61. Lidia

    i don,t have any thats why I would love to have one but this one I would use as a shadow to do like a smokey eye and I would also mix it with a clear gloss to get that purple color.

  62. Grace

    i like to use pigments as a lid color for a more dramatic color! :)

  63. Angela

    i like to foil them on the lid, especially when they are bright colors.

  64. Leila

    For me, I use my pigments on my hair lips cheeks, eyes of course in nailpolish and the best is in body cream to give an extra sparkle.

  65. marina

    I love to use pigments with 239 and fix+

  66. Madison

    I either like to use them dry as a highlighter depending on the color/finish otherwise I generally like to use them wet/dry as eyeshadows! =]

  67. Arantzazu

    I have never use pigments! But when I get my technic improved, I’ll do =)

  68. Usually, wet, as eyeshadows, but, every now and then, for the lips.

  69. ashley

    I would like to use the pigment to darken up the crease.

  70. Sara

    I would use it as a pretty eyeshadow!

  71. Ricci

    I like to use pigments wet. I like the shine! Nice giveaway!

  72. i use them as eyeshadows. i know, this is a boring answer but it’s the truth. :-)

  73. evo

    i foil the pigments and use them as eyeshadows.

  74. Nicole

    I like to use pigments the same way I use eyeshadow. I love the way they blend easily and are vibrant.

  75. jennifer

    I would use this wet as a liner or over a black base for a dramatic eveing look. I looks very pretty and unique!

  76. Paddychat

    I use pigments on lids with a lot of black mascara and a neutral pale eyeshadow on arch of the eyebrows.

    Have a nice day !

  77. I’ve always just used them as eye shadows, or lightly dusted over the top of lipstick… but since watching Dusty’s last video you posted here, I’m wanting to try using them on my nails as well!

  78. Leslie

    what a GORGEOUS color! Depends on the color… on the lid, as a highlight, crease, mixed with some sort of ‘wet medium’ for a foiled look or as a wetliner.

  79. Claudia

    I dont actually own any pigments but based on your swatches id definitely use them wet!

  80. Blu

    I use them as eyeshadow!

  81. D

    I love to use them as eyeshadows, but mostly I like to look at them in my makeup drawer…

  82. Brittany

    I would use it as my everyday eyeshadow color for the fall.It is so pretty.

  83. crissy

    I like to make nail polish with them!

  84. Jessica

    Pigments are so versatile, I like to use them for almost anything!
    Obviously for eye color, I also like to mix them with a Vaseline base to make lipcolor, or with clear nail polish for a nail color. I also experiment and mix pigments to make custom colors. (Obviously taking a bit out of the jar and not messing up the entire jar!)
    Bloodline is so gorgeous, too bad it’s limited!

  85. I use pigments mostly on the eyes as shadow or w/ mixing medium, but I’m also fond of mixing them in with clear lipgloss (or lip tar!) It’s a great way to come up w/ interesting shades without spending extra money on a crazy shade that I’m probably only going to wear a few times!

  86. Lydia

    I like to use pigments as eyeshadow, and I like to mix them with clear gloss and make lipgloss out of them :)

  87. JayJay

    I use pigments mainly on my eyes, but I also use them on my lips if the occasion calls for it.

  88. francesca

    I like to use them wet, on my lid!

  89. Viktoria

    With fix+ on the eyes πŸ˜€ love it like that πŸ˜€

  90. Tay

    I Love to spray them with fix plus and swipe them over my entire lid. Espically colors like this for an easy, gorgeous, smokey look :)

  91. Nicole Zemla

    I usually use oignents as eye shadow. Sometimes i use them on top of lipsticks too.

  92. Carrie

    I luv pigments! I use them as is on the eyes as shadows (eyelid, crease, highlight). I use a mixing medium to create eyeliners (top & bottom). I use a mixing medium to create mascaras. I use them on cheeks as is or mix them w/a moisturizer to create a cream blush. I use them on the lips as is over lip balm or I use a mixing medium to create a tinted lip conditioner or shiny lip gloss.

  93. kelly alice.

    i love to use it on my eyes, usually on the crease over a paint pot. occasionally i add a dab in the center of my bottom lip for a little bit of depth and shimmer!

  94. Kristen

    I’m boring I just use them for eyeshadow, I would love to have to patience to trying using them for something on my nails, I think that would look cool with any of the pigments I have. :)

  95. veneta

    This pigment looks soo beautiful!
    I prefer to put them on wet, for a dramatic look. I love how the colour become more intense!!

    Greetings from Germany! =)

  96. Kelli

    I’ve never actually used a pigment before but I think I’d use it the most for eyeshadow and then maybe try it as nail polish.

  97. I like to use my pigments dry, like an eyeshadow or like a blush. =)

  98. Catarina G

    Mostly like eyeshadow and liner

  99. laura

    I use pigments mostly on my eyes but i also like to use them as cheek colour and as a highlight

  100. victoria

    I wear asmokey eye everyday! I’d love this!!