Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away MAC Artistic License Technakohl Liner!

We’re giving away one (1) MAC Artistic License Technakohl Liner, from the limited edition MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection.

Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling us how’d you wear this eyeliner.

All entries must be submitted by September 3rd, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

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Congrats Jasmine G.!

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251 thoughts on “Win MAC Artistic License Technakohl Liner!

  1. mei

    I will wear it on my upper lash line with light shades of eye shadows…adds a little drama.

  2. cynth

    i would do a not too dramatic smokey eye and wear it on the lower lashline :)

  3. Renee

    With a smokey purple like Shadowy Lady

    Twitter: luckykinamimi

  4. I would most likely wear this underneath my eyes on my lower lash line for a bit of a bright pop. I’m a huge fan of brightly colored eyeliners =)

  5. mei

    i would wear it with light color eyeshadows.

  6. Ellen

    I would have a neutral eye look with brown eyeliner and maybe line the outer 1/3 of my uppper lash line with it to give a hint of color.

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    Forum name is Ellen1

  7. Heather

    I would wear it on my waterline!!!!
    twitter: rockerchick2719
    forum: rockerchick2719

  8. AndreaMarie

    I would try this one with texture/soft brown/femme fi and a peachy lip.

  9. Scarlett177

    I would wear it with grey eyeshadows as a pop of color or I would use it as a base to intensify aqua eyeshadows. I would also like to try it as a base for club eyeshadow.

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    Forums: same email

  10. Stefani

    I love love love to wear colored eyeliner with neutral eyes; such a POP of color :). Blues & Puples bring own my dark brown eyes too

    Twitter = Pinkleopardprnt
    Forum = JuicydazzleMAC
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  11. Sharon

    i would wear on my water line to add a POP! to my look:)

  12. Andrea

    I would just wear it on its own!
    Twitter: Austrian_Babe

  13. Apple

    I will use it to tightline my upper lashline. Maybe a small flick on the outer corner for that baby doll eyes look. :)

  14. Venessa

    I would wear this on my lower lashline for a pop of colour, use it as a base for blue eyeshadows, or I would use it to make a medium-thick line on my upper lashline with a very thin line of black right against the lashes

  15. Rosie

    I would wear it with a more neutral but possibly glittery e/s on the lid like Midnight Cowboy Rides again and then have this as the bottom lashline color and maybe bring the blue up to the outer part of the upper lashline.

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    Twitter: candycanefaery

  16. I would wear it on my waterline with green or aqua colours on the lid.

    twitter: watercoloursky

  17. I would wear it with style snob on the lid and wing it out.

  18. id wear this liner prob to make a pop of colour in a neutral look!
    twitter: oliviafresh
    and im subbed to the email feed! :)

  19. Patty

    I’d wear it with Freshwater.

  20. catrienna

    wear it as lower lashline

  21. Olivia

    I’d wear this with All That Glitters on the lid, lots of mascara, and defined cheekbones!

  22. Jen

    I would wear to enhance my eyes.

    Twitter: Jenny53072

  23. shonn

    I would wear it on my lower lashes and waterline. I rss and twitter, youtube and forum: shonntew

  24. Jennifer

    I’d wear Artistic License on my upper and lower water line with a purple/black smokey eye….And I also would use it with a brown smokey eye, under/and slightly above a brown eyeliner on my lash line and have Artistic License wing out.

    Twitter : RodTheModFan

  25. Christine

    I would just wear it with mascara for a fun look. :)

    twitter: stine21x
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  26. Mary

    with a neutral eye.

  27. Carol L

    I would wing this out or at least try! Thanks for the give away!
    twitter; cleung341
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  28. Eunice

    i’d wear this on the waterline with very black mascara on the lashes. i’ll probably top it all off with a touch of black eyeliner on the uppper lashline.

  29. JerryDazzlepants

    I’d wear it as winged liner on the top, with lashings of black mascara to make eyes pop in an unexpected way.

  30. Madeleine

    I would use it as a base for haunting eye shadow, then smoke it out with a dark grey brown colour on the crease. Also apply some on the bottom lashes and smoke out with violet trance.

    For a fun look, I’ll probably use it as an eye liner on it’s own for a pop of colour.

  31. Daisy

    I would first line my upper lids with the technakhol – artistic license, letting the line draw out a bit past my lid. Then draw a thin line around my eyes using Fluidline – Blacktrack. After that I’d use Plush Lash Mascara. Then leave my lips neutral but adding a little bit of lustre using Lipstick – Semi-Anual.

  32. gio

    I’d wear it with a soft neutral eye.

    twitter: beautywithbrain

  33. amani

    Please pick me i never won a contest befor in my life, it like i lose evertime , thanxs for the give away

  34. amani

    i think it would look good with a cotton candy eye. like yogurt as a highlight and in the inner corner then haunting in the middle and dear cupcake an the outer corner with artistic licence in the waterline

  35. tess

    i’d wing it out and a dark red lipstick…. gotta have it for the fall!!!!

  36. jasmine

    I would wear it on my lower lash line with MAC sushi flower on my lid.

  37. Shanon

    I love eyeliner i can’t go a day without it! I would use this to to line my eyes on top and bottom and then smudge it out to create a smokey look.

    twitter – mzshanon

  38. Hristina

    I would use it on my waterline for a pop or on my lower lash line :)


  39. Diabla

    As an eyeliner on my upper lid with a black smokey eye and pink lips.

    Twitter: salemorveuse
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    Forums: climax

  40. Adam

    i would wear it on the lower lash line with other bright blues or purples, with black or as a base for other blues.

    Twitter : HausOfAdam

  41. mia

    with a brown/neutral eye. then i’d wear the liner on my upper and lower lashlines to make the colors pop

    Twitter: mhiagurl
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  42. Cindy

    I would wing the eyeliner out and put some mascara on

  43. Cristina

    I’d wear it with a smokey eye!

  44. Antonia

    I’d wear it along my waterline and also line my eyelid…I’d pair it with a neutral shadow

    twitter: ascopes
    rss sub

  45. Nazia

    Cat look on nude eyes.

  46. Lulee

    i would wear on my lower lashline with a dark blue on top!
    twitter: aalajoon
    forums: aalajoon

  47. karenallyn

    this would be a great shade for any collection. esp mine…would love to try it!

  48. I would wear it with a light smokey eye to make my eyes pop.
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  49. ALessa Ngo

    I would wear it with my smokey eyes
    Twitter: AlessaNgo
    Username: spirits317

  50. I love wearing blue liner (I have brown eyes), I would smudge this one on my upper lid.

  51. haley

    oh, I would so very very much like to win this!

  52. Ydania

    i’d use it for everthing .. maybe one day on the full lid.. as a base for another similar color.. to make it brighter … maybe another day as regular eyeliner to go with a same color look..and of course even as under eye – eye liner lol to give a POP to a regular eye .. ^.^ i love it


  53. Emma

    I’d use it to bring a little drama to a soft, neutral shadow look…perfect for any occasion!

  54. Emma

    I subscribe to your RSS email feed.

  55. Emma

    Follow you on Twitter (oceangirl621).

  56. Rachel c.

    I would wear this baby all by it’s self with some really black black mascara!!!

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  57. Erin

    I would wear this liner with Solar White as a highlight shade and Flip e/s (a light gold) all over the lid. The turquoise would look gorgeous with Flip!!!
    Twitter name Rin311Star

  58. I never leave the house without eyeliner on, and if I do, I feel nakie.
    I’d wear it winged out & maybe sometimes double wing it!!

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    Twitter: pauluhhhh
    Forum: pauluhhhh

  59. Nikki

    I would wear it as a second line of eyeliner right above a black liner. This way my eyes would still be defined with the black and then really pop with the blue!!

  60. Amie

    I would wear this on my upper lash line.

  61. Kell

    I’d wear Artistique License with a nude eye, tons of mascara and a pink lip. I’m subscribed to your RSS, TWITTER (Kella86) and FORUMS (Kell) :)

  62. Bianca

    I would wear it with a neutral eye, tight lining my upper eyelash line and on the water line.
    twitter bduenas2

  63. brittany

    On its own cuz I don’t know how to use shadows well!

  64. i would wear this as a base to make my eyeshadows pop.

    rss sub

    twitter makeup_queen81

    forum username makeup_queen81

  65. Cheerie

    I would do a toned down version of Marc Jacobs/ Nars collaboration from Marc Jacobs runway look!! Gotta be bold & daring! 😀

  66. Step

    Pale lips, pale blush, lots of mascara and lashes!

  67. Shelley

    I would definitely wear it is an accent liner on my bottom lid. It would give a great, unexpected pop of bright color! This shade is lovely for fall.

  68. Nicole15

    i would definitely go for the lower lash line pop of color w/ this liner!

  69. wonjoo89

    I’d wear it alone (smudged) with black mascara!

  70. Stephanie C

    I would wear this on my lashline and waterline with mascara and a neutral lip.

    subscriber, forum member: stefandru at yahoo dot com

  71. Yaya

    I’d wear it with a smokey eye as well! Thanks!


  72. Myxa

    I’d wear this on my waterline and lower lash line for more intense look. Would be perfect with grays.

  73. Myxa

    I’d wear this on my waterline and lower lash line for more intense look. Would be perfect with grays.
    Twitter beautyhacker

  74. kimmy

    with mascara and go!


  75. Krystal

    I would wear this everyday! Im hunting for an amazing eyeliner!

    twitter: hellokrystal
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  76. holly

    I would totally rock the eyeliner with a thick winged line across the top of the lid. A contoured face and a nude gloss would work fantastic!!

  77. Shirley

    I’d wear it unsmudged and creamy on the lid, and then do a dusting of pigment to layer.

  78. Eve

    I would wear it with a green smokey look to make it stand out

    twitter: shopgurl
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    Forums: shopgurl

  79. Sass

    I only where all of my kohl liners underneathe my lash line…with every look.

  80. Sharon

    I would would it with some pinkish/purple eyeshadows (like i always do) and apply a rosy lipgloss color.

    Twitter: SUMM3RxBABii

  81. Sharon

    ^^ Oops. Sorry, scratch my other comment.

    I meant to say blue/greens eyeshadows and a rosy lipgloss color

    Twitter: SUMM3RxBABii

  82. Any eyeliner is good eyeliner! LOL! I always wear it on the upper lash line, but lately I am enjoying winging it out!

    Twitter: mariahgem
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  83. Cindi

    Hi, I would first try wearing it lightly on my upper eyeline with muted tones above it and under my eyes. How lovely…..
    Thanks, Cindi

  84. Cindi

    I follow you on Twitter!
    Thanks, Cindi

  85. Cindi

    Also, I am an email subscriber to your site!
    Thanks for this fun giveaway drawing.

  86. Romina

    Love this collection!!! Would love to have any color eye liner.

  87. Cindi

    I am a member of your forum.
    Again, many thanks…..Cindi

  88. Manda

    I have it on today, its amazing! I have it on my upper and lower lids.. put it all across the upper and only on the outer part of the lower. such a pretty color!

    twitter: ImmaDiva

    email susbcribed

  89. Luciana Lima

    On my waterline

    twitter and forums: lucianadl

  90. Rachael Williams

    I would wear this with light smokey eyes and a nude lip!

  91. Victoria

    I would wear it on my waterline, and some simple neutrals on the lid.

    I’m following on twitter: victoriasmiles

  92. Torrie

    I would either wear it with a neutral eye for a pop of color or use it all over the lid as a base if I’m going for a more dramatic and bold eye look!

  93. I would wear this on my lower lash line with a smokey look.

    Twitter: ConBdeBelleza
    RSS sub
    Forum: Mixty

  94. Star109

    With a neutral eye

    forum: Star109

  95. Koko

    I would wear it as a pop of colour on the lower lash line or as a base for a colour like r rated.

  96. boysenberry_girl

    Definitely wing it!
    Twitter: boysenberrygirl
    Forum un: boysenberry_girl

  97. sandy

    id wear this on my lower lashline with a neutral eye

  98. Jessica

    I would do a black smoky eye with Artistic License liner, and pale nude lips and shimmery/peachy cheeks

  99. by itself or with other eyeshadows, maybe create a smokey look?
    twitter & forums: MiiSZTW
    RSS: subscribed