Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away MAC Artistic License Technakohl Liner!

We’re giving away one (1) MAC Artistic License Technakohl Liner, from the limited edition MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection.

Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling us how’d you wear this eyeliner.

All entries must be submitted by September 3rd, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

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251 thoughts on “Win MAC Artistic License Technakohl Liner!

  1. Hannah

    I would wear this under my eyes with a neutral smokey eye to make my eyes pop!
    twitter: makeuphannahe
    RSS Subbed

  2. I would wear it with my favourite nude lipstick and lots of mascara.

    Twitter: Catanya

  3. Deanna

    I’d wear it with a smokey eye! I’m following on twitter as “calidreamin87″, I’m subscribed by email and I’m registered in the forum as “Deanna6″!

  4. kellie

    Under my eyes with a softer lighter shade on my eyelids. Thanks for the contest!

  5. I would definately wing it out….


  6. Melanie

    I would wear this eyeliner on my waterline and then on the top I would wing it out to make a cat eye, it is my signature look.

    My twitter is melaniefrantz!

  7. I would wing it out

  8. felicia

    i would use it as a way to make a neutral eye pop

  9. Vanessa

    I would wear it at the outer corner of the upper lash line for a pop of color for a fun summer look.
    twitter: mvqiao
    RSS sub

  10. Alexis

    I would wear it on my water line with a brown smokey eye!


  11. Phoenix

    i would either thickly line my top lashline the smudge it out with this eyeliner or wear it on my waterline with a basic neutral eye to bring out th grey in my eyes ( my eyes are blue)
    twitter: kphoenixk
    RSS: subscribed

  12. Sheena

    I’d probably wear it on the lower waterline with a neutral eyeshadow, lots of mascara, and maybe a thin line of black eyeliner on top (my eyes don’t look awake with eyeliner on top haha).
    twitter: SheenaMarie412
    forum: SheenaMarie412
    already subscribed to rss :)

  13. baybee415

    i weal wear this as a eyeshadow base, lower lashes or upper lashes when im feeling lazy for the day.

    twit: baybee415
    joined ssr

  14. Aryn

    I would wear it with my kat von d metal orcashtra pallette. Or just it smoked out on the lower and top lashline with a pretty pink blush and via vento dazzleglass.

    RSS subscribed
    Forum: XmoonlightX

  15. Rachel H.

    i’d smudge it for a sultry look!


  16. I’d use it on the lower waterline for a pop of colour with a bright yellow, green or purple based look. For that matter, it’d go great with a kind of sunset orange look, too.

    Alternatively, all over the lid as a nice base for a pretty turquoise look, or – ooh, paired with bubblegum pink eyeshadow and lips.

    Twitter: Neko_Anastasia
    Subscribed via e-mail & on the forums with the Twitter username & same e-mail.

  17. Nicole White

    I woudl wear on my upper lash line, upper water line as well as lower water line and smudge as well to pop out my blue eyes

    twitter glamcandy2

  18. Nina

    If I’m up to it, I use it as a cat eyeliner with a neutral eyeshadow and soft crease contour. Loads of mascara, pink cheek and a nude pink lip.

    email subscriber
    twitter: nina0205
    forum member: nina0205

  19. Christina

    I’d wear this eyeliner on my waterline and lashline.
    Twitter: allinbee

  20. MsKiana

    These technakohls would definitely add a pop of color to any look, i’d use it as a contrasting line of color for the bottom waterline, an inner or outer pop of color on the lid, and as a base for extra vibrant eye shadow wear.

    Twitter: MsKianaluv
    Forums: MsKianaluv

  21. Hinahon

    I’d wear it as a liner on a look with Mutiny, Star by Night and black eyeshadow

    RSS subbed
    Forum: Hinahon

  22. apfelwinter

    hmm with a nude eye. no drama.

  23. Shalynn

    This liner would definitely bring alot of pop to my brown eyes. It’s not often I wear bright colors out in public. But I can use several netural colors I have at home with this liner. I can use it for creating dramatic looks.

  24. Renee

    I would put this on my bottom lashline

  25. Christy

    Along my top lashline


    twitter: gosledif
    RsS subscriber

    I would use those liner as eyeshadow!
    I think just wearing them against eyelashes and fading them out all over lid and crease would be super cool!

  27. Lisa

    I’d make a neutral look POP by using it on my top lashline or my waterline. I love using colorful liners on my waterline.

    Twitter: Saiikax3
    RSS Subscribed

    Thanks for the giveaway

  28. Darby

    I’d love to wear some light gold shadow with this eyeliner winged out
    Twitter: darbywynn318

  29. Xuan-An

    I would wear it at the outer corner of my upper lashline.

  30. Sharon

    I’d wear Artistic License as a pop of colour under my lower lashes, when sporting a neutral upper lid.

    Twitter: Neshumke
    Subscribed to emails

  31. Katherine

    I would wear this on my lower lash line with neutral shadows on the lid.
    Twitter: ceribella3
    rss sub

  32. Cloé

    I would wear it under me eyes with a smokey in the grey/black tones.

  33. Amy

    I would wear it with woodwink on lid and bamboo on crease with with lots of black mascara and urban decay bourbon liner on top lash line and the finally artistic license on bottom lash line.

  34. angie

    I’d wear it with a smokey purple look, line the upper lash line, smudge a bit then line bottom water line for some more drama 😛

  35. sarah

    I would totally do a cat eye with this liner. and nude lips.
    keep it simple

    RRS subscribed & twitter: choi_joy

  36. Jenna

    I’d wear along my upper lash line with a soft shade on the lid and lots of mascara

  37. lisaannie

    I would wear it on the waterline, with a soft neutral eye.

  38. Allie

    I think I would go with a neutral eye as well with this bright color. Its so much fun that I would have to wear to work! Hope to win! Thanks!

  39. Anhchi Nguyen

    as a cat-eyed liner…

  40. lisa

    under eyes.

  41. Michelle

    I would wear this under my lower lashline with olive/green shadows and black eyeliner. It might sound unusual but this is what I think will look gorgeous.

  42. Mikki

    I would wear it with a neutral eye, on the lower lash line. That will make the eyes pop :)
    Or I would use it as a base for any bright eyeshadow!

    Twitter = MikkiPikki
    Forum = MikkiPikki
    RSS subscribed

  43. Valerie

    I’d wear this to line under the eyes. I often line the lower eye with a light blue like Blue Yonder Kohl….which is now almost finished. This would be used right away :)
    Email & Google Reader subscriber
    Twitter follower dragonfly777
    Forum member, same email

  44. Lily

    night: all over, smudge it then go clubbing…
    day: line it and define it then go shopping…

  45. Vanessa S

    I would wear it winged out, like ?I do my other liners.
    Twitter- VanessasSecret4
    RSS subbed

  46. Alisa

    Just this liner and lots of macara, that’s all you’d need.

    Twitter – @poppysmum
    RSS subscribed

  47. Twitter: alovepoet
    I’d love to use this on my waterline and smudge it out with carbon and a pencil liner for a smokey blue liner :)

  48. Kimberly

    This would go perfect with other colors in my collection! I follow you via email, Twitter, & Youtube under iowagirl301.

  49. Caroline

    I would wear it to intensify my eyeshadows or just wear it on its own.

  50. Nars

    i’d simply wear it as a liner with much mascara and no shadow for a clean, simple summer look!

    rss subscribed
    twitter- narifertiti

  51. Christina

    I would use it to line my upper lashline and keep the rest of the eyes simple, just some Shroom e/s and mascara
    or wear in on my lower lashline with a neutral lid colour

    I’m subscribed to RSS and a forum member using the same e-mail address

  52. Kim

    I would wear the liner on my waterline and smudge out on my eyelid line with a smokey eye look!

  53. I would wear it on my waterline :)

    Twitter: mrs_sinatra
    RSS subscriber

  54. wcd

    I’d probably wear this on my lower lashline with a neutral lid.

    Twitter: whitdub
    RSS Subscriber

  55. Vickie Riddle

    I would wear it to line upper and lower lash line, with whatever color eyeshadow I feel like wearing that day. Thank you for all the information you give to us! Appreciate it so much.

  56. kaleen

    I would wear it with bright blue and green eye shadow on my lower lash line.

    Twitter: kaleen123
    Forum: same as twitter

  57. I would wear this with a soft smoky eye, like the new soft neutral quad, on top, and the technikohl in the lower water line, and under the lash line. Please enter me in the contest:-)

  58. ishnar

    I’d wear it with a smokey eye! I’m following on twitter as “ishnarlopez″, I’m subscribed by email and I’m registered in the forum as “lolapati″!

  59. Melody

    I would wear this on my waterline with a neutral look, or use it as a base for the Haunting eyeshadow :)

    Twitter ID: melodycosmo
    RSS Subscribed
    Forum username: melodycosmo

  60. Alexandra

    Dude, I’d wear this stuff everywhere. As part of an everyday look, apply a small amount and then smudge it, or, if going out at night, apply it more heavily.

    Following on twitter under tiakivla.

  61. Pernille

    I would wear it with black mascara

  62. Redhead (hi)

    It’s a simple, quick eye that brings out my irises, brightens my eyes and still packs a *ton* of color. 😀

    Eyes: A neutral base like MAC Paint in Bare Canvas all over the eye area, lashlines and lower waterline, a warm neutral like MAC Soba or something pink-peachy the Body Shop’s Sunset Peach Shimmer Puff (DEAD RINGER for Nars Orgasm!) to bring out my blue eyes, Artistic License technakohl on the upper lashline in a medium-thick, crisp line and smudged on the lower lashline, a matte navy blue liner like MAC Powerpoint Pencil in Prussian (try saying that three times fast, lol) on my waterline to brighten eyes, Maybelline Full ‘n’ Soft in Black for classic, fluffy black lashes.

    Cheeks: Something peachy but not too bright, like a light application of MAC Enough Said or Springsheen.

    Lips: Good ‘ol lip balm. Make it tinted (try a peachy shade – Burts Bees Lip Shimmer in Caramel) if your lips aren’t very pigmented.

  63. Pernille

    I would wear it whith waterproof mascara

  64. I think a lot of us would wear it the same way hah! I’d do a light pink neutral eye and then wear Artistic License on my lower lashline for that pop of color~

    Twitter: Kajitsu
    Subbed to RSS
    Forums: Brigitte

  65. April M.

    A natural look! Neutral eyes w/ Artistic License on my waterline. & a coralish blush:]
    RSS Subscriber
    Twitter: LittlMissApril

  66. egon

    I would wear it on my upper ^lower lash line then wing it out for a cat eye look

  67. sabrina

    Twitter: brinomonster. I would wear this under my eye with neutral shadow and black mascara. It would be a prefect amount of color for an everyday look.

  68. Chocobon

    I would wear it on the water line and lower lash line with layin low Paint pot all over the lid and brow bone, black eye liner on the upper lash line, and loads of mascara!
    Sub’d by RSS
    Chocobon on Twitter
    Chocobon on Temptalia Forums

  69. Anna

    i would either line the bottom with a neutral eye, or wear it as a base to make blues pop, or do something like a summer sky eye with yellow on the lid and blue to line

  70. Ling

    twitter: 2bytes
    I’d wear it on my lower lash line for added pop of color

  71. Janet

    I would wear this by putting a line of this over black eyeliner on the top lash line or put it on the bottom lash line with black eyeliner on the top.

  72. Kajsa

    As I always put kohlliners on my lower lashline, so that’s where it’s going to be to. I always try to use a complete different color on my lower lashline, then the shadow color on my lids.
    For instants natural colors on lids -> blue on the lower lashline, just to spice it up a bit!

    Twitter: Monticka

  73. I am eyeliner addicted. I’d apply my natural toned eyeshadow, wear this eyeliner and apply lots of mascara.

    Twitter: chocoandmakeup
    RSS Subscribed

  74. Samantha

    I would definitely use this to intensify my eyeshadows or use it on my lower lashline to make my eyes pop!


  75. Kirstin

    I’d wear it with a neutral brown look. I’ve got blue eyes so this turquoise would really make my eyes pop as well as adding some kick to the neutral colors.

    Subscribed & Twitter’d (kirstinkthx)

  76. JillyB

    I would wear this eyeliner with a neutral e/s, maybe Femme Fi. Maybe a light gray in the crease.

    twitter: stitchymom

  77. Lyndsay

    I would wear this with a smokey eye of greys. I think that would bring this color out best. A nude lip, leave the attention on the pop of color. I would have it placed in the waterline

  78. Iris

    Twitter: Iris87

    I would wear it on my eyelid with no eyeshadow

  79. Kristin

    I would wear it under my eye with sparkly beige on lids and a touch of peacock blue shadow.

  80. Wilcoa

    I think I would wear it with rice paper and off the page e/s (stick some melon over off the page to give it a bit more shimmer). Then wear a nude lip and some gloss, with bronzer on the cheeks.

  81. Cherie

    To line under the eyes with a bit of carbon on the outter 3/4 for intensity.

    email subscribed

  82. ringevermeer

    i would draw a thin line of it on my lower lash line while i had a neutral eye to make it pop!
    twitter: macmaus123
    rss sub/ forum member

  83. kelly

    I would wear it on my water line for a pop of color when i have a neutral look.

    twitter: tinkersweetie
    rss subscribed
    forum: tinkersweetie

  84. I’d wear the liner on the outer parts of my eyes to elongate them or do a cat eye look!

    Forum name: AlphaBlonde
    I’m subbed to rss

  85. Nadine

    I’d wear it on my lower lashline.

  86. freewing

    on its own!

  87. Debbie

    neutral eye, lots of mascara, and artistic license lower lashline

  88. Emily

    would wear it on the upper lashline with a neutral look

    forum email is same as this email

    i am rss subscribed :)

  89. Fadya Syarmeen

    i would wear this as a “perk me up” color on my lower lash lines during the days when i don’t feel like putting any eye shadows on my eyes!

    twitter = fyafish
    rss sub
    forum username = fyafish

  90. Dominique

    I’d love to win because I don’t own any products from mac!

  91. Shannon

    I would put it all over the lid as a base, place Haunting on top, smoke it out with Carbon, and then line the water line with the Artistic License again.

  92. happybadfish

    wing it or smudge it!

    happybadfish on twitter

  93. I would wear it as a base for eyeshadow, or to intensify my e/s, in my waterline, or just liner with lots of mascara and a nude face :)

    twitter: mschristinedior
    forum: christinedior

  94. Nadine

    I’d wear it with a light pink eyeshadow to make it pop, but not too dramatic.

    Twitter: rhythemicchick

  95. Holly

    I would wear this as a pop of color on my lower lash line!

    Twitter: hollykristineby

  96. Mai

    I would probably wear it with Coco pigment as a nice accent eyeliner


  97. heather

    I’ve been in love with the cat eye look!!
    twitter: twtrheather

  98. BaDKiTTy

    I would wear it with my brows.
    Twitter: RussianBaDKiTTy

  99. Sasha

    I’d wear it on my lower lashline with a light gold and bronze eye combo, with a brown/bronze eyeliner on my upper lashline, both slightly winged out (and mascara of course).

    twitter: xlovechild
    forum: xlovechild
    RSS sub