Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Win MAC Antique Green Pigment!

One (1) lucky winner will receive MAC Antique Green Pigment Eyeliner from MAC’s Fabulous Felines Collection! (Retail value $19.50!)

RULES: All entries must be submitted by September 22nd, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Congratulations to Dannette!

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722 thoughts on “Win MAC Antique Green Pigment!

  1. Oh wow, I would wear a deep sexy smokey eye! Antique green on the lid, Urban Decay buck in the crease, MAC Phloof! as a highlight, and MAC’s Carbon to smoke it out.

  2. Ruth

    I’d use this colour as a deep smokey eye. Black pencil in the waterline and slightly smudged out into a big panda eye of this colour. Dramatic.

  3. Tara

    So pretty! I would use it as an eyeshadow in the crease and lower lash line or use it as an eyeliner

  4. Beryl

    I’ll use this one as an eyeshadow, either on the lid with dark brown/grey on the crease, or neutral light beige/naked pigment on the lid with antique green on the crease. I think this one is pretty neutral and versatile.

  5. buket

    it would be perfect on nails

  6. I will try it with different looks then post a review on my blog & maybe a tutorial using it to be posted on my youtube chanel :)

  7. cat

    id use it with mac’s fix spray to apply to my crease

  8. it’d be my everyday lid color during the winter!

  9. Grace

    with mac gorgeous gold!

  10. Bernice

    Probably on the outer ‘V’ and as a liner :)

  11. Amy

    eyeliner and nail polish!

  12. Mirna

    I would use antique green all over the lid and then blend it as a subtle wash over the crease.

  13. Kim Keller

    I love greens! I can think of a ton of ways to use MAC’s Antique Green pigment. How about Gorgeous Gold on the inner corner, Antique Green on the lid, with Parfait Amour in the crease? Or Amber Lights on the lid, Bronze in the crease, Espresso lightly in the outer V, and Antique Green as lower liner.

  14. AG on the lid and carbon in the crease. Mabybe with some burmese beauty to blend them into each other. Ohh that would be nice 😉

  15. LH

    I would use antique green as an eyeshadow and as a nail polish I love greens thanks for the awesome giveaways :)

  16. Crissy

    As a nail polish

  17. Lydia

    I would use it in a smokey eye!

  18. Abril

    All over the lid, then some Black Black pigment on the crease and Vanilla Pigment to highlight!

  19. ena

    I would use it as a liner.

  20. kelly alice.

    I’d use it wet all over my lid, use Goldmine in the tear duct, and Dark Soul in the crease to smoke it up!

  21. I’d wear it with green smoke by MAC :)

  22. Nadia

    Antique Green is such a fab color that I’ll use it alone with a touch of naked lunch into the inner corner… mascara and some black pencil underneath. there you go!

  23. jenn

    i would use it as an eyeshadow base

  24. Grace

    I’d use it in the outer V and along the lower lash line!

  25. Arianne

    i’d use it to create an intense smokey eye!

  26. Naomi

    A great creasecolor for fall, i think

  27. Stephanie

    I’d use it in a smokey look.

  28. Laura

    MAC Beautiful Iris on the lid with Antique Green in the crease. Paired with Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Santal for a complementing lip.

  29. Sue

    I’d use as a lipgloss on my barry m green lipstick!

  30. wendy

    Just with goldmine eyeshadow :)

  31. Liat

    I would use it in the crease with a gold lid

  32. Rebecca

    i would use it with a mixing medium on my lids to really bring out the colour and change the texture. pair it with a lighter green and a black in the outer corner :-)

  33. RonyaLii

    smokey eye

  34. Kathy

    Oh wow, there’s a lot of cool things to do with this pigment. I’d use it as a crease color, as an eyeliner (I’d have to apply it wet in that case), and as a nail polish!

  35. Ali B.

    I’d use it as a nail polish, or create a smokey green effect.

  36. Michelle

    I would use it as an eyeliner

  37. Patty

    I would use Antique Green along with my Old Gold pigment! I love mixing greens and gold.

  38. Maggie

    I’d love to use Antique Green in a green smokey eye! I love doing smokey looks in colors other than black/gray, and this would be a gorgeous one :)

  39. Shanika

    i would make nail polish and use as a crease color on my lids

  40. As an outer v/crease color with… wow, anything! Maybe a pretty pink!!

  41. Elissa

    i would use it as a liner on the lower lash line to make my green eyes pop. :)

  42. Maren

    in the crease, combined with a golden and brown eyeshadow :)

  43. ioanna

    i would use it in the outer corner

  44. mary

    I’d use Antique Green as an eyeshadow. I love that color!!

  45. shortie

    i’d use it as an eyeshadow and nail polish!

  46. aclearcutsign

    as an all over shadow on the lids for a smokey look

  47. Miranda

    I’d use it wet as an eye liner or mix it with clear polish and paint my nails!

  48. Michael

    i’d press the antuque green and wear it on the lid with carbon by mac.

  49. Carrie

    I would use this as a shadow &/or a liner.

  50. As eyeshadow in the crease. Love green!

  51. Linell

    I would use it on the lower lash line.

  52. Mona

    I would use it for a nice green smokey eye

  53. Evelyn

    I would use it as an eyeshadow…I’m so not creative! :)

  54. sonia

    i would use it as an eyeshadow on the lid!

  55. Anna

    Very very lightly on the crease.

  56. Cheryl

    I would wear antique green pigment with bronze eyeshadow by MAC and blend it out with soft brown eyeshadow, also by MAC :)

  57. irini

    as an eyeshadow!for a green smoky eye!i love this colour!!!

  58. Juliana Campoy

    I`d use it with a little black in the corner of my lid. Something very rich…

  59. Leila

    I would use antique green pigment on my eyes as an accent just above the eye underneath the eye and I would use a green liner in the waterline

  60. Kajsa/Monticka

    I’d use it together with Urban decay Graffiti on the lid and Antique green in the crease. And then darken the whole thing up with Carbon.
    Graffiti is my favorite eyeshadow of all time!

    RT’ed, nickname: Monticka

  61. lily

    i don’t know yet!

  62. Tiffany

    As a liner!

  63. Zoe

    I would use this as liner on the upper lash line or use as a nail polish :)

  64. Jimena

    I will apply it wet and all over the lid! because is an awesome color *___*

  65. Amie F.

    I would probably wear it as an eyeshadow. I love greens!

  66. Kerstin

    I would wear it in the crease and also under my lower lashline. Thanks!

  67. LJ

    I would wet it with water and use it as eyeliner =)

  68. aradhana

    i’d use it all over the lid as part of a green smokey eye

  69. Dana

    I’d use it as a crease color with a pale gold on the lid or as a liner

  70. Leigh

    In my crease and as nail polish

  71. Diana

    i’d use it as an eyeshadow.

  72. Iza

    I would give it to my sister, she doesn’t have much make-up and she would look great wearing that color!

  73. id use this in an eye look and pair it with gorgeous golds! green and golds are sooo pretty together and perfect for fall!

  74. i’d make a really wet looking green smokey eye with glowly fresh clean skin and a warm pastel nude-y pinkish lip!

  75. Stephanie

    I think it’d make an amazing eye liner.

  76. Casey

    I’d mix it in with a bronzy eye!

  77. Cindy

    I’d like to try it as a eyeliner by mixing mac mixing medium gel.

  78. Fatima

    All over the lid with black winged liner.

  79. mia

    As a dark smokey eye

  80. nekosan

    three ways: eyeshadow, eyeliner, nail polish. =D

  81. Mimi

    I’d pop it over the deep green pigment from the moonlit jewels quad by revlon. Then I would apply a matte brown (Loreal HIP duo in Poppy) in the crease, then layer a matte black from my coastal scents palette for a deeper night look. Black winged eye-liner as well, and my new fave mascara, covergirl lashblast fusion.

  82. ecori

    i would use as a liner
    also i would mix it with nail polish

  83. Eta

    I would mix bits of this into a bottle of clear nail polish, or as an eyeliner for the upper lid, then softly blend it.

  84. Naomi

    I would go smoky with some black and a nude lip with a very slight touch of pink.

  85. Lulu

    I’d love to use it as a eyeliner!

  86. Christina

    Actually I’d use it by giving it to my sister, because I know she wants it and she’s havin a rough month.

  87. Alexis

    I would wear it all over the lid and some black in the crease with lucky green in the inner corner.

  88. Leah

    I would use it with a deep antique gold.

  89. Roslyn

    I would use it as an either a powder eyeshadow, or mix it with Old Gold and apply it wet over a black base.

  90. Nicole

    I would put a neutral color all over my lids then use the pigment to smoke the look out

  91. Jane

    i’d use it as eyeliner!

  92. I’d use antique green as a crease color with woodwinked on the lid 😉

  93. Tiffany

    I would use Antique Green as a smokey look, probably pairing it up with carbon! (:

  94. Hi! I’d probably mix it with a clear nail polish to make a new colour :)

  95. Julianna M.

    In the crease with a toasty golden color. A nice antique-y look to set off my green eyes. I’d also use it as nailpolish (loooooooove dark greens)

  96. PAOLA

    I would use it on the crease with amber lights on the lid

  97. I would do a deep smokey greenish look using: Blackground paintpot on the lid, Antique Green pigment in/above the crease, Dark Soul pigment on the crease and lower lashline, then Deep Blue Green pigment on the lid and lower lashline and Vanilla pigment as a highlight :)

  98. i would use it by itself on my lid. it will make a great smokey eye look

  99. Lina

    I would use it on the eyes, paired with Humid and a matte black shadow for a lovely smokey eye.