Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Win MAC Antique Green Pigment!

One (1) lucky winner will receive MAC Antique Green Pigment Eyeliner from MAC’s Fabulous Felines Collection! (Retail value $19.50!)

RULES: All entries must be submitted by September 22nd, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Congratulations to Dannette!

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722 thoughts on “Win MAC Antique Green Pigment!

  1. Maisie

    I’d use Antique Green as a nail polish! I love dark green colors for fall:)

  2. Dollymix8

    I would mix it with a clear nailpolish to make a beautiful dark green nail polish

  3. Janice

    That is so pretty! I would use it in the crease and on the lower lashline with a bronzey eye look with UD smog!

  4. Erica

    I would wear Antique Green on the lid, Carbon in the crease and
    C-Thru lipglass.

  5. Kalex

    I think I’d use Antique Green as a liner.

  6. Vero

    I’d use it with mac bronze eyeshadow (allover the lid) and antique green on the crease. And in the first part of the eye Gold mac pigment.

  7. Alisha in WI

    outer V or crease

  8. Amanda

    id use it as a nail polish and as an eyeliner!

  9. Samantha P.

    I would use it on the lid, a winged tip using black track, smolder on the waterline and nothing on my lips.

  10. Jennifer

    i’d use Antique green to line on the upper lash line !

  11. Lize

    Mix it with clear nailpolish or use it as a liner :)

  12. Beatrice

    I’d use Antique Green as a nail polish! it’s a fabulous color!

  13. Eve

    I’d use it on the lid and smoke it out with a light green, maybe Pastorale!

  14. Julia

    i’d use it as a wash over the lid and then blended into the crease.

  15. Lena

    I would use it as an eyeshadow on the lid and lower lashline.

  16. Steph

    I’d use it as a nail polish :)

  17. Arantzazu

    I’d put it on the lid, making a really dark eye makeup, black eyeshadow on the crease and on the outter V.
    A lot of black mascara -maybe false lashes- and a light pencil in the waterline and under the brow bone -to illuminate the eye-.
    I’d put some Hoola all over the face, just to contour, and a nude-goldish lipstick.

  18. Penny

    I would use it for a pop of color on the lid!

  19. baby in a corner

    I would mix it with some clear mascara for funky fall lashes! thanks temptalia!

  20. viva

    So pretty! <3 I'd probably pack it over Blackground to do a simple smokey green with maybe Vanilla pigment to blend it out.

  21. Hanna

    i’d probably use it for a smoked out look, probably with colors similar to the ones in the photorealism palette. and peach cheeks and lips!

  22. Lou

    Use it as an eyeliner for an Egyptian Halloween, and compliment with same color nails!

  23. Holly

    I would smoke it out with a gold and a black shadow! :)

  24. Nina

    I’d use it on my lower lash line to give a punch to my neutral look.

  25. Mais

    all over color for smokeyyyyyyyyy eyes

  26. Michelle

    I think I would do a sheer/shimmery neutral all over the lid and use this pigment as a winged liner on top, and maybe a gold liner on bottom or the water line. It’d be great for a sophisticated yet fun holiday party look for work!

  27. Victoria

    I’d use it as a nailpolish or as an eyeliner!

  28. nat

    Of course, I would use it as an eyeshadow. But I think it would look really cool if you mix it with a clear gloss. A look for Halloween. Instead of wearing a black lip color for a witch, why not use a dark green lip color?

  29. Shaguna

    I would take use it as a crease color for a green smokey eye look

  30. Margaret

    definitely as an eyeliner. its such a beautiful color

  31. Iciar

    I’d use it with carbon e/s for creating a dark green smokey eye.

  32. I’d use it as eyeshadow all over the lid for may smokeys eyes 😉

  33. Luana Lumertz

    use with some gold eyeshadow, make a smokey eyes!

  34. Cheyenne *DemureAllure*

    I looooveee this pigment. :) Definitely an eyeshadow.

    btw I didn’t know you could make it a nail polish??

  35. aida

    I just learning to use pigments, so I think as a liner under the waterline or maybe on the crease in a dark green smoky eye. But I am just learning

  36. steph b

    I’d use it to make a smoky green eye with either a taupe or bronze on the lid.

  37. Monica

    i’d probably smudge it on the lashline or in the crease

  38. ter

    I would wear a neutral eye & use this as an eyeliner.

  39. Ashley

    I’d definately use Antique Green in the crease!

  40. Dominique

    I would use Antique Green as a nail polish! I think it would be super pretty!

  41. theodoradb

    I would use it in the crease with burmese beauty on the lid, or as nail polish.

  42. Misela

    I would do a smoky green look with this pigment. Such a gorgeous color.

  43. Melody

    I would use it as a crease color or even a lid color for a beautiful fall smoky eye. =)

  44. Marissa B

    On my nails or as a liner shade, likely in the crease too for variety!

  45. Maya

    With Glare and woodwinked:)

  46. Marie

    I’d use it to create a smokey eye.

  47. Jenny

    Definitely all over the lid blended out with a taupey color for a green smokey eye.

  48. I would wear it in the outer V or in the crease.

  49. I’d use it with Club e/s

  50. Fiaspice

    I would use it as eyeshadow with a gold eyeshadow.

  51. min

    ! it seems like everyone would use this in a nailpolish lol! so would i.

  52. I’d use aquadisiac eyeshadow

  53. Audri

    This would look fabulous wet as a liner! I’d using MAC’s Fix + and wear it wet, for sure, to bring out its boldness.

  54. I’d use it in a smokey look. Love greens!

  55. I would create a nice halloween makeup with it. :) something like a wich 😀

  56. Leslie :)

    eye liner and nailpolish…. PERFECT for fall!

  57. Meredith

    As eyeshadow, along with a gold or brown color.

  58. Lorin

    I would put it in the crease with a lighter nuetral color on the lid

  59. Carol

    i would use it to set my eyeliner on my waterline

  60. I would wear it all over as an intense smokey eye with black smudged at the lashes and outer v area! It’s gorgeous!

  61. Catherine

    I would use it in the crease with a color like GOldmine on the lid.

  62. I’d use that pigment for a green and black smoky eye look!

  63. markeesi

    I’d wear it on the lid on its own with Blanc Type as a highlighter. Tarnish eye kohl as a liner.

  64. Rebecca

    I’d use it in the crease with Bare Escentuals Antique Gold and top off the look with Spree lipgloss from MAC :)

  65. nicala7

    id either wear it as a nail polish or do a dark green smokey eye!

  66. Dini

    I would use antique green as a shadow along with gold stroke pigment and black liquid eyeliner.

  67. Victoria

    As eyeliner!

  68. I would do a smokey eye with it. Place it all over the lid, and then carbon in the outer corner to smoke it out!

  69. Jessica V

    Definitelye as a outer corner, crease color! Real original, I know…

  70. Claudia

    I’d wear it with a gold and a white eyeshadow

  71. Hay Mich

    I would use it on my eyelids with Treat Me Nice as the liner. I would then do a nude or peach lip and a coral blush with Stereo Rose on top.

  72. Laura

    I’d probably use it as a liner.
    If not, I’d use it with a bronze or dark brown eyeshadow.

  73. I’d foil it on my lids for a smokey eye!

  74. Lisa

    I’d use it for a green smoky eye

  75. Thincspot

    I would use antique green as a French tip on my nails with the new Earthly Harmony polish that MAC just released. Metallic pigments are awesome as nail color.

  76. tpzhearts

    I would use as a nail polish, I think it would look lovely with my warm yellow coloring

  77. *Carin*

    I’d use it in the outer V and smoke it out.

  78. Megan

    I’d use it as an eye liner on the lower lash line.

  79. Mara

    I’d mix it with some silvery nail polish! Can’t wait for wintery/xmas-y colors! :)

  80. Tiffany

    nail polish or outer v!

  81. Nina

    would use as eyeshadow- with a soft brown and a deep black eyeliner- perfect for evening!

  82. yiota

    I’d like to use it wet on the lid! or even as a nail polish, that would be fun too :]

  83. eyeshadow
    paired with lilac one

  84. Sina

    with a gold colour

  85. Vivian

    I would LOVE to foil with it and pack it my lid!

  86. Nic

    I’d use it to do a dark smoky eye and pair it with a neutral cheek and nude lip.

  87. I’d use it with MAC Teal pigment. I think it would be a great combination :)

  88. Actually I’ve been meaning to get this one, I’d love to do a green/black smokey eye, I’m in love with greens lately, they are so flattering!

  89. Sara Lorine

    I’d put down a black base and press it into the lid and throw in some gold accents from the MUFE collection. Very fall!

  90. Arduinna4

    Lets see…Sweet and punchy on the lid, antique green on the crease, mascara and maybe a black liner and creme d’nude lipstick.

  91. i would use it as a liner or nailpolish

  92. Leesha

    I am such a fan of greens! I think it would be fun to pair Antique Green with Amber Lights and Vapor or maybe Cranberry!

  93. elizabeth

    id use it wet as eyeliner on days i go to class, wet with some glitter for a green halloween smokey eye, and occasionally when i am going outin different looks!

  94. Mandy

    I’d use it as an eyeshadow; I’d foil it!!!!!

  95. Jenniferx33

    i’d use antique green on my outer corner on a green smokey eye!!

  96. Ally

    on my eyes or as a nail polish

  97. Maria

    I’d use Antique Green in the crease with a sparkling black over the lid :-), a peach blush and a nude lipstick.

  98. Michelle

    as a liner!

  99. Kianna

    I’d use Antique Green on my lids and then embark in the crease :)

  100. I would use Antique Green as a lower lash liner and as a nail polish!