Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Win MAC 131 Brush from MAC To the Beach!

One (1) lucky winner will receive the limited edition MAC 131 Brush from MAC’s upcoming To the Beach Collection! (Retail value $40.00!)

RULES: All entries must be submitted by June 14th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Two Ways to Win

You can do one, the other, or both to maximize your chances of winning…

1.) Leave a comment on this blog post telling me what you would use this brush for first!

2.) Follow me on Twitter & re-tweet the following: RT @temptalia Follow @temptalia & RT to win MAC 131 Brush from To the Beach! Info + one more way to win: http://budurl.com/131brush

Congratulations to Katherine F.!

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1,457 thoughts on “Win MAC 131 Brush from MAC To the Beach!

  1. Arianne

    i’m in charge of make up at my sister’s wedding! and i’d definitely use this brush to give my sister the most gorgeous glowing wedding day skin :)

  2. Jody

    I would definitely try it with my MSF’s first!

  3. claudia

    i would use it as my foundation brush and for my cheeks!

  4. I would use it for my MSF natural application.

  5. Andie

    I would use this with my MSFs to diffuse the shimmery-ness to give a glow-y highlight.

  6. Sandra

    I would try this for my liquid foundation, I’m still looking the perfect brush for it…

  7. babicsek

    I think I would use it for MSF first.

  8. Farah

    I love blush, so def going to use it for that!

  9. abby

    i would use it for my foundation and blush. i love duo fibre brushes i own 3 187 and i would love to try this one

  10. Vickie

    i would use this for msfs or my foundation

  11. Lisa

    I have the sigma version and i love using using it for cream blushes.

  12. Peggy

    definitely for blush and foundation (maybe!?!)

  13. Emily

    Highlighting! Definitely highlighting! I need a brush for that purpose only!

  14. Azaza

    I’d definitely use this for my blushes first

  15. Vaitiare

    I would definitely use it as a blush first!

  16. Cathy

    The first thing I would use with this brush would definately be bronzer. The width looks perfect to give me a slightly healthier glow on my super-fair skin!

  17. Lora

    I have lots of plans for it, but the first thing I’d do, it would be blush (:

  18. Sarah

    Gaah i want !! Mmm , i would definately first use the Brush for foundation to see how it holds up against a 187

  19. Kristen

    I would try it with liquid foundation first for sure.

  20. Ksenya

    apply cream blush.

  21. Sass

    Since I use my 188 most of the time to apply my Studio Fix Fluid I would try this brush out with my foundation. I hear that this brush applies easier than with the 188. I find the 188 easy to use. Whether I win this or not I’m getting the brush to test it with my fix.

  22. K7P*

    I would use this brush to apply my liquid foundation.

  23. heather

    I’d try it with my msf’s and blushes

  24. ioanna

    i would use this for blush 😉

  25. Camila R Victorino

    Hi! I’d try it first with my liquid foundation!!!

  26. Brenda

    I would use this brush for blush.

  27. Marinka


  28. Jillian

    Definitely would use it for highlighting and achieving that perfect summer glow! =)

  29. I’m definitely most excited to use it for blush purposes, mostly cream. I feel like cream blushes are so hard to work with, but this brush looks so perfect and amazing for it!

  30. Alessia

    creamy blush :)

  31. Salvinia

    Highlighting and bronzer. I love the light application you can get with a duo-fibre brush, but the only one I have is a MAC 187 dupe and it’s just so huge! I have to put a hair band around the bristles so it’s narrow enought to fit on my face, haha! I’d love to have a smaller version.

  32. Lori

    I LOVE MAC – I would first like to purchase a new arsenal of the new MAC to the Beach line on Thursday and make my decision on how I would use the brush then, but since I’m leaving my comment today, I would use the brush as an applicator for my MAC tinted moisturizer. That stuff is awesome and I think this brush would help it glide on easy and streak free!

  33. I’d definitely try this for liquid foundation, cos I’m still looking for the perfect brush!

  34. Bea

    i would use it for blush first.

  35. Shah'ada

    I would use this for fdtn!!!

  36. Lilymer

    cream blushes =]

  37. nikki c

    I would love to use this brush for my msfs!!!

  38. liquid foundation, definitely! still after the most effortless, flawless application possible!

  39. Laura

    blush and mineral foundation or maybe highlight powder

  40. Ilexica

    Mineralise skin finish :)

  41. Marrona

    I would use it for all my MSF application.

  42. Almost every brush I get I try to use for foundation, so this one would be no different :~)

  43. Eliane

    For blush!

  44. Joanne

    for my cream blush!
    thanks for entering me.

  45. Neela

    try it for blush first

  46. I would use it to apply my ambering rose blush, I love it, but I don’t use it a lot because it is so pigmented… I would love to use this brush for it, to get a more natural look!

  47. liquid fdtn for sure- still looking for the most effortless flawless application ever!

  48. Natalie

    I would try with all my 11 foundations and see what it does!

  49. Shirley

    I would use the MAC 131 to multitask! I would use it for MSF, foundation, blush!

  50. Michelle

    MSF!! (: YAY

  51. Maddie

    Mineralize Products :)

  52. Jordyn

    I’d use it as a blush brush and also use it to apply a dab of Marine Life on the top of my cheek bone.

  53. Dee

    This looks like a great blush brush!

  54. Camila Peter

    i bought my first cream blush, now i just need the perfect brush for it! 131 could solve my problem :)

  55. Torrie

    I would use this brush for highlighting or blush!

    twitter: macupbytor

  56. I would use the MAC 131 as a way to place this mineralize blush I got eons ago actually on my cheeks, without the shimmery particles going everywhere.

  57. OMG this brush looks amazing!!!!!! I wanna swish it around in my Gingerly blush and rub it all over the apples of my cheeks :]

  58. I would use the brush to put on a highlight… for the first time ever! (makeup crime!)

  59. It looks like a round 187….. Bronzerrrr

  60. Heather

    The first thing I would use the MAC 131 is for cream and powder blush.

  61. Carmen

    I would use this brush for blush.

    I retweeted the giveaway here: http://twitter.com/carmencj88/statuses/14694157627

  62. Liquid foundation! :)

  63. Katrina

    I would use this with my liquid foundation to give a smooth application.

  64. I’ll try my cream bronzer in weekend and my SFF! Maybe some bronze powders or MSF!

  65. Ana

    I would use it for blush, but highlighting or contouring is a nice option too.
    Good luck for all and thanks Chris!!! =)

  66. happyhubbs


  67. I would use it for blush!

  68. Ashley

    foundation & blush!!!! :)

  69. Ra-jin

    I would use it for MSFN first, probably!

  70. Sabrina

    I’d definitely use this for blush or a highlighter!! It’s such a cute brush!

  71. Sabrina

    The first thing I would use it with is the Marine Life powder I just ordered. :)
    Though I think I would use it the most with my MSFs.
    I can’t believe I have yet to try any MAC brushes. :blush:

  72. Wendy M.

    I’d use this when I buy Stereo Rose and quite possibly Petticoat from the In The Groove collection. 😀


  73. D're

    Would love use it to try Marine Life Highliter (if I could get one) :) the result must be awesome..

  74. I’d use it as a bronzer brush for my grandparents’ 25th wedding anniversary!

  75. Shannon Ikerd

    I would use this to apply liquid foundation and blend my concealer.

  76. For my MAC Ladyblush! I’d love to have a skunk brush finally, especially from MAC.

  77. nikki c

    I would love to use this brush for my msfs!!

  78. LauraJ

    I’d use it to apply foundation

  79. Anna

    highlighter or blush

  80. Nisouri

    I would probably use this brush for foundation!

  81. Crissy

    Definitely blush

  82. i would use it for cream blush!

  83. Joanne

    I’d likely use it first for foundation application.

  84. Sujin

    I would use this for my highlighters.

  85. Diana

    blush! i love duo fiber brushes for blush and i like that this one is smaller so i’d have better control of where the product would go

  86. this will probably be a great blush brush!

  87. Cheska S.

    Blush, highlight, and maybe to contour.. ^_^

    @Chiyu09 on Twitter

  88. Elenka

    I will use it to apply mineral powder.

  89. Ada

    I would use it for blush.

  90. Su Ann

    For blushes/bronzers!

  91. Jakara

    This would be great to have. I didn’t have this on my list of items to purchase.

  92. Claudine

    i’m using it for blush first :)

  93. mia

    Blush and bronzer

  94. samantha


    • Brenda

      I would use it with the new Nars foundation that I just ordered during the beauty.com sale!

      • kellie

        I would use it to apply loose powder :)

        • I love duo-fibre brushes and MAC brushes are my favorite! First I would try using it to stipple my favorite cream colour base on my cheeks. I’d also use it for foundation. After reading your review it sounds awesome and i would love to try it. Thanks for offering this! Your swatches and reviews are what i depend on for buying most of my cosmetics.