Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

To celebrate the launch of Lancome’s newest Magnifique commercial featuring Anne Hathaway, Lancome is giving one lucky Temptalia reader Magnifique Eau de Toilette!

The fragrance that celebrates her vibrant femininity, now in a fresh Eau de Toilette rendition. A light version of the eau de parfum that emphasizes the spicy top note of saffron, floral heart of rose and the smoky embrace of exotic nagarmotâ wood. Audacious. Passionate. Utterly Magnifique.

Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling us why you want to win. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

All entries must be submitted by May 17th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. That’s it! This contest is only open to U.S. residents.

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Good luck!

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164 thoughts on “Win Lancome Magnifique Eau de Toilette!

  1. Arina

    I’m so sad that this contest is not open to Canadian residents :(
    I so wanted to win this fragrance

  2. Tanya

    I would love to win this because winning rocks and everyone wants to be a winner :)

  3. KrisBliss

    I love this fragrance. Oh, please let me win it!

  4. sprut

    I want to win because I love lancome!

  5. Manda

    I would love to win this! I usually love their fragrances but have yet smelled this!

    twitter: ImmaDiva

    email subscribed

  6. Heather

    I want to win because i love the smell of this new fragance

  7. Aimee

    OOoooOOOOooo please please I never win.

  8. Sheena

    This is one of my favorite fragrances!
    twitter: sheenamarie412
    already subscribed to rss :)

  9. Gina G

    I want to win because I love trying new perfume!

  10. Vanessa S

    I want to win because I love Lancome products. I need a new fragrance for this summer.

    Twitter- VanessasSecret4

  11. I’d love to win because I like Lancome and wearing fragrances!

  12. Regina D

    i would love to win this it sounds like it smells wonderful.

  13. Hi Christine! I’m following you on twitter, @katrina_v

  14. I am a subscriber via RSS

  15. Mamade

    I’d love to win this fragrance! I fell in love with it when it first came out and had hoped to get it for Christmas. Unfortunately, my husband was laid off before Christmas and so it was not in the cards as a gift. It would be great to get it now!

  16. Marta

    I love this fragrance and I would love to win it.

    twitter : martaale

  17. bee

    ooh! i would love to win!

  18. jamie

    sounds good! i love anne hathaway!

    twitter: jamienator


  19. youjeen

    i would love to win because this looks like it smells great!
    twitter: jackichen007
    i’m subscribed 😀

  20. aaj83

    oooooooooh..this is such a beautiful scent!! :)
    i wish i could win this :(

    twitter: aaj83
    I am also subscribed to your RSS feed :)

  21. Jackee

    Would love to win the fragrance because I haven’t tried a Lancome fragrance in years.

  22. joanna smith

    I would love, love to win because this sounds like a new scent that I would love to wear! I try and pick out a fragrance that matches my mood, my personality and the season outside and this scent with its spicy top notes is exactly where I am at spiritually and physically! I adore smelling really feminine and alluring so I’d love a chance to try it! Thanks you for the opportunity to enter.

  23. JillyB

    I would love to win this because I really liked Lancome’s other scents when I tried them and I’m sure this would be another great one.

    twitter: stitchymom

  24. I don’t own a single fragrance, if you can believe that! I’d love to win. 😀

    Twitter username: Kajitsu
    Subbed to RSS

  25. Karen

    Me again! I want to win because I only have little tiny samples of scents that I get from the Mall. I don’t even own a full size bottle of anything. And I’m still unemployed, broke, and on foodstamps – so at least I’m not hungry anymore. Won’t bore you with my nonsense today. But the last few days, your product reviews and the PICTURES and APPLICATION have been flawless. You are one skilled, pretty lady.


    Twitter: broke.socialite
    RSS: Subscribed.

  26. Kathleen

    As soon as I saw this perfume I felt in love with it. As a person who reacts negatively to all perfumes, this is the ONLY magical perfume that I am in love with. However, the price is always very high for me to afford since I am a law student.

    Twitter: kitty629
    Subscribed to RSS

  27. mich

    i love the packaging!
    twitter – teasecake
    rss subbed

  28. I want it… I love fragrance but I am on budget for high-end product…
    Twitter: RedRapid

  29. Rochelle K

    I want to win because I looove this perfume but seeing as I recently lost my job, I can’t afford the extra expense. =*( I definitely hope I win…

    Twitter – septemberlovely


  30. I would love to win because I’m a big fan of perfume.

    Twitter: DreamyObsession
    Also an RSS subscriber!

  31. perfume is like my air!!!

    twitter: chelseapier
    RSS subscribed

  32. I’d love to win because I’ve recently become a fragrance addict!

    Twitter: ReveNoir

  33. Oh, and I subscribe to RSS already :)

  34. Grace

    I’d love to win this. the scent sounds yummy and the bottle is pretty :)

    twitter: frostedcouture

    RSS subscriber

  35. Nadine

    I want to win because I’m always up for trying newly launched fragrances!

  36. Jen

    “Get Smart” and award this bottle of perfume to me! Hee Hee :]

  37. Valerie C.

    I’d love to win because I need a new fragrance. The last one I bought was Michael Kors Hawaii and I recently finished it. This one sounds like a fragrance I’d love. Thanks!
    I subscribe by email & RSS Feed Google Reader & Twitter: dragonfly777

  38. Cali

    I have been yearning for a bottle of Magnifique
    since last winter. It smells divine!

    subscriber via email
    twitter: califragilistic

  39. Holly

    I would love to win this because it smells absolutely amazing! Thanks for the chance!(:

    twitter: hollykristineby

  40. Maria

    I love Lancôme and i want to try this fragrance!

  41. Brittany

    Yum, because I love AH and perfume!

  42. Lexie

    I want to win because I really need a summer scent, and also because I haven’t won anything…ever!
    I also follow on TWITTER: crazylexie


  43. Ashlee

    I would love to win because i have never won anything in my life
    subscribed to RSS

  44. etirv

    I sure need a new perfume! Mahalo!

  45. Alice

    I’d love to win this fragrance! I tend to spend my extra money on makeup and not so much on fragrances, so my collection is very limited.

  46. sydney

    I would love to win this because i cant afford to by it on my own.

  47. etirv

    I sure need a new perfume! Mahalo!
    Ooops, forgot twitter @etirv.

  48. Kay

    I want to win because the bottle looks so pretty! <3

    twitter: krazie7 and a subscriber! <3

  49. i want to win soo badly chrisine!!!

  50. Allison

    I want this because I smell bad (haha).

  51. allyson

    I wanna win because I’ve recently become perfume-crazy!

  52. I want to win because I am always on the hunt for a new fragrance and this sounds like it smells fantastic!

  53. Dana

    I want to win because i love the smell of this new fragance

  54. Zahra

    Oh I want it because I have never had any Lancome perfumes.

  55. Heather

    I want to win because I have yet to have any problems with anything from the few Lancome products I have (and it smells soo good!!)
    twitter: twtrheather

  56. Samantha

    I’d like to win because I love perfume and the bottle is so pretty. Twitter name is SammiM.

  57. Heather

    I want to win!! twitter- rockerchick2719 RSS

  58. I would love to win because I want to test out this scent compared to my other perfumes! hehe <3

    RSS: subscribed
    twitter: sanniet

  59. Mari

    I love this and would love to win!

  60. Mari

    I love perfumes, so I want to win!

  61. Mari

    I want to win!

  62. Sherry

    I want to win b/c I have been lemming this fragrance forever!

  63. Tanya

    I want to win because I love perfume and I’ve been wanting to try this one :)

  64. nancy

    My mom loves Lancome perfumes–if I win, I will give it to her!! :)

  65. Dominique

    I’d like to win because I don’t own any purfumes.

  66. jtxy

    i’d love to win this! i love anne hathaway, and i love lancome!

  67. Estefania

    I’d love to win because I love it!!!

  68. Jessica

    I want to win this because I have yet to own a Lancome perfume…

  69. Estefania

    I’d live to win because I love it!!!
    Twitter: Estefafernandez

  70. Shanna

    I want to win because I fucking LOVE LANCOME fragrances! gahhh and I don’t own any cause I’m poor :[ lol

    Shanael on twitter :]

    • Shanna

      Awaiting moderation? Whoops lol perhaps expressing my thoughts in such a way was not quite ideal? Sorry =D

  71. penelope

    i want to win cause it smells so good

  72. Carrie

    I’d love to win because I like Anne Hathaway. OK, jk sorta, but I like the way this smells!

  73. lisa

    I would love to win this because to be honest i have never tried a lancome fragrance just their skin care products.

  74. Vy

    I want to win because I’m not afraid to admit that Anne Hathaway’s role in Princess Diaries is the shit. Love it.

  75. Anhchi Nguyen

    I love Lancome scents!!!!!!!

  76. Nic15

    I’d love to win because a girl can never have too many perfumes!

  77. Cindy K.

    I love Lancome perfume.

  78. Laddie

    Wow, that bottle looks whimsical! I want it :)

  79. Raha

    I just finished up my last spritz of fall fragrance and am ready to try a new classic

  80. Melly

    I’d love to win because the packaging looks so nice haha. twitter; itsmellyyy

  81. Melody

    I love this perfume, but can’t afford it :(
    I would love to win

    Twitter ID: melodycosmo
    RSS registered

  82. Nikki

    I really want to try out a new fragrnce!

  83. Stephanie

    I would love to win because I just found your site today and am already in love with it. It’s now added onto my bookmark bar to check everyday and I just followed you on twitter (twirler0218). Also, Im almost out of my green Chanel Chance and Miss Marisa by Ebba perfume and need a new one!!! THANKS

  84. I want to win because I love this scent ! :)

  85. cooliegal

    Wow! What a great giveaway! I want! I want! PLZ!
    Twitter – cooliegal

  86. shonn

    I would love to win, the bottle would also look great on my dresser!
    I Rss and twitter: Shonntew

  87. jenuine3x3

    I want to win because I love lancome products.
    Twitter: jenuine3x3

  88. Nina

    I need a new fragrance and I would so love to win this!

    twitter: nina0205
    email subscriber

  89. *lisa*

    I would love it win it! Thanks!


    i would love to win this! im an avid perfume collector! i love that each perfume is unique to its bottle, shape, color, scent…i love perfumes!


    i forgot to add my twitter name..its senoritadurazno :)

  92. Laney

    I’d love a new fragrance in my wardrobe!

  93. Michelle

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win this because I NEED a new fragrance.

  94. Isabel

    i would like to win because i need a new perfume!! i am subscribed and my twitter is izzy728.

  95. Taylor

    I want to win because I really need a new perfume!

    Twitter: TayLaNYC

  96. mary joyce

    i want to win this bec i love perfume!

  97. Jody

    I’d love to win because I wear Chanel Chance everyday and a change might be nice.

  98. Peyton

    i’d love to win its packaged beautifully and smells wonderful

  99. Aj

    I’m on the lookout for a new fragrance since my fave has been discontinued! I’d love to win this!

  100. nymphette

    I loooooooooove perfume!! Would love to win.