Monday, June 6th, 2011

John Frieda’s Full Repair Collection

Win It! John Frieda’s Full Repair Collection

Congratulations to Luisafer, Lisa, and Danielle!

To kick off the launch of John Frieda’s Full Repair Collection, celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh is holding a 30-minute webcast from 6pm to 6:30pm (EST) on Wednesday, June 8th, and you can sign up on Facebook. Each participant who signs up will be asked to submit a question for Harry Josh and in return will receive one full-size product from the Full Repair collection: Those with fine hair will receive a Perfect Ends Sheer Mist and participants with thick hair will receive a Perfect Ends Deep Infusion. During the webcast, Harry Josh will answer submitted questions!

We asked about summer hair trends and how to incorporate the new products.  To get waves, Josh suggests beginning with John Frieda Full Repair Perfect Ends Sheer Mist before blow drying to protect tresses from the heat and seal the cuticles for flawlessly shiny waves. Then while blow drying with a round brush, curl each piece carefully and set it to keep the shape. Once hair sets for a few minutes, take out the pins and brush out the curls slightly to create a soft and sleek wave throughout. Spritz with a light hair spray for a stronger hold. John Frieda Full Repair Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer can also be used, which weightlessly smooths flyaways for a polished red carpet look.

The Full Repair Collection is all about repairing hair that’s overworked, weakened, broken, dull, or flat.  The idea is that these are styling products that give you the styling formulas you need along with repairing ingredients to restore your hair. “The salon-inspired collection specifically addresses an issue stylists are seeing with increasing frequency: short, broken hairs, flyaways and damaged ends caused by constant styling.  The formulas weightlessly mend fried strands while protecting hair from high-heat tools, so she can continue to style and get the look she desires. The products leave hair with movement and body as well as the ability to hold style all while repairing past damage and preventing future breakage.”

Three lucky winners will receive the set of the Full Repair Collection, which includes Full Body Shampoo ($6.99), Full Body Conditioner ($6.99), Protecting Root Foam ($6.99), Perfect Ends Deep Infusion ($9.99), Perfect Ends Sheer Mist ($9.99), and Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer ($9.99).  The approximate value of the prize is $50.

To enter, leave a comment below (on this post) by telling us what question you would love to ask hairstylist Harry Josh.  (And hey, consider submitting for the webcast!)

This contest is open to U.S. residents only.  Please see official rules for full details.

For official rules… 

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To Enter

  • You must leave a comment on this post below telling us what question you’d love to ask celebrity stylish Harry Josh!

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259 thoughts on “Win It! John Frieda’s Full Repair Collection

  1. Sass

    I’d ask what is the best way to define curls (using no heat) on women who wear their hair natural.

  2. amanda

    I would love to ask him what’s the best trick for fine yet thick hair that is oily on the roots but dry on the ends?

  3. Karen

    My question is: Every shampoo out there is for a different purpose. There are shampoos for curly, straight, damaged, thick, thin and colored. So what if I fit into 3 of those categories? Do I choose hair products and shampoo based on the fact that my hair is curly? Or on the fact that my hair is colored? Or maybe buy products specifically for thick hair? Which criteria should be the main one that I consider when buying shampoo and hair care products?

  4. What is a good way to keep hair soft and frizz free without fading red dye?

  5. Hailey Jayne

    The biggest misconception for me and my g/f’s is how often to get your hair trimmed. We are all trying to grow our hair long and don’t want to cut it! How often would you recommend getting a haircut and how would you recommend keeping it healthy?

  6. Emily

    I would ask how to get definition in thick, course hair. I have wavy hair, but due to the texture of it, it often looks bulky instead of beachy.

  7. Freya

    I would ask about how to tame flyaways!

  8. sarah

    what is the best way to define my thin, curly hair without using products like gel that make hair “crunchy”?

  9. maji

    What is the best way to take care of colored hair while spending long days at the beach. Thank you!

  10. Paz

    Personally, my hair is gets very oily at the roots and very dry at the ends. How can I balance then out without making my roots any more oily? Also, what would you suggest to protect hair from the sun this summer?

  11. Kayla

    I’d ask for any tips on diffusing. My hair always turns out frizzy and dry-looking when I diffuse it.

  12. Denise

    My hair is really fine and usually repair products weigh it down. Will these products do the same?

  13. Kristie

    I would ask what are the best ways to prevent split ends!

  14. kisha

    I would love to ask: ” how do I tame my curly hair(frizz, dryness, poofy).. and “what is the correct way to use a diffusser”???

  15. Val

    I would ask what’s the best way to give volume to very very fine hair without weighting them down in a humid environment.

  16. Michelle

    What is the most effective way to curl abundant, thick, and wavy hair and have it hold for 8+ hours without using a lot of hairspray; how do I prevent split ends from developing within a month of getting a haircut?

  17. I asked how to treat dry hair that tends to get oily at the scalp, but keep from making it even more oily.

  18. Nancy

    What is the best way to keep fine long hair beautiful and healthy when blow drying and using heated styling tools on a daily basis?

  19. Andrea

    how to fight flyaway s, and how to prevent excessive hair falling.

  20. Laura

    My hair is stick straight, so I would love to know how to get a natural wave into my hair that doesn’t require a ton of hairspray.

  21. Sylvia

    What can I do to keep my over-dyed ends smooth without weighing down my fine hair?

  22. colleen b

    i would ask what the best & easiest way it is to achieve big loose curls.

  23. I would ask how to tame the frizz, and how to keep split ends at bay!

  24. Dallas

    I would ask what’s the best way to keep naturally curly hair straight all day?

  25. maria

    I’d ask him what his thoughts are on the no shampoo or “no ‘poo” movements that are going on, and how often he recommends washing one’s hair.

  26. Kaley

    I would love to know some great products to use in the summer to protect hair color.

  27. Ann Marie Shebuski

    What is thenumber one product recommendation for split ends and dead ends in color treated hair (namely RED colors)? Thanks!

  28. Betty

    Hi, what is the best for hair that tangles very easy and is extremely dry.thank you

  29. JudithB

    How can you make damaged hair that has been flat ironed everyday look healthy. I see girls that go from dark to blond and then back still look like their hair is extremly healthy and shiny.

  30. Erica

    I would ask for tips on a cheaper alternative to expensive keratin/Brazilian straightening treatments that will leave my thick, textured hair manageable without blowdrying and flat ironing for hours.

  31. leah

    how do you keep the curl going when you hair stars growing out and getting weighted down? I have an extremely sensitive scalp and everything makes it dry and flaky also so what would you recommend?

  32. Joanne

    I would ask the best way to shape my curls. I have naturally curly hair, but have a hard time getting really defined curls. Thanks!

  33. Mai

    Is it bad to wash your hair everyday?

  34. Eviola

    My question deals with naturally curly hair. Is there any product that can define curls and tame frizz in way that keeps the hair looking natural and without the shiny hardening of gels and mousses but still gives more hold than hairspray? Thank you!

  35. Joanne

    Why are there conditioners that target to volumizing hair if a conditioner is supposed to be applied to the ends of the hair?

  36. My question is What shampoo to use when you have dry, wavy and fizzy hair with dry scalp? Most of the shampoo cater to either one of them.

  37. How to define curls without the use of waxes and silicone in the products.

  38. Heather Marie

    I moved from the West Coast to the East Coast 7 months ago and ever since then, my hair has been very dry and seems to break very easily. I have very fine hair, but a lot of it and have never had this issue before. Obviously I can’t change the weather here or I would hahaha, but is there something differently I can do to my hair or something I can use to help my hair adapt to this new weather that seems to change every month?

  39. Amy

    I’d like to know Harry Josh’s #1 rule for keeping hair (any type) healthy and shiny (e.g. certain foods, deep conditioning)!

  40. Emily

    How can i keep my curls from falling out during the day?

  41. Eviola

    I already submitted a question, but I was wondering how to get the free full size hair care item? I submitted a question on the facebook page but will I get a coupon code or something emailed to me? Thanks :)

  42. Crissy

    I’d ask for an easy way to blowout my hair!

  43. Lisa

    I’d like to know what low-maintenance styles are good for wavy, thick hair.

  44. Gynna

    I would like to know if using those sea salt sprays are bad for your hair!

  45. Melissa

    What is the best routine for dry, color-treated hair after shampooing/conditioning? What products should be used?

  46. Tamika

    I would ask what product is great against protecting straightened hair against humidity.

  47. Jenni

    My question: Is it true that you need to switch out shampoos and conditioners to different products and brands every so often? I heard that your hair can get “used to” the hair products and won’t work as effective in washing your hair!

  48. i asked what the minimum requirement for heat damage protection should be… i hate using excessive amounts of product!

  49. I love how my hair looks after a blow dry, but how do I make it last as long as possible without resorting to a bunch of styling products?

  50. Wen Zhang

    Hi! I’d like to know, is there a shampoo that takes care of dandruff and maintains the hair color? Thank you!

  51. Anna

    How often should you dye hair that is already thin and nt super healthy?

  52. Beth S.

    I would love to ask what products to use on my hair so I can let my hair air dry and not look frizzy!

  53. I would ask him what could I do to make my hair more voluminous without the use of heat.

  54. Jincy

    What are some ways to keep hair beautiful and healthy when using heat tools?

  55. Ashley

    I would like to ask him how to dye dark colored hair without bleaching :]

  56. Shanon

    What is a good shampoo and conditioner that is good for individuals with dry damaged hair that won’t leave alot of build up and weigh hair down?

  57. Lisa

    I would ask him for the best tips for styling curly hair without too much product.

  58. Maria

    My question would be how often should you get your hair trimed? Really want to know :)

  59. Rachel R

    I would love to ask him how to reduce frizzy hair!

  60. Celeste

    what are some ways to protect my hair from the sun?

  61. Sunny

    I would ask how to tame fly aways.

  62. Jarucha

    My question is: If I have thin straight hair that is always colored, how would I keep my hair from becoming limp and weighed down? Is it possible to do something other than blow drying?

  63. Jennifer T.

    If he swears by these products, I would ask what makes these products stand out from all the similar ones on the market :)

  64. Jen

    I’d like to know how often it is recommended to get your ends trimmed to keep hair looking healthy.

  65. Wendy

    How do you get sleek frizz free hair without using too much product?

  66. Holly J.

    How can you still style your hair into different hairstyles without putting heat on it and making it more damaged?

  67. yaeli

    I’d love to know how I should treat my hair differently not only in summer and winter but also in humid of dry days. Thanks!

  68. Lisa Donovan

    I put my hair up in a bun or ponytail everyday. I see a lot of broken hair and thinness. How do I to make my hair healthier but still put it up everyday?

  69. Lissette

    I have very thick wavy hair, therefore I am always looking for products to tame frizz. Ive tried many products but that do help but my ends ALWAYS end up looking dry and unhealthy even after I get my hair cut what do you recommend I do that will help me with this issue?

  70. Donna

    Because I have naturally curly hair and use no styling instruments other than a wide tooth comb and a light product to prevent frizzies. I have found I just don’t have good, lasting results if I do more than that so it’s best to leave it to mother nature.
    However, because I feel like I’m in a bit of a rut with the style of my haircut, I’d love to ask Harry Josh what cuts/styles work best for the curl girls out there :)

  71. Ellen

    I just submitted my question….I have been losing a lot of hair since having my son 5 months ago. Is there anything I can do about it?

  72. Lady Di.

    I would like to know what is the fastest way to straighten long curly hair when you are in a hurry. It seems to take me way too long!

  73. Krystal

    I would ask for the best way to hold curls without them getting crunchy for my fine hair. And also some anti-frizz solutions. :)

  74. Kristy

    I would love to ask him what products work best to hold a curl.

  75. Kate

    How do you tame flyaways and broken hairs without weighing fine hair down?

  76. Emma

    What would be the best haircut for someone with thick, wavy and coarse hair?

  77. Mel

    What would be the best steps to treat very dry/breaking hair (after several bleaching sessions)? I’ve used many expensive treatments for hair but doesn’t seem to work. I’m also taking Biotin pills to help hair/nail restore but so far nothing. Thanks!

  78. Karen

    I’d like to know how to give my hair more fullness but at the same time retain its moisture.

  79. I would love to know what to do if you work out everyday and therefore you need to wash your hair everyday? I know that washing your hair every single day is not beneficial to the health of your hair :)

  80. Lisa

    I would ask Harry what the best way is to prolong a red haircolor, especially for someone with short, very fast-growing hair. I’ve recently colored mine and it’s such a pain to upkeep! I have to color at least once every 4 weeks, so I’m going back to brunette! :(

  81. Aubrey

    I would ask what is the best way to sleep without damaging your hair in the night.

  82. lily

    My hair gets really greasy if I don’t wash it everyday. Is there anything I can do to “retrain” it?

  83. strawberry

    I’d like to ask how I can grow my hair out quicker.

  84. How often should someone with thick but somewhat oily hair shampoo?

  85. Areli Gonzalez

    i would ask, what is the best way to make your hair healthy without having to cit off all of the dry ends?

  86. Chrissy

    I have very coarse, dry, wavy, thick hair that always seems to be frizzy when I air dry or straighten it. What can I do to get rid of the frizz?

  87. Sarah

    I’d ask him about volumizing thinner oil prone hair!!!

  88. Maggie

    I would love to know how to add volume (especially at the roots) to fine, dry hair with oily roots without weighing it down and making it feel dirty with lots of products. Thanks!

  89. Krystle

    I’d ask how to achieve natural looking curls on bone straight hair without heat.

  90. Marian

    I’d ask how you can protect colored hair from summertime damage from sun, wind, swimming, etc.

  91. John

    I’d love to ask what is the point of different treatments, like protein and etc, and why we need hair products with super complicated ingredients when hair itself is completely dead and doesn’t actually interact with any of the ingredients in shampoos, conditioners, treatments, etc… The only part of our hair that’s alive is the actual follicle. I guess protein treatments kind of work like nail polish: they coat a protective layer around a softer, but still dead surface. Then I’d like to ask what ingredients are needed for protein treatments…just the essentials. There’s no point in treating fancy products to dead material.

  92. Jennifer

    What is the best way to give limp hair volume at the roots?

  93. Kylee

    i would ask how to or what product will REALLY naturally bring out tons of curl. if thats possible.

  94. Kayvid

    I would want to know what haircare routine he would suggest for girls with oily roots/scalp but dry mids and ends?

  95. DENISE


  96. Emily

    I want to know the best way to treat color damage on fine hair without weighing it down of making it greasy.

  97. I would ask him “What is your trick or technique in getting voluminous/bouncy hair without teasing or heat?”

  98. Rachel

    how bad actually is dying for your hair

  99. laurenB

    I would ask what the best way to lock in a sleek straight style on humid or rainy days is for us curly-haired girls!

  100. Jessica

    I would ask him how he makes curls hold in straight hair. I can never seem to get them to last!