Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Win It! Fleet Fast, Riviera Life, Soft Sand! ($60 Value)

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To enter & read official rules… 

The approximate value of the grand prize is $60.50. This prize is non-transferable. There are no cash or other substitutes of prizes by winner. Temptalia reserves the right to substitute similar prizes of equal or greater value in the event the above prize is unavailable for any reason. Individual, parent, or legal guardian of the winner is solely responsible for all applicable federal, state and local taxes with respect to the grand prize. Prize will be mailed to the winner’s physical mailing address. Please allow six (6) to eight (8) weeks for delivery.

By entering or accepting the prize in this contest, winner agrees  to be bound by these Official Rules, Terms, and Conditions and to conform to all federal, state and local laws and regulations.

No purchase necessary to enter or win. This contest runs from June 13th, 2012 through July 13th, 2012 at 12:01AM EST.


This contest is open to all participants unless prohibited by their local state/country. Prizes won by minors will be awarded to their parent or legal guardian on their behalf. For reference, the age of majority is 18 years old in the United States, with the exception of Alabama (19), Delaware (19), Mississippi (21), and Nebraska (19). The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Eligible participants are allowed to enter up to one (1) time, as per the section below.

How to Win

One (1) winner will be selected through a random drawing from all eligible entries after contest closes. In the event that the original winner does not meet eligibility requirements or he/she forfeits the prize, the prize may be awarded to the next randomly drawn eligible participant. All entries must be received on or before July 13th, 2012 at 12:01AM EST. The winners will be notified via e-mail or message (as applicable). Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize after initial notification. If winner fails to claim within 48 hours, an alternative winner may be selected.

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795 thoughts on “Win It! Fleet Fast, Riviera Life, Soft Sand! ($60 Value)

  1. Zoey

    Riviera Life Lipglass

  2. saffiremoon21

    That blush is gorgeous!

  3. SatelliteAlice

    Riviera Life

  4. Stephanie

    I’m most excited for the blush! I wanted it, but it was sold out…

  5. Silvana

    I love Fleet Fast Blush!

  6. Alisha1

    I’m excited for Fleet Fast blush!

  7. babebaloo

    fleet blush! also, how do i stop the livefyre thing? every time i enter i receive at least 10 times a day notifications that someone else entered, and to be honest, i hate notifications like that. help?

    •  @babebaloo Hey there, sorry for bombarding you with emails! if you go to your Livefyre settings here and uncheck  “Auto-follow conversations when I leave a comment” you’ll not be automatically following any conversations. You also have option to set your notification preferences to your choice.
      Ping me if you need anything else!

  8. mypolishstash

    I am most excited for the Fleet Fast blush.

  9. Lisa

    Definitely most excited for Fleet Fast!

  10. Definitely most excited about the blush, but all the products look great!

  11. Elizabeth St

    fleet fast blush is my favorite 😀

  12. Kim

    Most excited for Riviera Life!

  13. kaytee88

    I’m most excited for the fleet fast blush, such a pretty colour!

  14. I’m most excited for the Fleet Fast Blush because the color looks like it would look gorgeous on my medium skin tone.

  15. maggers

    Fleet Fast blush looks amazing

  16. shelbypink

    Fleet fast!

  17. naohms

    the blush is amazing! want it!

  18. MegODowd

    Soft Sand Bronzer– I can use all the bronzing I can get.

  19. The blush and bronzer. :)

  20. Natsume

    Riviera Life. <3

  21. GirlieReview

    Soft sand bronzing powder!

  22. angeliquejadore

    I’m excited for the Soft Sand Bronzing Powder! I’ve actually never tried a MAC bronzer before. 

  23. I’m most excited for Fleet Fast blush! 

  24. Luciana Diniz Lima

    soft sand bronzing powder

  25. findingpablo

    Fleet Fast! I’m so hyped I first typed fleet flast!

  26. Emma512

    fleet fast blush :)

  27. Laura J

    I’m most excited for the Fleet Fast blush!

  28. Loraine

    The soft sand bronzing powder is beautiful:)

  29. kay

    soft sand bronzing powder!

  30. Sole

    I picked up Fleet Fast from this collection.  Its a beautiful color on.

  31. Quinctia

    Probably most interested in the bronzer…I’ve been getting into them lately for some reason!

  32. Marian57

    I’m most excited for Riviera Life lipglass.

  33. Kate

    Riviera Life Lipglass

  34. Patricia Couto

    I am most excited for the Fleet Fast Blush!

  35. TanyaTalksALot

    I love the BLUSH! It’s the most amazing color!

  36. loli_ninja

    Fleet Fast and Soft Sand!!

  37. Gretchen

    Riviera Life lipglass!

  38. EricaN

    Most excited for Fleet Fast!

  39. coquis

    Soft Sand Bronzing Powder , just because I am obssesed with blushes!

  40. anna

    i am most exited for soft sand!

  41. coquis

    Soft Sand Bronzing Powder!

  42. Soft Sand Bronzing Powder.

  43. Migotka

    Soft Sand Bronzing Powder looks great! 

  44. sshine0923

    Fleet Fast Blush! Been looking for this everywhere!

  45. Lenora

    most excited for Fleet Fast Blush!

  46. jdr77

    Fleet Fast blush! 

  47. takkitoes

    fleet fast!

  48. Emma

    The fast fleet blush! :) 

  49. tallames

    I’m most excited for the blush! I couldn’t buy it on MAC’s website.

  50. peachtree28

    I’m equally excited for the blush and bronzing powder. The blush is similar to a lot of the colors I own but I’ve never had a MAC blush. I only own the NARS Laguna bronzer so I would love to add another to my collection.

  51. Jenn

    Looking forward to checking out Riviera Life lipglass =D

  52. Lindsey

    Fleet Fast Blush

  53. whitneydonnasmith

    Fleet Fast blush please :)

  54. Omg. That bronzing powder. I really hope I win! Thanks for doing these giveaways, Christine!

  55. I am most excited for Soft Sand Bronzing Powder. I’m in dire need of a new bronzer.

  56. BooBooNinja

    The Fleet Fast blush looks lovely. :)

  57. Amy

    Fleet Fast blush! I have been lusting after this blush ever since the promo pics! 

  58. HT

    I am most excited about Fleet Fast.

  59. PrettyViolets

    Fleet Fast looks so pretty!!!

  60. Ellen1966

    Soft Sand

  61. EllenSparago

    the blush!

  62. Ellie

    That Fleet Fast blush looks amazing!

  63. ye

    Fleet Fast Blush. Thanks! :-)

  64. mustbinsane

    The blush – I need more summer blushes!

  65. JuVino

    Fleet Fast Blush looks really pretty

  66. ye

    Fleet Fast Blush. Thanks :-)

  67. ye

    Fleet Fast Blush. Thanks!

  68. yellowlantern

    Riviera Life gloss!

  69. Fleet Fast Blush. It looks so gorgeous!

  70. tripbargains

    Fleet Fast Blush is the one I would love to try!

  71. Jo T

    I’m most excited for the Fleet Fast Blush! :)

  72. Amanda

    Fleet Fast Blush

  73. stella8d

    Fleet Fast Blush

  74. ada

    I’m excited for Fleet Fast!

  75. threnodynx

    Love that lipglass!!  😀

  76. fabiola

    Thank you for this give away Christine, the blush sounds amazing, but I will be happy with any of this pretty things.

  77. Katesinva

    fast fleet blush – very soft looking!

  78. rosieposie811

    Fleet fast Blush!

  79. mimig323

    fast fleet blush looks beautiful!

  80. Adaya

    Fleet Fast Blush please :) Thank you so much!

  81. Alison S

    I’m most excited for the bronzing powder!

  82. GoferoMakeup

    Fleet Fat Blush is great!

  83. GoferoMakeup

    Fleet Fast Blush is great! :)

  84. HamnahN88

    Fleet Fast Blush!

  85. Jill

    soft sand bronzing powder!

  86. rrcluff

    Looking forward to Riviera lipglass

  87. minimisfit

    Fleet fast blush!

  88. The Fleet Fast Blush looks so beautiful!!!

  89. fabilew09

    I’m most excited for the Fleet Fast Blush but also the other prizes are amazing. Would love to win them :)

  90. micmiller1

    I am most excited for the Fleet Fast blush!

  91. brigittedsm

    I lovelove blushes so definitely Fleet Fast. :)

  92. I’m excited for the blush!

  93. AliciaWebster

    I am most excited for the Fleet Fast Blush !

  94. JoannaLove

    i really want Riviera Life Lipglass! I’ve looked through 3 stores, and still nothing

  95. Becca

    omg, you chose the only 3 products from this launch that I was interested in!!! I’m probably most excited for the Fleet Fast blush though—I LOVE blush!!

  96. joyslovakia

    fleet blush, so gorgeous!

  97. MartaHigginbotham

    Fleet Fast blush

  98. annacristina

    Riviera Life! I’ve been looking for a nice orange/tangerine lipgloss!

  99. Melody

    I’d love to try Soft Sand.  Idk why since I usually shy away from bronzer. 

  100. Hohe

    I’m most excited for Riveria Life lipglass.