Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

This post was sponsored and the prizes are courtesy of State Farm.

Win It! $500 Celebrate Your Unique Style Giveaway

State Farm and Essence Magazine have teamed up together and launched a contest that is a celebration of your unique style. The Celebrate Your Unique Style Contest celebrates State Farm’s belief that each person is unique and that your style should match your agent. The contest is an extension of the Essence music Festival, an annual festival celebrating contemporary African American music and culture. This year’s festival will be held July 6th through 8th in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Superdome–it will be one of the largest gatherings of African American artists in the country.

To enter the Celebrate Your Unique Style Contest, fans must submit a photo showcasing their unique style for a chance to attend the Essence Music Festival with 2 friends, and the winner will also receive a style makeover! The winner will be brought on stage at the music festival and their makeover will be featured online. All entries will be judged by a panel of qualified judges and one winner will be selected. To submit your photo and get more details, check out the Celebrate Your Unique Style Contest. The contest closes on June 7th.

And to celebrate YOUR unique style here on Temptalia, you have a chance to win a prize package valued at $500, which includes these amazing goodies:

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To enter & read official rules… 

The approximate value of the grand prize is $500.00.. This prize is non-transferable. There are no cash or other substitutes of prizes by winner. Temptalia reserves the right to substitute similar prizes of equal or greater value in the event the above prize is unavailable for any reason. Individual, parent, or legal guardian of the winner is solely responsible for all applicable federal, state and local taxes with respect to the grand prize. Prize will be mailed to the winner’s physical mailing address. Please allow six (6) to eight (8) weeks for delivery.

By entering or accepting the prize in this contest, winner agrees  to be bound by these Official Rules, Terms, and Conditions and to conform to all federal, state and local laws and regulations.

No purchase necessary to enter or win. This contest runs from May 22nd, 2012 through June 1st, 2012 at 12:01AM EST.


This contest is open to U.S. residents only unless prohibited by their local state/country. Prizes won by minors will be awarded to their parent or legal guardian on their behalf. For reference, the age of majority is 18 years old in the United States, with the exception of Alabama (19), Delaware (19), Mississippi (21), and Nebraska (19). The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Eligible participants are allowed to enter up to one (1) time, as per the section below.

How to Win

One (1) winner will be selected through a random drawing from all eligible entries after contest closes. In the event that the original winner does not meet eligibility requirements or he/she forfeits the prize, the prize may be awarded to the next randomly drawn eligible participant. All entries must be received on or before June 1st, 2012 at 12:01AM EST. The winners will be notified via e-mail or message (as applicable). Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize after initial notification. If winner fails to claim within 48 hours, an alternative winner may be selected.

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349 thoughts on “Win It! $500 Celebrate Your Unique Style Giveaway!

  1. My Style is unique because I am ME and no one else is ME.  So I could be wearing the exact same thing some model wore on the runway last year but it’s on ME. “I” make my style unique.

  2. Agkelos

    My unique is mostly independent of current trends, but sometimes, if a trend agrees with my sense of aesthetics, I will embrace it! I believe that trends are cyclical, so I never throw away something just because it appears out of season. Who know, it just might come back in the next season! lol!

  3. Silvia

    I love the 80s looks with a bit of the new generation twist. I never follow trends I just do my own that that makes it unique

  4. I like to incorporate unique accessories that I buy from Etsy or other shops that are one-of-a-kind. 

  5. vvs9992003

    I like to dress well even during lazy days in college. I think dressing well and classily makes me feel more confident and powerful.

  6. calidreamin87

    My style is unique because I don’t fit into any particular category. I’m a mush of everything!

  7. My style is unique because I style my hair, makeup, and clothing depending on my mood, without thinking about whether anyone else will like it or not!

  8. WendyOchoa

    My style is unique simply because it is MINE and there’s nobody else out there like me. :)

  9. Kafka

    My style is unique because…. I’m often covered with dog hair?  Joking aside, I follow the colours and looks that make me happy, regardless of whether it’s in fashion at the moment. I think my look is often dramatic and sophisticated,  even if I’m just wearing jeans.

  10. melodyy

    What makes my style unique is that I dress comfortably that matches my style, but add pieces that are trendy too. I have a subdued style that I feel will never go out of style!

  11. Lauren13

    My style is unique because I shop based on what looks good on me, not trends.  I have a good eye for pulling things from far ends of my closet and combining items bought at  completely different times to create an interesting look.  I work in the business world and even in a formal setting, I’m not afraid to push boundaries with fun colors, shoes, nail polish, and makeup.

  12. Por

    My style is unique because it reflects all the facets of my personality, be it fun-loving and quirky or chic and feminine.

  13. Kat R

    My style is unique because I never fail to stay true to myself

  14. puttyrocks12345

    My unique style is funky, fun, I am not outrageous but I am also calm and sweet. I do get out of hand sometimes I love to play around with my make-up and my nail polish this would really be an amazing giveaway to win and it will show off my two sides sweet and funky, Thank for this Amazing Giveaway :) 

  15. ingridbb

    My style is unique because i don’t follow trends, my style is mine and i chenge my style every day

  16. Kimmie T

    I think what makes my style unique is that I do not just shop the trends of what is hot now. I like to pick a few pieces to stay stylish but not overly stylish where I will look back and think “What was I thinking?” I like to think of my style as classic and with my type of body in mind to keep it covered and styish. I like simple things with a little something extra.

  17. NikkiD

    My style is unique because i tend to disregard the weather.  I wear a lot of layers all the time and usually the hotter it is outside the more clothes I pile on.

  18. bmartinez

    My style is unique because I wear what makes me feel good from the inside out. I wear what makes me feel like myself and not depending on what the next fashion statement is. I’m me! :-)

  19. brittany

    my style is unique because i’m always trying to NOT dress like my 7 year old niece, but then manage matching her anyways… :)

  20. Becca

    My style is unique because I don’t dress for the weather (tank tops and flip flops during the winter? Only a California girl…) or the current fashion–but instead, I really dress for comfort (and perhaps a little out of laziness)

  21. Juliana

    My style is unique because I wear sweatpants and don’t care what anybody else says

  22. VJNS

    my style is unique because I’m unique. I don’t always follow trends because they don’t always fit me. I like to do for me what fits my mood on any particular day. At times, my style is no style. I like that when I look back at my pictures, I can say that I’ve always been a bit of a fashion rebel.

  23. Raman H

    My style is unique because I don’t try to be someone I am not.

  24. Paige

    What makes me unique is that I feel like i have the ability to match almost everything with anything

  25. Angelcat47

    My style is unique because I wear what makes me happy….I dress to impress myself!!

  26. Kastehelmi

    My style is unique because I keep an open mind about what to wear–if a friend thinks something will look good on me and it doesn’t appeal to me at first I will still put it on and see what I can do with it. I try to imaintain elegance everything I wear even if it is a bit too worn or “extra eccentric”…And I will always have and wear beautiful dresses (and red lips) as often as possible, even if I have nowhere to go!

  27. I guess my style is unique because I don’t pay attention to trends

  28. KelsiB

    My style is unique because it changes everyday. Whatever mood I’m in reflects what I wear.

  29. sinead391

    My style is unique because with each outfit I wear I add a little personality. It may be gummi bears that makes me feel querky, a ring that i made or something sentimental with heart.  

  30. my style is unique because I do what like as opposed to only following trends.

  31. nlopez8819

    My style is unique because I don’t follow trends I wear what I like and Dress to impress myself and no other. I wear what looks good and what makes me confident.

  32. Staceak

    My style is unique because I wear what I want.

  33. CrystesMom

    What makes my style unique is that I remain true to myself, march to the beat of my own drum, and am  never afraid to experiment (after all, it’s my face and body!). It always cracks me up when I find a “new” look on a blog or in a magazine that I’ve done a year or so before!

  34. Terri

    My style is unique because I am unique.

  35. anne

    i wear stuff that is classy but has some edge to it as well!

  36. Mariana

    What makes my style unique is that 99% of the time I look like a complete bum, lol. Well, a very elegant bum but I don’t go out of my way and get crazy uncomfortable in an effort to look nice. I keep it simple and it works for me!

  37. I don’t wear pieces to please other people; I wear them because I like them.

  38. argeleen

    Adding a touch of sexiness!

  39. Philana

    I stay simple and classy usually, but sometimes mix it up with a little cutesy thrown in.

  40. shipp_amber

    i like to wear a classy piece with a edgy piece.

  41. Dr. Brandt Show Your Summer Glow Set!:D

  42. Lisa Brown

    I wear scarves all year long.

  43. sindhugupta

    i try different things.i dont follow the crowd. that makes my style unique

  44. lizzardspit

    Everyone has a different style. I like to think I’m a bit different because I rock a short white boy cut and mix male and female fashions together on a daily basis.

  45. I like to keep my style simple and classic, but then include an accent piece to really splash it up.  Sometimes it can be a unique shoe, a handbag, or even a dramatic face, but I like to present my style as classical but not conventional.

  46. Mansi

    I love mixing retro and modern styles together and I’m definitely not afraid of colour. :)

  47. abbienguyen25

    I love mixing the modern looks with old vintage pieces. & i think adding a pop of jewelry really makes an outfit

  48. Melanie

    I like simple, classic and relaxed styles!

  49. I make my own handbags, jewelry, accessories and sometimes clothes, so I usually have at least one item on me that no one else has. I also like to mix quirky/cartoony items with classic staples

  50. jeneyg

    My style is mostly simple, but every once in a while i like to go rouge, heh.

  51. Brynn

    My style is simple, comfortable, and affordable

  52. yuju314

    I like simple but edgy!!

  53. ForeverHeather27

    My style is casual for the most part :)

  54. milydred

    I love being very casual…but bold at the same time

  55. AnnaHinojosa

    What makes my style unique is that it could be totally sporty one day, and super classy the other… im so unpredictable :)

  56. MinTz

    I wear whatever I like.

  57. kimWendyy

    My style is casual and a bit preppy :)

  58. duckling

    My style is boho-preppy!

  59. Michelle S

    I like to add a pop of color to my neutral tone outfits

  60. Rachel

    I don’t follow trends & I wear what I want!

  61. Deb

    my style is relaxed but preppy

  62. Samantha B

    I pretty much wear whatever I like, which can be as varied as bright colors or neutrals, or weird patterns, or even typographic tees. :)

  63. Kiana Knost

    Casual with edge

  64. My Style is whatever I like, not always what’s in style or what’s “trending” I like what I like, and dont care if anyone else does.

  65. mmry

    I wear whatever is comfortable and be confident about it!

  66. Amanda

    I wear whatever i like, not whats always in style at the moment

  67. Rachel

    I an unique because I don’t have one style that sticks.  I’m always trying new things.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but that’s what I’m known for doing!

  68. Winnie W

    My style is my own. I wear what makes me feel good and not what other people think is good. 

  69. pinkmariebelle

    I don’t follow trends. I wear only what I like and what is comfortable.

  70. satellitedreamz

    My style is whatever is most flattering and show off my curves. :)

  71. Megan

    I’ll pretty much wear anything that makes me feel happy! :)

  72. hanhanx

    My style depends a lot on what I like. There isn’t one word that can properly describe it (:

  73. Maggie

    what makes my unique style is how I like to experiment! I love to try different colors, combinations, and techniques every time I get ready. Every time that I get ready is a chance for me to try something that I never have before!

  74. xonliux

    i wear clothes that flatter my body shape, but throw in current trends to my semi-casual style :) i don’t like following trends to a “T” so i make it my own  by adding just a touch of it to my outfits

  75. kmags

    I dress like a decrepit old woman trapped in a teen’s body.

  76. jensk129

    my style is unique bcuz i don’t follow trend just style as casual and preppy all the time.

  77. adreamer29

    I have a very casual style, just jeans and t-shirts with some cool sneakers

  78. krisalys87

    My style is unique because it never looks the same! I couldn’t put my style in a category if i wanted to haha!  But confidence makes anything I put together look good.

  79. LeatherFeatherz

    My style is forever changing, from casual jeans and a t-shirt to old hollywoodesque. That’s what I love about the world of fashion and expression.

  80. Nique

    I think what makes my style unique is that I don’t follow popular trends but find pieces that work for my body type and don’t allow “fashion rules” to determine when and how I where them.

  81. Chitra

    My style is very casual and comfortable! I’m not too trendy of a person, I just wear what I like.

  82. Michelle

    My stye is unique because it’s always changing! One day I will be casual, one day girly, one day hipster, etc,etc. I wear what I like!

  83. TheGlamKitty

    I don’t really follow Fashion trends I dress and shop to the beat of my own drum. If it looks cute, color coordinates, is comfortable and reasonably priced i will wear it :D.

  84. tolani

    my style is unique because it is not one dimensional and i like trying new things

  85. rozae

    I love color, it that means its on my eyes, nails or handbag!

  86. DarinDarleen

    I love to wear colorful things with with T-shirts and jeans for casual, neon, and colorful print clothes, bag, and shoes. not follow all trend but always wear thing depend on feeling,  That’s make me unique, I think.

  87. ecfelder

    I never strictly go by what’s “in fashion” or “in season”…I wear whatever it is I like!! I’ll wear neon green in the dead of winter or burnt orange at the beginning of spring. Animal prints, metallics, and purple all year long (because it’s my favorite color!)…I’ll even wear hot pink hair!! I wear whatever my little heart desires!!

  88. Heartsdelight

    My style in unique because I wear what pleases me!

  89. Belinda

    Casual Classic Edgy…  a mash-up really.

  90. Nicole

    I don’t think my style is unique and I don’t feel that I stand out, but I wear what I want to wear and what makes me feel comfortable.  But when it comes to doing my makeup, I don’t care what anyone else thinks it looks like, I do what is fun and makes me happy :)

  91. My style is normally very plain but I love to play up my looks with hairdos or some kind of uniqueness whether it be with boots and a dress, or vest and a dress I like simple but different.

  92. mecka_lee

    My style is unique because i am always evolving. My style today, may not reflect my style tomorrow.. I am always experimenting and changing. Unless I am at home with my baby in mommy clothes 😛

  93. babebaloo

    i like to make vintage pieces more modern! my mom passed away when i was young and i inherited all of clothes from the 60s up to early 90s. i love that no one else has my clothes! the shapes can be dated so i like to have fun with re-purposing fabrics like wearing long skits as dresses to make them more modern!

  94. LeslieGuillory

    I like to use bright bright colors!!! In makeup and clothes and everything!! 😀

  95. allysonrigby

    I guess what makes my style unique is my lack of style. I don’t really pay much attention to what others are wearing or trends so I just stick to what I like. Some days I’m wearing band tshirts and jeans, other days flowered skirts and tights. 

  96. mikki523004

    I love everything from pinup, to band t-shirts, ridiculously girly, boyish, and loud. My style goes a little everywhere but as long as it looks cute on me I will always wear it. My favorite shoes are my burgundy vans, which look cute with dresses as well. I generally wear my hair naturally curly as to not damage it with heat often, but I do generally style it in braid leading to a side chignon. I always love to discover new ideas with my hair(as much as I can with my work being overly conservative) such as a purple tint that only shows up in the light. With my hair being black it looks really nice! I also love my tattoos because I have never seen anyone with the same ones as me, which didn’t really matter to me, but the meaning ended up making them unique. I also love that my style reflects my Latina heritage but my alt style. 

  97. maryyy

    I like to mix girly preppy soft and beachy looks all together in a totally unique and refreshing way.

  98. Jessica

    My style is unique because it changes daily just based on my mood. I’ll wear jeans and a T shirt one day and a dress and heels the next, just because! I actually got made fun of a lot in high school because I’d go from tomboy one day to girly-girl the next day, but I never understood why people cared what I wore. I wear what I want and that’s that!

  99. curlycoolkat

    My style is unique because no one really knows what to expect from me. One day I might go for a more of a business, dressy look while the next day, I’ll come in with sweatpants and a tee shirt! 

  100. Gabrielle23

    My style is unique because I have a very classy, girly, and sophisticated look where I rock pearls! Then at night and on certain days, I whip out the basketball shorts and can go totally tom-boy!