Friday, March 12th, 2010

L'Oreal Book Giveaway

Win It! 100,000 Years of Beauty!

In February, I reviewed 100,000 Years of Beauty, which is a study of beauty through the years commissioned by L’Oreal.  After the excited response from readers, L’Oreal is giving Temptalia readers the chance to win their very own set!  L’Oreal has been kind enough to allow ALL Temptalia readers to win–international, domestic, wherever!   Two winners will be chosen randomly to each win the book series.

  • Prize: Two (2) readers will receive a copy of 100,000 Years of Beauty (retail value of $295)
  • How to win: Leave a comment telling me which part of the 100,000 Years of Beauty are you most excited to read?  The “book” consists of five parts:  Foundations, Civilisations, Confrontations, Globalisation, and Projections.

All entries must be submitted by March 21st, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

Congratulations to K & Kat!

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653 thoughts on “Win It! 100,000 Years of Beauty!

  1. Esther

    i’m most excited by foundations!

  2. cheryl

    I am most excited in reading about foundations!

  3. Mariana

    I´m excited to read about egypt makeup!!!

  4. Kia

    I would like to know about the globalisation

  5. Confrontations of course! (Though all parts sound really interesting!) But this section sounds like it’s going to be about standard beauty and conforming to or rebelling against it. I love provocation and rebellion against society, because it wakes people up and makes them (re)think. Especially in “beauty” this should be a big issue, which I’m curious to read about.

  6. Nina

    I’m most interested in reading Projections. :)

  7. nancy s


  8. Nic

    I think Globalisation would be most interesting. :)

  9. Cherie


  10. Amelie

    I would say the book of Confrontation. I love that era (architecture, fashion, beauty, politics…) and reading books about it.

  11. Kajsa

    NICE giveaway! Would really looove to win! <3
    I'm interested in the Foundations and Globalisation parts, but most Foundations.

  12. i have my eye on this but it’s a bit pricey for me to buy. i would LOVE to win it! woooo!

    i think the confrontations part sound interesting.

  13. Veronica

    The foundations is what really caught me eye, I’m really interested in the origins of beauty.

  14. Karli

    I’m really interested in the Projections book!

  15. Mariella

    The part that I would be more excited to read is civilisations

  16. Nisouri Sananikone

    I’m excited to read about the Projections!! <3

  17. Pau

    definitely the “projections” one, it’s amazing to see how far the beauty science and industry have come, but i think it is far more interesting to see what’s next on their book. besides airbrush makeup and gimmicky stuff like lipgloss with led lights, there must me so much that can be done.

  18. Susie

    PROJECTIONS! I am so excited to see what they are predicting.

    I will definitly check this out even if i don’t win!

  19. Sarah

    I’m actually excited to read Confrontations. That sounds so interesting.

  20. wicked! 😛 “foundations” and “civilisations” are the two that i would pick up first – i’m still researching a “history of makeup” series that i want to do – these would help a lot! lol :)

  21. Rebecca Myklusch

    I am really interested in Globalisation. As the world becomes more and more connected and cultures mesh together, it will be interesting how beauty, products, beauty trends and cutrual views on beauty start to intertwine.

  22. Ivette

    I’m most interested in projections

  23. Steph

    I’m interested in Foundations to read about the origins of beauty.

  24. Cindy

    Yes!! Projections!!

  25. Elysia

    Civilizations! It’s cool to learn what kinds of things that people have used to primp themselves over the years.

  26. Pinky D

    I think foundations would be the most interesting!

  27. traca

    can’t chose b/w foundations and projections…now that i’m thinking about it, it would be cool to see the progression of beauty so the middle 3 wouldn’t be bad either. Forget it, I chose them all.

  28. Joyce

    I’m interested in Projections!

  29. Jenny

    awesome giveaway – thanks so much! I love beauty and I love to read, so this is right up my alley! definitely most excited to read about projections!

  30. Resha

    What a treasure this would be to have. I’m most excited about the “globalisations” part, mainly because it will hopefully explain the makeup habits of certain cultures, and give us a better understanding as to why they do certain things and how they got started.

  31. Bren

    I’m most interested in foundations!

  32. Kylie

    Definitely Foundations!

  33. Really interested in projections, but what i’m most interested in is all the pictures, haha.

  34. Heather H


  35. Liliana

    I am all about the history. so definitely interested in reading “Civilisations”

  36. Kimberly

    very cool!

  37. Christina

    How interesting! I think I’d like to read Confrontations.

  38. Ling

    I’ve loved to read Civilisations. Historical accounts of beauty through the ages sounds amazing interesting.

  39. Kay

    Definetely ‘Civilisations’, it would be interesting to read about beauty in different civilisations

  40. angie

    b/c i’m a HUGE history nerd

  41. Katherine

    Im more interested in Civilisations.

  42. JD

    I’m very interested in Confrontations…beauty has changed so much, and during the classical periods, what was considered to be beautiful changed all the time. It would be cool to see how much those changes have affected what we currently consider to be appealing.

    What an awesome prize for makeup junkies like us!

  43. OHM!
    I really need to win this!
    i’m totally book addicted!

    its very hard to choose, but i think i can’t wait to read the part “civilisations”

  44. Adi

    Wow! What a great prize! Thank you Christine!

    The part of the book that I’m most excited to read is Confrontations!

  45. I’m definitely interested in foundations or projections!

  46. Arduinna4

    Civilisations definately cause i study history and this would be an interesting and unusual addition to my studies. 😀

  47. Dianna

    So hard to choose! I guess probably Modernity/Globalisation b/c I’m completely enamoured with mid-twentieth century makeup application :)

  48. Sally

    Confrontations. I love to the Classical Age when things started to boom and the enlightenment of new ideas!

  49. Brandi

    I would LOVE to read Foundations…love history!

  50. Sarah T

    Foundations – how it all began!

  51. Sylvia

    As an anthropology grad – civilisations for sure!

  52. Sanela

    I’m most excited about reading how beauty has different standards in different -civilisations-, and how it has changed over time.

  53. jessica

    i’m most excited to read foundations! yay

  54. i’d love to read it all, but globalization and the future sound the most interesting :)

  55. Emily

    I’m interested in foundations, because I want to see how the early civilizations did their makeup :)

  56. annie

    definitely globalization…but the entire series appeals to me!

  57. Mindy

    I would be interested in reading civilizations!

  58. Meg

    I am most interested in Confrontations.

  59. The entire book seem to be very interesting,but the Globalisation part seems to be the most interesting:D

  60. Vera

    Confrontations and Projections sound really interesting, although the entire series is probably fascinating.

  61. Sara

    Foundations and Projections.

  62. Cynthia Rodriguez


  63. globalisation! ^__^

  64. I would love to read globalisation…..but I want to read them all!

  65. I would love to read about foundations and how everything came to be. How people were able to formulate such a thing from sheer to full coverage and what the ideology was behind it.

    Thanks for doing this contest, Christine :)

  66. Lauren

    I’m excited to read about “Confrontations”. I can’t even imagine what could possibly have been so “confrontational” about make up! Maybe war paint?

    So excited.

  67. Krissi

    I saw this in the marie claire magazine I think,
    Projections would be very interesting to read!

  68. Jenna

    Globalization looks super interesting!

  69. neet

    Wow! This is great!
    I’m interested in “civilisations” to see how we have evolved. What beauty meant in old days and how we are different now.

  70. Flordeloto

    Wao,I don’t know what which part I would like the most but perhaps the “globalisation”…Thanks for the price!

  71. Vivi

    Prehistory/Foundations, definitely! 😀

  72. Kelly

    Projections! I love the way the entire set looks. Ahhh I can’t wait!

  73. Amy

    I’d love to read Globalisation– I’d love to learn more about cultural similarities and differences for makeup!

  74. Stephanie

    Thanks for the opportunity! I think I would want to read Projections the most.

  75. Jula

    Projections sounds very interesting. I am curious to see what beauty trends are to come!

  76. Sherie

    i really want to know more about foundation which i think is the most important for makeup

  77. Mirna

    The book that I would be most excited to read would be Globalisation. Beauty has a different definition in lots of different countries and it would be fascinating to learn about that!

  78. sonia

    Foundations of course :-) I’d love to be able to read it all tough!

  79. Civilizations! The Globalization section also seems pretty interesting. :)

  80. I’m most interested in reading the Civilisations :)

  81. Lina

    I’m most excited about the civilizations part!

  82. Sasha

    I am most interested in the Projections! Definitely makes me wonder about the future of beauty.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. Diana

    Foundations!! Thanks Christine your awesome.

  84. Lauren

    I am looking forward to the “Projections” part of the book because a lot of makeup has basically kept the same formula over the past century or two and I would like to know the stance experts in beauty have on the future of the cosmetic industry!

  85. eblu

    I think confrontations would be the most interesting. It’s always exciting to see how confrontations arise and how they’re resolved in the end. I’m always surprised by the innovative solutions that people come up with to solve problems.

  86. kaaren


  87. Tiffany S.

    I am most interested in Projections! =D

  88. Megan Anderson

    My favorite feature in any magazine/publication is a feature on global beauty. To me there is nothing more interesting than the global flow of ideas, and what is trendy where.

  89. Working in the beauty industry I’m having a hard time deciding which I’m most interested in! As a professional, probably the Projections, but personally the Foundations is seductive.

  90. Mallory

    I’m excited to read Civilizations. I think this part will have the most information about how makeup began to impact society and culture.

  91. Lena

    I’m interested in foundations!

  92. Lulee

    I am interested in civilizations!

  93. Katy

    projections look very interesting. the future seems really cool

  94. maguire

    definitely one of the earlier installations, like “foundations.” i think it’s fascinating to see what the ideal of beauty was thousands of years ago.

  95. Andreita

    Definetly foundations…I want to know who started this fascinating thing!!!

  96. Betty

    I am very interested in reading foundations!

  97. JillyB

    I would love to read the Civilizations part of the book. Probably read that first and then the rest. I’m sure it’s all good.

  98. Lisa

    I am interested in projections!!

  99. Sheena

    Ooh, hard to pick, but I think Foundations!

  100. I think Civilizations would be the most interesting! How did most cultures use/view the use of makeup? Very cool.