Friday, March 12th, 2010

L'Oreal Book Giveaway

Win It! 100,000 Years of Beauty!

In February, I reviewed 100,000 Years of Beauty, which is a study of beauty through the years commissioned by L’Oreal.  After the excited response from readers, L’Oreal is giving Temptalia readers the chance to win their very own set!  L’Oreal has been kind enough to allow ALL Temptalia readers to win–international, domestic, wherever!   Two winners will be chosen randomly to each win the book series.

  • Prize: Two (2) readers will receive a copy of 100,000 Years of Beauty (retail value of $295)
  • How to win: Leave a comment telling me which part of the 100,000 Years of Beauty are you most excited to read?  The “book” consists of five parts:  Foundations, Civilisations, Confrontations, Globalisation, and Projections.

All entries must be submitted by March 21st, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

Congratulations to K & Kat!

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653 thoughts on “Win It! 100,000 Years of Beauty!

  1. OMG this is so cool!

    Definitely most interested in Projections. 😀

  2. Saki

    ’Foundations’ seem really interesting…histories of things have always fascinated me.

  3. i’m excited to read about globalisation. I’d love to find out how various cultures have inspired others in makeup =]

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  4. Amanda

    I would love to read all parts of this, but probably most interested in Projections!

  5. Melissa

    I’m most excited to read Globalisatio!

  6. im most excited to read the foundations book =D
    xoxo Susie

  7. Helen

    I’m most excited to read the Globalisation part.

  8. Hi,
    I would love to be able to read the Projections Part.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  9. K

    Wow this is amazing! I think I’d be most excited to check out the “Globalisation” book!

  10. Emilie

    I’m interested in confrontations.

  11. Macaddict

    Oh WOW!!!!!!
    I have seen this book on the Sephora website! I ahve wanted it since reading your review of it on Temptalia!
    I am most particularly interrested to learn about the evolution of beauty through times, cultures, civilizations. How our definition/ideals of what is beautiful/ugly has changed over time for various reasons.
    What a wonderful prize! 😀

  12. himali

    Wow was the first thought that came to my mind when I read about the book on your blog, I was fascinated by the especially the foundations history and beauty defined over the years and lastly feasting my eyes on the beautiful pictures is what i would look most forward to! thank you for sharing this gem with us..i love this blog :)

  13. rose

    civilisations, but all of it 100%

  14. Li Ming Liew is a tie between Globalisation and Projections

  15. ashley

    Projections!! This is so neat :)

  16. I do not discriminate. I would love to read the history through all the ages. Less interested in the stuff on globalization, or the future of beauty. I want to read about prehistoric foundation, renaissance era cork cheek plumpers, the evolution of the “proper” female archetype, and find out how mascara evolved! I really really hope I get this! I DESPERATELY need new reading material, and this would be a nice companion to some of the other literature I’ve been thumbing through lately.

  17. Macaddict

    Well, I guess I wasn’t concise enough in replying to the question: I am most interersted inthe civilization book/part. Sorry…

  18. Tanja

    The books look so great! I am most curious about the PROJECTIONS part.

  19. Mandy

    I’m a history buff, so this prize would be so exciting to learn of all the civilizations involvement with makeup!

  20. i really want to read about foundations ! for any good look you need a good base so i would love to see how they have changed over the years !

  21. Ashlee

    Ohh foundations!!

  22. Justred

    I’m most excited to see how they handled the topic of beauty in Confrontations.

  23. Ada

    0.0 For me its definately the civilizations book…i’m such a sucker for history and how one thing effects another^^

  24. sukaina

    i think Projections will be the most excited for me :)

  25. Isheeta


  26. Kristen

    Confrontations would be cool to read

  27. Suhayl

    Most definitely Foundations! To know the history of painting faces and giving face, makes for unbelieveable inspiration!

  28. beatriz

    I think the whole set would be super interesting. Projections would be a hoot to read! not only do I like to practice “beauty” but being knowledgable about beauty is very interesting to me! We can have it all – looks and brains :)

  29. Leah

    I would love to just read the whole thing!

  30. Stacie N.

    Definitely Projections. I am eager to see where the beauty industry is headed in the next 10-20 years.

  31. Farida

    I would love to read all of them. I am obsessed with make up so the more I read, the more knowledge I gain.
    Thanks for this! :)

  32. Rebecca

    Globalisation sounds really interesting!

  33. tremorviolet

    Interesting, it looks like the individual book titles have changes since you reviewed it. I’m most interested in Globilization and how how beauty has changed and been influenced by different cultures.

  34. Veronica

    I would love to read the whole book but looking forward to starting it all off with the Foundations.

  35. Julie

    I am most excited to read civilisations! Would love to win – I’m a huge booklover

  36. CIVILIZATIONS! Yes, that’s the part of history which I like most!

  37. Casey

    Wow…how fun! I am most interested in reading “Globalisation” & “Projections”!!

  38. Adelina Tomescu

    Hello! I am very excited to see that there is a new contest here!
    I would be so happy to win! I think I would deffinately love to read the Civillisations part! It seems really interesting but they are all lovely!

  39. Sara

    Oooh, Confrontations for me.

  40. Kathleen

    I am very interested in reading globalization!!!

  41. Christen

    I’m most interested in the globalization and projections part. I want to see how beauty is regarded around the world and as a budding makeup artist, what is to come!

  42. Shannon

    Foundations sounds really interesting- I’d love to learn more about how humans first developed beauty concepts and the first cosmetic materials.

  43. Kim

    witout a doubt “projections” i think would be the most interesting. What we know about the past doesnt change much, but the future is constantly evolving and changing. It will also be fun to look back on the books and see how the projections panned out.

  44. Jennifer

    “Foundations” intrigues me the most. So often in nature the male of a species is the one displaying his colors to catch a potential mate’s attention. As for humans, it’s fallen upon females to make themselves up. Sure, today we use makeup to please ourselves, but who can deny that they don’t want to look good for their partner? Seems the metrosexual male should have existed long ago!

  45. Civilisations!

    That seems like it will be really interesting.

  46. MakeupGalore

    I am excited to read the book on civilisations. How anything evoles has always peeked my intrest. Great idea!! Take a breather from all the studying..

  47. cheerie

    I’m trying to build a collection of beauty and fashion related books! I definitely would check out Civilisations! I love reading up on them and to have beauty in the mix would be really interesting!

  48. evo

    interested in projections!

  49. Kelly

    I am most interested in the civilisations volume. I have always been fascinated with different cultures and history, especially greek and egyptian civilizations.

  50. I’m most interested in Civilisations!

  51. Yukie

    I’m most excited about “civilisations”

  52. Courtney Rader

    This is so interesting! I am most interested in Civilisations.

  53. AlyxVeee

    Globalisation for sure, but they all seem fascinating :)

  54. Lana

    I’d love to read all 5 :) confrontations sounds interesting…

  55. nicole

    civilization! omg i want to see the transitions of makeup cause i tend to do old school kinda stuff for school plays and such 😀 i wanna win pweaaseeee :)

  56. Amanda

    Foundations seems really interesting!

  57. Torrie Mckeague

    I’m super excited to read the “Foundations” portion because every good thing begins with a good foundation!

  58. Keke

    I’d like to read Confrontations. Fun contest!

  59. Valerie

    Difficult decision, but I think I’m most interested in Foundations

  60. Jessica

    I am most exicted to read “Foundations” – I’m always interested in how things come about.

  61. Jane

    I’m definitely most interested in Globalisation! I grew up in many countries as a kid, and the differences and similarities in people’s perceptions of beauty is fascinating.

  62. Rashdent

    Most interested in Civilisations !!!

  63. gaby

    I´m really excited about the projections chapter, which i suppose talks about future developments in beuty. Imagine all the things we´ll be able to do!

  64. Jessica

    I’m most interested in foundations:)

  65. michelle

    i’m a huge history junkie so i would love to read civilizations book

    gah these books are amazing!

  66. Alaina

    DEFINITELY foundations. I love the pun 😉

  67. Connie

    I’m probably most interested in Globalisation, although I’m sure all of them are amazing!

  68. wvc75

    I am most exicited about the projections I an dying to see what loreal forecasts for the future of makeup will be!!!!!!

  69. Wow, I am so longing for this book(s). Civilization definitely has my eye, though!

  70. Alix

    Civilisations, I think. I’d love to read about cosmetic use among early peoples. I’d love to read all five delicious volumes!

  71. Alexandra

    I would like to read “Confrontations.” I have seen plenty of them out there, but would like to see how confrontations relate to the world of beauty.

  72. Megan

    OMG what a great prize!!! I am most interested in reading the “Civilisations” section! It is related to my field of study!

  73. linda

    These books look Really wonderful,
    I am eagerly anticipating them all –
    so hard to choose just one! LOL
    Ok, Confrontations it is :)

  74. Anitacska

    Civilisations. Very exciting, thanks for the opportunity to own this.

  75. Jennifer

    Definitely civilizations. Sounds awesome.

  76. rose

    Amazing collection! I would love to see Civilizations to learn about the different ways makeup was created/developed from a cultural perspective.

  77. Amanda

    I really want to read foundations!

  78. Tamara

    really interested in confrontations. would LOVE this whole set. i’ve been wanting it since i heard about it.

  79. Aisha


    I think the whole thing would be so interesting to read. I would be most excited about Projections ^^

  80. ilexica

    That’s a very good question. I’m a social scientist by trade (I’m a political scientist in my day job – although my research is on European political economy rather than makeup, snore!) so this set of books seem right up my alley. I’m an horrendous snob about the quality of research and from what I have seen of the previews, the authors have taken this project (beautifully) seriously. I think bearing in mind my academic predilections, I’d be most interested in the globalisation book. One of my major interests is how geographical identities are formed and why it is we self-define as being part of a particular region and culture. I guess our facial appearance is a fairly fundamental part of that and I’d like to know how the global media is changing cultural ideas of beauty :)

    Plus, the pictures look way better than the books I usually read!

  81. kpenn09

    “Civilisations” sounds really cool!

  82. Christina

    I’m super excited to read “Globalisation!” This is such an awesome contest!

  83. Naomi

    Hmmmm, torn between Civilisations and Projections. – old and new- but If I have to choose….. Civilisations


  84. spiff

    I’m excited in reading “Civilizations”!!

  85. WANTTT! I’m interested in Civilizations.

  86. After reading your review I am very very interested in reading all of them (being an independent MUA), but I’d gave to say I am most interested in reading civilisations.

  87. Omg so exciting!! ‘Civilisations’ is definitely something I’d love to read up on!

  88. Diana Keplinger

    I’m really interested in the Foundation part of this series! I want to learn more about how everything started and how Beauty took off and became something that everyone sees everyday

  89. abril

    I’m definetly interested in Globalisation!

  90. Ingrid

    I’m definitely most interested in reading, sleeping and probably eating the part about Civilisations :)

  91. Definitely Foundations. The origin of modern day things are always fascinating.

  92. Kristine

    Love this! I would love to read all of this, but Civilisations would intrigue me the most.

  93. Cindy

    Projections, definitely!!

    Although it’s neat to look back and look at past trends, influences, originas and how beauty was constructed in various societies, I’m interested in seeing where things will grow, and where they’ll go.

    Beauty is a relection of the culture that birthed it and the cultural and social influences of its time. It’s intriguing to hypothesize how our current political, economic, ecological interests will play out in the beauty-sphere.

  94. purple

    interested in projections!

  95. anne

    civilisations seems interesting to me!

  96. Oh, what a great giveaway! I would love to read Globalisation.

  97. Sarah

    I’m pretty interested in Confrontations =)

    i noticed the book titles have changed since your original review. Do you know why that is?

  98. Nicole


  99. Christina

    I would most definitely want to read the whole series, but if I had to choose: Globalization.