Monday, October 11th, 2010


Win GO SMiLE Speed Whitening System!

GO SMiLE is giving Temptalia readers an exclusive discount from today until Friday the 15th! Use code TEMPT20 to save 20% off!

Plus, one (1) lucky winner will win GO SMiLE Speed Whitening System ($99), Touch Up ampoules in Green Apple ($10), and Green Apple Toothpaste ($16). (Retail value $26!)

Congratulations to Britney T.!

RULES: All entries must be submitted by October 18th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to U.S. readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Two Ways to Win

You can do one, the other, or both to maximize your chances of winning…

1.) Leave a comment on this blog post tell me what you can’t stop eating/drinking that stain your teeth!

2.) Follow me on Twitter & tweet the following: Follow @temptalia & RT to win a GO SMiLE System! Info + one more way to win:

Thanks to GO SMiLE for their generosity to help us celebrate our 4-year anniversary!

Product & Review FAQ

Who is eligible for this contest?

U.S. readers only, pursuant to your local country/state laws.

How will the winner be notified?

Via email or Twitter (depending on who wins).

How will the winner be chosen?


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513 thoughts on “Win GO SMiLE Speed Whitening System!

  1. Maeve

    Something red, to contrast with my bright white teeth!

  2. Lady Di.

    I would pair it with MAC Heartless!

  3. tpzhearts

    mac viva glam cyndi

  4. Curry! I can’t get enough of it.

  5. natalia

    coffee of course!

  6. i drink a lot of tea lol

  7. chloedid

    I simply cannot stop drinking black tea to save my life!

  8. Ashley

    Spicy foods. I love spicy foods and iced coffee.

  9. Jenn

    I’ve already refrained from drink coffee/soda to avoid staining my teeth, haha.

  10. Crystal

    I’m a huge coffee addict, well I am down to two cups a day from four so the damage is done but I’d love to get this so that I can get my bright white smile back!

  11. Kalex

    Coffee in the morning and red wine in the evening.

    I have an infant son who wakes up at 5 so the a.m coffee is a must and with 4 kids total the wine is necessary in the evening!

  12. Hana

    I love my strong, black tea too much to give it up … and don’t my teeth know it lol XD

  13. Kelsey

    I can’t stop drinking tea…!

  14. i can’t stop drinking orange vitamin water. it stains the plugs on my teeth that are for invisalign

  15. emiliajayne

    the two C’s and the T:
    coffee, curry, and tea.
    im addicted.
    LOVE the stuff, hate what it does to my teeth! can never brush enough! :(

  16. Yenny V

    Cranberry juice. Omg, I love it but it’s not good for my teeth..

  17. Lilly

    coffee & tea

  18. Lily L.

    I’m a huge soda and tea drinker! Maybe I should start using straws :O

  19. Ter aka bobbysgeel

    Red wine!

  20. Bailey


  21. Trista

    Coffee.. I. can’t. stop.

  22. Sally

    Coffee for sure!

  23. Anna

    Tea, and Berries. Lots and lots of berries. 😛

  24. Emily

    I can’t stop drinking Diet Coke! I am so addicted!

  25. I am addicted to iced tea!

  26. Brittani

    I am a huge soda and coffee drinker :(

  27. amy p.

    Pop! I am addicted haha

  28. holly

    im a total tea fanatic and it def. shows on my teeth =[

  29. Jen

    Coffee and Diet soda – Pepsi and Dr Pepper in particular!

  30. Shannon

    Coffee/tea! Almost daily! I need this!

  31. Martina

    pop corns. i’m such a huge fan of pop corns, i do them every time i watch a movie, the only thing is that they stick on the teeth and never go away!!!

  32. Grace

    Tea! My boyfriend and I drink at least three cups a day…which sounds a little obsessive now that I say it out loud :)

  33. Shannon

    Soda, Soda, Soda – Coke Zero to be more specific!

  34. Megan

    I can’t stop drinking coffee and red wine!

  35. Dimitra

    cappuccino with caramel!!!!! <3

  36. Barb

    Easy, coffee!

  37. Angila

    Coffee!!!! I am an addict! =0)

  38. Molly

    Tea! At least it’s better for you than coffee.

  39. lynnsey

    I am a hopeless coffee addict. Iced or hot, makes no difference! :)

  40. kat

    Oh god, I am a total black coffee addict. It’s not just the caffeine either, I love the taste.

  41. Leti

    Definitely, coffee!!!!!!!

  42. Melissa (divinem)

    Iced tea — the BANE of my existence! I wear a plum-brown lipstick (MAC’s Hold the Pose) to offset the yellow. It still gives my lips a little color but doesn’t attract attention to my teeth. My teeth are too sensitive for regular whitening systems, so I’ve not been able to do anything about it besides GO SMILE ampules & toothpaste. Love this stuff!

  43. Madison

    I can’t stop drinking Green tea and COFFEE for the life of me! lol

  44. Kelly Marie

    I can’t stop drinking coffee!! I know it’s terrible for my teeth, but it keeps me going during those 20-hour days!

  45. Rachel

    I can’t stop drinking coffee, even though I know it’s horrible for my teeth :/

  46. saku

    I love tea so I can’t stop, lol.

  47. Anja

    I drink a ton of black tea!

  48. Coffee and tea omg…

  49. Tiffanie


  50. ~Megan~

    tea!!! candy! li hi mui!

  51. lo

    i love my coffee and tea! i have at least one mug of each every day.

  52. Caitlin W

    For me, it’s coffee!

  53. Mickee

    Tea it’s my weakness; chair, green, black, hot, cold. Lol I love it

  54. Miki

    I can’t stop drinking iced coffee!

  55. I’m a mom, so I drink a lot of coffee!

  56. Leah

    coffee and tea! eek!

  57. Lilacs

    My biggest weakness….black coffee in the mornings and late afternoons, and espresso after dinner. My second biggest weakness….red wine in the evenings. So bad for white teeth.

  58. Tiffany

    definitely soda… 😛

  59. Becca

    I drink coffee all the time and it stains like nobody’s business!

  60. Ali

    I cant stop drinking pakistani chai! yummm…..!
    actually Im sipping on some now

  61. Nadine

    Richly colored fruits like berries!

  62. Bobbi

    Coffee!! Being in graduate school means very little sleep for me and coffee is the only thing that gets me started in the morning!

  63. Orietta

    I cannot stop drinking sweet tea!

  64. Kathryn

    I love blueberry blackberry juice at breakfast and it is very dark purple/blue!

  65. PAOLA

    I just love coffee and a cigarette(just one)in the morning

  66. Kristen

    Coffee… XD

  67. Zoe

    Anything with tomato! Especially v8!

  68. Virginia

    I can’t give up the cappuccinos.

  69. Jennifer

    I’d stop drinking soda.

  70. Kristine

    Coffee. It’s a love/hate thing.

  71. Anna Phylactyc

    Red wine- purple teeth are not cute!

    Thanks for the contest!

  72. Whittney

    I cannot get enough of my french pressed coffee in the mornings… My teeth have certainly had enough though!! :)

  73. Stephanie

    Coke Zero. It really is a case of taste infringement!

  74. Johnathan

    coffee, for sure.

  75. Whitney

    Soda! I absolutely love Coca-cola!

  76. Nicole

    DIET COKE!!!

  77. Coffee and dr. pepper!

  78. Kristin T

    Peach Iced Tea!

  79. courtney

    coffee! i love it!

  80. Neela

    tea! i’ll never give it up!

  81. Beryl

    Coffee. I drink it everyday.

  82. Joy

    Tea (I’m not a huge coffee drinker, thankfully!)

  83. catrienna

    coffee, no doubt

  84. Katie

    Actually, I don’t know! I don’t drink coffee, soda, or tea! I’m trying to figure out the source of my teeth staining, so I would love this nonetheless.

  85. Madalyn M.