Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Win Glowology The Balm!

The Balm ($24.00) is a thick, creamy moisturizer designed to keep your hands and feet at their best. It contains organic shea butter, sunflower oil, as well as a blend of extracts like lemon and sugar cane. It’s sweetly scented, and it feels luxurious on dry, cracked skin.

We’re giving away ten (10) Glowology The Balms! Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling us why you want to win. All entries must be submitted by March 20th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is only open to U.S. readers only, sorry!

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186 thoughts on “Win Glowology The Balm for Hands & Feet!

  1. Caramel

    I’d love to win this b/c I travel a lot during the summer to dry areas that really take a toll on my feet. I cannot stand dry feet in flip-flops, but in such hot weather they’re all I can wear! Sometimes it’s truly embarrassing :/

  2. temi

    Pls pick me.The winter has left my hands and feet horribly dry and i want to get them nice and perfect for summer.Yay summer!

  3. Nars

    My eczema is killing my hands- they look like an 80-year-old lady’s hands :( I would love to use some good moisturizer! following you on twitter – narifertiti

  4. I’d love to win because my feet could really use a nice treat!

    twitter: dreamingmuse

  5. Victoria

    i want to win!! my hands and feet refuse to get soft and smooth T_T

  6. kristen

    I’d like to win because I’ve never heard of this brand and love trying new things!

  7. Liz

    I’d love to win; my cracked feet will thank you. :)

  8. sej

    I would love to win because I get hopeful everytime you have a contest and I never actually do win. =(

    RSS and Twitter: Itzastar

  9. Brittany K

    I would love to win this because my skin is always soo dry!

    I’m following you on RSS and My Twitter is Brittkling.

  10. lmnmakeup

    I would love to win because I have never found a moisturizer or balm that actually helps to really intensively moisturize my hands and feet. They’re usually very dry because they’re the mostxposed parts of my body.

  11. Ricci Bell


    I love to pamper my feet .. Id love to try this its looks divine!

  12. I would love to win this – my hands and feet get so dry in the winter, and then riding my bike in the summer leaves my cuticles cracked and dry – there’s no escape!

    Plus, maybe if I got something that works really well I can convince my boyfriend to use it on his dry cracked hands sometimes :)

  13. Amanda

    I’m newly obsessed with body balms and butters…. I would looove to try this one!

  14. Samantha

    What better way to start the summer with soft feet. Nothing is wrong with me sandal ready…
    twitter PatronPrincess
    RSS in google reader

  15. sublime

    I want to win because this sounds like it will help me get summer ready legs – so glowy!

  16. KyaLyn

    OMG! I’ve just been searching for something for my hands and feet. They are sooo dry and itchy right now. I would love to win and find a new product that will help out.

    Twitter: KyaLyn

  17. Tanya

    I would love to win because I am on a self imposed budget and winning something this yummy and fun would totally rock

  18. Anna

    I would love to win this because, even though I don’t usually use hand creams, this post made me realize how grossly dry they are xP .

    twitter: weeping_angel

  19. Heather

    I want to win because i have been searching for the ideal hand cream and haven’t found one

  20. msviolet

    I NEED to win! I live in a desert and the air is so dry for us this time of year. My hands and feeties would thank you!

    mzviolet on twitter

  21. Karina

    I would love to win please,
    My skin is always soo dry!!!

  22. Mikki

    Poor me! I’m a Dutchy.

  23. Luciana Lima

    I want to get my hands and feet on that cream!
    twitter: lucianadl

  24. Kirstin

    Oooh sounds lovely! I’d love to win this since my poor feet are tired with all my dance classes.

    I’m subscribed to the RSS & follow on Twitter (kirstinkthx)

  25. I would love to win this because I am a runner and my feet take quite a beating. Plus the lemon and sugar cane sound yummy!

  26. oh and I’m mandypantsruns on twitter

  27. kat

    Because I LOVEEEE the balm and I can’t buy it in this city :(! ALso, I am a syper hardcore work-outer. I’m training for the marathon and beating the crap out of my feat in particular… they need some lovin!! I work out 6/7 days a week and they don’t even get a chance to recouprate the poor things!!

  28. Kat

    I would love to win! I have extremely dry skin and I’m moving to Chicago soon (hello windburn) and am looking for some mega moisture.

  29. Myxa

    I want to win because I LOVE LOVE LOVE shea butter, and would love to try this product.

  30. missobtuse

    I want to win cause my skin is so dry and i cant get nice products like that in my town. (unless i sell my soul for shipping)

  31. Nicole15

    please, please, please pick me. i want to win so i can cure my dry skin woes.

  32. Isabel

    I would like to win because I suffer from really dry hands and feet and it drives me nuts! :(

    twitter: izzy728

  33. aaj83

    b/c i have VERY VERY drrrry skin which makes me crazy!!!

    twitter: aaj83
    email: already subscribed

  34. Naz

    I’d like to win this cause I like to keep my hands and feet looking best!

  35. I’d love to win. I have awful dry skin and am in need of some moisturizer! 😀

    Twitter username: Kajitsu
    Follow RSS through email.

  36. cloudburst

    I have the dryest hand around…it would be great to try a new cream!

  37. George

    I would love to win because I am always on the lookout for new moisturizers =)

  38. Faiza

    I would love to win because as a stay at home wife I am running around all day resulting in dry hands and feet that are cracked.

  39. I would love to win. I always have issues with dry skin so I’m constantly on the lookout for the best products.

  40. This will be great for my hands. I’m always washing my hands, and it gets really dry afterwards. Definitely can use this to get some moisture back.

    Twitter: yummiebitez

  41. Melody

    I would love to win this.. My feets are rough and I’ve tried so many different products.
    Pick me please
    Twitter Id: Melodycosmo
    I also recieve the daily feed

  42. Hei

    I really want this! Its summer and I need to take care of my hands and feet! Its time to show some skin

  43. I would really appreciate winning this balm. I am constantly washing my hands, as a matter of fact I wash them so much they crack open and bleed becasue they get so dry. This product seems like it would really help. I have yet to find a cream that moisturizes really really well. Please, please, please let me win this! Thank you for doing the giveaways!
    Twitter: makeupgirl513

  44. Dee

    I’d love to win because eczema is messing with my hands, and it’s made my left foot look a mess. I find that super moisturized lotions work best, so Please Pick Me :)

  45. i need to win bc my feet are in dire need of help!

  46. Young

    Id love to win, I work with clothes, its so dusty and my hands are extremely dry and rough!

  47. Ji

    I would really appreciate this! Im an artist which means I’m using my hands at all times! I can never get a manicure! This would be a great compromise.

  48. Lina

    This looks nice. My poor feet could use some care.

  49. Meghan

    I would like to win this because I would love to have a nice, thick moisturizer for my hands and feet.

  50. J

    I need this so bad!

  51. I would love to win this because my hands and feet need some moisture!!!
    twitter: Sanniet
    RSS: already subscribed

  52. I would like to win because I always have dry hands and feet. I am constantly putting on lotion throughout the to keep my hands satisfied.

    Twitter: PK_Cupcakes
    I am RSSed

  53. I would love to win because I’m pregnant, and it’s making my hands SO dry right now

  54. Oh, and I follow you on twitter– erincharp

  55. Vanessa S

    I want to win because the winter weather in NY always leaves my hands and feet so cracked and dry…Thanks!!!!

    Twitter ID- VanessasSecret4

  56. mich

    i wanna win cause im broke and this looks soothing for my hands and feet!

    twitter – teasecake

  57. Susana Nava

    Choose me because I havent gotten a professional manicure or pedicure in ages! (hands and feet are not looking nice)

  58. junjihyun

    i want to win because I don’t have any lip balms

  59. Jackie

    My heels are terribly cracked and I’ve found nothing that works to heal and relieve them. I hope this works–that’s why I want to win!!!

  60. hyegyosong

    I would love to win the balm for hands and feet because I travel a lot!!

  61. Arness

    This would be a godsend to my dry feet. i spend the summer wearing socks to bed at night, trying to keep them moisturized.

  62. Arness

    same username on Twitter
    subscribed to RSS

  63. I’d love to win this because I’m constantly washing my hands and they’re so dry! I’ve never tried this balm before and I’d love to.

  64. Nadine

    I want to win because my winter skin is desperate for moisturization!

  65. adrian

    my skin is so dry & itchy that I desparately need something.

  66. Jollene

    Man winter made my skin horrible. I gotta get ready for the warm weather. I would love to win!

  67. Vanessa

    I would love to win The Balm for hands and feet.. My hands tend to get dry because I’m ALWAYS washing them! My feet would love this after the winter as well! : ]

  68. phuong k

    christine, i want to win this because my hands are always so dry and it looks horrible!

  69. Danielle

    I clean up after my sisters and mother till my hands are raw and dry. I spend so much time on my aching feet and get so little appreciation. I could really use a good hand/foot cream. I’m only 18 and my hands look like that of a lifelong dishwasher and house maid T_T

  70. Courtney

    I’d love to win because my skin has been SOOOO dry this winter, I don’t know how I will ever get it back to normal!

  71. My mom loves hand lotions, but she uses the smelliest crap, so I’d love to give her this and have her smelling yummy instead of synthetic-y. xD

  72. Jessica

    I’d like to win this because this winter has pretty much destroyed the skin on my hands and feet! They are already prone to dryness – even the soap in my school’s bathrooms messes up my hands, and my heels are almost always flaky. Nothing I have around the house has helped, and I’m always looking for new options.

    twitter: onionpixy

  73. taniat

    my hands are in desperate need of this.
    twitter: greentaffy2

  74. Sasha

    I’d love to win! This would be great to keep my hands and feet looking good until the warmer months.

    xlovechild on Twitter & subscribed via email

    Thanks =)

  75. heather t.

    I want to win. The Balm is such a good brand! Their concealer is really good.
    twitter: twtrheather

  76. Whitney

    My feet need some of this balm.
    Twitter: Wch123

  77. Ashley

    My skin is very dry and I’ve been trying to find something new to fix it =) I would love this.

  78. Wow, this is perfect timing. I was just looking at some the Balm products and love that they are natural and eco-friendly. I hope that this is the first product I can try of theirs!


  79. babibob

    hi :)

    i want to win Glowology The Balm because i have extremely dry hands and feet =((!!

    needs it ><!

    thanks =)

  80. i would love to get my feet back in shape in time for spring and summer sandals! 😉
    twitter; xkhaotik

  81. Mary Thi

    I would like to win because although the weather is warming up, my skin feels like leather…not pretty. Thanks

  82. Amy

    I would love to win because I am always searching for the perfect fot pampering product. I have read a lot about Noodle and Boo and never tried any of their products yet.

  83. Mari

    Please pick me b-cuz I never tried this brand and would love to try it out.

  84. Tiffany

    i want to win because i would love to try this product! :)

  85. Jessica

    Since Colorado is so dry and I am now pregnant I feel like every part of my body is dry. I usually wear flip flops when I can and my feet are even more dry. I would love to win any great product that can help with my extensive dry hands and feet due to weather and pregnancy! =)

  86. omg me!
    twitter: heylivhey
    im subbed on the email thing :]

  87. ugh my hands are definitely cracking and bleeding right now O_O

  88. Janet

    My skin has been so dry lately! Thanks for this giveaway opportunity!

  89. Sash

    I’d love to win this because my feet are in desperate need of care! They look horrible!!! This would be great, especially since summer is around the corner. I usually refrain from wearing flip-flops or anything that shoes my feet, but I think this might boost my confidence a bit. Also, I find that I wash my hand so often these days, because of winter and I travel on public transits and stuff.I find that it’s making my hands a bit hard. This would really help. Please pick me for one.


    Twitter: lala_love

  90. Sash

    UGH, I pour my heart out and it’s for US residents only. *CRIES* HAHAHAHA

  91. veedee

    Deperately need this!!!!

  92. Donna

    This would be so nice to win. I work in a wood shop and my hands get very rough and dry. I’ve tried numerous hand creams but nothing seems to help. Maybe this will!

  93. lindsey

    I would LOVE to win this! I am in need of a good moisturizer!
    my twitter is: lindseylee7

  94. Jenny

    I’d love to win because my hands and feet are poorly neglected! My twitter is andweredancin

  95. Tiffany

    I want to win because I neeeeed this!

    tkelly912 on twitter

  96. jtxy

    I’d love to win this! :)

  97. nancy

    i would love to win this because my dry winter feet need some TLC!

  98. elizabeth lee

    this is the cutest thing and i am so in need!