Friday, February 27th, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away Givenchy Maharani Pink & Maharani Orange

We’re giving away one (1) Maharani Pink Sari Glow Blush and one (1) Maharani Orange Sari Glow Blush, recently launched with spring-summer 2009 collection. Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling us which one you want to win — you must pick one.

All entries must be submitted by March 2nd, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. That’s it! This contest is only open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws.

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Good luck!

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400 thoughts on “Win Givenchy Maharani Pink or Maharani Orange Sari Glow Blush!

  1. Diana

    I would love the Maharani Pink.

  2. evangelia

    Pink, darling! I’m up to speed on orangey blushes right now 😉

  3. Jessie

    I would like the maharani orange blush please. :)

  4. dani

    i’m starting to get into blushes and contouring now and i’d really like to win this. i want to win the pink one. =) o_O

  5. Ming

    I would love to win the Maharani Pink Sari Glow Blush

    Twitter: fabulositybebe(following u)

    RSS: subscribed

  6. Oooo, I’d love to win the Maharani Pink!

  7. elizabeth lee

    piink please!

  8. Naz

    I’d like to win Maharani Pink Sari Glow Blush.

  9. Marlo

    The pink one looks gorgeous. :) Pink for me, please!

  10. maharani pink please!

  11. Heather

    I like the orange one!! twitter-rockerchick2719 rss

  12. I’d love the pink one. It’s gorge!

    Twitter : Gailerie

  13. Jessica

    i want to win the pink one please ! (:

  14. casey

    I’d want to win the Maharani Orange Sari Glow Blush.
    my twitter is feloreena

  15. Taylor

    I love the pink! Thanks!! :)

  16. Caramel

    Pink please :)

  17. Stephanie

    Pink please!

  18. Fluff

    Can I have pink one please?

    dreezy @ twitter :)

  19. lina

    orange please! :)

  20. NapolitanaGelato7

    I want the orange one!!! Orange makes me smiley, sunshine and warm :) Just like U Christine :) :) :)

  21. Natalia

    Id love to win the Maharani Orange please =)

    twitter:lilmissbunny23 and subscriber too

  22. I would like to be entered for the pink blush please :) watercoloursky on twitter.

  23. jtxy

    i’d so love to win the pink one! would love to try givenchy, have always been curious about this line, but never quite tipped over to actually buying it!

  24. Joanie Eggplant

    I’d love pink!

  25. Sydney

    I would love to win Maharani Pink. :)

  26. Sarah Tea

    I’d love to win the pink one- what a great giveaway!

  27. Sammy Michelle

    The pink one is my fave- I hope to win it.

  28. Marla

    pink for me!

  29. Yaya

    Maharani Orange please! Thank you.


  30. Melissa

    The orange one… Twitter Macbaby1818 :)

  31. Maharani Pink Sari Glow Blush PLEASE!! =)

  32. Brenda

    i’d love to win the pink!

  33. Melissa M

    orange, orange, orange please

  34. Christie

    id love the pink one please thanks so much

  35. Gigi

    I’d love to win the orange one! Thanks!

    Twitter: gigiopolis

  36. Lauren

    I’d love the pink one!!!! It looks so pretty and I’ve been wanting to try Givenchy for so long!

  37. jade

    i like the pink one! 😀

  38. agnes

    maharani orange please!

  39. Megan

    Maharani Pink Sari Glow Blush please!

  40. qichika

    I want Maharani Pink to win :)

  41. Isa

    Givenchy Maharani Pink is so very beautiful! Subscribing right after I post this comment :)

  42. orange please please please!

  43. Daisy

    I’d love the Maharani Pink Sari Glow Blush, its so pretty.

  44. Dieu

    the pink one. i want to see how givenchy compares to mac

  45. i’m loooving the orange givenchy :)
    twitter; xkhaotik

  46. I’d love to have the pink blush!
    Twitter: Kajitsu
    Following RSS through email!


  47. ayat

    Oh I love the Pink one!!!
    Chocobon on twitter!

  48. Ji

    I’d like the pink one!

  49. anonymous

    maharani orange please!

  50. id love to win maharani orange :))

  51. pia

    orange please
    twitter : piazee

  52. Patricia

    Maharani Orange Sari Glow Blush please! :)

  53. cleung341

    Would love to win the Givenchy Maharani Pink!

  54. Pauline

    Let it be orange! It’s gorgeous!

  55. Evelyn

    pink please!

  56. Carrie

    oh, pink please! Thanks!

  57. Jenny

    I would like to win pink please.

  58. Kam

    Amazing contest Temptalia! I’d love to win the Maharani Pink Sari Glow Blush:)

  59. Kam

    I forgot to add my twitter name: krazylotus :)

  60. Sherri

    Maharani Pink Sari Glow Blush, please!
    Twitter: sherrevenge

  61. Sofia

    Owhhh my god…=)

    Christine!!..the pink one wud be nice for me..

    Twitter: ceemerah

  62. Ivy

    Maharani Orange is so pretty! I’d choose that one!

  63. Mimi

    Count in me, please! I love me some pink. :)

  64. Nars

    Orange looks stunning. Twitter= narifertiti

  65. i would love to win the pink one please

  66. Lisa

    Oooh the orange for me : )

  67. Jaime

    lol, I just commented on the wrong post! :-p

    “ooh, the pink one looks delicious! :)”

  68. Laura

    i want to win Givenchy Maharani Pink!!

  69. Tekoa

    Pink please! Pretty please?

  70. MorganHope

    twitter- morganhope

  71. I would love to win the Maharani Orange Sari Glow Blush please (:
    My twitter is icyabstract

  72. margot

    I’d love the pink one (I already have the orange LOL)

    twitter : MAClicious

  73. I want the Maharani Pink Sari Glow Blush!
    twitter: DeltaCephei.

    I already have you on rss-feed.


  74. Soscia

    i’d like to win the Maharani Pink one!

  75. angeLven

    Hi, I would like to win the pink one. :-) Thanks

  76. Marta

    orange pls 😀

  77. Lisa

    Maharani Orange Sari Glow Blush all the way! I’d love it!!

  78. carmen

    I’d love the pink one!
    I’d give it a nice home, feed it properly and never take it for granted! 😉

    twitt: carmen_rs

  79. ac

    I’d like the Givenchy Maharani Orange please! I think it’d look great for spring and summer!

  80. jenn

    I would love to win orange!

  81. I’d like to win the orange! Something different from the pink blushes I use 😛 thanks!

    twitter: katrina_v & subscribed

  82. Christine

    I so want to win the pink one :)

    twitter: wyldekat25

  83. Melia

    I’d love to win the pink one!
    Twitter: kmelia

  84. sublime

    Orange would be awesome!

  85. I want to win the orange one please!

  86. allie

    i would looove to win the pink one!

  87. MelB

    Maharani Pink Sari Glow Blush is what I’ve got my eye on!

  88. anna

    The PINK is sooooooo perfect for Me! =D

  89. Chrystie

    Maharani Orange, please!

  90. My-Linh

    OMG the pink one is amaaaazing! LOVE! I’d totally love to win it.

    twitter: my_linh and I’m already following the RSS feed :)

  91. socaltrojan

    I’d love to win the Maharani Orange Sari Glow! Same name on twitter!

  92. Juliana

    I’d like the pink one! =}

  93. Valerie C.

    The pink one :o) I’d love to have it. It’s a great color! Thank you!

  94. Betina

    I want this one:Maharani Orange Sari Glow Blush,

  95. Vanessa S

    I would like to win the orange, please….this color would compliment my complexion.

    Twitter ID- VanessasSecret4