Friday, February 27th, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away Givenchy Maharani Pink & Maharani Orange

We’re giving away one (1) Maharani Pink Sari Glow Blush and one (1) Maharani Orange Sari Glow Blush, recently launched with spring-summer 2009 collection. Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling us which one you want to win — you must pick one.

All entries must be submitted by March 2nd, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. That’s it! This contest is only open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws.

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Good luck!

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400 thoughts on “Win Givenchy Maharani Pink or Maharani Orange Sari Glow Blush!

  1. nancy s

    I want to win the pretty pink one!!!!


  2. cutee!
    Love to win the pink one!

  3. Luciana Lima

    I want the pink!

    twitter: lucianadl

  4. LaKiesha

    orange for me please. :)
    following on twitter (apieceofquiche) and RSS.

  5. sharon mason

    maharani orange(peach ) i am unable to but the givency skincare or makeup where i live so this would be fabulouys to win thanks for the awesome giveaway

  6. wiltinglily

    I’d love to win the pink

  7. kc

    I would love to win Maharani Pink.

  8. Anitacska

    I would love the pink one please! :)

  9. samia m.

    pink plzz…its so pretty

  10. I’d love this! I really like the pink.

    twitter is frmheadtotoe :)

  11. Jazz

    I’d love to win maharini orange

  12. Marta

    Orange one for me please! 😀

  13. Kassey

    Hello, I’d like to enter to win the orange one =)

  14. Steph

    I would like to win the orange one! Thanks!

  15. Mira

    Ohhh these look amazing. Pink one please! Thanks!

  16. Lisa

    Wow! I’d love to win the peach one! Thanks a bunch for the contest Christine!

  17. Linda

    I’d like to win the pink one pretty please =)

  18. Alessandra

    The pink one rules!!!!!

  19. kris

    The orange one is pretty! 😀 I’d love to win

  20. babycakeseses

    i’ll take the orange one pwease!!~

  21. Krista

    Orange one please!

  22. Kathleen

    I would love the Maharani Orange Sari Glow Blush please.
    Twitter ID: kitty629
    I have already subscribed to your RRS long time ago.
    Thank you!

  23. wendy

    I love to win the pink one!
    twitter: wenvers

  24. Annie

    I’d love to win the pink one!

  25. Petra

    I’d go for the orange one, and my twitter name is bobek_taken.
    Thank You for the opportunity! :)

  26. Jen

    OMG I’d love the pink one!

  27. Katherine

    I love Maharani Pink!
    Twitter name: ceribella 3
    I already follow the RSS feed!

  28. Kim

    I’d love to win the orange
    Twitter: kim9duck

  29. katie

    i wanna win! lol
    twitter > kathrynlarissa

  30. Shirley

    Oh… The Maharani Orange is just soooo beautiful. I’d really like that one. Twitter: WhatsCookn89

  31. katie

    sorry i forgot to say which one! the orange one!!! lol

    twitter: kathrynlarissa

  32. I’d love to win! twitter: belletrist9

  33. Erin/slipnslide

    The orange one, please! I’ve just gotten into orange shadows, it’d be nice to try out.
    twitter: slipnslide

  34. Amanda

    Maharani Orange please! Twitter name – atexasgypsy

  35. I would love to win maharani orange!

  36. Ann Marie

    I’d adore the orange one!

  37. gio

    I’d love the pink one.

    Twitter: beautywithbrain

  38. liz

    i’d like to win pink!
    my twitter name is poizenisxkandee.

  39. Luz

    Deffinately the pink for moi…
    Twitter: sipsip29

  40. Delia Lupan

    I want to win the orange one.

  41. I rather like the pink one!

  42. Lesli

    I would LOVE the pink! it’s such a lovely color

    am subscribed to RSS also :)

  43. Nene

    I would love to have the Maharani Pink Sari Glow Blush.

  44. missie0078

    I would love to win the pink one please :)

  45. nancy

    would love to win this!!!!

  46. Spiffy

    I’d love to win the orange!!! Thanks, hun!

  47. Christie

    I’d love to win the pink Givenchy Blush, it’s absolutely adorable :)

  48. sej

    Maharani Orange please!!! Thanks!

  49. Patricia Bertola

    I want the orange one!!

  50. pammiedoodle

    I would sooooo love the pink!!!!

  51. Alexzandra

    Orange Sari, Orange Sari, Orange Sari! 😀

  52. Liz

    Oooh, pink one, please.

  53. kleri

    pink one for me please!

  54. bluematilda

    pick me, pick me! i would love the pink…and thank you for the dazzleglass updates!!!!!! i am so excited!!!!!!!!!

  55. kae

    i’d like maharani pink please!

    following on twitter, ohkaekaekae!

  56. Nikki

    I would love to try the pink one please!!

  57. I love the Pink! twitter: asiyakei

  58. aaj83

    the orange one seems nice to me! :)

    Twitter: aaj83
    already subscribed to your mailing list! :)

  59. Julieh

    I’d love Pink Sari Glow Blush!

  60. Veronica

    I would love the pink one please!

  61. paperheart

    ooo maharani pink!

    twitter: roves

  62. Latinminx79

    Oooo both are lovely!!!! Enter me please!

  63. Gina

    wow! pink please!! :)

  64. victoria

    i’d love to win the orange please.

  65. shan.

    I’d love to win.

  66. Whitney

    pretty in Pink please.

  67. maharani orange….twit twit=sarahPUFFY

  68. Martha

    I want to win the pink one!!!

  69. Al

    I would absolutely love to win the pink one!!!! I’d just die if I got my hands on that…

  70. I WANT TO WIN THE PINK ONE! My twitter name is au_courant, and I get the Daily Emails and I’m subscribed on Google Reader (RSS).

  71. Stelle

    The pink blush, please! I could never usually afford that!

  72. d.

    i want to win the pink one so muchhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Mary-Frances

    This would make a wonderful birhtday gift. Maharani Pink Sari Glow Blush.

  74. Alyssa

    I would love to win the orange one. So pretty!

  75. Pink!

    nuclearxcupcake on Twitter


  76. Maren

    The orange one!!Please!

  77. myrna

    i’d love the pink one! thanks!

  78. Roberta

    I want to win the pink one please.

  79. Jenn

    orange please!!! (but pink is very pretty too)
    Twitter: chinandjuice
    already subscribing to email!

  80. Sheena

    I would love the orange sari glow blush!
    Twitter: SheenaMarie412
    and I’m subscribed to RSS :)

  81. Sasha

    I’d like to win! The orange one, please.

    Twitter: xlovechild

  82. wredna6

    Would loooooove to win the pink one! <3

    Twitter : wredna6

    following on RSS as well :)

  83. Tracy

    Id lovee to win Maharani Orange Sari Glow Blush!! :)

  84. Myxa

    Orange, please!

  85. Kate

    I’d like to win Orange Sari

  86. Lauren

    Pink Please! I hope I win!

  87. Jessie

    Maharani Pink please!

  88. Oh my!

    They are both too beautiful!

    Since I have to choose, I’d have to say Maharani Pink would be the one I’d love to win!

  89. Saneeya

    Maharani Orange Sari Glow Blush is my choice

  90. Lynn

    I would love the pink one

  91. Kaoru

    Maharani Pink Sari Glow Blush ^_^

  92. Margaret

    OOOH pink!!! :)

  93. Lynn

    Exotic is the word for this collection

  94. Elizabeth

    I like them both but if I had to pick one it would be the pink sari glow blush. Good Luck all!

    Twitter: MakeupFanatic28

  95. Richel

    Enter me in for the orange one please! =)

  96. Brittany

    Maharani pink please!

  97. Tisa

    I love the pink one! ~ :) Thanks!