Monday, December 5th, 2011

Win Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm!

Three (3) lucky Temptalia readers will win Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm ($39.00 value). The product is a three-in-one product: moisturizer, sunscreen, and treatment serum. It’s designed to improve skin elasticity and brightness while protecting from the sun and concealing minor skin imperfections.

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318 thoughts on “Win Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm!

  1. Maranda

    My winter beauty tip is to apply facial moisturizer and body lotion when your skin is still damp from the shower…it really helps to soak up the moisture!

  2. Gigi

    Sleep with a bowl of water in your room to keep moisture in the air while you sleep!

  3. Elizabeth O

    MOISTURIZER! My skin gets so dry in the winter that I double up with my normal clinique moisturizer and the olay sensitive skin moisturizer. Bright lips are fun to wear in the winter as well! It seems most beauty forecasts will show deep and muted colors for winter. If your skin tone allows it try soemthing bright!

  4. Lauren

    Having a really good night cream to repair all the damage that is done during the day!

  5. izzy

    slather on the moisturizing cream at night!!! along with moisturizing serum.

  6. mary clay

    please enter me!

  7. Always moisturize! If you got dry flaky skin, it ain’t pretty in the winter :)

  8. ellie

    Don’t forget sunscree even in the dead of winter.

  9. I am loving BB creams. Hope to try this one soon.

  10. Jinete

    I would really like to try this BB cream!

  11. Mai-Huong

    I’ve always wanted to try a BB cream! The 3 in 1 aspect totally appeals to someone lazy like me :)

  12. CJ

    I’ve heard so much about Dr. Jart, can’t wait to try it! Thanks for doing a giveaway :)

  13. Emily

    Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!

  14. Ellen

    I use a heavier moisturiser in winter and use it more often. I always use a little bronzer too.

  15. Dominique

    Exfoliate and moisturize

  16. cassandra cheung

    awn this looks great!

  17. Jaime

    Well, this isn’t just for winter. I think the best tip I was ever told was from my dermatologist, who told me to moisturize my body within 3 minutes of getting out of the shower. This helps to lock in the moisture!

  18. Ana

    you need to moisturize moisturize moisturize!!!

  19. Kat

    moisturize like crazy

  20. Argeleen

    Lip balm is a lip saver!!!!

  21. Bekah

    Keep moisturizing, day and night!

  22. DJ

    I’d love to try this!

  23. sarah b.

    i love breaking out the bright berry and red lipsticks! it’s a great time of the year to try out some more daring shades!

  24. fave tip: exfoliate often! gotta get the flakies away

  25. In winter I use extra lotion like Vaseline intensive moisture on my feet, especially on my ankles.

  26. Belen

    I wear heavier creams during the winter, the weather in my area is very drying.

  27. Cleansing with oil!

  28. Elizabeth

    awesome giveaway!

  29. Victoria

    I have always wanted to try this–I have heard such great things about this product!

  30. ive been very curious about these BB’s !

  31. Kristen H

    Always stay moisturized. The dry air sucks the moisture from your skin so be sure to have a great moisturizer on hand!

  32. I believe moisturization is a no-brainer. If I don’t use lip balm, I’m in for some pain!

  33. Sydney

    I like the concept of this product

  34. Nicky

    Thank you for this giveaway!

  35. Amanda

    During the winter, to care for my dry hands, I will coat them in a heavy cream and cover with a pair of cotton gloves before I go to sleep.

  36. My winter tip would be – find a moisturizer that really works and use it right before you go to bed and right when you wake up – also use it once you’ve come out of the shower/bath – use a good eye cream and keep your lips moisturized too at all times!

  37. Christine

    I still haven’t tried a BB cream!

  38. Erin

    I’ve read such wonderful things about beauty balms! Would love to win this!

  39. Jill

    moisturize moisturize moisturize! :)

  40. Put Vaseline on your lips and lashes before going out in extreme cold.

  41. make sure you are adequately moisturizing!

  42. stephanie

    favorite winter beauty tip is definitely be sure to moisturize! also, since i tend to touch my hair a lot in the winter from the wind and static blowing it all over the place, that leaves me prone to breakouts on my forehead, so i usually just keep my hair back with a fabric headband whenever i can.

  43. Martha


  44. mimi

    my favorite winter beauty tip is changeing your skin care regimen. Its also very true! thank you for the giveaway!!

  45. Judy N.

    I want this!!!!

  46. Nancy

    I know that this is has been said but definitely MOISTURIZE more!

  47. terry

    Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize, HAHA!! It Dr. Jart+ a Korean brand?

  48. Annie

    Lotion, lotion, lotion!

  49. Zsuzsi

    Coconut oil! And I always keep a moisturizer in my bag.

  50. katie

    Exfoliating and moisturizing keeps your skin nice and smooth in the winter :)

  51. Shayna

    My winter tip is to make sure to moisturize (not just your skin but your nails and hair too!)

  52. Jaspreet

    skipping lipstick and using lip balm because my lips tend to get super dry in winter

  53. paty mena

    keep my skin super moisturized, and exfoliate once a week with a mixture of honey, sugar and lemon!!

  54. Cathee T.

    My winter tip is to use a heavier, creamier moisturizer at night!

  55. Red lips are my favorite beauty secret in the winter!

  56. Trista

    Moisturize moisturize moisturize

  57. Amanda

    My favorite winter beauty tip is continue to wear spf! no matter what the weather, 70% of the sun’s rays come through the clouds!

  58. Jenica

    A must for my winter is my Nivea ” a kiss of smoothness” and glowing cheek highlight.!!

  59. rachel

    Exfoliating is a huge must for healthy skin!

  60. My favorite winter beauty tip is using a humidifier to keep my place from getting too dry!

  61. Alyson

    thanks for the giveaway! :)

  62. Jen

    Exfoliate! Why moisturize dead skin! xD And don’t forget to exfoliate your lips too!

  63. I’ve tried a ton of Asian brands and would love to see how this compares!

  64. Bex

    My winter beauty tip? Moisturize and try some cool toned colors for a change. Cold weather can really make those sparkle. :)

  65. Chelsea Heimann

    Use plenty of moisturizer on the face and body! It’s also good to use a mask or treatment on the hair occasionally to keep it soft and prevent the dry frizzies.

  66. Oh yes, the tip. An oldie but a goodie. Brush your lips with a toothbrush for soft, renewed lips!

  67. So excited for this!!

  68. nikki chan

    my favorite beauty tip for winter is MOISTURIZEMOISTURIZEMOISTURIZE! and continue to use spf even though there’s no sun out, spf should be worn YEARROUND
    which i usually fail to do but i’m better about it this year

  69. Briana G.


  70. nariman mukhtar

    I’d love a winter product( all in one) that will cover my facial imperfections while at the same time moisturises and adds color to my face. Less is more!

  71. Avril

    This sounds weird, but wearing blushes that glow more outwardly than inwardly.

  72. Amy

    Fave Winter Tips:
    1. Don’t just moisturize, protect it and lock it in too! Use a heavier moisturizer and cover face with pure petroleum jelly 2 or more times a week at night. There’s also other ways to moisturize and keep skin radiant. Check gossmakeupartist for more tips on dry skin :)

    2. Bust out the red and pink lipsticks! Mix them or wear them alone, definitely need at least one red or hot pink this time of the year!

    3. Glitter! Use a glitter adhesive when wearing glitter, if you don’t have a specialized one then use lash glue! Also, if you want to, using glitter liner is also easier and leads to little to no fallout

    4. Don’t be afraid to amp up the shimmer/frost on eyes, lips, and cheeks :3

    5. Pale Patrol this is when your beauty and elegance will be appreciated the most so ditch the self tanners :)

  73. My best winter beauty tip is to stay hydrated. It will make the most difference in keeping your skin beautiful. :)

  74. Char

    Moisturize (!!), and don’t be afraid to wear cool colors.

  75. michelle

    One of my favorite products! I use 2 pumps of this mixed with a pump of my mufe liquid foundation and its perfect! :)

  76. Melody


  77. Lily

    Moisturizer!! And still use SPF!

  78. I stopped using any foundations during the winter, because they are way too drying and have been using a BB cream in winter for a while. I also make sure to use a heavy moisturizing night cream to make sure my skin does not dry out too much.

  79. I suck at winter beauty (my skin always gets so dry!), but the one thing I do know is that slathering Vaseline on my feet and then putting on socks (right before bed) helps soften my feet overnight.

  80. Elizabeth Richardson

    I would love to try this. My winter beauty tip is to make sure that you use a moisturizer on your whole body, face, lips and body. With the colder weather and the heat on, it will dry out your skin, also dont forget to drink plenty of water, you still need that even in ther winter!!!!!

  81. How many shades does this come in? I know there is maybe 1 at Sephora in the US, but like the Garnier BB Cream is there different availability overseas?

  82. Vicki

    Make sure you moisturized your face and lips so they dont become dry and cracked up

  83. Katie

    Im such a sucker for beauty balm. I LOVE IT! xo

  84. Sally

    Winter tip = moisturize twice daily and use just as much sunscreen as you would in the summer :)

  85. diana balcazar

    moisturize like crazy!

  86. Amber

    I would love to win this :) my favorite winter beauty tip is to moisturie.

  87. Amber

    My favorite winter beauty tip is to moisturize :)

  88. Shana Wolf

    hydrating moisture mask twice a week in the winter

  89. Don’t skip on conditioner or you will get a giant knot where your scarf meets the nape of your neck.

  90. Kammi

    I would love to try it. I’ve been eyeing on it at Sephora.

  91. Linda Flores

    Moisturize, moisturize, moistrize. My skin gets very dry durning the winter so i have to make sure i am always on top of my moisturizing. (:

  92. Junie

    I like to use a little bit more blush than usual to give my face a nice flush! :)

  93. calshopper

    I like to use oil based scrubs in the winter to keep my skin soft and smooth.

  94. kristalle

    A winter beauty tip is to make sure you apply makeup on a moisturized face. Hints of dry, flaky skin is not attractive!

  95. Cindy

    Waterproof mascara in the bitter cold so it doesn’t run. I also put on a lip balm for the way to work in NYC in case I have to cover my mouth with my scarf. I then put lipstick on when I get to work – can’t have red getting all over the scarf! 😉

  96. Andrea

    I like to switch from powders to creamy blush in winter; sometimes just a dab of lipstick blended out and a MAC cream colour base to highlight. :)

  97. Heather

    Keep your lips in shape – make sure to exfoliate and use lots of moisturizing balm to prevent chapping and keep them looking pretty in winter reds and berries.

  98. Faiza

    Always use a great moisturizer! If you like being bronzed in the winter use a a foundation or tinted moisturizer one shade darker than your skin and mix a bit with your normal shade. This will create a ‘tanner’ look. Also great contouring with a matte brown color will do wonders!