Monday, December 5th, 2011

Win Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm!

Three (3) lucky Temptalia readers will win Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm ($39.00 value). The product is a three-in-one product: moisturizer, sunscreen, and treatment serum. It’s designed to improve skin elasticity and brightness while protecting from the sun and concealing minor skin imperfections.

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318 thoughts on “Win Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm!

  1. sharee

    i like using a lighter foundation in the winter.

  2. Melanie Morin

    My favorite winter beauty tip is to wait until I reached my destination to apply my mascara if I have to walk or stay outside for a while. It happened to me that the cold froze my mascara and then when I got inside the house it kinda melted, leaving black strays around my eyes :S.

  3. lindsey

    Be sure to keep your skin moisturized!!

  4. Moisturize moisturize moisturize!!!

  5. aclearcutsign

    would like to try this

  6. Katie Switalski

    My favorite winter beauty tip is wearing berry red lipstick! It’s so festive and immediately brightens up any outfit. That and moisturizer! Super important.

  7. Sally

    Thanks for having this giveaway! I own the Dr. Jart Silver Label bb cream, and it’s great. :) I’d love to try this one to see how it compares!

    • Sally

      And my favorite winter beauty tip is to moisturize with a lotion or cream that gives enough moisture. Even though I have oily skin, my skin turns more combination in the winter, with dry matches around the cheeks and mouth. So I make sure to do some extra moisturizing in those areas!

  8. I cannot recommend enough the use of highlighters during the winter! They perk my skin right up!

  9. jeanette

    favorite beauty tip is to whip out that bolder, darker red for that christmas party or just for the heck of it. nothing like a festive red lip.

  10. Jackie

    Use a heavier moisturizer to combat dryness!

  11. my favorite winter tip is to exfoliate! keep your skin feeling soft and smooth by exfoliating all of the dead & dry winter skin away! and also to moisturize after showering! I know it’s cold after a shower and may make you want to skip it, but don’t it’s very beneficial!

  12. Michelle

    Moisturize and exfoliate

  13. Jade

    Since the winter cold/dry heating is very rough on my skin, I make sure to layer a very occlusive moisturizer under my base makeup to ensure that I don’t dry out during the day.

  14. Sammie

    Keep moisturizing yourself. Lips, skin, cuticles! Everything!

  15. Lauren

    I like to use a cream highliter to keep my skin glowing in the winter

  16. Z

    Favorite winter beauty tip: Moisturize *immediately* after washing your face/using toner while your skin is still damp. If you miss that window (I often do), then get yourself a nice hydrosol to mist your face. It helps seal moisture in and combat crinkly feeling winter skin. Also, for ladies with dry skin try layering. For years now I’ve been applying a thin serum followed by my moisturizer and sometimes a third, heavier cream when it’s really dry out.

  17. Devoney

    Use extra moisturizer, especially on the parts of your face that tend to get dry even in other seasons.

  18. Liz

    lots of moisturizer!

  19. Kary

    My favorite beauty tip for winter is always have your lips hydrated. I use lip balm during all hours of the day; morning, afternoon, and night! Yes! Night! I think its important to use a night balm :)

  20. Natalie

    I guess my favorite winter beauty tip is to avoid really dark harsh lines in my eye makeup, since I’m paler in the winter and it’ll just make me look whitewashed. I would advise starting with smoking out your eye with some brown or colored eyeshadow on your top and lower lash line, maybe thickening it out to an upswept angle towards the outer corner for drama, then adding a thin line of black/brown liquid or gel liner on the top lash, even winging it out a bit if you want (you can thicken the liner as you approach the outer corner, but stay inside the eyeshadow!). That way you get the definition of a dark line, making your eyes larger and lashes thicker, without a harsh white-washing line. But then I like the smokier look in general, since I’ve only just begun experimenting with liquid/gel liner :)

  21. Make sure to have a range of foundation colors so you can still match your skin tone in the winter. Unless you go tanning a lot of course 😉

  22. Lainey

    exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

  23. Jenna

    I use vaseline on my cuticles to keep them soft.

  24. Ani

    Moisturize your skin as much as possible. That makes it supple and beautiful.
    Dont forget to do it at night too…
    thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Step

    I use a really small, emulsified amount of pomade on my hair to prevent static during winter. All the conditioner in the world doesn’t help and dryer sheets don’t last for me, but pomade/water wax works really well for thick hair.

  26. Jennie

    My favourite winter tip is olive oil! It works for everything! From hands to hair!

  27. Leslie

    My favorite winter tip is to moisturize and exfoliate!

  28. Kate

    My favorite winter beauty tip is to switch to makeup products that add moisture to your skin and lips, such as a tinted lip balm or lip butter and beauty balms or tinted moisturizers.

  29. Nina

    I always use a heavier cream moisturizer at night on parts of my face that tend to dry out.

  30. My Favorite winter beauty tip is using a solution of rose water+honey+glycerin+lemon juice+any aroma oil. They all do wonder when mixed together. <3

  31. Lily

    My face and hands get really dry in winter. My hands used to get so dry they would crack and bleed until I learned how to use moisturizer. Remember to exfoliate and moisturize!

  32. vivian

    this looks interesting!

  33. Sweetbsting

    I love sparkly silver shadow in winter, what a cool giveaway!

  34. Laura R

    Winter season means more moisture is needed!

  35. Suzana Bueno

    Keep Neutrogena’s Hand Cream close to you, and use it in every dry part of your body. =)

  36. Rhonda Hylton

    My combination skin gets to dry in the winter. I tend to grab for a heavier cream to use on those trouble spots.

  37. I have always wanted to try this! thanks for the chance to win.

  38. Christina

    I tried a sample of this and loved it! Wonder if it’ll wear super well in the winter dry air?

  39. Lisa

    Exfoliate and moisturize a lot!

  40. Chloe

    Keep lip balm stashed everywhere within reach!

  41. Katie

    My favorite winter beauty trick is to put lotion on before I shower. I know it sounds counter-productive but the wet lotion really locks in moisture!

  42. Lucia

    My fave winter beauty tip is layering a thicker serum and night cream for extra hydration! Thanks for the giveaway =)

  43. Kristie

    My favorite winter beauty tip is to exfoliate and moisturize your skin! Exfoliate to get dead skin off and moisturize to keep your skin soft!

  44. My favorite winter beauty tip? To combat dry lips, apply your facial moisturizer to your lips (I like CeraVe) then seal in the moisture with a thin layer of Aquaphor! Cheap & effective!!!

  45. nancy y.

    Moisturize your face!

  46. Amber

    moisturize that skin

  47. My winter beauty tip is to wear less makeup, but more moisturizer and “glowy” products to really let your skin breathe and be radiant!

  48. Iben

    Vaseline, vaseline, vaseline! I have dry skin, and vaseline is a multi-tasking life-saver!

  49. Arin

    My number one winter tip is to keep that skin hydrated and moisturized!!! Indoor heat and the weather can really do a number on skin.

  50. Monica

    Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!!

  51. Dinitchka

    Thanks for the giveaway Christine.

    I’m always on the hunt for a product that cuts down my prep time.

    My fav winter tip(s): Exfoliate, hydrate, heavy winter socks and foot cream while sleeping and cotton photograhphy gloves and hand cream while sleeping.

  52. Katie McAllaster

    Favorite winter tip… heavy lip balm while sleeping.

  53. Cassi Teague

    I got a sample of this and LOVE it… would love to have the full size!!!

  54. Navkiran

    Basically the same as everyone else – moisturize!

  55. Traci

    Definitely use less face powder, and use it only in the T-zone.
    I’ve also found a FANTASTIC mask – Origins 10 minute Drink Up Mask. Perfect for winter. I have combo skin, which you would think I wouldn’t want a heavily moisturizing mask, but let me assure you this feels fantastic on my skin. It has literally helped to heal my dry and flaky cheeks. It’s also great for use at night before you have a day where you want your skin to look its best. Just be sure to thoroughly rinse it off, otherwise it could break you out if there’s still some residue.

  56. Alyx

    I loveeee using a little bit of a heavier moisturizer in the winter!

  57. Jane

    I defly need this. Sounds lovely

  58. Lainey

    I would love to try BB cream! My skin is a mess in the winter!

  59. Christy O

    Winter beauty tip:
    I really make use of frosty white or silver shadows, as an ethereal look fits in so well for this time of year.
    And continue to use SPF, daily, on face, neck and hands.

  60. nekosan

    Wear sunscreen! If you live somewhere with snow, the reflected sunlight can really burn you.

  61. Stephanie

    Keep lip balm on your lips AT ALL TIMES!

  62. Favorite winter lip is usually my fresh honey lip balm :)

  63. Vanessa

    Hand cream! Won’t go to sleep without it on during the winter, and I have oily skin normally. c:

  64. Mel

    Moisturizers are a must for me as my skin tends to be super dry during those rough winter months!

  65. Maple

    Exfoliate like crazy. And use a heavier eye cream/moisturizer.

  66. Valerie C.

    My skin looks too white in winter. I step up the color in lips and cheeks and keep eyes pretty neutral.

  67. Simply

    Best beauty tip? Keep hydrated and moisturized! Dry heater air is the worst for your skin.

  68. Marian

    I put a dab of vaseling on my lips brfore bed in the winter. Keeps my lips from chapping.

  69. Christine O

    I have so been wanting to try this. It gets pretty good reviews.

  70. Liane

    Only U.S residents? :(

  71. Krystal

    lots of moisturizer and a dewy foundation.

  72. Sandy Chen

    Lots of moisturizing! I have such dry skin, if I don’t moisturize, it peels :(

  73. Teigh


  74. colleen boudreau

    My winter beauty tip is to stay moisturized at all times!

  75. Imelda Dharmawi

    I always use body shop’s intense moisturizing cream

  76. kara

    Winter beauty tip – probably the same as everyone else’s: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

  77. Lisa

    Exfoliate and moisturize!!

  78. Cozy

    My favorite winter beauty tip is to attempt to avoid prolonged exposure to extreme cold. :)

  79. Mo

    I would love to try this.

  80. I had been debating buying this!

  81. Jenni

    Moisturize! Dry skin can lead to premature wrinkles.

  82. My favorite winter beauty tip is to moisturize with a heavy face cream at NIGHT. So, the face cream will be fully absorbed into your skin by morning when you wake up and then your makeup application will go on much smoother & easier.

  83. bxboricua

    i’ve wanted to try one of the Beauty Balms since I first started hearing about them, but I was never sure which one to get

  84. Calendula cream (by California Baby). As a mom, I use it for minor rashes on my kids, but it also happens to be a fantastic moisturizer for the face. I would only recommend this for dry skin types, though.

  85. Maggie


  86. Alisha1

    Moisturise to keep the flaky skin away and be sure to use something with SPF even if the suns not out! :)

  87. nayeli

    during winter time i love using body butters to keep my skin well moisturized and soft for when summer comes again!

  88. Michelle

    Stay moisturized!!!!

  89. My favorite winter beauty tip is to moisturize extra! My skin gets so dry, and even if I don’t think it’s that bad, once I put makeup on my skin texture looks weird. So, I layer serums and heavier creams morning and night to keep my skin happy and hydrated. Haha, I know everyone is saying the same thing, but it is really important! NARS’ Body Glow II has been a lifesaver for my facial skin, I use it underneath my night cream.

  90. phuongk

    i almost bought this the other day but i’d love to have a free one!

  91. Moisturize everything! Face, hands, elbows, feet…gotta fight that cold dry skin~

  92. Swimsalot

    My winter tip is to spray my face with Evian water in am n pm

  93. Mai Choua Xiong

    Moisturize day and night and use a sun protection of some sort. Just because its winter does not mean you don’t have to wear SPF. The suns ray is really powerful and will hit your skin even on days with huge clouds. I recommend SPF 20++

  94. Jennifer

    Exfoliate and moisturize!

  95. Sarah

    My favorite winter tip is to moisturize! No amount of makeup can fix dry flakey skin!

  96. Vivien

    Moisturizing is so important in the winter because heating units in the home can really dry out your skin.

  97. Jill

    My favorite winter beauty tip is to drink a lot of water. Staying hydrated really keeps your skin looking good.