Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Win Bobbi Brown’s Beauty Rules Book & Palette!

One (1) lucky winner will receive a signed Beauty Rules Book & Beauty Rules Palette from Bobbi Brown! (Retail value $69.95!)

Congratulations to Rana R.!

RULES: All entries must be submitted by October 10th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to U.S. readers only as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Two Ways to Win

You can do one, the other, or both to maximize your chances of winning…

1.) Leave a comment on this blog post tell me what beauty “rule” you love to break!

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790 thoughts on “Win Bobbi Brown’s Beauty Rules Book & Palette!

  1. Michelle

    I love breaking the rule that people with green eyes shouldn’t wear green eyeshadow… I think any eyecolor can pull off any shadow with the right application and shade…

  2. Roxy

    I love wearing smokey eyes with strong lip color

  3. sheenalee22

    I like to wear what colors I want to instead of what goes with my skintone or eyecolor.

  4. anita

    The one where only one part of your face should be the focus. I like bold eyes and bold lippies together. With just one focus, I feel a bit like an unfinished Picasso painting.

  5. Mel

    Some eyeshadows look great as highlights on the lips…so why not try that?

  6. Courtney

    I love to break the “You can’t have a bold eye AND bold lip” rule!

  7. Sally

    I love to break the beauty rule of “Less is more”. Sometimes more is better, especially with a smoky eye!

  8. bee

    i often hear that your eyeshadow has to match whatever color your shirt/dress/whatever you’re wearing. even though i hear from different MUA that you don’t, i still see it done. i don’t know if that is a rule, but i hear that it is from people who do it. lol.

  9. Lana A

    The cream on top of cream, powder on top of powder rule. I wish cream blush of tint could just sink through a light layer of powder 😉 Just a whim, I know.

  10. Sara

    I never wear blush!

  11. Sara

    “Makeup should look natural and only enhance beauty.” NOT! I LOVE bold colored shadows, dramatic eyeliner, to-long-to-be-natural lashes and lips that POP! Makeup is a fashion statement just like any pair of shoes!

  12. Amanda

    I love breaking the rule of wearing too much blush

  13. Stephanie

    I almost never style my hair beyond brushing it, even if I took the time to do a full face of makeup

  14. Katie

    My favorite one to break is that you shouldn’t wear dark lips and dark eyeshadow. I do it all the time!

  15. Carrie

    I wear both smokey eyes & glittery eyes to work. If I waited for a special night out, I’d never get to wear my fave shades!!!

  16. Kelly M

    Sometimes I wear a dark lip with a dark eye. I probably look funny but I like to experiment. =)

  17. nicole

    i love breaking the ” no concealer over powder” rule !!

  18. Megan

    Curling eyelashes after mascara! My lashes haven’t fallen out yet, but they look so long and curled :)

  19. Laia

    Well, there’s this rule that says that if you emphasize the eyes you should leave the lips in a neutral way or viceversa. I broke that rule several times… and I succeded anyway! 😉

  20. I actually curl my lashes after applying my mascara, I know it’s bad but it works so much better

  21. Jamie

    I forgot to apply sunscreen and moisturizer this morning…

  22. Tiffany C.

    I’ve always been told that when you wear warm eyeshadows that you need to wear a warm lip. I like to do cool lips with warm eyeshadows and such. And i like to wear my cool shadows during the winter as well.

  23. Andrea

    I love to break the shimmer rule! Shimmer eyes, shimmer lips, cheeks all together – love it!!!

  24. Grace

    I’d love to break the smokey eye and strong lip look. I’d wear them both at the same time!


  25. Love breaking the cool colors on warm skin rule! This is one of the best ways to perk up your look!

  26. Vanessa S

    I like to break em all!!! heheheh J/k i like to break the rules about wearing certain colors on certains days seasons etc. I just wear the color I feel will make me happy at that moment :)(without looking crazy)

  27. Kalex

    I squeeze pimples and blackheads. It’s disgusting but I can’t help it.

    • Leea

      I have the same horrible habit. I somehow think it’ll make it better, when in fact just makes things worse.. :(

  28. Lisa

    I know some people say you SHOULDN’T match your makeup to your clothes…
    but i can’t help it… i’m all about matchy matchy… LoL.. i at LEAST try to coordinate them… even if its just a soft barely noticable wash of color… or just an eyeliner in the color of maybe a detail in a shirt or shoes.. LoL! I ofcourse can be neutral and do!.. but if i can use color i certainly do try!.. LoL

  29. that certain eye shadow colors should be worn with certain eye colors.

  30. Nicole

    Beauty rule i’d love to break… overdone blush

  31. Sara

    I love breaking the bare eyes/bold lips, bold eyes/nude lip rule!!! You can def. do this without looking like a clown in my opinion :)

  32. Nora

    Wearing only female perfume! There are tons of fragrances for men that I love, namely Givenchy Play!

  33. Melissa

    I know we’re not suppose to smile when we put on blush but I do it anyway!

  34. Jody

    Dark eyes for night only.

  35. Staci

    I know Cosmo used to print a lot not to match eyeshadow to clothing, but every once and a while I like to, depending on the look.

  36. Beauty rule I’d love to break, is the need to be skinny. Magazine has set the idea that we all have to be thin in to have beauty. Which, is a false.. in my belief. Beauty comes from within, & make up helps enhances that. Thin, has nothing to do with it. It lowered young girls self esteem, & it once lowered mine. Then, make up.. helped me, feel more confident. & I gradually shedded that low self esteem. I have chubby cheeks, so instead of dieting or taking medical procedures for it, a little bronzer on my face helps shed a couple pounds. (:

  37. MarionneB

    As this book is writen especially for girls between 12 and 25 years it doesn’t really apply to my agegroup :-( , as I’m more close to the 40s as to the 25 (LOL), but great price to win, a signed book and a palette!!! I’m a big fan of Bobbi Brown. Now that I am much older (and wiser ;-)) i’ve realised after reading this post that I don’t break many beautyrules anymore, and try to take good care of my skin and appearance, nails polished, always smell nice, etc ;-). When I was younger however, during college after a good night out partying I broke this rule very often: didn’t take my make up off before going to bed. I sure hope this counts as well, i would love to get my hands on this price!!!

  38. Jess

    I often break the rule that you shouldnt match your shadow to your clothes.

  39. Patricia Souza

    Wow this is a fun question, I love that! Well… I think I would love to break the rule that says taht redheads should always wear bronze, golden, warm shades! I mean, I should be able to wear silver and blue tones eyeshadows if I want to!!! =D

  40. Hilke

    Strong eyes and bold lips! If you can pull it off you should defenitely wear it.

    • Meg

      I don’t always use the shadows and liner colors that are “correct” for my eye color. Too boring!

      How in the world did you get a signed copy of this prize? :-)

  41. Shannon

    I don’t really like that “pair warm with warm” rule. I prefer to wear cooler cheek color with warm lips…because it actually brightens my face. Whereas some warm cheek colors just make me look…red. and not in a good way lol.

    I’m also not a huge fan of “i’m warm so I have to wear warm” kinda ideology. I noticed recently that even though I’m warm, at least on my eyes and cheeks I actually look better in neutral or even neutral cool colors. Warm shades can sometimes look sort of orangy and dirty on me. Lips, though, I do have to go with a warmer tone because my natural lip pigment and skin chemistry sort of turns cooler l/s into this…frosty fuscia mess LOL

  42. Marissa

    I love wearing smokey/dramatic/glittery/sparkly eyeshadow during the day. A neutral eye can get boring after a while.

  43. Irina

    “Makeup should look natural and only enhance beauty.” no!

  44. Cindy L.

    Using the “windshield wiper” motion for blending eyeshadow or not blending at all! Sometimes it’s nice to have a dramatic color line! :)

  45. Lauren

    I hate the ‘no matching makeup and clothes’ rule… I will break it till the day I die!

  46. Lilly

    creams with creams, powders with powders

  47. OMG I love this!! I break many rules, but to begin with, I love wearing tons of blush!! And secondly, I wear red lips with smokey eyes all the time, and I get so many compliments :)

  48. Fiaspice

    I often not wash my face even tough I sould

  49. Nicolette

    i like wearing the colors i want instead of what goes with my skintone.

  50. Rosamaria

    Bold eyes with Bold lips, instead of the usual neutral lip.

  51. Jess A

    I love breaking seasonal color rules. Bright coral looks great in January! Who cares if its a summer color :)

  52. rabia

    hmmm!! one i break everyday!!! and i love to break is….. NOT USING A PERFECT MATCH OF FOUNDATION!
    i use a foundation a shade lighter than my skintone! and as i know i am warm toned i still use a foundation (not MAC) with pinky beige undertones to brighten my complexion it gives me have a dewy finish! and i get compliments all day!!!!

  53. Beryl

    Curling lashes after mascara. With my short and skimpy lashes, that’s the only thing that works!

  54. Laura

    I hear it’s a no-no to match your make-up to your clothes, but I really like to do it! Not all the time, but if I wear a bright green top or something I’m probably gonna wear eyeshadow to match.

  55. Arantzazu

    The one that says which makeup you should wear at day time -lighter and natural- and at night time -stronger and focused in one thing-.
    NO!! Hahaha
    I love wearing dramatic red lips and strong black lashes at 10am!! And, maybe, just a bit of blush and mascara at 10pm…

  56. Talya

    people always say less is more with eyeliner, and that there can be too much “smoke” in a smokey eye but i love raccoon eyes! they can be soo artistic if worn in the correct manner in the correct setting. :)

  57. I love breaking the rule that you should not curl you eyelashes after applying mascara! I always do it and it makes my lashes look much better and they never fall out!

  58. Sarah

    I love to break the beauty “rule” of wearing neutral makeup at my office job. I have to be there 8+ hours a day, and I want to feel like myself! For example, today I’m wearing minx and urb from Urban Decay’s vegan palette on my eyes :)

  59. Vanessa G.

    I break the rule by wearing eyeshadow and eyeliner that matches whatever color outfit I am wearing. I love to play around with colors.

  60. Nicole

    The beauty rule I love breaking is “you can’t wear a smokey eye during the day.” The Kardashians inspired me to break this rule :) smokey eyes look great any time of the day as long as it’s done correctly!

  61. tpzhearts

    I don’t wear sunscreen unless I’m going to the beach. I also love a red lip with everyday makeup and a casual outfit.

  62. Divinna

    Not wearing Blue eyshadow, I love Blue eyeshadow!

  63. Rebecca

    My favorite rule to “break” is definitely matching your eye makeup to your clothes.
    While I may not use an exact color in the outfit, I love using different hues from the outfit in my makeup to really bring out the eyes/outfit.

  64. elisa

    curling your eyelashes AFTER you apply mascara

  65. Grace

    i sometimes wear certain blushes as an eyeshadow! some just have gorgeous colors that i wish could be an eyeshadow!!

  66. Ale

    Eye colors, many colors, with strong lipstick. I love it!

  67. Alisha in WI

    i like to match my clothes and makeup…lol.

  68. Dominique

    I like to break the “you can’t wear bright eyeshadow with a bright lip” rule!

  69. Tiffany T

    1. LOVE breaking the rule that you shouldn’t wear bold lips during the day. NOTHING wrong with bright red and purple lippie during the day!(MAC Violette and Ruby Woo)

    2. LOVE breaking the rul that a smokey eye has to use brown or black eyeshawdows. LOVE LOVE LOVE a smokey eye with some color. Purples and greens are my favorite (MAC Humid and Deep Dansom)

  70. Julie

    I like bold eyes and bold lips. Also, I wear whatever color eyeshadow I like, not what I’m “supposed” to wear with my eyecolor.

  71. I don’t pay much attention to what is right and what is wrong to my undertone, I just play with colours and have fun whit it!

  72. Aisha

    Ha! I don’t always throw things away when I *should*…if it still smells fine and works the same- why throw it away?!?

  73. Alicia

    I like to break the rule about putting on additional coats of mascara quickly before it dries. I add extra coats to perk my mascara up throughout the day and I don’t have any clumping or flaking problems.

  74. K7P*

    The rule i love to break is going with a Smokey eye/ light on the lips. Depending what mood i’m in, i’ll do a smokey eye and bright lips. =)

  75. Mary Beth

    Don’t wear blue or green nail polish to work when you’re in your 40s.

  76. natalia

    dark eyeliner to work :)

  77. karina

    I alway break the rule of warm skintone with warm colors. I love wearing a cool pink on muy cheeks, it mekaes more alive.

  78. Neet

    Wear all shades of eye shadow. not just what looks god with my brown eyes.

  79. Lady Di.

    I don’t like to match my eyeshadow to my clothes, I wear whatever colors I feel like putting on that day whether it matches my clothes or not!

  80. Ashley

    I often get too tired to remove my make-up at night. Actually I’ve been without a make-up remover for awhile. lol. I need to buy a new one.

  81. Cat

    i love to break the rule of having to match your makeup with your clothes, i never do!

  82. marley

    wearing no blush

  83. Mariam

    I dnt wear eyeliner wid a eyeshadow…

  84. Greta

    That your supposed to wear a certain color of eyeshadow depending on your eye color… what’s the fun in that?

  85. Amanda

    i wear whatever colors i want no matter if it’s supposed to look good on my skin or not. i think theres a shade of every color that can work for everyone!

  86. Regina

    I break the rule about having my makeup look natural – that is no fun! On some occasions, natural just won’t do!

  87. Martina

    the rule that strong eyes need nude lips, and strong lips need nude eyes. sometimes I love them both quite strong.

  88. Kat

    The one that says if you have small eyes, you shouldn’t use black eyeshadow, and especially shouldn’t line both top and bottom with a black liner. Pish posh!

  89. Sydney

    I don’t believe in day vs night looks. I wear the look I want no matter what time of day.

  90. evangelia

    i like to wear crazy colors of blush that don’t look “like i’ve just come in from the cold”. seriously every natural blush description has that phrase!

  91. I love not matching eyeshadow!

  92. Jimena

    I love to break the rule about day-time makeup and night-time makeup, I usually wear night-time supposed makeup to school or day time =D

  93. I don’t clean my brushes nearly as often as I should. Shame on me!

  94. Ashley

    Here lately I’ve been wearing bold eyes and lips..naughty naughty but darn you Venomous Villains it’s all your fault!

  95. Michelle

    I often go makeup-less, and alot of people feel that as a women that shouldnt happen, hehe. I also wear blue eyeshadow ALOT which is supposedly a no-no for a blue eyed person.

  96. I love to wear bright, bold eyeshadow colors anytime of year, not just in the summer.

  97. Bina

    Too much blush and a bold lip and smokey eye.

  98. Helen

    Matching my eyeshadow to my outfit!

  99. Trista

    Bright lips to the office :) Hehehe

  100. I like using whatever color I want, even if it match or doesn’t match with my clothes, my skincolor, my hair color of my eyes. Makeup is fun!