Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Win Bobbi Brown’s Beach Shimmerbrick!

One (1) lucky winner will receive Bobbi Brown’s Beach Shimmerbrick! (Retail value $38!)

Congratulations to Jessy E.!

RULES: All entries must be submitted by November 9th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

One Way to Win

Leave a comment on this blog post telling me what your weekend plans are!

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1,246 thoughts on “Win Bobbi Brown’s Beach Shimmerbrick!

  1. Melissa D

    I’m torn between shopping and raking leaves!

  2. Isipandi

    As in Spain weekends start on Friday afternoon, I can say my weekend is already half over!! But what I did yesterday Friday was go to Sephora to spend a 20% discount card I won in a contest such as this one! I spent 100€ and thanks to the discount card spared 25€ πŸ˜€ Afterwards we went dining with two friend couples to a Mexican restaurant. Today (Saturday) my husband will be helping me out to have my hair coloured (let’s see what comes out!). Afterwards we’ll be heading back again to Sephora because I didn’t buy an eye-pencil which was really cool and I’ve been mourning since yesterday, so I’ll be buying it in the end as well. The rest of the evening is a mystery yet. We’ll be building our plans for the evening-night as the day goes along. As for Sunday, we are heading to my in laws house in the evening to celebrate with them my husband’s birthday (which was on Halloween!). And I guess that’s pretty much all!
    Let’s hope I have some luck with this contest. That Shimmerbrick looks awesome!
    By the way, congratulations for your $2000 prize in the Blogging Scholarship πŸ˜‰

  3. Whitney S.

    My weekend plans are to study for my tests that are coming up :(

  4. amanda

    I don’t know what my plans are.. Its my anniversery with my boy and he won’t tell me what we are doing!

  5. Shirley

    I moved into a new apartment so this weekend I’m going to spend fixing up my new place!

  6. Tara

    Today I will be watching Ireland (hopefully) beat South Africa in rugby πŸ˜€ Tomorrow morning is ‘me’ time so I get to go shopping in the morning and a long walk in the afternoon, unless the forecasted storm hits us, in which case I’ll wrap up warm at home and paint my nails.

  7. rachel

    Hot chocolate 5K run in chicago!

  8. Jennifer

    my plans are…sadly to study at library !!

  9. monica

    Haning out with a friend that is visiting from out of town.

  10. Megan

    I’m going to a corn maze tonight!

  11. vikaki

    heyyy christine!!!!!my weekend plans are not anything special!!
    i’m gonna cook,clean the house and see my boyy!!<3
    and tomorrow we have elections,i have to go vote!!

  12. This weekend i’m going to watch the film about facebook and dinner with my fiance and bestfriens.

  13. Erin

    Well, we’re getting a new washing machine delivered sometime today. Tomorrow I think I’ll just be watching football all day with the family! :)

  14. Patricia Bertola

    considering the awful weather is doing here the plans will be just chilling at home….

  15. Jia

    shopping πŸ˜€

  16. to do my homework, blegh -.-

  17. Adriana

    My plan is to relax and maybe visit friends. πŸ˜€

  18. Anna9187

    My plans aren’t too funny. I’m going to stay in home studying.

  19. NANCY LO

    I am planning a sweet escape stay a night in a resort with my loved ones. I wanna look shinny ,beautiful and blends to the atmosphere.. and that, I need a”Bobbi Brown’s Beach Shimmerbrick”.And when the sunlight shined on my skin, it just look so Natural.

  20. tehteh

    Unfortunately, my weekend plans are to stay inside, maybe watch this week’s Bones episode, write on my blog, listen to music, and if the weather allows me to, I’ll go for a walk on the beach (which is my idea of exercise)

  21. Arlee

    This weekend I’m gonna hang out with my best friend and go Christmas shopping!

  22. I have to work and study all weekend!

  23. Mona

    I’m having a photoshoot on sunday. today just chillin’

  24. Jennifer

    I’m going for a long run at the beach, then shopping in Santa Monica, then dinner with friends.

  25. Chloe

    Will be staying in oenjoy a good book and keep away from the first snow of the year..

  26. Brynn

    Work at Ulta alll weekend longg :)

  27. Christine

    I will be spending time with my brother who I only get to see a few times a year. Also going to Sephora with my daughter. So excited! Thanks for the giveaways!

  28. angella

    My plans for this weekend are to go dancing and do major cleaning up with my makeup and room. Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  29. Kimberly Poston

    I plan to relax since I just had surgery yesterday. I may go tithe movies too.

  30. Eli

    My weekend; Finishing up my new book, testing out my new art tablet in photoshop and heading out with a friend of mine on a mini-road trip ;3 should be fun!

  31. *sigh* my weekend plans are not exciting at all. I have to work ALL weekend…I love my life(sarcasm at its best). I hope everyone else has a great weekend.

  32. Rochelle

    Today, Saturday, I’m going to a football game and then doing all my homework. On Sunday, I’m going to my cousin’s 4th birthday party and then after I’m going to my aunt’s 26th birthday dinner!

  33. vivienne

    partyyyyy!!!! πŸ˜‰

  34. Taking my little girl out for a party dress and new shoes!

  35. jiya

    some shopping and will spend a day with family and relatives

  36. Hi! I’m going to sushi with my girlfriends tonight…then cocktails later. Tomorrow, we are visiting friends who have a new house. Take care!

  37. What a lovely giveaway! I am spending tomorrow with my DH, we are going to hit up IKEA for more storage for my ever-growing makeup and nail polish collection!

  38. Tiffany

    My weekend plans consist of looooots of homework :(

  39. Marie

    I’ll cook for the family. :)

  40. Niki

    Riding my motorcycle around the beach and taking my dad to dinner for his birthday.

  41. Kiera

    Cleaning. And lots of it.

  42. Mandy

    my weekend plans are to buy stuff at a sale i’ve been eyeing, read books that i’ve been wanting to read and to paint my nails. because i finally have a little luxury of time.

  43. My weekend plans are most likely doing more christmas shopping. :) I love getting it done early, so I am not rushing at last minute. :)

    xoxo Lizz

  44. Dini

    My weekend plans: going to take the kids to see Megamind, then going to Games Night at a friend’s place! Yay!

  45. Liron

    My son’s birthday :)

  46. gabriella

    Weekend plans are to give myself a mani, study for midterms and go shopping if I have time with the boyfriend!

  47. Monica

    Shopping for some much needed fall/winter shoes!

  48. I am actually going to be performing wonder girl’s nobody during high school senior prom night tomorrow(7th Nov, Sunday)!! =D=D
    (seriously.i’m so excited about it^_^)

  49. Ahleya

    To go watch a movie with my mom! :)

  50. Tomi

    Um, I’m actually babysitting. Earning some moneyy-
    I’ve been in the mood to go to MAC. :]

  51. Kathy

    Study, study, study! :( My final few midterms are after this weekend! Time to cram! Ahhh.

  52. Amelia

    I’m planning on going on a thrifting adventure today. And also hope that I will be able to catch up on a LOT of lost sleep. I want to eat something with a lot of cheese on it too.

  53. Iben

    My weekend plans are nothing too interesting.. Homework, seeing my boyfriend :)

  54. KC

    This weekend, I’m welcoming my sister back home– she went on vacation in China, so I’m excited to see her. :)

  55. Margaret

    Playing golf and spending my paycheck at sephora!

  56. Tanya

    My plans are to study strategic management……yeah yeah, boring, I know;))))

  57. Susan

    Today I am taking a class on how to make organic cold pressed soaps. Tomorrow I am walking 5 miles with a friend on the trail by the river and doing some holiday shopping.

  58. avroys

    Attending the 2nd lesson of my 6-week photography course. Going to watch some international rugby tests on TV (I live in the Southern hemisphere). Need to do some grocery shopping. Hopefully find some time to chill out and relax.

  59. Lucy Soun

    Since Florida got a little bit cold weather, I will stay home, keep warm and relax with my TV!!!

  60. Amanda

    It’s my last days of fall break so I’m just gonna relax and spend time with friends and family!

  61. Natasha

    my weekend plans are going to university open house and studying :)

  62. eleni

    visiting my parents!

  63. Fawn

    cleaning, bingo, laundry…. boring :/

  64. Valerie

    Recover from my cold :(

  65. Catarina G

    I’m working…

  66. Neree

    Good book and good wine.

  67. Lena

    Working and studying… not terribly exciting.

  68. sheenalee22

    Cleaning and homework. FUN! FUN!

  69. Annalogik

    I’m going to see Anathema in concert tonight!! πŸ˜€

  70. Line S

    Sushidinner with girlfriends today. Playing with the kids and having the neighbours over for lasagnedinner tomorrow :-)

  71. Gaby

    My weekend plans are studying, getting better and hopefully trying out the new polishes I got in the mail if I have time. πŸ˜€

  72. Luiza

    My plan is to celebrate my birthday, wich is tomorrow! Don’t know exactly how yet, but I’m sure I need to do it! =]

  73. Pavneet

    My weekend plans are to clean and do my homework on Saturday and have a lovely Sunday shopping with my mum! x

  74. Michelle

    studying cos my exams start on wed :(

  75. Donna

    My weekend plans/goals are to take my son out for his 16th birthday dinner AND switch over my closet from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter… I can’t hold off any longer! Brrrrr…

  76. Roshcherie

    Homework , painting my nails & flying home xx

  77. Michelle

    I plan to spend time with my 2 beautiful children and my amazing hubby !

  78. Moni

    I’m just going to enjoy my weekend, read a book under warm blanket. This might be my last free weekend b4 I start working weekend overtime again. Darn this project, make everybody works bunch of weekends!

  79. Kat

    paint my nails, shopping, and working out

  80. Kimberly

    My weekend plans are cleaning, relaxing, hanging out with friends!

  81. Ale

    I plan to clean some stuff at home.

  82. Irina

    elaxing at home and out to dinner with friends tonight

  83. Jamie

    im going to a banquet to celebrate our rowing victory last week!

  84. Jo

    Saturday: Im going to the gym, then to work. After That im going to bring my younger brother to see Megaminds
    Sunday: Soccer game in the morning, then hangout with a couple of friends and relax.

  85. Ally

    relaxing and hitting up the mall!

  86. Jenni

    study study study! i’ve got a genetics exam on monday :(

  87. RedHedd

    Shopping, cooking experiments for Thanksgiving & time with friends. Oh, and SLEEP!

  88. Adi

    Mostly studying… :( But the Good things are planing our wedding…

  89. Sandra

    Sleeping and thesis-writing πŸ˜€

  90. Jincy

    Celebrating my mom’s birthday and a lot of studying!

  91. This weekend: today (saturday) was choir rehearsal day because we’re going abroad with the choir :)
    Tomorrow I will be very lazy – maybe do some homework but not too much πŸ˜‰

  92. YSL

    Work and homework!

  93. chocobon

    Our weekend was yesterday and I had work to do and I stayed home, today I visited my parents…

  94. Julia

    Today I am having my boyfriend over and we’ll probably go out and pick up some drinks :)

  95. Cas

    I’ll bake spice cake and keep on working on my portfolio. Oh and relaxing and probably procrastinating (even though that is not planned).

  96. Ashley

    Laundry, cleaning and relazing

  97. Well I basically am going to try and study ( I have assignments in Economy and Accounting and I am clueless at both) AND I’m going to try and film my very first tutorial. It’s going to be pretty hard, since I’m camera shy haha. Also, I want to go out and take some pictures, because I love photography, but I didn’t really have the time/mood to wander around and take pictures.But yeah, that’s about it :)

  98. Almus

    I will go buying a beautiful dress for my girlfriend’s wedding and then … studying! ='(

  99. My weekend plans consist of going to a comedy club today featuring Huggy Lowdown with my boyfriend and best friend. Then pretty much study for my nursing exam for the remainder of the weekend.