Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Win Bobbi Brown’s Beach Shimmerbrick!

One (1) lucky winner will receive Bobbi Brown’s Beach Shimmerbrick! (Retail value $38!)

Congratulations to Jessy E.!

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One Way to Win

Leave a comment on this blog post telling me what your weekend plans are!

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1,246 thoughts on “Win Bobbi Brown’s Beach Shimmerbrick!

  1. Melanie

    My weekend plans are studying! Since I was sick this week, I couldn’t go to university, so I have to take care of that! Plus I just wanna relax and become healthy again! πŸ˜€ Boring, I know πŸ˜‰

  2. Cleaning and then RELAXING!

  3. Lisi

    I have to read around 200 pages about women and hysteria… But I also plan to relax with some gossip girl :)

  4. Working on my Final Thesis… it’s not the best plan in the world, but I have to do it!

  5. Marianne

    Study, study, study :( lots of exams

  6. Anya

    ooh, pretty!

    this weekend i’m planning to just sleep, sleep, and sleep some more <3

  7. stΓ©phanie

    I will go to the mall to (already) have a look at christmas presents and after that I will probably go to see a movie.

  8. going to a party, then studying for all the exams i have next weeek!

  9. Claudia

    Send my best regards from Austria :)

    What i will do on this weekend – only chill :) was a hard week!

  10. Autumn

    My weekend plans are doing my compare or contrast essay. Yay…haha.

  11. Michelle

    My weekend plans are to see my friend who’s visiting from Australia.

  12. Julia

    this weekend i’m going to study and maybe go to the cinema.

  13. Eliza

    Hanging out with the family! <3

  14. Shannon

    Catching up on housework!

  15. Mita

    My weekend plans are:
    – to do some shopping (going to buy hot leather pants and a violet eyeshadows palette)
    – to go to the movies with my parents
    – to have a little photoset with a friend

  16. Nohe

    I am going to the movie with a hot date and doing a little shopping.Working on my homework.

  17. Shaelyn

    I’m going to my dad’s girlfriends house for a surprise party for his 5-0!!!

  18. Michelle

    I’ll be studying for my upcoming exams *mopes*

  19. Lauren

    study for the last exam of my undergrad degree!

  20. Emily

    I have to write a paper. :(

  21. Nance

    Movie night πŸ˜€

  22. my plans are:
    finishing a load of work. Especially catching up on my Art/Design class work!

  23. Today, Saturday, I’m taking my daughter to her Girl Scout’s meeting. Then, I’m headed to Walgreen’s to see if they have any Wet n’ Wild Holiday Palettes. If so, I’ll be buying them all due to the current sale of buy one, get one 50% off. On Sunday I have a baby shower for a friend to attend. That’s about all for my weekend plans! Thank you! :)

  24. A pair of casual shoes self-destructed on me one morning at work, so shoe shopping is a must this weekend!

  25. Stephanie

    My weekend plans are to hopefully start making my Christmas cards!!!

  26. Jadis4742

    FABLE 3!!!

    …whoops, sorry got a little excited there. :)

  27. Julchen

    My weekend plan is shopping!

  28. Annie

    Relaxing and homework! Not so exciting.

  29. Kajsa/Monticka

    Ohh Bobby Brown! I’ve always wanted to test their Shimmerbricks!

    My weekend contains of nothing else but me, my couch and my computer. An easy and uneventful weekend :)

  30. ann

    going out w/ a friend to check some shoes πŸ˜€

  31. Lauren

    I will be studying for a math test I have next week and working!

  32. As I’m sick, i’ll stay home all week end long, but i’ll try some make up to find the right one to match the dress i’ll be wearing for my school prom in 2 weeks

  33. Amber

    My weekend plans are to go to the movies with my mom, we’re seeing “For Colored Girls” and working on some homework. Yay me! LOL.

  34. this week end i have to work a lot because i have a big test on monday at school !
    Boring ><"

  35. Emsily

    weekend plans are to fly home from a buisness trip, and then head out on a party bus for a friends birthday. Planning on a Gold shimmery dress with bobbi brown yellow irradescent eyeshadow lid, and copper crease w. huge faux lashes!

  36. DalaLuz

    Its raining, raining, raining & I’m feeling lazy, so guess what I am doing: catching up on my blogs :-)

  37. Hanging out with friends from out of town

  38. Alicia Quezada

    I would love to get this bb shimmerbrick its gorgeous! :)

  39. tiptoe shortbread

    I was in London last weekend and am getting over a chest infection so apart from making my friend friend this evening it’s vegging out all the way! Spending time with my cats, painting my nails, playing new singstar dance, ready The Passage and getting more addicted to Korres products!!

  40. Hanna

    I plan to unpack my stuff, since I just moved. I can’t find my tweezers and I am starting to look cavewomanish, so unpcking is very much needed. πŸ˜‰

  41. TheLaniGold

    On saturday I’ll go and visit my grandma and go shopping with her. And on Sunday me and my family are going to a museum and we’ll do a really cool family day :)
    what’s about your weekend?

    best regards!

  42. Liz Stembridge

    This morning i took my 2 year old to a toddler group. Later we are going up to Plymouth Hoe for a run around, tonight is all about Strictly and X Factor and tomorrow i am going up to my Mum’s for a roast…yum!

  43. Molkinaify

    Going to visit my pregnant cousin πŸ˜€

  44. Sarona

    relaxing at home and out to dinner with friends tonight =)

  45. Brittney

    oooh soo pretty! I would never buy this on my own lol but if i win it, i’ll be extremely happy!

  46. cafii

    studying for finals!

  47. Fatima

    My foot is fractured so il stay in.wil put away some of my summer clothes and wil study

  48. Mer

    Sleeping all day <3

  49. Heli

    Just schoolwork :( I’ve got a deadline on my essay on Monday so I need to give it the finishing touch.

  50. Gynna

    It’s cold for the 1st time this fall so I’ll be baking!

  51. Diana

    studying for midterms :(

  52. watch horror movies with my boyfriend and learn a lot for school :(

  53. Liz

    Hey Christine… My weekend plan are plain and boring, work work and work. Migh get a chance to sneek out to do some shoe shopping for a couple hours ^_^.

  54. Jessica

    My plans are just to sleep in and relax!

  55. Jennifer


  56. Kelly Marie

    working, unfortunately- but this would help me look great doing it!

  57. Chatelaine

    I’m going to IMATS toronto!

  58. It’s All Hallows here in Sweden this weekend. So tonight, we’re going to light some candles on my mother’s boyfriend’s relatives’ graves. I’m also bringing my camera, because it’s wonderful to see the graveyard when it’s lightened up by candles.
    I also need to do some homework. Urgh :(

  59. Sophie

    homework.. :( sign… ib is so much work…

  60. Stephanie

    My boyfriend and I are celebrating our second anniversary! He hasn’t let me know what the plans are just yet, and I can’t wait to find out

  61. Coco

    Going on a Spa date with my best friend :D!

  62. Moeko

    Enter me πŸ˜‰

    My weekend plans are:
    -Shopping for camping goods
    -Homeworks….. :(

  63. Hopefully going to my local CCO!!!

  64. Nayeli

    I don’t have exciting plans :( I will be home studying for a test I have on Monday

  65. Marleen

    i meet a friend that i havenΒ΄t meet in a long time an we go out to eat an talk talk talk πŸ˜€

  66. Angel

    Study Study Study…. :( Business Studies exam on Monday so yeah… I can’t wait till this week is over.

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  67. my plans are to stay in bed, I’ve worked every day and I’m tired XD

  68. Rachel

    my weekend plans are staying snuggled up at home 4 once!(sickness and winter cold brrr!) and then having a roast on sunday…yay! πŸ˜€

  69. study for my upcoming midtersm!

  70. Martina

    today i’m going to study and tonight i have a birthday party… tomorrow i will study and study and study!!! :-(
    and maybe go to the cinema

  71. Karla C.

    Rent movies with friends and spend the weekend hanging out with them. :)

  72. Ana

    My weekend plans are to get some headway into my big research project due in a month! :)

  73. Sarah Bokhari

    i have 2 wedding to attend, pretty exciting as Pakistani/ Indian weddings are so much fun

  74. courtney

    OMG i want this SOOO bad! I’m going to a bday party tonight!

  75. Amanda

    Working!! and skyping with my boyfriend :)

  76. Jennifer

    taking my 2 year old for portraits!!

  77. Sina

    Of course Shopping in our new centre, its raining..

  78. msscalifornia8

    study, study and moooore study!

  79. Anna

    It’s November, so it’s cold and raining. I’ll grab a book and read. I also plan to cook something nice, like a warming soup.

  80. Stephanie C

    sleepover with my friends πŸ˜€

  81. Yasmin

    My weekend plans is actually, no joke, to clean out my bathroom in order to reorganize my makeup and nail polish. I did a bit last weekend but I have way too much stuff that I need to see if it’s still good or not.

  82. Blacky

    I’m begining to think about christmas’ gifts for my frinds and family ;(

  83. Allyson Louise

    I’m babysitting all weekend so it will be kids cartoons and baking cookies for me :)

  84. Diane

    I think I might go hang out with friends and go buy my friend a present for her 21 birthday :^D

  85. Noug

    Well, this week end I want to shoot trees in forets with their gorgeous colors. Then, hot chocolate and cupcakes…

  86. Indira

    Taking my SATs 2 subject tests!

  87. Irene

    going out with my bff to watch the social network…

  88. lesley

    Celebrating my father’s 60th birthday! <3

  89. Katerina

    I’m going to vote! We have elections in Greece this Sunday! Also, the weather is great so, probably go somewhere outdoors too!

  90. Jeannie

    Going out to talk to a friend and then staying in, studying and eating πŸ˜€

  91. Joanne_

    My weekend consist of going to my school’s homecoming football game! =)

  92. I need to write four articles. And clean my house. Aaaaand get caught up on my NaNoWriMo project.

  93. Yvette

    Shopping for shoes and bike riding!

  94. Anna

    I am going to a big event called H-Games with my friends where we play super silly games like tug-o-war and compete for a trophy! haha yay!!

  95. Sam

    I plan to go to Costco with my mom. It’s an all day event lol

    And the Shimmer Brick is soooo pretty and summery,

  96. diana

    My weekend plans: Going on a date with The husband later today and starting a 90 day exercise program. πŸ˜€

    Btw this eyeshadow looks so pretty. Gl everyone!

  97. Leah

    my weekend plans are unfortunately homework :(

  98. Nicole

    OMG that is beautiful!
    Anyway, I am working on Saturday, however we are planning to go to a street festival tomorrow (Sunday) in the morning, and perhaps to the beach in the afternoon. It’s spring in Australia, and although it won’t be warm enough to swim, I just can’t wait to walk in the sand and wet my feet in the surf!