Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea PocketBacs!

We’re giving away twenty-five (25) Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea PocketBacs. Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling us why you want to win. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when they have been chosen.

All entries must be submitted by May 3rd, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. That’s it! This contest is only open to U.S. only residents.

Increase Your Chances to Win (For a total of three chances!)

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Good luck!

Congratulations to our Winners! They have been notified via e-mail, and we have already received their confirmation.  Thanks so much to all that entered!

Bath and Body Works

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174 thoughts on “Win Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea PocketBac!

  1. Cindy K.

    Sweet Pea is my favorite.

  2. Kella

    I’d love to win, this looks so cute, and I am a bacteria-phobe, SERIOUSLY. I’m subscribed to your RSS and TWITTER: Kella86 :)

  3. L

    twitter: 2bytes

    i love bath and body works stuff but we don’t have them here in canada so i always end up dragging the hubby across the border

  4. Twitter: heygirlhey698

    i love bath and body works!

  5. Daria

    Thanks for the opp! I want to protect myself from swine flu and smell good LOL! gets scary working in a hospital!!

    thanks Christine!


  6. Leah

    I want something good-smelling that can protec me from bateria; I get ill very easily!

    And, I love sweet pea!

  7. Luciana Lima

    I´m in need of one of those!

    twitter: lucianadl

  8. Becky

    With the pandemic, portable anti-bac is essential.

  9. Kayla

    I think it’s especially important to have anti-bacterial on you with this nasty Swine Flu going around, plus Sweet Pea is a great smell for spring :) Thanks!

    twitter: kbarbaretta

  10. Anna

    twitter annayuen

    love this classic scent from bbw!

  11. Patricia Bertola

    I love this scent from bbw!!

  12. Sweet pea is my fav scent from them =)

  13. Anitacska

    Count me in!

  14. Noemie

    With the Swine Flu going around, I need all the protection I can get. This little baby will do the trick! And, I’ve never won a thing in my life…so make my day, please!

  15. Candy

    I would love to win this because sweet pea is my alltime favorite bath & body scent! Please enter me..thanks!

    Twitter- Candygurl8432

  16. Candy

    I want to win this because sweet pea is my alltime favorite bath & body scent!

    Twitter- Candygurl8432

  17. Delia Lupan

    I’d like to win it because I don’t have this.

  18. Nadine

    Twitter: Rhythemicchick

    I would love to win as I’ve never seen Bath and Body in Canada, where I live. Cleanliness is always good too

  19. Noemie

    If you live in Toronto, ON Canada there are plenty of bath and body works!

  20. Nikita Naraja

    I wanna win because I love how feminine and sexy sweet pea smells!

  21. iloovemakeup

    i luh-ve sweet pea and i need hand sanitizer. twitter:summerblonde111

  22. Amanda

    This would be awesome in my pocket at work in a hospital! twitter: sweet8684girl and I subscribe to your rss feed.

  23. Justine

    i’d love to win – fight swine flu! lol… twitter : justinedowning

  24. Manda

    I love these mini anti bacs! They’re adorable and practical! Perfect for the purse! Thanks!

    twitteR: immadiva
    email subscribed :)

  25. Tanya

    Sweet pea smells so good! Thank you so much!

    twitter: tanyan1
    I am subscribed.

  26. Isabel

    i would like to win because with this whole swine flu scare they said on the news to carry anti-bacterial gel with you and why not have one that smells great too??! i love sweet pea! twitter: izzy728

  27. I’d love to win this to give to a friend of mine who loves B&B Sweet Pea and keeps stealing my hand sanitizer!

  28. Ali

    I would love to win because I use this stuff all the time!

  29. I’d love to see what sweet pea smells like! Sounds… sweet!

    Twitter: thehousewife

    I am subscribed.

  30. Vanessa S

    I want to win because I need all the ammunition that I can get my hands on, due to the swine flu.

    Twitter- VanessasSecret4

  31. BaDKiTTy

    I love these! Always have some in my purse. Especially with the flu going on it a MUST!!! Thanks Christine!
    Twitter: RussianBaDKiTTy

  32. G

    Want to win – need this stuff bad.

  33. I would love to win one of these.

  34. Vina

    cause i want this. :)(:
    twitter: xthanhvo

  35. mich

    enter me!
    twitter – teasecake
    rss subbed.

  36. Mamade

    I need some Sweet Pea for my two precious sweet peas to keep them safe from all the bugs out there!

  37. jolener

    I would love to win because I live in Canada and we don’t have a Bath and Body Works

    twitter: jolener
    RSS subscriber

  38. Jousy


    I’ve never tried Bath & Body Works products EVER so it’d be SWEET if I won! :)

  39. nan8915

    I wouldn’t mind winning this.

    perfect timing for preventing the swine flu..



    i love the way sweetpea smells!

    twitter: a_banger

  41. Jenn

    I’m obsessed with hand sanitizers, and I love sweet pea scent, so of course I want to win this :)
    Twitter: chinandjuice

  42. Heather

    OMG I want this so badly. But again, i’m too lazy to create a twitter account

  43. brittany

    I love sweet pea and i would love to have this! =]

    good luck to everyone

    RSS subscriber.

  44. Ji

    I love seet pea! its my favorite!

  45. Melanie

    I’d ove to win this! Sweet pea smells divine and I am almost out!

    Twitter follower: macbella2
    RSS subscribed

    thanks :)

  46. Young

    I would llove to have this, love bath and body

  47. Sai

    sweet pea is one of my favorite scents; that’s why i want to win!

    twitter: jambodian

  48. SARA

    Hi i don`t know if it it`s international but i want to win it because i`m from mexico city where is at this moment the house of swine flu :( i`m very scared and also we don`t have bath and body works and of course be safe with style!!

  49. Hei

    REally want this! Its my favorite scent!

  50. Omg I love B&BW but there is none close anymore I used to “live” there lol.


  51. Andréa Gonzalez

    I love Bath & body works but they don’t sell it outside the US,so I’m hoping to win because sweet pea it’s my favourite fragrance of them!!
    Greetings from Brazil!

  52. Nadine

    I want to win because I don’t wash my hands as frequently as I should and anti-bac gel would be really useful to have. Also, I love B&BW’s sweet pea scent!

  53. Kat

    Cuz I don’t wanna get swine flu, and I love the smell of Sweet Pea!

  54. GAIL

    Swinn Flu – need it

  55. Lix

    I’d love to win this, it’s a cute baby sized product for my purse!

    Following via RSS and twitter as @kimoraklein.

  56. Sasha

    I’d like to win because I am a hand sanitizer junkie! These would be so awesome to carry around in my purse.

    Twitter: xlovechild

  57. Nitzan

    Ohhhhh , I love bath&body works!

    I would like to win cause i really love the smell of sweet pea.

  58. this would fit in my purse and save me from swine flu! :) haha

  59. rhian

    I’m a germaphobe and theres not B&BW in UK :(
    Also cases of swine flu are over here :O


  60. Airess

    Hand sanitized is always a good thing to have!!!

  61. Beautiful bottle I want to win this product that kills bacteria.

  62. maryjoyce

    i love sweet pea! its sweet smelling but does not give me a headache!

  63. Calista

    Gotta love Sweet Pea! It’s a scent I never tire of and I would love to have this to use at work!
    Twitter: califragilistic

  64. Brittany

    I want to win because it smells so good!

  65. Jo Anne

    I’d love to win this because Sweet Pea is my favorite sent!

    Twitter: j0j0purple

  66. penelope

    i want to win because it looks like it smells delicious!

  67. Stephanie

    I want to win because I hate the chemical-smelling pocket sanitizer I have with me.

  68. Rachel H.

    Great contest! I’d love to win. Going to school, where people are constantly sick is such a bummer. This would be handy to have! Plus, gotta be safe with the swine flu coming around!

    I’m also following you on twitter: xfoxglove.

  69. Josay

    We don’t have any bath and body works in Canada and I know the products because I bough some last year in the US !
    I love Sweet Pea fragrance !!!

    Twitter : josayp

  70. Regina D

    i want to win because i love the way sweetpea smells!
    rss yahoo reader

  71. Karen

    I would like to win because I am an unemployed Flight Attendant who has no money and isn’t allowed to spend money on myself, because I don’t have any and it makes me feel guilty. I babysit 2 nights a week just so I can pay my car insurance and have gas for school. And I just got approved for food stamps so now I can eat, instead of self inviting myself to other’s houses and eat their food. For real. I already have a Bachelor’s Degree but I’m going to get some nursing certification since it seems to more of a stable job than aviation, and an in-demand job! Thanks!

    Twitter follower: broke.socialite
    RSS subscriber.
    You have some skills, girl. I would expect you to be famous in fashion/makeup one day!

  72. I LOVE IT!!! I WANT IT!! =)

  73. Heather

    Sweet pea is one of my fav scents!! twitter-rockerchick2719 RSS

  74. Vanessa

    I love Bath & Body Works… Count me in! ; ]

  75. katkat

    I am IN LOVE with sweet pea!!!! i would love to win, looks super cute!

  76. Nic

    I like the sweet pea stuff, and it would be perfect to carry in my purse. :)

    twitter: TheWoodnut

  77. Stephanie

    I would love to try this becuase i constantly stay clean.

  78. i want to win because i loveeee sweet pea
    Twitter: arshia16

  79. Angel

    This smells amazing!

    RSS Subscriber

  80. Janessa

    I would love to win some Sweet pea bac because i’m a nursing student and we are constantly washing our hands. It’s either washing my hands for 15 sec or an easy squirt of Hand gel.. which is Really effective to some degree and it smells OoOooh sooo YUMMY! 😀

  81. air

    i want one so bad!!!

  82. KyaLyn

    I love this scent!

  83. Crystal

    I want to win this to help protect myself against this awful flu going around.

  84. MMT

    I should win because I work with kids and I’d share with them!

  85. Tee

    It would be awesome to win this because I got one of these a while back and am almost out of it! Sweet Pea is one of my favorite smells from Bath and Body works.

    I follow RSS!

  86. Lena

    sweetpea is my favorite of the scents there!
    twitter: leenuhhh
    subscribed :)

  87. Grace

    I’d like to win because it’s really important to keep your hands clean during this swine flu outbreak!
    RSS subscriber

  88. heather

    i want to win because I have the sweet pea perfume, sweet pea body wash, and sweet pea lotion!
    twitter: twtrheather

  89. omg,i REALLY need one, i can never find one.

  90. Kary

    I want to win! because sweet pea is my favorite scent!!!

  91. Kere

    i want to win because i love bath and body works!

    twitter: iamsohello

  92. I’d like to win since I don’t know what a PocketBac is, and would like to find out!

    ReveNoir on Twitter


  93. Venessa

    i want to win because i’m obsessed with cleanliness! :p

  94. Tina

    I love sweet pea and miss it so much because Bath and Body works is not in Australia…grr


  95. Rio

    I’ve always loved sweet pea scented bath products since I was about twelve. I use hand sanitizer a lot because I ride public transportation and have to use many not so clean bathrooms on campus. They are often out of soap in the bathrooms as well! 😛 Also, that there swine flu doesn’t sound too fun. 😉

  96. Claudia

    Hmm, I would like to win so I can reduce my chances of getting Swine Flu! Well, hand sanitizer is good to have anyway…

  97. Katie

    Count me in! I swear by this anti-bac B&BW stuff and I love the sweet pea scent. :)

    Coachkitten on Twitter

  98. baybee

    i would like to win!