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Five (5) lucky Temptalia readers will win this eyeshadow palette from bareMinerals!

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169 thoughts on “Win It! bareMinerals The Mix Master Eyeshadow Palette! ($48 value)

  1. Jen

    My favorite beauty tip is to never leave the house without mascara!

  2. Susan West

    I use baking soda to exfoliate my face and lips, leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh! Merry Christmas Christine and thank you for a wonderful year of reviews and swatches and giveaways! <3

  3. my favorite beauty tip: groom your eyebrows! it makes a world of difference.

  4. Deanna

    I use MAC Bare Canvas paints as a eye shadow primer every day.

  5. Chaia

    Make sure to do your brows because they frame your eyes.

  6. Kristen

    My favorite tip? Try BareMinerals eyeshadow! It’s awesome.

  7. Jesikah

    Eyeshadow primer makes a world of difference!

  8. Valerie S.

    Invest in a good quality eyeshadow primer!

  9. Zachary Paca

    My all time beauty tip that I preach left and right is to PRIME. So many guys and gals think it’s useless but no matter your skin type, there’s a primer for you. Once you find the primer for you, your oiliness or dryness or uneven texture or whatever the problem may be will be smoothed for a long day of flawless face.

  10. My beauty tip: use a good moisturizer!!

  11. Christa

    My fave tip is to apply foundation after fallout prone eyeshadows. So much easier to prevent sparkly/dirty looking cheeks!

  12. Lauren

    My favorite beauty tip is to fill in your brows. It really frames your face.

  13. My little tip is, in the winter, when my skin is super dry, I put on moisturizer and then a thin layer of vaseline before bed. Skin is smooth and moisturized in the morning!

  14. Dila

    I make coconut oil hair mask with an egg white wrap your hair wait 30 mins.. take a shower boom shiny, soft hair

  15. Firstly, I logged in something like 6 times and I’m still being forced to respond as a guest.

    Second, My ultimate beauty tip is to wash your face twice a day… it makes SUCH a huge difference for me. You can see the difference when I don’t. It gives me beautiful glowing fresh skin, and reduces breakouts monumentally.

  16. xamyx

    Wear colors that are suitable for your coloring, personality, style, etc., not just because it’s on-trend, or looks pretty in the packaging.

  17. my favorite beauty tip – when in a hurry in the morning, I only use a highlighter in my inner corner and under the browbone of my eye. The eye looks bigger and more fresh! And this really works!

  18. My absolute favorite beauty tip: Wear sunscreen no matter the weather!

  19. Cui

    Use eye shadow primer to make eye makeup last longer.

  20. Samantha

    Drink lots of water.

  21. My favorite beauty tip is to give your skin a break from foundation at least once or twice a week – it needs to breathe! :)

  22. Justine

    There’s no need to shower daily if your skin doesn’t need it (e.g. in winter).

  23. jaclyn3090

    Invest in a good eyeshadow primer. Creased eyeshadow is never flattering, so ensure that your shadows will stay in place by using a primer. Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance is my favorite :)

  24. Just entered and shared on my facebook page, Stylishly Social (scheduled post for tomorrow morning)! Thanks!
    StylishlySocial Recently Posted: Save The Blow Dry, Shower Cap Perfection!

  25. patsyann

    Lansinoh brand lanolin for dry, chapped lips or even a light coating before lipstick application. No more dry lips.

  26. Flourine

    Use a damp q-tip to remove mascara from the upper waterline – an absolutely necessary step for sensitive eyes!

  27. Jordan

    My favorite beauty tip is to take care of your skin! A lot of people don’t do all of the steps that they should (exfoliate, moisturize, use SPF, etc) but it makes a huge difference.

  28. I liked Claire Marshall’s tip of using highlighter first and then blush.
    Rikki Recently Posted: WINTER 2013-2014 FOUNDATION ROUTINE FOR DRY SKIN | closed captioned

  29. Shana

    I use Olay wipes to clean my iPhone every day — I started doing this when I noticed I was getting pimples along my jawline, and they’ve mostly gone away.

  30. Heather L

    Mascara is a must!

  31. Alix

    Use Aquaphor for really chapped/sensitive lips!

  32. SILVIA

    Def do not leave the house without eyebrows done!

  33. Oil your hair before washing it! I heat up some olive oil and put it into my wet hair, then I’d clip my hair up and continue showering, shaving, all those things and lastly I’d wash my hair with shampoo, I recommend doing it twice to eliminate any oily residue and didn’t even put conditioner on. You’ll have shiny hair. Also when I did this my hair grew super fast!
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  34. Christina

    Always wait a few minutes for foundation to set before adding powder!

  35. Take care of your skin. The most beautiful thing is a natural face, with some enhancements after of course!

  36. Karla

    Always apply makeup on clean and mosturized skin!

  37. Laura

    Such a common tip, but worth repeating: wear sunblock!

  38. Sheetal

    My favourite beauty tip is to always wear SPF during the day!!

  39. Brandy

    My beauty tip is to brush out lashes with a clean spoolie to separate and place each lash just where you want it. I can’t skip this step!

  40. Shirley T

    use concealer to highlight

  41. Dala Luz

    Translucent powder also does a great job in tuning down eyeshadow that has a bit more shine than you’d prefer!

  42. Leslie

    Good skin care!

  43. My favorite beauty tip? Always tightline your upper lash line! It opens up your eyes so much and makes your lashes look longer.

  44. Lisandra Carolina Monsanto

    Coconut oil works wonders..its’ good for your hair and skin. And drink water, water and more water.

  45. Lisandra Carolina Monsanto

    Coconut oil it works wonders ..its good for your hair and skin.

  46. Erica P.

    My favorite beauty tip is to always put a lip balm on before using lipstick that way your lips stay moisturized.

  47. My favorite beauty tip is tightlining my eyes. A great alternative to black eyeliner on the lid for women over 40
    Allison Recently Posted: Crown HD Brush Set

  48. jenny

    my fav beauty tip is to always wear spf and moisturize your skin!!!!

  49. danielle murphy

    Argan oil does wonders for your skin! It’s magic in a bottle!

  50. wet taupeish eyeshadow for brows, gives a nice natural stain =)

  51. Varika

    I think applying cream blush with a brush makes it stay on your face a lot longer! You also use less product that way.

  52. Tonya

    Use setting powder on lashes and then apply mascara for a fuller effect.

  53. Prep your face before applying make up! A good moisturiser is the must – especially in the winter!

  54. Beauty tip: Less is more… except when it comes to eye shimmer and glitter… then you can never have too much 😉

  55. Beka

    My favorite beauty tip: have fun and experiment-it’s just makeup after all…it washes off. And everyone can wear red lipstick!

  56. Cat

    My favorite beauty tip is to invest in a great finishing powder, there’s some amazing ones out there to try!

  57. ola

    highlighter on the middle of the lips – they look amazing

  58. Jeanine

    I keep a small bottle of makeup remover on my vanity for quick brush cleansing and fixing eyeliner mistakes. I would love to play with this palette …..

  59. Alia

    My favorite beauty tip is to wipe the mascara wand after dipping in mascara and before applying to lashes to get just the right amount of mascara!

  60. My favorite makeup trick is wearing mascara only on the outer 3/4 of my eye – it makes them really pop!!

  61. Laura

    Favorite beauty tip is to always curl your lashes. It really opens up the eyes and makes you look that much more awake.

  62. always fill in the brows even if you’re not wearing much makeup

  63. Samantha V

    Be sure to remove all makeup before going to sleep.

  64. Jackie Cummings

    Put on your eye makeup before your face makeup to avoid ruining your under-eye area with eye shadow fallout.

  65. My beauty tip is retinol. I began using it at 24 so that I prevent any signs of aging and reduce the worry lines on my forehead. I cannot resist: my second beauty tip is bangs for girls like me (or guys) who have very sparse, almost non-existent, eyebrows. Of course I fill them in, but sometimes it can look unnatural, so bangs help conceal that.

  66. There are only about a bazillion ways to wear this lol!!! I love this palette and love Kat Von D’s products. She rocks!!! thanks for the giveaway!

  67. JudiC

    My makeup tip is “when in doubt, less is more.”

  68. Seana Campbell

    One of my favorite beauty tips is for oily skin, which I have been plagued with all my life. Apply a thin layer of milk of magnesium or Monistat ant-chafing gel to your face before foundation It acts as a wonderful primer that controls oil and shine.

  69. Wear sunscreen! I swear that is what’s kept my skin looking so good for all these years. And a light, sheen-y eye shadow on my lids when I’m feeling tired never fails to make me look bright and fresh.

  70. stephanie barnet

    Use a primer! So many people don’t and it gives you such a nice, smooth canvas!

  71. AudreyNZ

    Sleep well.

  72. Mandy

    I use almond oil on my face before I shower. Leaves me with a hydrated face ready for make up.

  73. I wear lip balm under lipstick and lipgloss! It keeps my lips from drying out, sheers lipstick out a bit, and keeps me from noticing how sticky the gloss is!

  74. BooBooNinja

    My beauty tip is to fill in your brows — it makes a world of difference!

  75. Ashley

    I absolutely LOVE using a flat liner brush and a shadow to line my eyes, and to make my lashes look thicker. I mainly use this on my ‘no-makeup-makeup’ days, or the days I wake up late for a quick, and easy look.

  76. Linda

    Make sure you get plenty of sleep and cut way down on the salt to minimize puffiness

  77. Linda

    Make sure you get plenty of sleep and keep your salt intake to a minimum to reduce puffiness

  78. Favourite tip that I always follow is good skin care! Always cleansing thoroughly to remove all makeup and hydrating and protecting my skin every day :) We only have one skin!

  79. I use Argan oil to moisturize my face and also for my cuticles…it’s an amazing product!

  80. Chris Taddei

    Invest in a good quality foundation and always use moisturizer

  81. Shinel

    Grab your eyelash curler, line it the top of it with a black kohl eyeliner pencil, then squeeze in on your lash line, hold for 30 secs and release! Perfect liner everytime

  82. Maureen

    One of my favorite winter beauty tips is to put coconut oil on your face before you shower/shampoo. It prevents the hot water from drying out your skin.

  83. Laney

    Thoroughly remove your makeup every night and make sure to moisturize!

  84. lisa

    Make sure you remove all your makeup every night!

  85. Use concealer around your lip edges!!

  86. lisa

    Wash your face every night.

  87. hj

    My beauty tip is one swipe using a Qtip before applying eyeliner on the water line. It will last all day!

  88. My tip would be to tightline your eyes! works wonders for hooded eyes :)

  89. Cee Pee

    My favourite beauty tip is don’t be afraid of oil! Argan, baobab, maracuja, all wonderful!

  90. Debbie

    The best beauty tip is to use sunscreen and keep your face out of the sun!!

  91. Bobbie

    my favorite beauty tip is to put a little bit of powder on my inner lip in order to help dark lipsticks stick!

  92. always highlight the inner corners of your eyes to open up your eyes more! 😀

  93. my favorite beauty tip is to blend the harsh lines from your eyebrow pencil!

  94. Kayla

    The health of your skin is really dependent on the overall health of your body; the better care you take of yourself, the better your skin will be.

  95. My favorite beauty tip is Always spend time on your foundation

  96. My favorite beauty tip is to blend, blend blend. And when in doubt, blend some more.

  97. Kimberly

    Blending is the most important thing in makeup application. You can wear almost anything as long as you blend it.