Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Balenciaga Giveaway

Win Balenciaga Paris!

I’ve been playing with this scent this past week, and it’s a sensual, sophisticated scent for spring. It’s a soft violet tempered by a woodier, muskier base. It’s a lighter scent that wears well throughout the day, but it’s not overwhelming. Definitely feminine but not girly or candy-sweet–grown-up without being totally on the edge.   And now, Temptalia is giving one away!

One (1) lucky Temptalia reader will win a bottle of Balenciaga Paris Eau de Parfum! (Retail value $130.)

Immediately, the demure violet note makes us think that BALENCIAGA PARIS is a light fragrance, as pleasant as sunshine. In BALENCIAGA PARIS, we find the first moments of April, floral breezes and blossoms from milder days. A spring-like feel: airy dresses and fleeting glances. A bouquet of violets also has an old-fashioned tone, the antique charm of a few dried petals that we find between the pages of a book by Colette, traces of memories, the work of art so fine that is the past

But soon, a peppery note reveals itself and swells over calm, mossy wood. Foliage that breathes in the secret hours of night. Then, another more nocturnal facet of nature expresses itself. A sensuality becomes clearer. The shadowy color of the liquid within already says something of its mystery.
It is a fragrance full of light with a few dark apertures. BALENCIAGA PARIS is a lovely paradox. It is a fragrance that becomes life, that melds with living. BALENCIAGA PARIS offers itself and guards itself…

How to win: Leave a comment sharing with me why you love to wear perfume!

All entries must be submitted by April 12th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to U.S. readers only as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

Congratulations to Steph Z.!

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510 thoughts on “Win Balenciaga Paris!

  1. Alyssa P

    I love to wear perfume because my mom hates it. Sometimes I’m such an adult about things…

  2. kareen

    because wearing perfume complete and enchance any look and puts the final sparkle to your personality.

  3. Audrey

    I love wearing perfume because it allows me to emphasize the softer, feminine side of myself that society tries to subdue because we’re expected to be “strong” and “assertive”.

  4. Natasha M.

    I’ve always enjoyed wearing different fragrances. Depending on how I feel, I try to set a mood for the entire day. So if I’m wanting to feel more confident because I’m going to a very important meeting, or if I just want to feel sexy for my husband. To me it’s more than just a fragrance. It’s an emphasis to my personality.

  5. Amanda

    Knowing that you smell good always makes you feel a little better about yourself!

  6. cass

    it makes me feel sophisticated and pretty.

  7. whoa…this is one contest I wana win!! Balenciaga is a luxury…be it purse or fragrance…Anything from Balenciaga has to be classy…would love to try this!!!

  8. Tiffanie

    Simply because it makes me smell good!!!!!

  9. Christina

    I love wearing perfume because it makes me feel good about myself, and I like seeing how the scent will evolve throughout the day.

  10. Erica

    I like to wear perfume because I think rule #1 for girls is to always smell pretty :) And you can change the perfume you wear to match your mood. Sweet, spicy, intense, demure, etc.

  11. Julia C.

    I love to wear perfume because it makes me feel beautiful.

  12. Stephanie

    I love wearing perfume because it makes me feel even more beautiful!

  13. Mariana

    The perfume makes me unique, no matter what I’m using and if there are people with the same fragrance, because the smell is different for each person. So is like there is for each person a different scent in the same perfume! Is that why I like so much perfume, and wear them!

  14. LuvJ

    Perfumes define one’s personality like your choice of style in clothing and makeup. It completes my wardrobe and adds sensuality, sophistication or fun depending on my choice scent for the day/night.

  15. Jamie

    I love wearing perfume because something about it makes me feel more feminine.

  16. Paloma

    I love and wear perfume because it leaves a lasting impression on those that you come in contact with. Whether it be a lover, friends, family or someone you simply bump into at the grocery store…if you wear the right perfume, nobody will forget you….or the wonderful smell that they caught a whiff of. Scent/Smell triggers memories……like Curve for men makes me think of my first boyfriend….he was a douche, but the smell I could not deny was awesome. I would wear Curve for men on the regular if it weren’t for the fact that I’m all woman. There’s a good example on how strongly a smell can leave an impression for years and years.

  17. Meesh

    I like wearing perfume because it’s another dimension of you based on what kind of perfume you choose to wear. If you pick a strong, sugary perfume, I’d say you were a young, probably in middle school or high school. If you a choose a light airy floral scent, I’d say you’d older, heading for demure, probably in college and older. If it’s an aquatic scent that is just barely there, coy, asking for a second smell, I’d say you’re older.

    Perfume becames another way to represent yourself and how people remember you based on what scent you wear. And it makes me feel confident that I smell nice and not overpowering. It makes me feel flirty, esp. when my friends or boyfriend asks me what I’m wearing. They notice these things!

  18. I adore wearing fragrance. The thing I love the most is that when I smell it all the amazing memories of where I’ve worn it before always come back to me. Even if I’m not in a sunny mood then the fragrance will put me in a good mood thanks to all the great memories it evokes. When I’m selecting and putting on a fragrance for the day it’s like choosing an accessory. It’s a real part of my outfit that needs to match what I’m wearing, the weather and what “character” I want to portray that day! It’s such a crucial part of an ensemble! Like wearing the right shade of lipstick! x

  19. Amy

    This is an easy one: for me, different persume represents a different mood and a different side of me. Sometimes I like to be sweet and girly, yet sometimes I want to present myself as more sophisticated and more “grown-up”. To put it in a very scientifical way, scent stays the longest in a person’s memory and is always the first thing that catches others’ attention. So, definitely owning a range of different scnets and perfumes at the same time!

  20. Kim

    I love perfume! It adds to my mood and outfit! I love it!!! xo

  21. shandy

    I like wearing perfume because they make me smell nice and it can change my mood.

  22. evangelia

    because i love smelling pretty scents!

  23. Melissa

    Makes me feel feminine and sexy, and I love when my husband hugs me and sniffs my neck and tells me I smell good. Gives me butterflies!

  24. Jennifer J.

    I love to wear perfume because it can convey how you are feeling and also bring back memories. I wore a scent for my wedding and when I smell it I always go back to that day.

  25. Nathalie

    I love wearing perfume because it makes me feel sexy and I love the “wow you smell really good” compliments I get :-)

  26. julieh

    I love to wear perfume because it completes my outfit. It makes me feel sophisticated and I love catching whiffs of that pleasant smell during the day.

  27. Nina

    I love smelling each stage of the perfume as soon as it hits my skin, after it has settled and when it just leaves that faintest hint of scent on my skin.

  28. Jordan

    I love wearing perfume because it always picks up my mood and I like to know that I smell good!

  29. AmazingRaquel

    I would love to win this perfume because I don’t have it in my collection. I love wearing different scents everyday!

  30. KatL

    I love the way I feel when I have perfume on.
    Sexy, and I feel as if I can conquer the world.

  31. Edna

    i just love the fact im smelling good and when i get compliments about the way i smell. and plus i feel sexy =]

  32. Melodyy

    I love to smell good all the time. Everytime I take a whiff of the air, I want to smell the perfume I am wearing.

  33. milaxx

    I’m a girly female. Wearing perfume make me feel sexy and very feminine.

  34. Shannon

    I love wearing just a tiny squirt of perfume somy boyfriend notices when he hugs me and doesn’t know if it really is perfume, my hair, or if I just really do smell that good. :)

  35. Hayley

    I am a perfume addict who is just starting her collection, I love how a perfume can change they way you feel on any certain day.

  36. Nadine

    Because perfume smells better than deodorant by itself!

  37. Madelynn

    I wear perfume because it adjusts or heightens the mood I’m in. If I’m down and need to feel sexy, I use this scent. If I’m awake and optimistic, usually a citrus scent wins. :] Love it.

  38. victoria

    i love wearing perfume because it comforts me, makes me feel like a lady, confident when greeting people and special when my husband likes the scent because he doesn’t just smell the scent, it’s part of me.

  39. Hannah

    I really love the design of this perfume bottle – have even done a project at university based on it! As well as a beautiful scent, of course :)

  40. Andrea

    I love wearing perfume because it makes me feel fun and free. Plus who doesn’t love smelling gorgeous?

  41. Marcella

    I love to smell good. It makes me feel sexy and confident!

  42. Wearing perfume adds to a persons sensory reminders of you. Like when you smell the fresh cut grass and remember a day long past and all those feelings from that day come flooding back.

  43. Veronica

    I love perfume because it can portray your mood! I may not have the most exciting wardrobe and shoes, but perfume can make me feel glamorous, sexy, fun, playful, mysterious, etc. For me, perfume is a great way to learn about my personality!

  44. Liliana

    I love to wear perfume because it makes me feel like my look is complete. I feel more classy and girly with perfume on 😛

  45. Monique L

    I love perfume for many, many reasons however for me the scent I wear is mainly dependent upon my mood. I am a propaganda girl or an editorial junkie, so I always look to see how the fragrance company advertises their fragrance. I tend to coordinate the scent I wear with my mood and the seasons. When I feel tired (like on Monday or Wednesday mornings) I want a fragrance that’s light and airy or fresh (for me that’s Chanel Chance or Narciso Rodriguez For Her Perfume), there are other times when I feel classic and elegant (for me Chanel Cristalle or my new love Dolce & Gabbana The One). If I’m feeling sexy and seductive Michael Kors Very Hollywood and Tom Ford’s White Patchouli were very nice for the fall/winter months even Miss Dior Cherie was fitting on me. Whether I want to feel fresh n clean, girly, and plain or Divalious there’s a scent out there and I do have many but always dependent upon how it “takes” (for lack of a better term) to my chemistry and the mood I want to exude…lol

    I love scents… I love how a scent can differ based upon one’s individual body chemistry and how they leave a lasting impression upon leaving a room or in some cases entire. For my hubby and me it’s like apart of us and included in our daily hygiene… (We shower… we spritz something on lol!). I’d like to believe it’s has something to do with a mood or the feeling it brings…I really don’t know but whatever it is I fall for it every time!

  46. Katherine

    I love to wear perfume because it lets me change something about me depending on how i feel

  47. phuongk

    because it makes me feel sexy!

  48. Ebru

    I love wearing perfume, because it makes me feel complete. Plus I feel so fresh and beautiful!

  49. Kim

    I love wearing perfume because it makes me feel very feminine and I love smelling nice scents through out the day! I also love it when people walk passed me and I can smell their lovely perfume! 😀

  50. Step

    I love perfume because I’m really aware of my other senses, but smell seems to get neglected a lot. So it’s really fun to indulge my nose with some great perfume in the same way I’d indulge my sense of touch with a bath or sight with a trip to the museum.

  51. Thaís Montes

    I love to wear perfume because it makes me feel more girly!!

  52. PlatinumAni

    I love perfume. You can convey your personality through a quick spay. Who doesn’t like hearing you smell lovely?!

  53. Lauren

    i love wearing perfume because it just brightens my day. you get a little whiff of it randomly and you can’t help but smile and be happy.

  54. jjiyunlee

    Perfume just feels luxurious and the right one can change how you feel =]

  55. Megan

    I love wearing perfume because it can complete an overall feeling of the outfit also complement the mood.

  56. Gina

    Because it helps compliment my mood depending on the scent!

  57. 1 MEX-DIVA

    I love wearing perfume because weather is 1000.00, 130.00 or even 15.99 I can rock it…. :) just like Make-up.(meaning does not have to be expensive) .. you can make the most of everything (even perfume) if you pair it with a nice lotion (it works) really…and since I have no credit cars I have not been able to treat myself to such a pricy pretty bottle… CASH IS KING (whatever) “deep roll of the eye”…. lol

  58. Because it’s much classier than those t-shirts that say how you’re feeling today.

  59. Tiffany

    If I’m not wearing perfume, I feel unfinished. I love having signature scents that fit my mood, and brink back so many memories.

  60. Sarah

    I love perfume because it makes me feel pretty and feminine.

  61. Quennie

    I love to wear perfume because I love scents. I have a strong sense of smell, and I always want my house, my car, and my body to smell good. I’ve always worn perfume (since I was 7) and feel incomplete if I left home without wearing one. I also think that perfume is your signature scent. Whatever perfume you are attracted to and how it mixes with your body chemistry makes it your personal scent. It’s what you choose to smell like and what announces your presence. Not to mention, what people may remember you by :)

  62. tina

    I love wearing perfume coz it gives me a confidence boost knowing that I smell sexy :)

  63. Probably the only guy throwing down here, haha! But I love to wear perfume because its enlightening and more peaceful than cologne. Its adds a nice touch to the balance between masculinity and femininity.

  64. Elysia W

    There is nothing like a great smelling perfume that will turn “noses”.

  65. Katherine

    There’s just something about smelling as pretty as I feel! :)

  66. hedy

    it adds that 3 dimensional air of allure and mystery 😉

  67. Shirley

    i think perfume reflects the personality of the person wearing it, if you’re fun and flirty generally you’ll go for a perfume that’s very similar :) I think that perfume can make a girl feel sexy it gives off a certain attitude and flair that nothing else can do! It is also a symbol of your identity, people may know you through your scent (signature scent!). Perfumes also have the ability to perk you up on the darkest of days! I have yet to find a perfume that perfectly matches my personality and would love to give the Balenciaga Paris a try, maybe it will be my signature scent !

  68. Farida

    I wear perfume every single day. I love to wear it because it makes me feel good and clean and also like someone said, it’s the perfect finishing touch.


  69. Aria

    I love wearing perfume because the scent lifts my spirit on rainy days (like today) and I love smelling good.

  70. Tiffany

    I love to wear perfume because everyone loves to smell good! My different perfumes are also worn based on the weather, my mood, and events throughout the day :)

  71. Carissa

    It makes me feel pretty and complete.

  72. Ann

    I never leave the house without perfume. I wear a different scent every day. I just love getting a whiff of something so good & realizing that it’s me! Plus it can lift my mood. Something light & flirty for spring or something musky & sexy for fall/winter :-)

  73. Ashley

    I love to wear perfume, or any faint scented product, because it’s intimate. As long as you can’t smell someone’s perfume five feet away, it’s very personal; when you brush up against an attractive stranger, when you are in close contact with a loved one, that’s when the scent should be noticed. Just something very.. lovely about it!

  74. I love it when I pass by, and my scent leaves a trail that makes my husband’s head turn =)

  75. Jennifer

    I love wearing it because of the effect it has on summer love and winter romance :)

  76. lindz

    I love wearing perfume because I love scent! I have a very strong sense of smell. I can smell a persons perfume and name it. Its amazing how perfume gets into your subconscious and brings back memories! I love it! Scent is unique and the same perfume can smell completely different on someone else! Amazing!

  77. samara

    Your sense of smell is so powerful. I love that you can wear a scent you haven’t worn in a while and be remeinded of good meories or someone you may be missing in your life.

  78. because it smells good!!

  79. Carina

    I love wearing perfume because it sets my mood for the day. It is the finishing touch on any outfit :).

  80. Kate

    It can make an ordinary day seem like an extraordinary day by making me feel special.

  81. DoDe

    I love perfume cause its that nice final touch that completes everything

  82. Caryn

    perfume gives me a certain confidence in any social situation.

  83. Eunice

    I think perfume does a number of things to a person. It makes you smell good and can be so memorable to other people who smell the perfume. I love how perfume can make me feel more sexy and feminine.

  84. Iris

    Because i love to smell gorgeous through out the day.

  85. shakila

    aparently it helps you pass exams, i.e if you wear a certain perfume while revising and then wear the same one while doing the exam the knowledge should come flowing back, does kinda work

  86. Christina

    Being a working mom of two girls and running all over the place, wearing perfume just makes me just a bit more prettier and girlie.

  87. Pauline

    perfume is essential for me cause i smell ‘asian’

  88. Tracey

    I love perfume because it sometimes really expresses your mood that day or change your mood. From fruity and sweet when you’re in a happy mood to spicy and sultry when you might be in a sexy mood :)

  89. Heidi

    I love fragrance as they have such power over people, they bring back memories; and no matter what I’m wearing or what state my skin, hair and nails are in – I feel sensual and confident with a great fragrance on.

  90. Shayla

    Wearing perfume and smelling certain scents always triggers specific memories of special moments and people for me. :)

  91. Steph

    I love the nostalgic experience associated with scent. I keep bottles of my grandmothers’ and mother’s favourite perfumes. One sniff and you’re immediately brought back to a moment or memory. Its an olfactory trip down memory lane for me.

  92. Carol

    I love wearing perfume because it makes me feel even more girlie.

  93. felicia

    i love perfume because it can change your attitude for the day depending the scent!

  94. Joanna R

    I have a lot of perfume, I do not have a signature scent. Depending on my mood thats the scent that I wear. It makes me feel sexy,self confident, and polished.
    I love it.

  95. triciac

    i love the fact that something i can spray on me can change the way i smell…i love it

  96. LipstickVanessa

    I love to wear perfume because it makes me feel pretty and feminine. Most of my perfumes have a special meaning to me, so when I wear them, the scent is a reminder of a special event in my life.

  97. Lei

    I love perfume because I want people to have a memory of me, other than visual. It does leave a lasting impression.

  98. Kate

    I wear perfume to complete my look. It also gives a personal boost of confidence. It doesn’t matter if anyone else can smell it, it just makes me feel better if I can.

  99. Kathryn

    Perfume is the ultimate in femininity and can quickly define a person’s personality in a single spritz.

  100. jessica

    i love wearing perfume because i like how it makes me smell