Friday, January 1st, 2010

AMOREPACIFIC is giving away a full-sized Time Response Single Ampoule ($150 value) to one (1) lucky Temptalia reader!

Submit your entry by leaving a comment telling me your favorite anti-aging beauty tip!

All entries must be submitted by January 8th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to U.S. readers only as pursuant to your local state/countryโ€™s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with โ€œwinner chosenโ€ when one has been chosen.

Congratulations to Candi!

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114 thoughts on “Win AMOREPACIFIC Time Response Single Ampoule!

  1. Nancy Cervantes

    I have 3 anti-aging secrets….2 free and 1 you pay for….

    1) Don’t get get fine lines and wrinkles
    2) Stay away from the sun it ages you too quickly and isn’t good for you

    3) Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize…It’s nice to have money and buy the expensive stuff buy my grandma used Avon face cream and my mom uses Nivea face cream….It keeps your face young and looking healthy…..

    But if you can afford the good stuff go for it…or at least try to win it!!!!

    Nancy C.

  2. Shonn

    Start Botox early for prevention as well as treatment

  3. jackie

    my favorite anti age beauty tip is lots of sunscreen and vitamin e and yoga!

  4. tehreem

    facial exercises…..and good ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Melinda

    Exfoliating the skin on a regular basis and Plenty of moisturizer will help your skin look healthy and the skin will have more elasticity and look younger ๐Ÿ˜€ Also Protect the skin from Sun use plenty of SPF20 Use it every day oxox Melinda

  6. Kait

    wear sunscreen!!

  7. Argeleen Cruz

    sun screen is the best anti aging beauty tip anyone needs! :)

  8. Cherie

    Don’t smoke!!! Have you seen what that does to skin!?! Yikes!!!

    Oh, and take care of your skin by moisturizing daily :)

  9. emmy

    Don’t smoke !

  10. Cole

    Best anti-aging advice ever given, DONT SMOKE!

  11. Valentine

    My anti-aging tip is to definitely use sunscreen that’s at least SPF 30 and blocks UVB and UVA rays 365 days of the year (because clouds don’t bock UV rays!).

  12. Madison

    1. Always wear sunscreen, even in winter.
    2. Drink lots of water!
    3. Moisturize =]

  13. Hyzenthlay

    Wear SPF every day and make sure to smile . . . That way, if you do wrinkle, they’ll be “smilies” and not “frownies!”

  14. Drink LOTS of water and exercise. Keeps the body cleansed which prevents aging.

  15. Sarah B

    I keep my skin looking young by drinking TONS of water, doing facial exercises, using a moisturizer with sunscreen every day and a glycolic acid serum every other day and getting as much sleep as I can as often as possible (by as much I mean 7-8 hours). When i’ve had a stretch of time when i’ve only gotten 3-5 hours of sleep a night I can really see it in my skin.

  16. yvette

    Rosehip oil!

  17. Julee

    Staying out of the sun. I never tanned after high school and always wear sunscreen. I’m 37 and people think I’m in my mid-twenties.

  18. Pinky

    sunscreen (!!!), being gentle and not tugging the skin around the eyes when applying makeup and moisturizer.

  19. Christina

    Always and always sunscreen.

  20. Julia

    Drinking lots of water and eating right are the two easiest ways to help your skin out… sunscreen is another major one.

  21. Sara

    The things I follow are:
    1.) no smoking!
    2.) always wear sunscreen
    3.) eat healthy :)

    Great contest!

  22. Denise

    moisturize!!! and drink lots of water….. keep your skin healthy!!

  23. Jenn

    using facial masks loaded with collagen and antioxidants!

  24. Wear sunscreen everyday, moisturize, and eat healthy.

  25. Jennifer

    My #1 favorite anti-aging tip passed down from my mother is SUNSCREEN! I use Neutrogena’s SPF 50 and mix a little into my moisturizer every morning.

    #2 eating lots of fruits and veggies! Great for your skin =)

  26. Pkb

    Wearing SPF every day regardless of age, ethnicity, etc. is essential in keeping skin from aging prematurely!

  27. Mai

    Sunscreen! That is probably the best tip I’ve ever heard

  28. Alicia

    The better you take care of yourself the better you will age. By staying away from harmful drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, you will age beautifully. Also wearing sun screen, staying hydrated, eating well, using an eye cream and moisturizing is SO important.

  29. Nadine

    Wear sunblock! And sleep on your back so that you don’t press your face into the pillow and create wrinkles over time.

  30. baybee415

    although i dont have many fine lines but i try to eat healthy food and exfoliate

  31. My tips are:

    Don’t wear too much makeup all the time. Sometimes, it’s not necessary, and my mother always taught me that you tend to look much older and get wrinkles faster if you spent your younger years clogging your pores with all sorts of goop.

    Second suggestion: even going to a tanning bed can mess up your skin, and in the long run, if you get skin cancer, I highly doubt it was worth looking good for a week or two.

    Third: Don’t focus on all of the expensive stuff in order to get decent skincare products. Whatever works, works. Do your research and try to save some money.

  32. Christy

    Laugh and smile every day! :)

  33. Stephanie

    Good moisturizer! and smile a lot!

  34. seton

    use a good sunscreen and dont smoke.

  35. Meg

    My best anti-aging tip is to moisturize, no matter what skin type you have. Even us gals with oily skin need something to keep skin supple and soft!

  36. Kaleen

    I moisturize a lot and I hope that will help in the long run.

  37. Olivia

    Mine’s simple and easy- SUNSCREEN!

  38. lalala1719

    I’m trying to be proactive about anti-aging, so my three big rules are: 1) always always wear at least spf 30 on my face, ears, neck, arms, etc…. all the places that get pretty much constant sun. 2) exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate! Keeps away blemishes and also makes pores smaller. 3) And also I’m fanatical about moisturizing. I love the clean natural look just-moisturized skin has. There you have it, my regimen! Thanks for the chance to enter this contest!

  39. xoBellaCullenxo

    always moisturize!!!!! :)

  40. Michelle

    My fav tip – a good night’s rest and lot’s of water!

  41. Carol L

    Wear sunscreen & always wash your face at night before going to bed.

  42. wearing sunscreen every day and staying hydrated! ๐Ÿ˜›

  43. Megan

    I have to agree with many of these responses–Drink plenty of water, smile!:), and stay away from tanning beds!

  44. Christy

    a good eye cream, exfoliate, and sunscreen!

  45. Maggie B

    Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated! It makes all the difference in the world

  46. Anja

    Sunscreen, adequate sleep and no smoking.

  47. lunatwinkle

    Wear SPF everyday! I also use Olay Total Effect Tranforming eye cream under my eye every night.

  48. Eve

    My favorite anti aging tip is always use sunscreen.

  49. Michelle

    My best anti-aging tip is to eat lots of veggies, nuts, fish oil, good oils, and Vitamin C to keep skin hydrated and plump from the inside out.

  50. Debbie

    suncreen and rest!

  51. Torrie

    vaseline for around and under your eyes! does wonders!

  52. Cindy

    1. Don’t get mad
    2. Sunscreen
    3. Moisturizer!!

  53. Gina G

    Sunscreen, not smoking, and a healthy vegetarian diet!

  54. rz

    My fav anti-aging is Five-minute makeup because I’ve discovered the lesser makeup you put, the younger you look!

  55. susie

    my anti-aging secrets are keeping yourself happy, drinking a lot of water and having a lot of veg and fruits.

  56. Jenn

    here are my anti-aging tips:

    1. drinks lots of water
    2. exfoliate!
    3. sunscreen

  57. lisa

    Use sunscreen daily!!!

  58. Lulee

    drink lots of water! and use sunscreen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Nina

    Stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen!

  60. Michelle

    My favorite tip that WORKS is taking my makeup off at night! At 37 years old, I can see how much it makes a difference. :)

  61. Kell

    Anti-aging tips: OBVIOUSLY sunscreen, and Olay Regenerist!

  62. julieh

    Get plenty of sleep!

  63. my favorite anti-aging beauty tip is to wear sunscreen everyday! :)

  64. Lucy H.

    My tip is to do a regular face massage and moisturize as often as possible :)


  65. Karen Schuppner

    Sunscreen daily and plenty of sleep!!!

  66. Karen Schuppner

    Sunscreen daily and plenty of sleep!!

  67. The easiest and my favorite anti-aging tip — stay out of the sun or wear sunblock!

  68. gaby

    i swear by three things:
    sleeping on my back
    facial exercises

  69. kristina

    My family is from the caribbean and historically we have not used sunblock and my grandmother until her last days never had a line on her face, she passed this on to my mother and I. I just tend to moisturize,and chemically exfoliate but no needles will be touching my face.

  70. Leigh

    Use your ring finger to apply eye cream instead of your pointer finger; it’s more gentle on your skin (it’ll pull less) and cause less lines.

  71. My mother taught me a few things:

    1. MOISTURIZE!!! Not just your face but also your body, all the time, and your skin with thank you for it later.
    2. To combat wrinkles around the eyes, use vitamin e oil and vaseline nightly.
    3. SUNBLOCK!!! Wear it daily, even when the sun isn’t out and not just on your face, your body as well (try finding a body cream with SPF-Eucerine has a really good one). Otherwise, you’ll get age spots.

    I’m inclined to listen to her, because she still looks great!!!

  72. Tanya

    Sleep on your back :)

    Think about it – you spend 8 hours (or more if your a sleep loving girly girl, like me) out of your day with your face all smashed up in your pillow…creating all kinds of wrinkles on your face…sure they dont last after you get out of bed, but after years of doing this….trust me it will show on your face. Derms can always tell what side someone sleeps on by the amount of wrinkles on that side of the face….so my advice – sleep on your back!!

  73. Emmi

    Always be sure to wear sunscreen and never forget to just smile and laugh! Getting enough sleep is important too!

  74. May

    Adzuki beans scrub/mask – I ground up organic adzuki beans and use it to exfoliate my face then leave it on for 15 minutes. My face is smoother, more firm and the lines are less harsh.

  75. Emma

    Wearing SPF 15 suncreen or higher everyday.

  76. Gail

    Facials when you can afford them & sunscreen plus lots of water.

  77. Jennifer Woosley

    my biggest tip for anti-aging is sunblock. Nothing prevents aging better than putting on daily sunblock.

  78. Princess

    Get enough sleep, eat healthy, exercise and wear sunscreen everyday.

  79. faith24

    olive and argan oils leave your face looking fresh :)

  80. Sandy

    Using a good face primer is about the best way I can find now to hide the lines and wrinkles around my eyes. Smashbox Photo Finish Light is a godsend!

  81. Jenni

    get more sleep. stay out of the sun + spf everyday (even in the winter!). drink water. eat healthy. and moisturize :)

  82. moisturize your skin and use sunscreen!

  83. Erica

    Always wear sunscreen!

  84. Holly

    Wear sunscreen, No smoking, and Take good care of your skin!

  85. Liz

    My best antiaging tip is to use sunscreen every day, even if it isn’t sunny out. Cheap and effective!

  86. Danielle

    Well, I don’t know anything else other than to wear sunscreen, moisturize, wear night creams, get lots of rest, don’t smoke, drink lots of water, and never be stressed! Easier said than done!

  87. AZ

    1) respect your body in every way both physically and spiritually ~ actively work on de-stressing your life
    2) moisturize
    3) sleep

  88. Mommy2Maya

    Don’t tug on your eyes when taking off your eye makeup…just let the product melt it away and then wipe off. Also, moisturizer…even if your skin is oily. AND, of course the most important…sunscreen everyday of your life! My 3 year old knows the drill ๐Ÿ˜‰

  89. Katie

    Aside from moisturizers, I try to always wear sunglasses when I’m outside to avoid squinting and causing wrinkles. It seems to work for me!

  90. BAP

    Always put moisturizer on right after a bath or shower when your skin is still moist. It helps to add extra hydration and give you that soft look.

  91. michelle r.

    Getting enough sleep at night and drinking lots of water

  92. Kay

    Sunprotection and exfoliation are my surefire antiaging tips.

  93. Karina

    My favorite anti-aging tip is wear sunscreen everyday.

  94. My favorite anti-aging beauty tip…..beware the sun, use sun screen!

  95. Michelle

    My fave tips are to stay hydrated and to stay out of the sun!

  96. Hazel

    Eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, exercise and don’t stress!


    My anti-aging beauty tips is to use olive oil and vitamin D en my eyes and also I like to wear nivea Q10 for eyes in my upper lips..if i have problen in my lips I fixed with are not get those ugly wrinkle in the upper lips.

  98. Anesha

    my anti-aging secrets include mousturizing daily; Your skin has to be hydrated (also drink lots of water). I gently exfoliate and try to eat healty foods. (doesnt always work though) lol

  99. I think prevention is the best step! I always use SPF and hydrate my skin.