Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away a T3 Featherweight Dryer!

In celebration of T3’s 5-year anniversary, T3 has teamed up with Temptalia to give away (1) one T3 Featherweight Dryer to one very lucky Temptalia reader. (Seriously, I love mine–saves me SO much time. It’s ridiculous!)

Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling me how long it takes to blow-dry your hair right now and what you use!

All entries must be submitted by September 30th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to U.S. readers only as pursuant to your local state’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

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Good luck!

Good luck!

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333 thoughts on “Win a T3 Featherweight Dryer!

  1. Meg

    It takes me way too long to blow dry my long hair! this, is definitely something i need!!!

  2. Meg

    twitter: makinascene

  3. Takes me about 15-20 min to dry my hair right now.

  4. Sheena

    Probably about 15-20 minutes, depending on how well I towel-dried it before using the blow dryer. I’m using the Conair 213X Infiniti right now (http://tinyurl.com/yehyzfu), but would love love love the T3!! :) Thanks for the giveaway, Christine!

    Twitter: SheenaMarie412

    Already subbed to rss

  5. I follow on twitter @uscgwifey

  6. Torrie Mckeague

    It takes me between 20-25 minutes to fully dry my hair. I just use a revlon mini blowdryer that’s red and it was given to me from a friend. I always wanted to invest in a better one but just can’t afford it right now. I want to win this so bad!

    twitter: macupbytor (Re-tweet done!)
    RSS subscribed!

  7. Ayla Stein

    It takes me about 5-10 minutes to dry my hair. I use both a Paul Mitchell product and an Aveda product, which help cuts down on drying time

  8. Sam

    I use the Sedu Revolution TGR 3600 to dry my hair… I love it, but it’s a bit small. It takes me about 20 minutes or so to blowdry my hair. I wouldn’t mind something faster than that! Especially since blowdrying my hair is my least favorite part about getting ready. Ugh!


  9. Jasmine

    It takes me about 20 minutes to dry my hair. I recently got a short bob :)

    Twitter name: Addicted2ooMAC

    I already subscribed to your RSS via email.

  10. It takes me about 45 minutes for my hair to be completely dry while using a blow dryer, my hair is really thick I need this!!

    My twitter is NotARichGirl

  11. tofupoo

    it takes me forever >.<! okay because i hadnt had a blowdryer in a long time and this is kind of shady but you know how when you live in apartments people leave stuff in the laundry when they dont want it anymore? books, vases, anything
    well thats where i found my current hairdryer :( lol
    i dont know why i havnt just bought a newone, i just use someones old one
    my twitter name is tofupoo :)

  12. Shana

    It takes me forever, I could really put this gadget to use!!

  13. About 30 minutes. It’s not that I have long hair, I have layered shoulder length. It’s just I have a really crappy dryer.

  14. Brittany

    I’ve been using the same blow dryer my mother had in the late 80’s early 90’s. I would love to get an updated one that will actually work!

  15. Mari

    It takes me a very long time since my hair is down my waist. I takes me about 20-25 minutes.

  16. Sheba

    twitter: hustleroze. :) i wantttt.

  17. Pinky

    I have long curly South Indian (frizzy, coarse) hair. So 20 minutes just to get it dry! I use Conair Styler Dryer 1875.

    Twitter: Pinkyd1
    RSS Subscriber

  18. annie

    It takes me about 15 minutes and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Keratese Chroma Thermique I’ve stared using!

  19. Danielle

    It takes me about 30-40 minutes to blow dry my hair using this cheapie beauty supply store blow dryer.

    twitter: hershey_doll

  20. Melissa

    My hair takes about 30 min to dry since my hair is so thick and long and I have a cheapy hair dryer! I would love to be able to cut down my drying time since I still have to run a straightener through it!

    On twitter I am @monstermonsta

  21. glme

    hello, i would love to win this please. i have an old fashioned blow dryer that takes me about 30 mins a day.

    glme on twitter. i also retweeted. :)

  22. I use a Revlon hair dryer. It takes at least 15 minutes.

  23. well this morning it took me about 15 minutes and my hair wasnt fully dry….. i was rushing outta the door to get to work!! 😛

    RSS Subscribed
    Twitter: choi_joy

  24. I follow on twitter @amandaksunshine.

  25. Evelyn

    I’ve heard so many great things about this dryer. It could prob whip my thick hair into shape in no time! (Twitter: ivita519)

  26. Karyn

    It takes me about 30 minutes to dry my hair & I’m using a revlon drier that’s about 8 years old? Something like that, makes my hair poofy too :/

    Following you on Twitter as well! Name there is Kalmia :)

  27. I subscribe to RSS via e-mail

  28. It takes way too long to dry my hair, which is why I wash my hair on lazy days at home~!

    twitter name: princesalivia

    ps. re-tweeted x

  29. Right now I use a Revlon blow dryer that I’ve had for years. With the length that my hair is at now (past my shoulders) it takes at least a half hour, so I rarely blow dry it.

    2. phyrra
    3. subscribed.

  30. Joanne

    It takes me about 20 minutes to blow dry my hair, because it’s thick and very long.

    twitter: joannecornelio

  31. OMG i could totally use this! My hair is getting rather long and it’s super thick. Using my conair it takes me forever and day to blow dry my hair. Ok maybe not that long, more like 15 maybe 20 minutes. But it sure feels like forever and a day! My arms sure do get a work out though.

  32. Oops! Forgot to include my twitter name…audreydao

  33. Aleksandra

    Hey Christine!

    I have very dry, unruly hair and it is always a hassle for me to spend more than half an hour styling my hair and giving it a blowout! I would love to try something different which is more efficient and powerful! YAY for contests! ;D

    Aleksa xoxo

  34. Sandy

    I don’t even blow it dry any more — takes about 15 to 20 minutes and I just don’t have time on work days. I think my dryer is a Conair that’s probably 15 years old!

  35. Mel

    It takes me about a half hour to dry my hair.
    I’m currently using a pink “Infiniti Cord-Keeper” by Conair.

    Its alright haha

  36. AshBash

    i use this blow dryer i got from target for like $15. i got it b/c it was pink and a portion went to breast cancer awareness and it was on sale. i never paid attention to how long it takes but it takes longer than i want it to. twitter: a_banger

  37. tricia

    It takes me 45 mins and I use some no name dryer from macys

  38. Elle

    It takes me about 40 minutes to blow-dry my hair with my cheapie drugstore dryer. I had a T3 Featherweight, but I gave it to my mom because I couldn’t afford to get her a good mother’s day gift and she deserved something really nice for everything she’s done over the past 20 years.

  39. KyaLyn

    It takes too long, 30 minutes, so I usually don’t even bother. My hair isn’t even shoulder length right now. I cut it at the beginning of Summer to donate.

    RSS subscribed
    Twitter: KyaLyn

  40. cj

    I’d say it takes me about 20 min to dry. I have very thick hair so I’d usually flat iron it afterwards.


  41. Erica

    I have almost waist-length curly hair. Blow drying involves spending 20 minutes upside down with a diffuser. It sucks!!! 😉

    Twitter- desperica

  42. Ebru

    To tell you the truth, I do not blowdry my hair. My hubby loves my wavy hair and he does not want me to blow dry it which is nice for me because I have medium thick, wavy long hair and if I try to do it, it takes over an hour to get it all nice, straight and shiny! I am a little lazy so what I usually do is after taking a shower, I use Redken straight 05 to tame down frizz and let my hair air dry. After it completely dries, then I use Aveda Brilliant emolient finishing gloss to give it a shine.

    Twitter: @EbruKukner

  43. Lindsay

    It takes me 15-20 min with my conair
    twitter: gonzajuju

  44. It takes my about 20-30 with a conair blow drier with an ion switched on lols. I sometimes would like to take less time cause my hair is pretty long & I’m trying to grow it out more, so I don’t want that much damage done.

  45. Amanda

    I hate having to do my hair because of my blowdryer! I have really thick, curly obnoxious hair that doesnt like to be styled. It takes me about 45 to 50 minutes to blowdry and because my hair is so frizzy I have to then straighten it which takes about another 30 to 40 minutes because its so thick. I really hate doing my hair. lol. Oh, and the products I use are blowdry cream or straighting spray like redkens spray starch.

  46. Nicole

    my blow dryer crapped out the other day an now I have to go buy one so I have been letting my hair air dry and that takes forever, then I flat iron it which is another 15mins or even 30 cuz it’s still some what wet..I want a nice dryer but can’t afford it right now stinks..

  47. Sujin

    it takes me around 10-15 minutes to blowdry my hair.

  48. Amanda

    Omg It’s takes hours seriously my hair is so thick and long even after about an hour my hair is usually still damp in the back around my neck!
    I use a conair

  49. mistyn3 on twitter. re-tweeting now!!! that is so cool how i can add u to my yahoo homepage!

  50. Glosslizard

    It currently takes me about 10 minutes to partially dry my hair. I don’t know how long it takes me to fully dry it, because the dryer I currently use is some random drugstore dryer that’s so loud, I don’t have the aural endurance to use it for more than 10 minutes! 😛

  51. It takes me about 5-10 minutes. I have an old conair I got in beauty school 3 years ago.

  52. Valerie

    It takes me 20-30 minutes depending how dry my hair is to begin with. My dryer is a few years old and heavy. It’s BaByliss PRO-TT 5000. Not great. Thanks!
    I follow on Twitter dragonfly777 ( going to tweet too )
    & I subscribe also.

  53. Lauren C.

    I use a conair blow dryer,and I have thick hair so just to dry my hair it take 20 min. with styling close to 45 min after straightening

  54. AYHM

    When I blow dry…..Hot Tools Dryer – about 30 minutes

  55. Elizabeth

    About 20 min. w/ shoulder length hair; right now I’m just using a Conair from the drugstore, but I’d love a better one!

  56. Tiffany

    Hey Christine,

    I just cut my hair to a medium length, so it takes about 15 minutes to blow dry it (used to take 25 with my long hair XD)! The interesting thing is that the dryer I have is close to 15 years old now… so I can’t really tell what brand or model it is, haha. My mom says it’s still working, so there’s no reason to get a new one yet . . . . awesome, lol.

  57. Jessica Asphyxia

    it takes me about 40 minuets to blow dry my hair! i use a Conair dryer from the late 90’s!! I blow it out “straight”, then thank god for the flat iron! Another 30 mins going over the ‘blow drying’ with the iron. so sad! my whole morning is spent int he bathroom! im in need! HELP! :)

  58. Dorie

    Twitter name:SweetPlum
    RSS: Yes

    My hair is fine, and short (just brushes my shoulders) but it takes me a grand total of 30 minutes to blow dry my HAIR!?! Isn’t that ridiculously sad??? Currently I have a Conair 1875 watt ionic ceramic cord keeper. I’m a college student (junior year) and can’t afford a hairdryer like the T3 Featherweight. (even though I’ve been eyeing it for months) ='(

  59. My hair is short, but very dense- it takes about half an hour to blow dry it and have it look decent. I would LOVE a new blow dryer, I’ve been using the same Walmart clearance dryer for 6 years! Following you on Twitter- 25yroldcatlady and retweeted!! Also an email subscriber!

  60. KayRN

    My hair is a crazy mess! I always tie it up in a pony tail so I don’t have to deal with frizzs and flyaways! This would be a dream come true for me and my hair.

  61. Jamie Lynn

    Right now I’m using a walmart purchased Revlon hair dryer. I needed something that was lightweight because it takes me ages and ages to dry my hair. It used to take me over an hour when my hair was long, then I chopped it all off because I was sick of wasting all that time. Now it’s about shoulder length and it’ll take me 30 minutes, then on to the flat iron! I would LOVE to have this, imagine being able to take a shower in the morning before work because I could actually do my makeup AND dry my hair!

  62. Stephanie

    I use a Salon Series hair dryer, the mid size one, and it usually takes me about 15 mins. I wash my hair everyday, so i don’t let it completely dry when using my hair dryer just because I don’t want it to get exposed to the heat too long.

  63. KayRN

    I’m following you on Twitter: KayliciousRN

  64. Shelly

    About 10-15 minutes, I just use a Conair ceramic dryer.

  65. Cherie

    Right now I have a ConAir with a retractable cord. Don’t know the exact name.

    It’s takes me 15-20 mins to blow dry my hair. Which is sad since I have a bob style cut with the longest point just past my chin :( And to top it all off my hair is wavy so if I don’t blow dry within a certain time I have Monia hair!!! (remember in Friends when she went to Bahamas and her hair was insane from humidity???)

    I think I’m too cheap to buy a super nice one.

    RSS subscribed.

  66. Ashley

    I use a pink Conair hair dryer. It takes me about 20 minutes

  67. It takes me about twenty minutes to blow dry my hair. I use a vidal sassoon answers hair dryer for fine, limp hair. I also use CHI Silk Infusion Serum when I blow dry my hair. I would really love to win a T3 Featherweight Dryer, because it would cut down the time it takes to dry my hair in the morning. Plus it would give me great volume in my limp hair.

  68. takes me abt 20 mins.

    twitter: shimmergrass

  69. Jenn

    Hmm, I guess it takes me about 20 minutes to blowdry my hair.

  70. monica

    twitter: sushi_flower
    i subscribe
    i’d love a t3 blow dryer love t3!

  71. Brandi

    It takes me around 20-25 minutes to blow dry my hair. I have some awful red Revlon blowdryer. I have been wanting to get a new one so bad!

  72. LILY


    It takes me a good 20 minutes to dry my hair in the morning. I have a conair blow dryer that I’ve had for over 5 years…its seen better days…haha…
    Good luck to everyone!

  73. kimmy

    I blow dry for 30 minutes with an old Revlon dryer :(


    tweeted http://twitter.com/kimmy_kouture/status/4474412887

  74. Right now I don’t blow-dry my hair! Most mornings I just tie my hair back and let it air dry for hours! I do have a cheapie Conair dryer, but it still takes ~15-20 minutes to dry my hair, not styled at all. If I want to actually style my hair it takes about an hour. And I can only dry my hair every once in a while otherwise my ends start getting dry and gross (and yes, I use a heat protectant!).

    twitter: belletrist9

  75. Venessa

    I usually let my hair air-dry for 15 min then blowdry for 10 min. I do this because if I just went straight to blowdrying, it would take me 20 min and my arm would be tired of holding the blowdryer for that long

  76. Stephanie

    twitter name: chumway

  77. happybadfish

    I have gotten so tired of my dryer, that I go to bed with wet hair sometimes. It is a crazy mess in the morning. Takes me 35 min to dry my hair.

    happybadfish on twitter

  78. Devin

    I have the full size T3 blow dryer that I got about 4 years ago and it works really well. I would say it takes me less than 10 minutes to blowdry my hair.

  79. Torie

    Well it takes minimum 30 min to dry my hair. I have to stop every so often to cool off and I never finish drying underneath. They don’t even fully dry my hair at the salon(what’s up w/that?). I use some old Revlon hair dryer. My twitter is dtjs24.

  80. It takes me about 20-30 minutes to do a complete blow-out with my revlon tiny hairdryer. It’s so old the cord shorts out and i have to play with it to get it started again!

  81. Kat

    Currently, it doesn’t take me any time to blow dry my hair because I DON’T blow dry it! I don’t do it because I don’t have the right product that won’t cause damage to my long hair.

    I would dry it if I had this blow dryer!

  82. I use like 20-30 minutes to do it because I have a lot of hair and a almost 10 year old hairdryer :s Twitter= Beautybee17

  83. Sarah

    Around ten minutes to dry my hair with a Jilbere Porcelain Series dryer.

  84. RaquelP

    Hi Christine!
    I have a short bob hairstyle and it takes me around 12 minutes to blow dry it. I use a Sedu Blow drier and it’s quite on the heavy side of hair driers. I like to keep positive and I just imagine I’m getting a good work out while I blow dry my hair! ahaha! I would LOVE to try out the feather weight T3 line though!!!!

    Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

    Twitter: rpatchell

  85. Han

    It takes 10 mins to dry my medium length hair. Would be delightful to have the T3 :)
    Thanks for the contest.

  86. fordsteph

    It will usually take me any where between 25 – 30 minutes to dry my hair using the Conair Styler Dryer 1875.

    Twitter: fordsteph (sent tweet)
    RSS Subscriber :)

  87. It takes me about 30 to 40 minutes to blwo-dry my hair. I have long, thick hair so that is why it takes me so long. I use a regular Con-Air blowdryer that I got at Wal-Mart. Nothing fancy but it does the job. :)

  88. Lex

    To get my shoulder length hair completely dry it takes about 20 minutes and that is time I could spend on eating breakfast! I use a little 20$ conair dryer I bought at walmart.. :(

  89. Tara

    I have a Conair Ion Shine. Its my second one, the first worked well but the new one I just bought makes my hair frizzy! My hair is baby-fine but it takes 20 minutes or so to dry because its very porous!


  90. Michelle A.

    It takes me almost an hour to dry my hair! My hair is so thick it’s not funny. Hair dressers hate me :( Right now, I’m just using a cheap Conair I got from Sally’s. I was using an Elchim till it burnt out on me.

  91. kristin

    WOW! I would love to get this, it takes me a long time to blow out my hair. This would be such a treat! I go through dryers like crazy…they always burn out one me. I need a good one.

  92. LexaR3

    Thanks for doing this!

    my twitter name is LexaR3!

  93. Jenna

    When my hair was long it took me 20 minutes to get all of it almost completely dry with my cheapo $12 travel dryer from Wal-Mart. It doesn’t have a directional attachment, which I suspect is the reason my hair is never as shiny as when I get a professional blow-out.

    Twitter: jenzene

  94. Hi! It takes me about 10mins n I use my revlon blow dryer. My twitter: kiitzyy and I will RT so please count me in :) thanks!

  95. I actually own a t3 blow dryer. The $300 one :/ It takes about 20 minutes to blow dry my hair.

  96. amanda h.

    When I straighten my hair I use a basic $15 hairdrye from target with an attachment. I use my giant round brush for volume and spray some pantene heat proctector and it usually takes around 20-30 minutes. When im in a rush, I flip my hair over and use a paddle brush which cuts my time down to about 10 minutes but damages my hair especially cause I have to run a straightner through my hair afterwards…