Saturday, December 19th, 2009

The Random Acts of Kindness of Clarisonic

You know I’m a BIG, BIG fan of Clarisonic, right? I’ve been a fan since the very first Clarisonic (aka the Original) came out. It helps to cleanse and gently exfoliate skin on a regular basis. Clarisonic wants to make your holidays a little brighter (and cleaner!) by giving Temptalia readers a chance to win one of their very own.

What You’ll Win

THREE lucky winners will win a set of Clarisonics (yes — TWO Clarisonics) of their choice! You’ll get to choose the model and color — make it the perfect one for you!

Clarisonic has three versions available to choose from:

  • MIA Smaller, more compact than the originalm with one speed ($149) (my review)
  • Classic The original, two-speed cleansing system ($195) (my review)
  • PLUS Three speeds, plus a “body mode” and a brush for the body ($225) (it’s the only one I don’t have!)

Clarisonic also offers an excellent comparison chart for easy shopping between models.

How to Enter

Leave a comment on this post nominating someone in your life to receive a free Clarisonic of their choice and tell us why you think they should win!


All entries must be submitted by December 23rd, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Please make sure to use a valid e-mail address when leaving your comment.  Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated once winners have been confirmed.

I’m pretty much out of my mind with the opportunity and Clarisonic’s generosity (they’re even extending it to ALL readers, U.S. or not!), so I hope you are as well! :)  Lots of gratitude and thank yous to the lovely folks at Clarisonic!

Congratulations to Brittany, Cherie, & Lynn!

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1,216 thoughts on “Win a Set of Clarisonics — One for You, One for a Friend!

  1. Audrey

    I cannot believe 3 clarisonics of our choice is being given away!! Absolutely amazing!

    I would really like to win for my little sister. My sister is a very determined person. She just started medical school so she very rarely has time for herself. All she does is go to class and then back to her apartment to study till the wee hours of the early morning. I should know. I live with her! haha. Being able to give her this would be a great gift.

  2. Jezi

    I nominate my boyfriend, since he could use a more exfoliating face-washing method that’s gentle since his skin is very sensitive, and ingrown hairs are a major issue for most guys that shave.

  3. Holly

    I would give the extra one to my mother because she deserves it and she needs an exfoliater.

  4. Brianna

    i nominate my mom! i could never afford to get something like this for her and she is very deserving. she never gets pampered and puts everyone before her, so this would be like getting pampered everyday!

  5. Emily

    I want to nominate my beautiful mother to win one of these Clarisonics. She has always struggled with blotchy skin, and is super self-conscious about her skin, so I know this would help her feel better about her skin. She’s such an inspiration and has always taught me the value of taking good care of my skin, so I wouldn’t end up like she did. You can beat a mom like my own.

  6. Tish

    I would nominate my mom, because she is getting older but still has a lot of skin problems like she’s in her 20s again. She is always trying different products, and sometimes they will work for a while but after so long, they just don’t help her skin anymore. Sometimes trying to take care of her skin gets expensive, and it would be awesome if she got an opportunity to try a great product like these! :)

  7. Iya

    my sister should win this…she is studying abroad and has no time to get a facial. She is a diehard student, and doesn’t spend much on herself(as she is a non working student)…she deserves to win

  8. MsKia

    I would like to nominate my husband. He works at 5 oclock in the morning and doesnt home until 5 oclock at night. When he gets home, he takes a shower and is too tired to even do anything else. His skin is verrry dry and he has a lot of pores. This product will surely help clean and probably clear up his skin.

  9. Sanita

    I am nominating my mother because I think she would be happy to try out something so gadget-y! :)

  10. I would nominate my good friend Marissa B. for the Clarisonic set because she’s a freak about her skin and products that she uses and she definitely deserves it! Oh, and she’s always telling me how bad she wants one! :) *Fingers Crossed! Thanks Christine, this is Super Amazing!!!

  11. I do nominate my best friend. She means so much to me, but we are seperated from each other since we’re following two complete different studies in two different towns along the country. We’re spending so much time without each other, so I thinks this is a nice gift to show how much I care about her. She has a very troubled skin with many dry spots, very itching. I realy hope the clarisonic could help her!

  12. Sable

    I’d have to nominate my friend. She works so hard at everything and she had to give alot up such as quitting school for a spell to help her grandma who had cancer. She doesn’t think her hard work gets her anywhere sometimes but it does. SHe’s a great person and a great friend. Always putting others before herself.

  13. Donna

    I would nominate my best friend Tina. Once again, her ovarian cancer is back. She won’t have time to take care of herself in any sort of pampering way.

  14. Dee

    I nominate my best friend Jen. She is so hardworking, with school and a full time job so she never really have the time to shop and take care of herself. i think this would be a great present.

  15. Rebecca

    I would nominate my sister. She suffers from severe acne. Her dermatologist suggested a Clarisonic, but it is out of her price range. I think the Clarisonic will improve her skin but more importantly give her confidence and improve her self-esteem.

  16. Megan

    My best friend Becca has a 2 year old son, so needless to say she doesn’t have a TON of time to dedicate to exfoliating and skin care on a day to day basis! Something like the Clarisonic that cleans and exfoliates all in one go would be IDEAL for her. Not to mention for me in the mornings when I’m running late for work!!

  17. Margaret

    i nominate my friend jen. she’s going to have baby #4 and this will be a great way to relax from all the baby chaos.

  18. I would like to nominate my little sister. She is very into cosmetics right now & also skincare. She really wants this as her xmas gift & neither I or my mother have the money for it. It would make her Christmas if she got one.

    I cannot believe your giving some away. God bless your heart.

  19. Melissa

    I would like to nominate one of my good friends named Crissa. She is the sweetest person I ever know, but she was born with CP that has bound her to a wheelchair for her life. To make matters worse, her mom gives her crap a lot about her acne. She has extremely sensitive skin. I think the Clarisonic would not only be an awesome gift for her, but I’m hoping it would help boost her self-confidence when it comes to skin. She is a beautiful woman–she deserves only the best.

  20. lucy

    I would want to win one for my best friend. she just had plastic surgery to fix some problems that she had after she lost alot of weight. i would want her to have a clarisonic because i want her to have new, beautiful, problem-free skin along with her new rockin body. :)

  21. irini

    i would nominate my younger sister and my mother!my sister is in the early teenage years and skin problems start to come up and i wish she will learn to take care of her skin early on,unlike me!also my mom because she flat out deserves it…
    no i would keep neither i dont need it :)

  22. I would like to nominate my mom because it would be great to give her such an awesome gift for everything she has done for me. She never spoils herself, only other people <3 She deserves it!

  23. I nominate my best friend, who I’ve known for 15 years. He and I always share skincare secrets and stories, what’s a better thing to share then the Clarisonic?

  24. Mandy J.

    Fabulous Giveaway!!!

    I would love to win a Clarisonic for my aunt. She is going through a rough time right now after divorce. You can tell from her skin that she has gone through stressful times.
    This Clarisonic will obviously not take away the troubles, but it will give her back a beautiful skin! We have always been close and we share a passion for beauty and beauty products.
    Therefor, this would be the perfect gift for her, it would make her so happy!
    And it would also make me happy off course, if I could be able to do this for her and give her this wonderful gift! It would be much appreciated!

  25. Crisie

    I nominate my friend Claudia because she has really bad acne, and anything has worked for her. As someone has already said, for that kind of people improving their skin condition is not only a cuestion of beauty, but of self-confidence and self-esteem.
    Thanks for this opportunity ^^

  26. Sanayhs

    I’d really love to see a good friend of mine get one. She’s had a ridiculously bad year, and struggles with her skin to boot. She anchors a crazy family and barely has time to breathe for herself.

  27. Lindsay

    I nominate my mom because she never spends money on herself. I know she’d love a clarisonic of her own.

  28. S.L. Naeole

    I’m nominating my mother-in-law for the simple reason that she stepped in and filled the role of mother when I needed her. She never asked questions as to why, just did it because she loved her son and me. A lot of women have mother-in-law issues, and I admit that I feared that I might suffer the same fate, but she proved me wrong by being supportive, encouraging, and patient, the way a mother should be. She filled a hole in my life and deserves to feel as beautiful on the outside as she’s made me feel on the inside.

  29. Ryan

    I will nominate my mother cos her birthday is around the corner, actually on the Christmas Day itself. Lolz. I wish her to look younger and have perfect skin that she always wants after using Clarisonic. Mother, I love you =)

  30. Isabella

    I would love to give a claisonic to my best friend Natalie. She has been my best friend since 5th grade and in middle school started to breakout all over het face. It’s been 8 years and she still has horrible acne. She is such a beautiful girl, inside and out but she has to hide behind this face full of horrible acne and scaring. She has tried so many acne medications from proactive to getting medication for the dermotolagist. Nothing has worked for her and i’m hopeing this will be exactly what she needs to finally clear her skin! Natalie also has a large family and there tigh on money so it hard for them to buy extra things. I hope we win so I can give this miracle worker to her for Christmas. She deserves it. She’s been there for me since day 1 now it’s my turn to change her life.

    Xoxo Isabella

  31. Tara

    I would nominate my sister Kristin,she has scoliosis and had to wear a brace as a child, plus she has asthma, has to wear glasses, had crooked teeth and had to have half her reproductive system removed due to complications from the scoliosis. SHe was always teased growing up yet I’ve never seen her cry or get upset. She has alway maintained a positive attitude and spent her time befriending and helping other disabled and troubled kids.I wish I could emulate that! It wasn’t untill her 20s that she really started caring about her appearance and I think its time for her to start taking care of her skin and give herself the attention she deserves!

  32. Penny B

    I would nominate my daughter Nicole to win! She would love to get one and it would be a nice end to a looooong semester and a great congrats! gift on finishing her thesis today!

  33. Halifax

    I nominate my bff, just like a reminder for her to take good care of her skin. Same reminder applies to me too. Thanks for a chance

  34. Kate M.

    My aunt or my cousin…
    My aunt because she’s like a mother to me…and the most loving kindest person in the entire world. But of course she does have poreless, flawless skin… so maybe my cousin because she’s like my sister and she’s graduating from high school!

    Thanks so much for this giveaway…it’s so generous!

  35. Kelsie

    If I could nominate anyone to win one of these fabulous clarisonics, it would definitely have to be my grandmother. Three years ago she had open heart triple bypass surgery and during the surgery her lungs collapsed. She was in ICU for 6 months and not expected to live long, so when she broke her hip and was placed back into ICU and then got pneumonia and was placed back in ICU yet again, her chances lessened. But in the past few years she has fought back and has made such a wonderful recovery. She has always worried about her hair and nails and skin (even in the hospital!) and i know that this would make her feel pampered everyday like she deserves.

  36. Liz

    I would like to nominate my boyfriend to win a Clarisonic. He has extremely thick, dry skin which makes shaving not only a pain, but super hard. He has a professional job that requires him to shave daily and it just ruins his face. I think a Clarisonic would be great for his face and help with shaving. Not to mention, bf has been a very good boy this year and is definitely deserving of such a great gift! Happy Holidays!

  37. melissa m

    I’d LOVE to win one for my fiance. He has been battling acne issues for some time now and has yet to find a solution. I think that one of the Clarisonics would really help improve the condition of his skin. We’re getting married in the fall next year and I know how frustrated he is and wants to have clear skin for the event. This would be the best Christmas present for him…it will keep on giving (forever).

    Thanks for the chance to win Clarisonics & Christine!!!

  38. daphne

    What a lovely contest – how great of Clarisonic!

    I nominate my dear friend Yoora – the only person who indulges and shares in my beauty hobby, never mind also being an amazing friend. She’s my coworker and was even my roommate for a year, and we’ve never gotten sick of each other, and nothing says relaxing lunch break like browsing at Sephora with Yoora. She’s been obsessing over the Clarisonic recently, even though we both think it’s a little frivolous in terms of price (her husband thought she was joking when she said she wanted it for her birthday!). Winning one for her would be great!

  39. Henna

    my mum, because she works so hard for everyone and doesn’t take out enough time for herself! im slowly, but surely, changing that and a clarisonic is definitely a step in the right direction (a really awesome step :D)


  40. Katya

    I would love to nominate my wonderful mom! The reason i picked her is because – she is the best woman in the world to me, who cares and loves us with all her heart. We as a family being going througth really hard times in past 5 years, but sometimes when all of us would give up she held strong, and now i know its my and my litte sisters time to take care of her, because througth years she went throught so much stress that it has affected her both physicay and emotionally. So i think Clarisonic will bring a little sunshine to her and her skin!

  41. Delia Lupan

    I want to nominate my husband because he surely needs some help in the skin department. Clarisonic will help clean and clear up his skin.

  42. Paloma

    I nominate my mother because with Fibromyalgia affecting her every single day for over 20 years (she is 40) and her taking care of my Autistic brother, she never really has the time or the energy to take much care of her skin. With that said, she rarely wears much make-up, so she still has the chance to take the reigns when it comes to her skin care.

  43. Julianna

    I nominate my best friend because her skin is just a HOT MESS. She def. needs this!!

  44. Jennifer B.

    I want to nominate my mom! She has been so good to me and I know her she has been so frustrated with her skin lately. I know this would perk her right up!

  45. Deb

    I nominate my friend Maryann because she genuinely deserves to win this Clarisonic. She is pinkOBSESSION on Youtube and is just the sweetest nicest real person.

  46. Kayte CookWatts

    I nominate my twitter buddy @jesslag. Merry Christmas!

  47. Marinka

    I would nominate my best friend, because we are both into beauty and I think she would love to get it because it isn’t available here in Holland!

  48. Jess

    O wow this is great!! I would like for my sister and my mom to win and be able to pamper them!! Thanks!!

  49. Min

    I nominate my friend Ashley, because she’s really into getting her skin looking better and she’s wanted a Clarisonic forever! A string of stressful events in her life has caused her skin to not be so happy, and I know that she’d feel better about herself and what has happened if her skin looked as good as it used to!

  50. Connie

    I would give one to my sister! In fact, I offered her mine since it worked so well for me but she saw the difference it made and told me to keep it. I was thinking of getting her one for Christmas since her skin has been misbehaving but it’d be awesome if I won it instead! And since I already have one, I’d give the other one to my mom. =) I LOVE my Clarisonic!

  51. anna

    I nominate my mom because she had a bad year and I really want to see a smile in her face!

  52. giuliana pereira pirovani

    my sister giovanna, because she’s an amazing person!

  53. Rose

    I would like to nominate my friend Jennifer. She has stuggled with so much throughout her life, and to top that off, she has stuggled with skin care problems. A Clarisonic would make her so happy! This is such a wonderful giveaway! Thanks so much Christine and Clarisonic!!!!

  54. Lubaska

    I would nominate my older sister. we both have acne and oily skin so I think she would appreciate beauty tool for keeping skin fresh and clean.:-) thanks.

  55. A

    I’d like to nominate my Mom for this amazing giveaway! She deserves one because she would love this gadget, but would never spend that amount of money on herself. My Mom is a giver and would actually buy it for someone else, but never for herself. She never gets facials or buys any extravagant skincare products. This would be a great gift for her and a good way for her to start a skincare routine.

  56. Kait

    I would get one for my roommate and I. We are both really conscious of our skin and there could be just enough room in our tiny college bathroom for two happy clarisonic friends. My roommate is my best friend and I think it would be a perfect gift for her (and me so I don’t get jealous : ) )

  57. I would give one to my mother. She is a single mom who works over 60 hours a week and still finds time to take care of my younger siblings. I live over 700 hundred miles away, and I’m not there to help anymore, it’s very tough for her. She has always loved makeup and skin care stuff, but she has forgotten all that because she is much to busy. She deserves this so MUCH. It would put a huge smile on her sweet face. <3

  58. Michelle

    I’d love to give one to my husband, who has easily-irritated skin and easily clogged pores. He buys Clinique for men products but often they just sit there because he doesn’t have a lot of time before work to use cleanser + scrub + moisturizer, or he forgets. I’d been thinking of buying him a Clarisonic for Christmas already but we don’t have a lot of $ to spend on Christmas this year since we’re moving.

  59. Valerie C.

    I’d love to win a Clarisonic for my sweet daughter. She’s just starting to get into skincare and worries about her pores etc.. She’s the kind of person who puts other’s needs first. For the holidays, she told me that there is nothing she REALLY needs. But, I know there are items she would LOVE to have. Clarisonic is one of them. Thanks and Happy Holidays :)

  60. Nina

    I nominate my sister because I know she would really love one!

  61. emma

    i nominate my cousin because she has always had bad acne and i think she deserves it !

  62. Denise

    My friend Sarah should totally get this! She’s an awesome person and deserves nice things. She’d love this, and she’s the one who’s turned me on to Temptalia.

  63. Aisha

    I nominate my younger sister. She’s fantastic but she’s really self-concious about her skin because she’s had loads of trouble. I know she’d appreciate something like this. She could use a confidence boost.

  64. tousledkitten

    I nominate my fiancé because he has had a lot of problems with his skin recently. He has an oily T-Zone but the rest of his face is extremely dry. I’ve got him to start using the Clinique 3-step skincare and this has helped a little but I would love to be able to give him a Clarisonic to get his skin into good condition. It has really been getting him down lately and I want to do all that I can to help. I have similar problems with my own skin and a lot of beauty products and treatments are just too harsh. I can’t afford to buy one for either of us and it would be a great xmas present for him and a great Birthday present for me.

  65. What a great idea for a giveaway, and thanks so much for Clarisonic for being so generous, and to Temptalia for hosting!

    I nominate my friend Leslie, because she’s been a great friend to me through tough times since first year university (I’ve since graduated). She also really supports me with my makeup hobby (she calls me her makeup sensei, but I’m not that good)!

  66. Krishna

    Wow first of all I want to say thank you for the opportunity. I would nominate my sister who really deserves this amazing gift. She is having a rough time juggling work and long distance relationship. She barely sleep 5 hours a day so no time to even take care of herself. When she does, she uses a cheap electric toothbrush that was given to her to exfoliate because she could not afford a clarisonic. Hopefully she will get it as a nice Christmas gift.

  67. Tina

    What a great giveaway! : )

    I nominate my mother. She has never really taken care of her skin and now she looks a bit under the weather most days. I have gotten her to use moisturizer with spf and anti-aging creams. So this would be perfect for her to use too! I would love to be able to afford this for xmas but alas I can’t so this would be a great win! Thx guys!

  68. Kitty

    I would give one to my best friend, who always supports me, and is generous even when she has so little.

  69. This is such an amazing giveaway. How generous of Clarisonic!

    I would love to win this for my best friend Kathleen. She has always been there for me and is like a sister to me. Anytime I had an issue or needed to talk to someone, she was always there, no questions asked. So I would like to repay her with something that she really wants and can’t afford on her own. She is always to busy to give herself time to pamper herself, so this would help her in relaxing!

  70. Woowww! :)

    I would love to win one for my “sister”.. one of my closest friends who JUST graduated and is looking around for a job xD so she’s starting to get into makeup, but I think she needs a better base to lay her make up on (no offense to her). Her mom’s getting on her back about taking care of her skin and I think a Clarisonic would be just the thing to help boost her skin to where it could be–clean, glowy, fresh. She’s also done SOOOO much for me, had faith in me and what I do when I didn’t, pushed me to be my best, to try new things even if I didn’t want to because she knew it would be better for me. She saw talent in me when I didn’t and pushed me to pursue a career in photography–and I met my SO here, who I plan to marry. So many things to be thankful to her about!! She definitely deserves one<3 and much, much more.

  71. Stacie N.

    I would love to win for my best friend. Unfortunately, she has always been plagued with less than perfect skin. I think any Clarisonic would be great for her.

  72. I’ll nominate my mother, because ever since I started taking proper care of myself, she’s been much happier, and this would be a wonderful way of thanking her for all the support she’s been giving me!

  73. Amy

    I nominate my best friend Ally. Me and her have been friends for 15 years now and we have been through many ups and downs together. I think that she would deserve this because she works so hard with school and two jobs, she deserves some time to relax and enjoy this really cool machine :)



  74. LannetKrystle

    I would love to nominate my older sister, Rona Malig. She recently went through knee surgery (broken knee cap due to slipping on pavement) after getting a new job (she was unemployed for a few months). After surgery, her brand new job was in jeopardy and they only allowed her to be gone from work for only 2 weeks, when healing time takes months. She struggled in the beginning, but she stuck with it. Pretty much taking care of her skin was the last thing on her mind during those tough times. It’s been a about 2 months and she still has a knee brace and recovering from surgery. She really deserves a great item such as the Clarisonic Plus. She’s gone through a lot these past few months and for her to receive one of the best cleansing systems in the world would make her holiday brighter. Thank you Temptalia and Clarisonic for a chance of a lifetime. >Lannet

  75. Jazmin Nicole

    I would like to nominate my little sister and my mother. Since they live with each other and I know the other one would want to use it. I pick my little sister, Julia, because she is in her teens and has always had an acne problem. Nothing will work, she’s tryed almost everything. I know that if she got this and it helps her clean up her face she would feel more confident in herself. And all I want is for my sister to be happy.
    I say mom because if I do get picked to win this awesome gift my mom would ask my sister to use it. Lol. I know my mom would love this because she wants to start to get in the whole taking care of her skin because she’s getting older. But still looks good!! It would be like killing two birds with one stoke type thing.

  76. betsy

    I’d really like to win one for my friend lauren. She’s been there for me whenever I need her, from little freakouts, breakups with boyfriends, and the death of my mother. She always takes time out of her bsuy schedule (she’s a grad student working on her thesis and a TA) to help me whenever I need it, even when she has no time for herself. I’d love to win a clarisonic for her.

  77. T

    I’d totally nominate my DH. He definitely needs something to exfoliate his skin as he has majoe issues with blackheads.

  78. Li Ming

    I want to nominate my best friend, Vicky. She’s been very stressed out lately and has always struggled with acne. The stress from her new apartment flooding, and going to work and finishing her accounting masters at the same time doesn’t help. She likes to pamper herself whenever she can so I think this would be a great gift for her.
    I want the Clarisonic because I have eczema on my body, and want to have smooth skin like my mom, who is turning 52. I have been itching to try this expensive product!

  79. Lauren B.

    Along with myself, I’d like to nominate my mom! She never buys anything for herself but always is generous with my sister and I, and this is something she would love and could really use!

  80. I think my mom should win, we’ve had a pretty rough year including her getting cancer and her beloved pets died in that same period. She’s now slowly recovering from 2 massive surgeries and she also had loads of complications after her surgery. I think she really deserves it because she’s such a great mom and she’s always there for everybody. I think this would give her the little holiday cheer she needs.

  81. Violet

    I nominate my daughter. She’s been working hard (she’s a single mom) and really could use something wonderful like the Clarisonic.

  82. shannon

    I nominate my roommate Sadie who puts up with my long explanations and discussions of every little makeup or skin care topic even when she’s not interested and who jumps up and down with me whenever a sephora box comes in the mail!

  83. Brenda

    I nominate my mother. I know she would love a Clarisonic because she is concerned about getting fine lines and wrinkles as she ages. I know she would never, ever buy one for herself because she wouldn’t feel comfortable spending that much money on herself. I’d love to spoil her a bit and be able to give her one!

  84. Ebru

    wow this is absolutely an amazing giveaway, thanks Christine!I would nominate my hubby – he is so into taking care of his skin now and we can both use it together :)

  85. yolanda

    I would nominate my husband, since he is always there for me and my son and he is a truly comited person, so I know he would use it daily. Even though he works all day, he takes care of his face at night so I think it would be a nice to help him with his acne and ingrowns.

  86. Victoria

    My mom deserves the Classic. She’s always been there for me, and everyone else in her life. Not just her family, but also, her coworkers, her friends, and all of her students. She believes in them, even if others have given up. I’m the realistic and she’s the optimistic, but she won’t let anyone get away with anything. I’ve always been the one to try to introduce to pampering things, like manicures and massages, but sometimes she’s too tired at night to wash her face, so the Clarisonic would make her WANT to wash her face. She’s the rock in my life, the glue, and the one who will always be there, telling me everything is going to be alright.

  87. jackie

    I would like to nominate my mom because she puts everyone before herself no matter what. Even if I make her mad, she will still go shopping(she says she gos shopping for herself) but she always comes back with things for me and nothing for her.
    And everytime I tell her to not buy me anything she always says that she always thinks about me when she goes shopping.
    So I think my mom deserves the clairsonic because it’s time for her to put herself first before me, my brother and my dad. She needs some pampering.

  88. Claire

    I want to nominate my mom to win. She does so much for me and my family.

  89. BAM432

    I would love the opportunity to give one to my friend Emily. She had battle most of her life with acne prone skin, and I think it would really lift her spirits and confidence.

  90. Alexis

    I want to nominate my younger sister that introduced your blog to me. Sometimes I forget that she’s a grown woman now and still think of her as a little girl. She has grown into a person that I am so proud of and even more proud to call her my sister. This would be a great gift to her – just a little luxury since we don’t always have the time (or money) to treat ourselves to sisterly spa days.

  91. I nominate my mom because she has had it rough ever since my Dad passed away in 2001. She still has to work at the age of 71 cuz she was left with a large mortage. She never has anything extra to do for herself! She really deserves a Clarisonic!! Thanks!

  92. Cristina Revilla

    My mother. Because she simply deserves all i can give her and because she has taught me everything i know now.

  93. Sheri Griley

    I would love to win this for my sister. She is just an awesome person constantly doing things for others and not herself. I know she wants one of these badly but would never buy it for herself!

  94. Natalia

    awesome giveaway! i would give to my bestie anna who is my rock!

  95. Sara**

    I nominate my brother Ricardo. He had acne for years and went on Acutane. Acne left really bad marks and very oily skin. He is very self conscious of that so, I feel that clarisonic could really improve the texture of his skin.

  96. Bobbie C.

    I nominate my mother to recieve a Clarisonic because she never takes time to pamper herself or take care of herself. I think this would be a nice gift for her and allow her to just take a few moments out of the day to pamper herself and care for her skin.

  97. JoyBringer

    I nominate my brother! He is away at college on a scholarship and comes home to steal all of my Acne wash. He has very oily skin and he complains that it never gets clean enough! I know that he can benefit from a clarisonic brush and so can I! He is gonna be shame that I put him out here like this! :)

  98. I would love to win a Clarisonic for my mom! She never takes the time to pamper herself. Last year I got her her first ever full body massage for Christmas. She absolutely loved it! And I know she will love the Clarisonic brush too!

  99. Angela

    I would like to nominate my mom. I’ve never been able to buy her anything, but always end up up buying something for myself. Bad daughter, I know. :( I would really like her to get one for christmas.