Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Win a Set of 16 Avon Glazewears!

Three (3) lucky winners will each receive a set of Avon’s Glazewears! Each set includes all sixteen shades.   (Retail value $96.00 per set!)

Glazewear Lip Gloss is available in four customized finishes, letting you choose the lip look that suits you:

  • Intense – delivers impactful color that glides on beautifully with satin sheen and medium to full coverage.  Shades: Brown Sugar, Cherry Liqueur, Crimson, Intense Plum and Sweet Maple
  • High Sparkle – provides glossy, shimmering shine, creating dazzling radiance with brilliant sparkles and sheer to medium coverage. Shades: Apple Cinnamon, Dazzling Diamond, Mirage, Mocha Latte and Rave
  • High Shine – offers super high-gloss shine for megawatt luster with sheer to medium coverage.  Shades: Darling Pink, Iced Pink, Island Glow, Mauve Movement and Tickled Pink
  • SPF 15 Clear – gives a super, high-gloss shine while providing sun-protection as it softens and moisturizes lips.

RULES: All entries must be submitted by May 31st, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to U.S. & Canada Readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

One Way to Win

  • Leave me a comment on this blog post and share with me what has been the best part of your day so far!

Congratulations to Christie, Elle, & Janet!

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754 thoughts on “Win a Set of 16 Avon Glazewears!

  1. Brielle

    The best part of my day was booking my cruise this morning and getting my daily dose of Temptalia!

  2. Joanne

    Washing my car! LOL, pretty sad.

  3. Pam

    best part of my day so far is sitting outside during my lunch break and just “people watching”. it’s currently 25 degrees celsius in Toronto :)

  4. jessica

    best part of my day so far has been getting my morning coffee

  5. Alyssia

    The nice weather this morning, but now it’s raining.

  6. crystal

    the best part of my day has been waking up to breakfast made

  7. I’m not having a great day, but I’d say the best part has been the sunshine. :)

  8. Elysia W

    Best part is that it’s almost QUITTIN time! Woohoo!

  9. Andrea Foville

    Getting 6 new NYX Cosmetics Lipsticks in the mail that I ordered from Ebay!!!

  10. Darci

    The best part of my day is spending it with my kiddo’s life gets a little crazy some times and we all need to take time to appreciate the little things:)

  11. Catherine

    Waking up to sunshine and birds singing!

  12. susie

    Best part of my day so far is eating a big bowl of Froot Loops & watching some good ol’ Hannah Montana 😛

  13. I see Avon are really pushing these, I’ve seen them reviewed on every other blog. :) I’m not in the US or Canada, so this is not an entry btw!

  14. Michelle M

    The best part of my day has been taking a final exam and feeling like I aced it! 😀

  15. fiaspice

    So far was my breakfast and coffee I had this morning.

  16. Amanda.S

    owww id love to win these!!…the best part of my day is just being home hanging out with my 3 young children…they 2,3 and 7 (my eldest just got home from school)..but yeah hasnt been a dull moment… my babies!

  17. Isheeta

    The best part of my day so far is applying my new MAC Thrills Lipstick that I bought from last evening’s MAC party!

  18. Valene

    So far the best part of my day has been a very yummy banana for breakfast with my fav iced coffee drink. Yum! Great start to the day!

  19. Nadine

    So far the day hasn’t been very awesome, but I had 2 cookies, which were DELISH!

  20. The best part of my day is that our manager brought in lunch for the whole office. Free lunch is the best!

  21. Best part of my day was coming home from work. ;D

  22. abby

    The best part of my day was going to the park and playing with my LOVELY daughter! gets no better than that!!!

  23. Audrey H.

    Best part of my day so far was being able to sleep in late. Thanks for this cool giveaway.

  24. Debi

    So far the best part of my day has been eating some HERSHEY PIE!!!!! SOO YUMMY

  25. Neela

    Getting my hair cut, it was getting way too long! I was lucky to find someone that loves to cut short hair in my first attempt after moving 2 hours away.

  26. maria

    The best part of my day is when I realized that I entered liike 3 contests jaja

  27. Molly

    The best part of my day was hanging out with my mom(: AND getting
    some super cute close for super low prices at wal-mart.

  28. MermaidBird

    I’m home sick from work, so my day started pretty roughly. When my two cat kids cuddled up with me in bed, I couldn’t help but smile and feel a tad bit better. Nothing is sweeter than the empathy of my cats!

  29. Avon products are very good.they stand out in quality and the shades are really trendy and they keep adding their flavors and colors.Love to use them.

  30. Aliwos

    The best part of my day was saving 20% at! Except randomly it didn’t take the discount off one of my NARS products but whatever.

  31. The best part of my day was opening my eyes and seeing my husband and 18month old son, who decided to surprise me with breakfast in bed. It was so wonderful.

  32. Hannah

    The best part of may day has been taking a break and checking out Temptalia!

  33. Torrie

    The best part of my day today has been when I walked home for lunch and got to spend time with my puppy! He’s always so happy to see me and it ALWAYS makes my day :)

  34. Yiota

    The best part of my day was writing my last final of the semester!! Hellooo summer break!

  35. the best part of my day has been putting on my makeup!

  36. Amber

    I’ve been under a lot of stress, so the best part of my day has been being comforted by the most amazing man I’ve ever met. I’m lucky to love and be loved by him.

  37. Commenting :)

    The best part of my day so far was waking up next to the lover. I am so blessed to be able to wake up next to him. He’s great.

  38. Jess

    The best part of my day so far was seeing this contest on Temptalia!

  39. MissDeeCanada

    The favorite part of my day so far hsa been taking my dog Daisy for a walk! I love the outdoors and just the fresh air and seeing her get all excited to run around in the park!

  40. Rachel

    The best part of may is when I bake cheesecake for my family :) !!!

  41. Jocelyn

    I woke up in the morning to birds outside my window (for real because there are trees EVERYWHERE) and got into my first choice university =] Excellent. My mom started crying when I told her (it was her dream uni too)

  42. Christina

    Going on my walk! I love walking when the weather is gorgeous like it is today.

  43. RAYCHIL18

    Hugging and kissing my son before I left to work this morning!

  44. LH

    The best part of my day has been listing to my two boys laugh and have a good time.

  45. Laia

    My day has been pretty sad too (lots of paper stuff to do) but the best moment was when I’ve had my share of sightshopping after a depressing morning. That made me cheer up!

  46. Vanessa

    The best part of my day so far is catching up on TV! What can I say, I’m a TV junkie…

  47. Melissa

    Enjoying a nice episode of Full House!

  48. Mirna

    The best part of my day so far (its 12:36 PM PST) is this bagel with salmon on it! Yum Yum

  49. Taylor D

    Going to starbucks 😀

  50. Angie Agerter

    The best part of my day today was curling up with my book and coffee this morning

  51. Emilie

    Getting the mail !!!

  52. Gabby

    the best part of my day has been getting in touch with a friend I haven’t talked to over a year! :)

  53. The best part of my day is knowing in less than two hours I will be home in PJ’s!!!

  54. NeenaJ

    Getting a thumbs up from my dermatologist. Yay sunscreen!

  55. I don’t qualify for the contest, but good luck to everyone that enters!

  56. iris

    got to go shopping at the mall, stocked up on some goodies & bought me a new pair of heels. Also, taking my son to the park and seeing him smile.

  57. That it was the first summer day in Denmark!!! So nice with sunny and warm weather after a long and never ending cold, cold winter …

  58. Brittany

    Lol, this is REALLY awful, but I found out that a coworker that I can’t stand got fired. Makes my life easier!

  59. Georgina

    The best part of my day so far was swatching all my favorite eye shadows and lipsticks. Now my jeans are covered in makeup and my arms look like I have some kind of plague, I couldn’t be happier. : )

  60. Julie

    The best part of my day so far today was making a trip to Ulta! :)

  61. samantha

    the best part of my day has been talking to my boyfriend who is over seas right now.

  62. Lynda

    Best part of my day is always my 6 yr old daughter. I love being a mom .

  63. The best part of my day was knowing my ELF order arrived. However, I missed the mail man so I have to pick it up tomorrow… -.-

  64. Cathy

    Getting a hug and kiss from my son before he left for school!

  65. The best moment of my day so far was when I got up, weighed myself, and the Wii said “Normal!” instead of “That’s Overweight.” for the first time!

  66. Sarah

    The best part of my day was rocking out to Glee Volume One on my way to school :)

  67. Vickie

    the best part of my day has been finding out that im not moving!

  68. Sarah

    the best part of my day was finally getting to sit down on the computer after standing by the copy machine for 3 hours straight.

  69. Sable

    The best part of my day was simply waking up to see another day! lol

  70. Wendy

    Running with my rabbit! It’s good to make sure he does a fair share of his daily exercise!

  71. Hi dear!^^ The best part of my day was spending all the morning and the afternoon with my boyfriend! I didn’t see him since a week! *_* A big kiss from Italy ;**

  72. deana

    I slept til noon and it felt good!

  73. Marie-Lyne

    Eating a bowl of icecream! 😉

  74. Ashlee

    The best part was my little brother coming home and saying “Thank you for making me a good lunch today, I love you.” Aww!

  75. Cat

    my classroom pot luck

  76. The best part of my day was relaxing and babysitting my lovely & cute niece! 😀 Lol.

  77. Johanna

    So far it was picking up my little one fro
    school & then going to starbucks!

  78. jind

    I went to ALDO to try some shoes on…they have an extra 25% off on all ‘online’ clearance stuff!!

  79. Hay Mich

    This may sound kind of sad, but the best part of today was watching Golden Girls!

  80. Kelsey

    The best part of my day was playing with my dogs outside in the beautiful weather.

  81. The best part of my day so far is strolling around the neighborhood and taking in the sweet sun!

  82. Keira

    The best part of my day has been going jogging with my puppy <3

  83. Sabrina

    Best part of my day? Free lunch!

  84. I got some cereal this morning, ready to start eating and studying a book at the same time when my Hubby said this to me:
    “Why don’t you let your sweet little noodle rest while you’re eating, and then start studying?”
    This was the BEST part of my day so far. :)

  85. Erica

    Beautiful, warm, and sunny weather!

  86. Lauri

    The best part of my day so far….has been waking my kids up. They are almost ALWAYS up before me…but not today!

  87. Kathy

    Knowing that my first year of dental school is behind me and looking forward to going home after 6 monthos of not seeing my parents! I am happy :)

  88. Ruby

    The best part of my day has been pre-ordering MAC To the Beach Tote Bag :)

  89. Mimi

    having no school (got the day off)

  90. Yao

    I think my loooong nap in the rainy weather has been my favorite part so far.

  91. S

    Honestly, the best part of my day so far was logging on to your site and seeing the chances to win free MAC 😀

  92. msPurpleMAC

    The best part of my day so far was being able to create 14 report to help my co-workers do their job quicker and easier.

  93. Nayeli

    The best part of my day has been to see an old mini Cooper, it’s like an old VW but a mini Cooper, lol

  94. Monica

    The best part of my day was eating lunch with a good friend.

  95. The best part of my day hasn’t happened yet. But once I get home and sit down and have dinner with my boys all will be right in the world.

  96. Jenniferx33

    the best part of my day today…well none really because i’ve been throwing up all day -____-

  97. Nathalie

    The highlight of my day has been giving my boss my two weeks notice!!!! Woot woot!!!! I was sooo nervous! I’m pretty sure I’ll have a drink later lol

  98. Abby

    The best part of my day so far has been the chocolate bar I just ate! (I like the simple pleasures. :P)

  99. sarah, a

    the best part of my day was coming home and relaxing.

  100. Lauren

    Best part of my day was coming home and catching up on temptalia while rocking out to Taylor swift