Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Win a R29 + Color Club Nail Polish Set!

For the holidays, Refinery29 has teamed up with several brands to create their own holiday products, including Color Club. The set includes six 15ml exclusively designed shades: Snow Pixie, Happy Hunter, Punch Drunk Red, Rolling in the Deep, Swan Lake, and Wine, Cooler. Color Club polishes are vegan, formaldehyde-, toluene-, and DBP-free.

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258 thoughts on “Win a R29 + Color Club Nail Polish Set!

  1. My tip for healthy nails is to skip the soaking step in your manicure, if there is one. The part where you soak your fingers in warm water causes the nail to absorb water and expand or become weak. Then they get filed and it increases the damage. File only in one direction, it really makes a difference.

  2. Aaliyah

    Moisturize cuticles, drink lots of water, and take a multivitamin! Works for me. :)

  3. Michelle

    keeping hands moisturized i guess. it’s hard since i’m always doing things with my hands. luckily my nails grow rapidly and i’m not a biter so i always have long nails.

  4. Eleobel

    Wear Gloves!

    (I have rubber gloves with cotton on the inside that I wear after putting on cuticle/hand cream – amazing!)

  5. Karolina

    Never trim your cuticles! At first it seems ok, but doing this for a long time may cause a lot of problems.

  6. Sally

    Healthy nails – I take a multivitamin, moisturize and always use a basecoat.

  7. Liana Hua

    My tip for maintaining healthy looking nail is to keep them polished and shiny!!

  8. Connie

    I always use a base and top coat and keep my nails short so they don’t break. :)

  9. Brenda

    For healthy nails
    i appply a green tea treatment and vitamin E oil

  10. Emily

    I’m so excited to see these!!!

  11. samantha m

    My tip is to drink plenty of water to keep nails nourshed.

  12. This will just add to my addiction :)

  13. Moisturizing your cuticles help them grow. Also, eating gelatin at least once a week helps them grow, along with your hair 😀

  14. izzy

    don’t bite your nails and don’t pick things with your nails! easier said than done..hahah

  15. Kristin Small

    I have very brittle nails. I must use a high quality base-coat if I want them to grow out to any length at all.

  16. Brooke S.

    My favorite tip for keeping healthy nails is keeping them moisturized. Another tip is keeping them polished. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  17. Liz

    Olive oil works great as cuticle oil, and the price can’t be beat!

  18. My favorite tip for maintaining healthy nails has to be the Nailtiques Protein 2. I got my first bottle from (thanks Christine for telling us about Beautyfix.)But this stuff really helps to prevent peeling.

  19. Calayna

    My favorite tip for my nails is NOT BITING THEM! Seriously that’s my own personal tip that when I actually follow it does wonders!

  20. I have my husband do the dishes 😉

  21. Zack

    I always put chapstick on my nail before I shower to protect them from the water, as funny as it sounds.

  22. Michelle

    I would love to try these polishes, I like that they are free of all the bad things.

    • Michelle

      I like to make sure that I push my cuticles back when I get our of the bath or shower, while they are soft to help keep them from tearing

  23. Avril

    Moisturizing, especially with almond oil, is what keeps my nails good. But mostly, I just let them grow.

  24. Alexandra Ettehadieh

    I always make sure to put a base coat on before applying my nail polish because otherwise when I come to remove it, my nails get weaker. I also use a cuticle oil pen around each of my nails. :)

  25. Cheska Que

    Use branded base coat and top coat for lost lasting nail polish rather than choosing cheap ones that would only damage your nails. also drink Biotin for healthy nails!

  26. styleezta

    soak in olive oil once a week :)

    • Juana

      got too excited… my tip would be to keep them moisturized, and to not buff constantly since that makes nails brittle (atleast for me it does!)

  27. Rebecca

    I try to always use a base coat when painting my nails and when it comes to my cuticles I try to keep them as moisturized as i can with hand and nail lotions and a good cuticle oil! I often cut and file my nails to keep them looking even and clean!

  28. Nina

    Always use a base coat and use cuticle oil before going to bed at night.

  29. Lauren

    I make use to use a base coat every time i paint my nails

  30. Ani

    To have healthy nails, i would say apply top and base coat so that it wont stain nails.

    thanks for the giveaway!

  31. Maple

    I use Essie’s moisturizing mask and strenghthening treatment before putting on nailpolish, and use a non-acetone nailpolish remover.

  32. Christine O

    I have noticed a big improvement in my nails overall since I started using a glass file instead of my old diamond file. There has to be a connection.

  33. Azar

    I think cuticle oil is pretty important, and I tend to always use a strengthening base coat.

  34. Vanessa

    Letting your nails rest between weeks of wearing polish! Revlon’s Trauma Relief polish also works wonders.

  35. drinking a lot of water, using nail scrub and cuticule balm.

  36. mary clay

    please enter me!

  37. i use a moisturized cuticle cream every day!

  38. Alina

    moisturize hands

  39. Dominique

    My most favorite tip but the hardest for me to follow is to stop biting your nails.

  40. DJ

    Use a glass nail file & only file in one direction.

  41. Melody

    Moisturize your cuticles

  42. Always, always, always use cuticle oil/butter/lotion as well as a base coat. Not only does it protect the nails, but also makes them healthier and longer.

  43. Linda Flores

    Moisturize and keeping my nails short and clean (:

  44. Elaine Chan

    Wonder what the colors will actually look like :)

  45. Molly

    My favorite tip for maintaining healthy nails is to rub a cuticle oil into your cuticles and to use a strengthening basecoat.

  46. Irene

    My tips for maintaining healthy nails starts with taking care of my cuticles. I use cuticle and hand cream every night before bed and it seems to work for me

  47. Agkelos

    I like to always buff my nails to an even smoothness before I apply any polish. I find that this method is great for people whose nails are not as smooth or tends to grow with little ridges on them, and it also makes the nail polish application process much smoother and even.

  48. Jacqueline

    Keep them groomed – cut, filed, de-cuticled + a good base coat before color :)

  49. Lily N

    I just make sure to not bite my nails

  50. elyse

    tip for healthy nails is hydration both internally and externally. drink lots of water and moisturize to keep them strong. almond oil is awesome for cuticles. I also take multivitamins.

  51. I use Cetaphil moisturizing cream on my hands and nails. It helps keep my cuticles soft.

  52. charupappi


  53. Nicole

    Don’t get acrylic nails!