Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Win a R29 + Color Club Nail Polish Set!

For the holidays, Refinery29 has teamed up with several brands to create their own holiday products, including Color Club. The set includes six 15ml exclusively designed shades: Snow Pixie, Happy Hunter, Punch Drunk Red, Rolling in the Deep, Swan Lake, and Wine, Cooler. Color Club polishes are vegan, formaldehyde-, toluene-, and DBP-free.

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258 thoughts on “Win a R29 + Color Club Nail Polish Set!

  1. Ingrid

    For my nails protection, I use gloves when ever possible, moisturize my cuticles with Burts Bee lemon cuticle butter, rub oil unto nails and cuticle, soak them, massage the hand and nail area and moisturize..

  2. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    My favorite tip for healthy nails would be to use Burt Bees Cuticle cream! Smells great and is so amazing!

  3. Jennifer

    Moisturize, clean and short.

  4. nariman

    Gimme a christmas gift please :)

  5. my favorite tip for maintaining healthy nails is to always use a base coat!

  6. Donna McCrudden

    To maintain my healthy nails, I use cuticle cream nightly. I polish my nails a few times a week and always use a base coat. I buff and file as needed.

  7. Kim L

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  8. Zoey

    To maintain healthy nails, I eat a well-rounded diet with plenty of protein and moisturize my cuticles every night.

  9. Yvonne

    Do not bite your nails…if you break the habit you might find out your nails actually grow like mine…did it on a bet, and found out I had very strong nails that grow !

  10. Nyree

    My favorite tip is using cuticle oil on cuticles AND nails (top and bottom).

  11. Arielle Harrison

    Eat a balanced diet and consume or take the right vitamins, and always stay hydrated.

  12. Justine

    Always apply a moisturizer after washing your hands.

  13. Dolly B.

    The tip I have for maintaining healthy nails is to not use them as tools, as I did for many years LOL! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  14. Marian

    Every week after my manicure, I buff my nails with buffing cream and a chamois buffer. I think that the buffing revs up the circulation to my nails and helps them to be strong and healthy.

  15. Cassie

    Always use lotion!

  16. Kellilee

    I like to keep my nails short. Working in a hospital it’s a requirement! Constant hand washing dries them out and causes them to break.

  17. Hannah

    Vitamin E oil is great for the cuticles!

  18. April

    I’m currently using a nail strengthening cream!

  19. Amaris

    I like to use a base coat! :)

  20. Lauren

    a good base coat and moisturise!

  21. Leah

    Hmmm…I have really nice nails naturally and I get asked about them a lot. (Not trying to be an ego-maniac, but it’s true.) I’d like to give a tip about using a good cuticle cream or a special nail polish, but really my tip is to just have good genes!

  22. My favourite tip for maintaining healthy nails is to ALWAYS use a base coat. It might seem like a trivial part of the nail care routine but, once youve used a bright yellow nail polish and found out that it is NEVER going to come off (or at least not for a few weeks), you realise the true importance of the base coat!

  23. Silje

    I wear rubber gloves when I do my dishes. Then a good cuticle oil is a must, and I am really loving my California Mango Balm for those days my skin is really dry.

  24. Tanya ^^

    Sea salt bath, followed by shea butter!! Savior for weak nails!

  25. Anna C.

    My tip for healthy nails: moisturize your cuticles, and eat your vitamins! Can’t have healthy nails if you’re not eating right :)

  26. Jennifer

    My tip is to keep cuticles moisturized and nails clean for healthy nails.

  27. Erin Franzen

    When growing my nails out, I keep them naked save for a good strengthening base- and several layers. My nails break a lot, so I really rely on Orly’s broken nail kit!

  28. Ellen

    a healthy diet

  29. Jennifer Salazar

    Jojoba oil on the cuticles at night time.

  30. stephanie

    i never scratch nail polish off and if my nails look especially dry after removing polish, i lotion them and let them “breathe” a bit…not sure if that helps but it’s what i do! haha hope i win :) thanks for doing this giveaway!

  31. Aimey

    In order to keep my nails healthy, I don’t always put nail polish on. When I DO use nail polish, I make sure to use a base coat. Whenever I don’t have nail polish on, I regularly clean them using a cotton swab and nail polish remover!

  32. I “Rolling in the Deep” just for the name!

  33. Z

    For healthy nails I slather on a mixture of extra virgin coconut oil with my Eucerin hand cream. It’s very moisturizing for my hands and my nails look great despite my constant changing and removing polish every couple of days.

  34. Rozae

    I put vasanline on my hands & feet b4 going to bed on cold dry weather. Wak up w/the softest skin ever.

  35. Sienna

    a tip that i do with my nails is to keep them trimmed and clean, buff them and always use a base coat before putting nail polish

  36. Joanna Shen

    trim them and moisturize~~~

  37. rachel

    My fave tips for maintaining nails is to use a good base and top coat and also moisturizing my nails and my cuticles to keep stronger nails.

  38. Leenie

    I keep my nail polish chip free and filed smooth around the edges

  39. Elizabeth O.

    To be honest I don’t do much to my nails. I know I should keep up with them but really I just keep them short and painted.

  40. terry

    Cuticle oil all the way…

  41. jenni

    cuticle oil/balm, bad cuticles are the most noticeable flaw on nails for me!

  42. Danyal

    OPI Nail Envy!!! a must have

  43. Rebecca

    Definitely moisturizing!

  44. Sammie

    Tip for healthy looking nails is eat food with the right vitamins & moisturize your cuticles!

  45. My favorite tip to keep healthy nails is moisturizing hands well. You will never have dry cuticles even if you use a simple moisturizer/hand cream/body lotion many times a day!

  46. Amber

    To maintain healthy nails, I keep mine no longer than the end of my fingertip to minimize the chance that I’ll catch them on something and break them off. I also use a glass file, minimize prolonged exposure to water (especially if they’re bare), take biotin supplements, and drink a lot of water. Also, I think using high quality (doesn’t necessarily mean expensive), B3F polishes and base/top coats helps a lot.

  47. Laura Zaharris

    My favorite tip for healthy nails is to moisturize your cuticles. And I find the polish chips less quickly if I use a slightly abrasive file to just buff the nails before painting them. Thanks for the contest!

  48. I moisturize my hands and use Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle cream most nights before bed!

  49. Kayla S.

    I like to keep my nails rather short, and buff them between polishings.

  50. Rach

    I basically do my own nails every week, if not more than once a week… That way they always look smart! 😉

  51. The most important things for nail health for me are some sort of moisturizer (I always forget this!), a good nail file (mine is glass), and a nail strengthener.

  52. Ashley

    Don’t bit your nails and always moisturize your hands.

  53. OMG vegan? :]
    I must use a base coat!!

  54. Lilian

    My favorite tip for having healthy nails its to NOT bite them.. and always wear gloves when it comes to washing dishes and cleaning your restrooms.. thank you for the Giveaway!.. :0)

  55. My all-time favorite way to keep nails looking great is to use Burt’s Bees lemon butter cuticle creme…does wonders in moisturizing and it smells great!

  56. To maintain healthy nails I use a Nail Therapy, Cuticle Oil, and of course a base and top coat when polishing, all from a great little brand I love :). I also swear by NOT cutting or removing cuticles. This prevents bad bacterias from getting under your nail and into the creases that can cause infections and inflammations. If you have unruly cuticles I suggest using a cuticle oil and an orange-wood or cuticle suppressing stick to simply push the cuticle further into the creases of your nail 😀

  57. Moisturize all the time! Especially after handling water.

  58. Philana C

    Keep your nails short (ish) so they won’t break off.

  59. Michelle S

    My tip on maintaining healthy nails is to really wash my hands & nails, then apply a base coat to protect my nails thoroughly.

  60. Victoria

    My tip for good finger tips is once every two week at home manicure
    And I always wear a good nail strengthiner and push back my cuticals not cut them

  61. I recommend using nail and cuticle creams every evening/night and cream your hands regularly as well. It helped me :)

  62. Kate

    My number one tip for healthy nails is a healthy diet! Gotta start with good materials to help nails grow strong and healthy.

  63. kitten

    definitely using a good base coat & moisturizing my cuticles

  64. Janet T

    I use aquaphor on my cuticles!

  65. Bailey Goodnight

    my tip is too not pick or bite them! carry around a nail file, trust me, it helps:)

  66. Anastasia

    I like to use a nail care pen

  67. For keeping my nails healthy, I swear by a variety of “lengthener/strengtheners”. My favorite is Butter London’s Horse Power Nail Fertilizer. I swear in a week it made a difference, just applying it under a base coat and then polishing as normal. I could see nail growth AND my nails were getting quite strong.

    I also make sure I have clippers and a crystal file everywhere I go so I’m not tempted to fuss at a chip in my nail. And I MUST have at least a clear coat on. I was thrilled when they told me I could have polish on during my surgery! Stress is the worst thing that can happen to my nails LOL.

    Thanks for the giveaway :)))

  68. Rose

    These colors look so vibrant. I just fell into the nail polish pool after climbing out of the Mac one…my poor wallet

  69. Erica

    Making sure to keep your cuticles trimmed and well moisturized! I think healthy cuticles = healthier nails!

  70. Rose

    Another comment because I didn’t see we had to write down the nail tip. Mine is using Berty’s cuticle cream. I use to hate my nails until it became part of my routine.

    I am also a believer that nails shouldn’t be too long. Mine stay pretty short

  71. Got to have the cuticles trimmed and maintained. Smooth looking cuticles is awesome! :)

  72. Meghan

    Use good quality lotion regularly! Your nails will shine.

  73. taylor riffey

    MOISTURIZE. There is nothing worse than dry, cracked cuticles. Especially in the winter time.

  74. Shannon Bergeron

    Cuticle remover is a must for me

  75. Tihana

    If you want to have healthy nails, I recommend vegetables and lots of milk!! And try not to get upset all the time lika I do!! haha

  76. Haley

    My tip is to avoid biting your nails and picking off nail polish.

  77. I don’t do anything in particular to maintain healthy nails lol. I just cut them and paint them once a week :)

  78. Im such a polish addict! just snagged my first Zoya shades with one of their promo codes, looks like I’m gonna need a Helmer to sort them all soon! I’d love to try Color Club, Ive never seen them in stores.
    thanks so much for all your blogging, this site is a great resource when trying to spend wisely on all the pretty sparklies!

    • haha, I missed the instructions! my nails get the star treatment, a day (or just overnight when I’m impatient) to rest between coats, I sleep in gloves with lotion and cuticle cream. moisturizer and a good strengthening base coat are essential!

  79. clementine

    I go easy and give my nails a break every other week.

  80. Becca

    i use nail strengthener! i have this blue gel-based one from sally hansen that i loooove C:

  81. Christina

    Moisturize! I like to use my Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream or just regular lotion. It keeps my hands and cuticles moisturized and makes my hands looks fresh

  82. Jincy

    Definitely cuticle oil for my dry skin!

  83. Staci Ishibashi

    using a good base a top coat :)

  84. yaeli

    mainly protecting my hands when I wash dishes etc. Thanks!

  85. I moisturize several times a day!

  86. Katy M

    To keep my nail polish lasting longer I’ve learned to paint the tip and a bit of the underside of my nail with the polish and a top coat. It’s called “wrapping your tips” and works wonders!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!! :)

  87. IsabelG

    I would like to try all those colors they look good.

  88. Bianca

    Keep your hands out of your mouth. I used to chronically bite my nails and they looks awful!

  89. Christina

    Always use a base coat, don’t pull on your cuticles, and extra points for using cuticle oil! :)

  90. Sara

    For healthy nails, I always use a base coat. Nothing is grosser than getting them stained by a dark nail polish!

  91. Cat

    I give them breaks from nail polish and let them breath! After all, the nail is just an extension of the skin…

  92. always file using a crystal filer! and not going back in forth but with a single direction motion — itll keep them stronger and less prone to breakage :)

  93. Jessica Lee

    I maintain healthy nails by moisturizing my cuticles

  94. Michelle


  95. Joanne McClain

    Use gloves when cleaning! And moisturize constantly.

  96. Sara

    looking forward to this giveaway!! i would love to add to my nail polish collection!!!

  97. Kathleen

    I like to keep a healthy diet and keep my nails well moisturized!

  98. amanda

    my tip for healthy nails in wearing gloves while doing dishes