Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away Urban Decay Set of Pocket Rocket Lip Glosses!

We’re giving away one (1) set of Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Glosses (eight in total). Submit your entry by telling us who your favorite entry is on’s Manhunt Contest!

All entries must be submitted by July 9th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to U.S. residents only. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

Increase Your Chances to Win (For a total of three chances!)

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Update: Winner has been selected, notified, and confirmed!  Thanks for participating!

(Yes, this is a SECOND set being offered!)

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

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197 thoughts on “Win a Complete Set of Urban Decay Pocket Rockets!

  1. Jollene

    I would love to win!

  2. Katya

    Maxintheair is my favorite entry – he looks sexy!

  3. Nazia

    My favorite entry is papertiger!

  4. Erica

    Enter me, please! Twitter: stlxprincess

    Thank you!

  5. My favorite contestant is Jacob D! How can you not love him?
    Twitter: emmiekaulitz

  6. Todd

    I’m fond of MichaelMacneal…

    Twitter: stephentoddowen

  7. Brooke

    I like Bruce. His nose is truly epic! ^__^

  8. Norma

    Randy, the soon to be FireFighter = ]

  9. Teala

    I so want this.

    Twitter: Gothcake

  10. Teala

    Oh, I forgot. My favorite guy is Randy.

    Twitter: gothcake

  11. cad

    Matus is my favorite, maybe it’s good pix editing..but i love the eyes and dark hair and nice tan!

  12. Stephanie


    twitter: thebackseatsman

  13. I’m so in!
    Twitter: Rocketqueens

  14. My favorite is Maxintheair

    twitter: gummibalu

  15. Midge

    i think bruce is adorable!
    twitter: Midgeismyname

  16. Vanessa

    Randy! <3

    twitter: mvqiao

  17. Going to have to say Jason (from White Plains). There’s just something cute, but casual about him!.

    twitter: kiraling

  18. kathy p.

    Michael ! (:

    twitter: yummyyxsushi

  19. Estefania

    Twitter: estefafernandez
    rss sub

  20. My favourite is Maxintheair.

    twitter : chocoandmakeup

  21. Elise

    Ooh enter me please. D… is my favorite one. He has the whole package of sexiness.
    Twitter: silkesmooth1803

  22. KyaLyn

    JoJoB is my favorite!

  23. Randy completely wins in my book. I may be biased though, he has a picture with a pug, and pugs are my favorite dogs!
    Thanks for putting on this contest!

  24. Dree

    MichaelMacneal …. enter me please!

  25. sprut6

    Bruce is my favorite.


  26. pick meee!! twitter: sher0xx

  27. Michelle

    I like Matthew.

    viridian on twitter

  28. Tiara C.

    GIRL!!! my favorite is LLcoolTJ211
    When I saw that sexy bone structure I almost fainted honey!

    twitter @glossytlacey

  29. Redhead (hi)

    Shigaki is hawt 😀 I would love to see him on my lipgloss! 😉

  30. Melinda

    PLZ Enter Me Bluefairy0173 :o) I wanna win !!

  31. Mary

    Twitter Name: kaykaysaunt2007

  32. Bananarchy

    Would love to win twitter is weenerdogg my fave is jyran

  33. Celine

    Bruce is adorably dorky! I’m subscribed via RSS.

  34. KELIB

    I like Ronni from NYC! I have been dying for these glosses, tried them at sephora and have been wanting them ever since…

  35. I like Ronnie! twitter: skinofakiller

  36. Hyzenthlay

    Woo hoo! Maybe this time it’ll be me :)

    Hmm, I suppose I like Matthew, the leader right now. So many of them are too young, and remind me of my students, and just shouldn’t be on my Pocket Rockets.

    twitter: hyzenthlay20

  37. Laura

    My favorite is twilightrose, because he seems sweet and is one of the few who didn’t nominate themselves.

  38. Sandy

    My new favorite is Randy — got a weakness for firefighters!

  39. brandy

    i would luv 2 win never tried there product

  40. Bruce is my fav :) Twitter: mschristinedior

  41. My fave is papertiger! Just pure hottness & mos def. worth on the Pocket Rocket. I’d buy it with him on them! Whoooo Hoooooo Whatta Sexy creation! 😀

    Twitter- kalipolina

  42. tabby

    Bruce, of course!
    twitter llamabelle

  43. Heather

    Randy!!! twitter- rockerchick2719 RSS

  44. My favorite is papertiger!!!

    • He is pure yumminess.. Where can I get me one of him?? And to think he lives somewhere in San Diego and I never ran across him before. Damn shame. He should be on the Pocket Rocket for sure. Ladies pick Papertiger…

  45. saralh1518

    RANDY- Because he has green eyes, a great smile, good hygiene and has sexy hair!

    TWITTER: Friendisco

  46. Christy

    My favorite is Randy!

  47. Caroline

    Enter me! My favorite is Trevor Panther.

    Twitter: AdequateRemedy
    RSS Sub.

  48. Kim


  49. hilary

    MICHAEL :)
    twitter: hil90

  50. Manda

    email subscribed

  51. Manda

    following on twitter @ImmaDiva

  52. Aryn

    My first pick was D but somehow maxintheair is growing on me…

    Rss subscribed

  53. shannon

    OMG – I want! I heart randy :)

    I’m on the RSS feed too – that’s 2 entries :)

  54. Mary

    twitter- heymaryy

  55. Ali

    I think I’m liking papertiger now… haha :)
    Twitter: MizAliBoyle

  56. cloudburst

    Papertiger is easy on the eyes. RRS subscribed + Twitter: thespell.

  57. Renee


  58. Sharon

    my fav. randy! hahah!11

  59. Terri

    Please enter me. I’m CRAZY about Urban Decay and Temptalia.

    My fave is Randy.

    Twitter: TUDawood

  60. auroragyps

    Before I didn’t like any of them, but now I vote for Elke. I don’t know if it’s a joke, a guy in drag, or a real girl, but it’d be nice to make the Pocket Rockets equal opportunity lipglosses. 😉

    RSS feed & auroragyps on Twitter

  61. JeanMarie

    paper tiger once again. <333

    twitter – jeezjeanmarie

  62. I really liked Matthew Anderson, he was a bit older but looked very approachable and like the kind of guy that I would want to be with-he also seemed very nice and I love the fact that he is more confident with himself now that he has lost some weight.

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  63. twitter follower @micaela6955

  64. lovepotion18

    aero 50 is my man! he’s lookin’ FINE!

  65. Ann

    My fave is Gino Pecora!
    Twitter – lilmzann
    RSS sub =]

  66. Rebecca

    I like Bruce!

    RSS Subscriber

  67. Amber

    Bruce is such a cutey 😀
    I’m a subscriber 😛

  68. lauren

    My face is Randy :) RSS subscriber.

  69. Diamonds

    Papertiger 😉 I subscribe…

  70. Loverly

    I would definitely go with Randy. I CAN’T BELIEVE JASON’S IN FIRST PLACE…but only by a bit.
    I’m a subscriber.

  71. Fortune

    Bruce!! He seems like he’d be so funny in real life. I subscribe :)

  72. Fabulous

    Michael Sauce’s is really strange, but funny. Lol
    My favorite is Bruce!!!!! I am a subscriber!!!

  73. Lauren

    I like…RANDY!!
    I am an RSS subbie

  74. I think my favorite is maxintheair although the way he’s touching himself he probably would be more into himself than i’d like.

    my twitter is dmxakaasl

  75. Mikka143

    My fav is Bruce. Always the nerdy guys XD

    RSS Sub :)

  76. Alessa Ngo

    oh please, I want it
    Twitter: AlessaNgo

  77. Mary

    My favorite is Randy!

  78. Tanya

    My favorite is papertiger.

    twitter: tanyan1
    I am subscribed.

  79. MC

    I’m RSS sub & And my favorite is still Bruce!

  80. Ophelia

    i like .. all of them! =)

  81. Christine

    papertiger is my favorite :)

    twitter: stine21x

  82. kimmy

    Randy is still my fav


  83. Cheerie

    Randy! confident but not over doing it!
    & that pic w/the pug! ♥

  84. Adinda

    Maxintheair is definitely my favorite! And what a cool contest, I’d love to win these!

  85. aaj83

    my fave is BRUCE..he is so cute..not like the typical crazy self obsessed guys 😛

    twitter: aaj83
    RSS subscribed

  86. Sabrina Saffer

    MaxInTheAir. Thanks
    Twitter: Brinomonster

  87. Lisa

    Papertiger, he is pretty cute for a ginge : P

  88. Samantha Kathleen

    <3 MAXINTHEAIR !!!!
    ow ow ow!

    Twitter : sambellxoxo

  89. Twitter: GlamazonBeauty

  90. Whitney

    Twitter: Wch123

  91. Kerry


  92. Rachael Jones

    I LOVE URBAN DECAY!!!!!!!!! It is my FAVORITE brand! I want a pocket rocket so bad! My twitter is @rachaeljones I follow Temptalia!

  93. Stacey

    I <3 Devon from Tempe!

  94. Brooke

    BRUCE ^__^

  95. Haydyn

    yay Bruce!!!