Friday, October 8th, 2010

Win $84 in Qtica!

One (1) lucky winner will receive Qtica’s Foot Repair Balm, Hand Repair Balm, Intense Cuticle Repair Balm, Intense Hydrating Therapy Lotion, and Intense Lip Repair Balm! (Retail value $156!)

Congratulations to Nicole Z.!

RULES: All entries must be submitted by October 14th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to continental U.S. readers only as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Two Ways to Win

You can do one, the other, or both to maximize your chances of winning…

1.) Leave a comment on this blog post tell me which product you’d use first!

2.) Follow me on Twitter & tweet the following: Follow @temptalia & RT to win Qtica’s Intense Line ($84!)! Info + one more way to win:

Thanks to Qtica for their generosity to help us celebrate our 4th anniversary!

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460 thoughts on “Win $84 in Qtica!

  1. Beatriz

    I would definitely use the hand repair balm first.

  2. Whitney

    the lip repair balm! :)

  3. Rani

    Foot repair balm.

  4. Nicole

    Intense hydrating intense lotion

  5. Kristin

    Foot balme!! My heals are atrocious!!

  6. Janice

    The cuticle repair balm – my cuticles are really going through a rough time right now!! :(

  7. Emily

    The hand repair balm! I’m taking a ceramics class this semester and it really dries out my hands!

  8. Arantzazu

    The intense cuticle repair balm =)

  9. kat

    Hand repair balm because my hands have been looking unusually wrinkly.

  10. joi

    Most likely the lip balm as I use that religiously :)

  11. Nadia

    Intense Cuticle Repair balm first! My fingernails need it!

  12. Kelly M

    I would use the foot repair creme first. My feet are so dry on the heels that I’m embarrassed to go get a pedicure!

  13. brittany

    lip repair, of course

  14. Natalie

    I would use the lip repair balm first.

  15. Liz Mc

    the cuticle stuff – my cuticles are currently shredded.

  16. Steph

    I’d use the Intense Lip Repair Balm first 😉

  17. Rebecca

    I would use the intense cuticle repair balm first because my cuticles are always dry and don’t look that nice. :-(

  18. Dany

    I would use the Intense Lip Repair Balm first.

  19. Tweeted as MarciaEF. The first product I’d use is the Intense Lip Balm since I’m just starting to see the cooler weather effects on my lips.

  20. I would use the Foot Repair first because I’m all about pretty feet.
    I also tweeted about the giveaway:!/mrsivan2004

  21. I’d use the foot repair balm first.

  22. Dulce

    Tweeted via @aeonflux707

  23. natasha m

    I would definately use the foot repair cream first as my heals are in awful shape and what i am using right now is not doing much. Thx C.

  24. BethM

    Foot Repair Balm!!!

  25. BeckBeck

    Lip balm! I’m on the hunt for a new one!

  26. Cathy

    The Intense Cuticle Repair Balm because mine are always a mess!!

  27. chibicheeks

    I would use the foot repair balm first, my feet desperately need it!

  28. Shanni

    I would use the lip repair balm first!

  29. Lauren

    Lip repair balm!

  30. Brooke

    i would use Intense Lip Repair Balm 1st

  31. Kate & Zena

    I’d use the Intense Cuticle Repair Balm.

  32. Qian

    the intense lip repair balm :)

  33. mspinkgrl

    I would try the hand balm first

  34. natalie

    the lip balm!

  35. Jessi

    I would use the cuticle balm. I change my nail polish every other day and all the remover makes my cuticles pretty ragged.

  36. i would first use the Intense Lip Repair Balm

  37. Kat

    I’d use Intense Cuticle Repair Balm

  38. Diana

    Foot Repair Balm

  39. Kitty

    I would love to try their hand repair balm!

  40. I would definitely use the hand repair balm first. For some reason my hands get sooo dry! :(

  41. macaddict

    Intense cuticle repair balm

  42. The foot repair balm, unless I opened the package at a weird time of day, and then just the intense lip repair balm. 😀

  43. Jane

    foot repair balm

  44. Py

    foot repair balm is much needed

  45. Karen K

    Definitely the cuticle balm. That is my HG cuticle cream. NOTHING is better. Nothing. The lip balm is fabulous too. Qtica is a fabulous line. Too bad it is sooo hard to find where I live. Impossible actually. Online only.


    id use the foot repair balm.

  47. Kelly

    I would use the hand balm first, I am constantly washing my hands and they tend to get dry.

  48. Chris

    Cuticle repair balm. My cuticles are always cracked and dry!

  49. Michelle T.

    I’ve wanted to try their cuticle balm for ages!

  50. Becca

    I’d use the repair lip balm first!

  51. Anna

    Since I’m kinda obsessed with lip balm, def the Intense Lip Repair Balm

  52. Erin

    Definantly the lip balm. my lips are so chapped!

  53. adrianne

    Definitely the cuticle repair, sadly that’s something I’m really needing help with atm :/

  54. jolliea

    foot repair balm of course, because of the end of the day my feet can use a rest.

  55. Annette

    The foot repair balm!

  56. Sarah

    Lip balm first, definitely! PS If I were to ever one day win one of these, lol, what email address would it be from? My spam blocker is kind of a tard when it comes to new correspondence.

  57. I would definitely use the Foot Repair Balm first. Lately, my feet have been extremely dry and ashy and they just really need some intense moisture. Thanks for the opportunity!

  58. Sheri

    Definitely the foot repair balm – I’ve been walking 2.5 mi daily for the last month and my feet are a mess!!!

  59. margo


  60. Victoria

    I’d use the cuticle balm because all the acetone use has dried out my nails

  61. Lyn

    foot repair balm for sure! then the lip repair balm..but really all of them, just one after another!

  62. Nikki

    The lip repair balm, I’m a musician!!

  63. Liz Torres

    I would use the foot repair balm. Especially with Winter rolling around soon.

  64. Nicole F.

    Definitely the hand repair balm. Chicago fall weather already has my poor hands dry and chapped big time.

  65. Nina

    Foot Repair Balm! my feet are insanely crackly and even though i take a dip in a hot bath every other day and scrub them and pamper with lotion, once i stop doing it for a day or two the crackiness comes back again in full force.

  66. The product that I would use first is the Intense Lip Repair Balm since I’m almost out of it and I love it so much! I love how it makes your lips so soft instantly!

  67. Kim

    hand repair! here comes winter…

  68. baybee415

    i would use the Intense Cuticle Repair Balm because my nails are chipping so badly!

  69. Lara

    Definitely the foot repair balm!

  70. Crissy

    Definitely the cuticle cream!

  71. Jessica

    I would most definetly use the Intese Cuticle Repair cream first since my cuticles have been so dry from using Pure Acetone.

  72. Rebecca

    intense lip repair balm!

  73. freewing78

    Intense Lip Repair Balm!

  74. FlyingBuffalo

    I would use the hand cream first!

  75. oh nelly my cuticles need that intense repair balm!!

  76. Mamavalveeta03

    The intense Cuticle Repair Balm–my cuticles are a MESS!!!

  77. Shelly

    Without a DOUBT the foot balm! My poor heels, after lots of sandal wearing def need it!!

  78. Cuticle repair! religiously!!!

  79. Connie

    I would use the cuticle repair balm first. =)

  80. Karen

    Foot repair balm…

  81. KC

    I would use the foot repair balm first

  82. Mer

    Foot Repair Balm! I’d love to try it out!

  83. Shannon

    I would give the Intense Cuticle Repair Balm a whirl first

  84. RedWeatherTigerD

    Lip repair balm! Lip products always come first!

  85. Meheen

    Hand repair balm! I wash my hands constantly because I paint and do printmaking, so my hands really need some TLC

  86. Kae

    Definitely the lip repair, mine are so dry and cracked!

  87. Kristine

    I’d use the intense lip repair balm because my lips are always super dry, no matter how much lip balm I use.

  88. Luz

    Intence lip. Repair balm

  89. I would like to use the Intense Hydrating Therapy Lotion first :)

  90. Sasha

    Probably the foot repair balm!

  91. Janet

    Cuticle Repair Balm! My hands are not looking pretty right now…

  92. Amy

    I would use the Hand Repair Balm first because my hands have felt so dry lately.

  93. I think, I would use the Hand Repair Balm first :)

  94. Sarah

    The lip balm! I’m always on the hunt for a new and better lip balm.

  95. amanda e.

    I would definitely use the lip repair first!

  96. grin

    first of all I’ll try foot repair balm

  97. Surely hand cream 😉

  98. Probably the lip balm.