Friday, October 8th, 2010

Win $84 in Qtica!

One (1) lucky winner will receive Qtica’s Foot Repair Balm, Hand Repair Balm, Intense Cuticle Repair Balm, Intense Hydrating Therapy Lotion, and Intense Lip Repair Balm! (Retail value $156!)

Congratulations to Nicole Z.!

RULES: All entries must be submitted by October 14th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to continental U.S. readers only as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Two Ways to Win

You can do one, the other, or both to maximize your chances of winning…

1.) Leave a comment on this blog post tell me which product you’d use first!

2.) Follow me on Twitter & tweet the following: Follow @temptalia & RT to win Qtica’s Intense Line ($84!)! Info + one more way to win:

Thanks to Qtica for their generosity to help us celebrate our 4th anniversary!

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460 thoughts on “Win $84 in Qtica!

  1. Mona

    I would try the foot repair balm first.

  2. Jessi

    Foot Repair! My tootsies need it bad!

  3. Katherine

    I would give all of this to my fiance and ask him to use the foot repair first. His feet always look painfully dry.

  4. All of them at night before bed.

  5. Holly

    Intense Cuticle Repair Balm! My cuticle need major help!

  6. i’d use the lip repair balm :) winter is so hard on my lips… they always crack!

  7. Ale

    I’d first use the hand repair balm.

  8. Christie

    i would use the hand repair first as my hands are always so dry and cracky as i wash them often

  9. rachel

    Intense Lip Repair Balm, my lips are so dry!

  10. Nicole

    I’d use the lip repair balm — my lips always feel dry during the fall.

  11. Yenny V

    I think I’d use the Hand Repair Balm first. Since it’s getting a bit colder, my hands are getting extremely dry. I hope this product will help :)

  12. Donna

    I’d use the Intense Cuticle Repair Balm first… mine have been so dry looking lately! :(

  13. I would definitely use the lip repair balm first!

  14. Ru

    Cuticle repair balm!

  15. Nicole

    the intense lip repair balm. my lips have been so dry.

  16. I would use the foot repair balm because I have callouses that my podiatrist pointed out. :/

  17. definitely the cuticle repair cream

  18. Jasmin

    I’d use the foot repair balm first :)

  19. Michelle

    i’m torn between the intense cuticle repair balm and the intense lip repair balm! i tend to have dry and cracked cuticles but i don’t care much for nails (even though i am starting to more because i’m getting into nail art). my lips have been drying even though i do use balm/chapsticks. i’d probably go with the lips first just because the face is what draws the first attention!

  20. Erica

    I’d use the foot repair balm first! The weather has turned cold here, and my heels and soles are getting dry and cracked. Blech!

  21. I would use the hand repair balm first! Too much work and they are very dry and need pampering! Then I would love to try the rest! Wonderful giveaway. Thank you!


  22. Debbie

    Hand repair balm all the way! Work has destroyed my hands.

  23. Melanie

    I’d use the hand repair balm first.

  24. natalia

    intense lip repair since it seems no matter what i use my lips are always dry and flake-y!

  25. dawn

    my hands are wrecked from gardening, so: hand repair balm first!

  26. Taime

    Definitely Foot Repair Balm!! lol

  27. Emi

    Intense Lip Repair Balm. :)

  28. Courtney

    Hand repair balm! I really should moisturize my hands better.

  29. Angila

    The hand repair for sure! I live in Colorado and it is so dry here!!

  30. i would use the cuticle balm first!

  31. kim

    Hand repair. The chilly weather is already creeping up on me!

  32. Carrie

    I’d prob use the lotion 1st, balm 2nd.

  33. Kelly

    i’d use the lip repair first, but all of them sound amazing!

  34. Stacey

    Cuticle balm!

  35. Mandy

    Cuticle balm! I don’t take good enough care of mine.

  36. eveli

    I would use the foot repair balm, I’m pregnant and I can’t reach my feet!

  37. Miki

    I’d use the hand repair balm first!

  38. Marcela

    definitely the cuticle repair balm… i’ve never had a manicure done cuz i always do my own nails… and i definitely need to fix my cuticles up!

  39. Tanya

    I would use the Qtica’s Foot Repair Balm first, because when I got into bed last night, my feet sounded like rasps or sandpaper being dragged across our yummy silk sheets…..icky!!!

  40. kelly alice.

    Qtica’s Foot Repair Balm!!!!

  41. Panna

    I’d use the Hand Repair Balm first! With two young kids at home I’m constantly washing my hands and they could use some pampering. :)

  42. Elaine Kwan

    I would use the hand repair balm first! :)

  43. Jessica

    Definitely the foot repair balm.

  44. Audri

    I would use the Foot Repair Balm first – I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to keep my tootsies hydrated.

  45. Jody

    I’d use the hand repair balm first.

  46. Carole

    The cuticle repair, I really need to care about this!

  47. valeria

    definetly Qtica intense cuticle balm, despirately need it now

  48. Lisa

    I would try the Foot Repair Balm. Gotta have soft feet all year round not just flip flop season.

  49. Naz

    Probably the lip balm first.

  50. Shannon

    I would for sure use the cuticle cream. I wash my hand a lot which causes my hands to dry and my cuticles are always cracked.

  51. danielle

    Since I’d probably tear the package open when I got it, the lip balm would be the most likely to get sampled first, followed quickly by the cuticle and hand balms. :)

  52. Maeve

    Foot repair balm for sure!

  53. Intense Lip Repair Balm!

  54. tpzhearts

    I’d use the lip repair balm first, I want plump moisturized lips!

  55. Cynthia

    Intense Hydrating Lotion.

  56. gizem

    hi cristine!

    i would use Intense Lip Repair Balm first, just because i have very cracked lips at the moment.

    Thanks again for the contest

  57. Irina

    Intense Cuticle Repair Balm 😉

  58. The Intense Cuticle Repair Balm first, my cuticles are a torn-up mess. I’m so insecure about them.

  59. Kerri

    Lip repair balm!

  60. mawi

    Intense Lip Repair Balm!

  61. Jody

    Lip Repair! All the VV lippies I got could use a repaired lip!

  62. Samantha

    i would use the Foot Repair Balm 1st…winter time is not a good enough excuse for rough feet…

  63. Carrie Ann

    I’d probably try the Lip Repair Balm first.

  64. Daintynymph

    I would also definitely use the intense lip repair balm first. I lick and bite my lips way too much!

  65. Jessica

    I would use the foot repair … My feet need sum TLC

  66. Gina G

    I would use the intense lip repair balm first!

  67. Amanda

    Intense Cuticle Repaid Balm…these cuties are jacked right now :/

  68. Leah

    the lip balm!

  69. BP

    Definitely the Foot Repair Balm. In the winter my feet are nice and soft because I use a good foot cream before I put my socks on every morning and night. But in the summer, it’s sandles all the way and I rarely ever put on foot cream. So my heels tend to be a little rough.

  70. The Hand Repair Balm

  71. Rosamaria

    The hand repair balm.

  72. Bonnie

    Definitely the cuticle repair balm!

  73. Donna K

    Intense Lip Repair Balm

  74. I would use the foot repair balm! Wearing heels everyday isn’t good for your feet :(

  75. Joy

    Foot Repair Balm :)

  76. Rainbow

    I would use the lip balm first!

  77. Nina

    I’d use the lip balm first!

  78. Sharron

    I’d use the Intense Cuticle Repair Balm first, followed by the instense lip repail balm.

  79. julieh

    I’d use the hand repair balm first.

  80. Andrea Fausto

    Hand repair balm to help with my compulsive hand washing.

  81. Verna

    I would use the foot balm first.My feet are real dry lately.They need special care.

  82. Danette

    foot repair balm..with summer ending everyone will need it

  83. Sharon

    Since I’m a fanatic with taking care of my hands and nails I would use the Intense Cuticle Repair Balm first.

  84. ~Megan~

    the cuticle balm!

  85. Sylkii


  86. JaNae

    I would use the foot repair balm 1st.

  87. Laura

    Cuticle repair balm. My cuticles are so dry from constant use of harsh soaps at the hospital. Anti bac soap=dry cuticles.

  88. auroragyps

    The first thing I would try is the foot repair balm, because just a couple of weeks of wearing socks more often has already made my feet a tad gnarly.

  89. kaaren

    cuticle repair cream

  90. sofia

    Lip repair balm !!!!

  91. Kimber Y.

    I’d use the hand repair balm first. I’m all about hand creams!

  92. Mary thi

    I would use the lip repair first; my lips just get awfully dry during this season!

  93. JaNae

    I would use the repair foot balm.

  94. Dulce

    I would definitely use the cuticle repair balm first! My cuticles are getting really messed up from dishes and not being able to moisturize right after!

  95. I would use the lip repair balm first- I’m having a hard time finding something that works and it’s so important to keep lips smooth this time of year so I can wear all those sultry shades of fall lip colors you keep showing us!

  96. Chantelle

    I would definitely use the Hand Repair Balm first. My hands get super dry at work from typing and touching paper all day everyday. I wash my hands a lot within one day which makes them become drier everytime I wash. I always have to reapply my hand lotion numeous times throughout the day

  97. Leenie

    I would use the lip repair balm first.