Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Win $59 in NYX Cosmetics!

One (1) lucky winner will win $59 worth of NYX Cosmetics products, including items from their new HD Studio launch. The winner will receive:

  • HD Studio Primer ($14.00)
  • HD Studio Eyeshadow Base ($7.00)
  • HD Studio Apricot Grinding Blush ($16.50)
  • Nude on Nude Natural Look It ($11.00)
  • Purple Smokey Look Kit ($11.00)

RULES: All entries must be submitted by December 26th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to U.S. readers only as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

One Way to Win

Leave a comment on this blog post telling me which product you want to try first!

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

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1,141 thoughts on “Win $59 in NYX Cosmetics!

  1. catrienna

    HD Studio Primer

  2. isabella

    I would use the nude on nude natural eye kit because im obsessed with neutral colors(:

  3. Celine

    HD Studio Apricot Grinding Blush

  4. Katie

    Definitely the blush, I am a huge blush girl!!

  5. The HD Studio Primer.

  6. The HD primer, just because I’ve been looking for one.

  7. ester

    I want to try the HD Studio Apricot Grinding Blush

  8. Melissa

    I’m interested in trying the HD Studio Primer.

  9. Mai

    I’d love to try the eyeshadow primer first

  10. megdalena

    I want to try the Nude on Nude Natural Look kit first! I was actually just drooling over the kits on the nyx website. *drools* 😀

  11. Melissa

    HD Studio Apricot Grinding Blush, definitely.

  12. Sumita

    the HD Studio Apricot Grinding Blush, sounds interesting!

  13. Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit because I’m always on the hunt for neutral eyeshadows :)

  14. Elizabeth

    I’d love to try the primer first! I’m always up try new primers, especially since I have large pores it helps me a lot to make the texture of my skin more even :))

  15. Kat

    Oh man! I would use the eyeshadow base first because I would want to use the purple smokey look kit next! I’ve never been able to get my hands on NYX before, and it gets raves for it’s price range, so I’d be stoked to try any of it :-).

  16. Ana

    the nude on nude kit

  17. Jessica

    I would definitely wipe off my eye makeup to try the purple smokey shadows first!

  18. Amanda

    HD Studio Primer!

  19. Diana

    Purple Smokey Look Kit – I LOVE purple!!!!

  20. Ani_BEE

    HD Studio Eyeshadow Base

  21. Gretchen

    I’d use the HD Studio Primer first. I’ve never tried a face primer.

  22. Jayne

    The purple smokey kit, hands down.

  23. GabyV

    Im dying to try the nude on nude kit because it seems like a goos dupe for the urban decay naked pakette without the smokier shades and i loooovve nyx eyeshadow

  24. rachel

    totally the HD Studio Apricot Grinding Blush, looks divine!

  25. Amberly

    I can’t wait to try the prinmer and eyeshadow base I’m always looking for new and better base to try!

  26. Sophia Lee

    hd studio primer

  27. Sophie

    i’d try the primer first as i havent tried any primers before :) nyx is going to be avaible in germany soon too, but for more than double the price !!!

  28. Jocelyn

    Definitely the Purple Smokey Look Kit. Ughhhh I love purple smokey eyes. I have brown eyes so it really makes them pop. Plus. NYX is amazing<3

  29. Katie

    I think I want to try out theHD studio primer first!

  30. Definitely the Studio Primer! I’ve always wanted to :)

  31. Yashi

    I’d definitely try the Purple Smokey Look Kit first, I love purple! 😀

  32. Qian

    Nude ON Nude, definitely

  33. Sarah

    The purple smokey kit for sure!! I love purple eyeshadows.

  34. Good luck to everybody who’s legitimate to enter!

    *Not US here so not entry, Christine*

  35. Georgia

    Ooh! The Purple Smokey Look Kit has my name all over it! I’d try that one first for sure!

  36. Jane

    HD Studio Apricot Grinding Blush , ofcourse :) I am addicted to blushes these days :)

  37. Cindy

    The Purple Smokey Look Kit! :)

  38. Naun

    the apricot blush! mmmmm

  39. Ashlee

    HD Studio Primer

  40. The Purple Smokey Look kit of course :-)

  41. Kelly

    Nude on Nude Natural Look kit!!

  42. Miranda R

    I really love blush, so I am looking forward to trying out the new HD Studio blush.

  43. Arlee

    The eyeshadow base ♥

  44. Kristen Cool

    I would love to try the purple smokey look kit!

  45. I have been meaning to buy the Purple Smokey Look Kit, so that would be the first one!

  46. I want to try the HD Studio Apricot Grinding Blush, definitely! 😀

  47. Natalie

    HD Studio Primer

  48. Rachel

    Definitely the nude on nude kit!

  49. Hana

    First thing I’d try would be the Smokey Purple Look Kit. OMG I just love purple eyeshadows to death and hope I win this 😀

  50. amanda

    HD Studio E/S Base…I <3 NYX but have never tried this.

  51. natalia

    Nude on nude

  52. Denise

    I would try the HD Studio primer, i’m still on the hunt for my perfect primer and have failed to find one. I like NYX products a lot, so i would am very anxious to know more about this new HD line 😀

  53. Mai

    I want to try their primer first!

  54. hannah

    I would use HD studio lines first because they seem interesting!

  55. Jenn

    HD Studio Eyeshadow Base!!

  56. Ania

    The purple smokey look kit of course!

  57. JennyJen813

    The HD Studio Apricot blush! =)

  58. Courtney

    i’d definitely want to try the eyeshadow base. i don’t own any official bases, and i’m curious to see if they make a difference in my eye makeup.

  59. Rosalinda

    The HD Studio Apricot Grinding Blush because I love blush!!:)

  60. Alexis W

    HD Studio Eyeshadow Base.

  61. Karina

    Nude On Nude Eye Kit!!!!

  62. lo

    Either the primer or the purple smokey kit. 2 of my favorite things!

  63. Megan

    I’d try the Grinding Blush. It sounds like a really interesting product. :]

  64. Kelli

    Really interested in trying the HD Studio Primer.

  65. Kristen

    The nude on nude natural eye kit would be my first choice since I am always looking for more natural eyeshadows.

  66. y will

    Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit

  67. Wendy R.

    HD primer

  68. Linda

    Nude on Nude Natural Look It :)

  69. Salina

    The purple smokey kit! I love me a purple smokey eye. <3

  70. Samantha

    I would LOVE to try the HD Studio Primer! I’ve heard great things about NYX and I have owned a few of their products, definitely been satisfied. Happy holidays too :)

  71. Saroun

    I would like to try the HD Studio Apricot Grinding Blush first.

  72. Linda

    Just a question, but can we enter more than once? Will that increase our chance of winning? Thanks Christine!

  73. Nancy

    HD studio primer. Always looking for an awesome primer!

  74. blue_eyed_girlie

    I would love to try the purple palette. I am such a neutral rut. I need to go back to colors. ha ha.

  75. Jennifer Miller

    HD Studio Eyeshadow Base

  76. Sina

    Also the HD Studio Primer

  77. I’d love to try the Purple Smokey Look Kit first… then…

  78. Silvia

    the purple smokey look kit

  79. Tiffanie

    If I won I would try on the HD Studio Apricot Grinding Blush!:)

    The high-pigminted blush is said to give you great control over the product in order to achieve a more flawless application. Super excited for NYX HD Studio launch.

  80. Alexandra Rivera

    i want to try the apricot grinding blush becaise it just sounds…sooo sexy!

  81. Shannon

    Definitely the HD Studio Primer

  82. LC

    Ooooh, definitely want to try the Purple Smokey Look kit. I recently discovered lavender shades look good on my brown eyes (who knew? I thought these cool shades only looked good on blue-eyed ladies!). =)

  83. mj

    Nude on nude natural look it

  84. Ariel

    The nude on nude neutral look definitively i ♥ neutral colors

  85. Erica

    the natural look kit!

  86. tori

    HD eyeshadow base

  87. Courtney

    I’d swatch those purple smokey shadows first!

  88. Ayesha

    Definitely Nude on Nude Natural Look It! Im curious as to why Ive never come across this before! I absolutely ADORE nude/neutrals.

  89. Jessica

    Purple Smokey Look Kit!

  90. Most likely the blush, apricot/peach colors are so pretty.

  91. tara lee heather

    i would love to try the HD studio primer !

  92. siera

    Smokey Eye Kit!!! I love purple!

  93. Lindsay W

    HD Studio Primer…im in the market for a new primer!

  94. I would use the HD Studio Primer first

  95. Angelina

    Purple Smokey Look Kit because purple eyeshadow makes my green eyes look fierce!

  96. Crystal

    HD Studio Eyeshadow Base

  97. Kristine

    HD eyeshadow base