Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Win $279 of Lisa Hoffman Skincare!

To celebrate Lisa Hoffman’s Madagascar Orchid Day and Evening Fragrance Oils on QVC, one (1) lucky winner will receive:

  • Spa Bath Soak 1 $37
  • Spa Body Wash 2 $27.50
  • Spa Body Polisher $34.95
  • Spa Body Crème $39.95
  • Spa Bath Hand & Foot Butter $35.50
  • Spa Bath Packette $9.95
  • Madagascar Orchid Fragrance Oil $95

Congratulations to Mary Ann!

RULES: All entries must be submitted by August 23rd, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to U.S. readers only as pursuant to your local state’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

One Way to Win

Leave a comment on this blog post telling me which product you’d use first!

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412 thoughts on “Win $279 of Lisa Hoffman Skincare!

  1. mar

    The polisher! I love it

  2. Mayra

    I would love the body creme!!

  3. Leti

    No doubt, I’d use the Spa Bath Soak first… hmmmm.. baths!!!!!!
    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!! 😀

  4. serena

    Probably the body crème! I’m always searching for a very moisturizing body lotion!!

  5. Catherine

    I would use the foot butter first. My food are so hurt from my work and summer, i cant even wear sandals!

  6. Rachel W

    I’d use the body wash!

  7. lara

    definitely the foot butter! my feet are so tired and worn haha

  8. Crystal

    The Spa Body Polisher and Wash are the first things I’d try!

  9. Amy

    I’d probably use the fragrance oil first

  10. Ru

    Oh, def the hand and foot butter! They both need some R&R!

  11. Julia

    I would use the body polisher first!

  12. I would use the body scrub first. It would be so nice to win!

  13. Lana

    I would use the bath soak for sure :)

  14. Miranda

    I would use the spa body polisher!!!!

  15. Heather

    I would probably use the Hand & Foot Butter first, because my tootsies are in need of some SERIOUS TLC! Please consider me for this prize! I’d LOVE this gift set!

  16. i’d definitely have to use the hand & foot butter because i’m always looking for ways to soften my lil feet and make them supple. i love the packaging on these products!

  17. Sara

    I would use the Bath Soak first!

  18. I would use the hand and foot cream first as my hands and feet are SUPER dry!

  19. Phoebe

    I think i would use the Spa Body Creme first since I’m obssessed to any body cream products!

  20. Devin

    I would like to try the Spa Body Polisher. I love using a body exfoliator; my skin always feels so soft afterwards :)

  21. Diana

    i would use the body wash first!

  22. janette

    I would surely use the Madagascar Orchid Fragrance Oil first!!!!!

  23. Janice

    I’d probably use the Madagascar orchid fragrance oil first, because I’m a fragrance fanatic!

  24. I’d use the Spa Bath Soak..a bath sounds sooo relaxing right now!!

  25. Rebecca

    I would definitely use the bath soak first! I haven’t had a relaxing bath in ages!

  26. Colleen

    I would definatly use the body polisher first! :)

  27. the bath soak for an indulging birthday night on the 25th!

  28. Katisha Shoulders

    I would start with the body polisher. In order for the other products to perform at their best, you need to sloth off all the DEAD skin cells sitting on top of your skin. so scrub, scrub, scrub away lol!

  29. Sarah

    The Madagascar Orchid Fragrance Oil For Sure! :)

  30. Randi

    I think I’d use the body polisher first!

  31. Jamie J

    I would definately use the Spa Bath Soak first….

  32. Indira

    I love body butter so the first thing I’d use is the hand and foot butter :)

  33. Ann Marie

    I’d use the body polisher first! My scaly, dry skin needs some buffing action big time!

  34. Jane

    I’d use the Body Polisher first!

  35. AnaG.

    Madagascar Orchid Fragrance Oil ..because I’m a sucker for oils….. :-)

  36. sofia

    Spa Bath Hand and Foot Butter

  37. Shannon

    Definately the body polisher 1st!

  38. Shirley

    I would use the Lisa Hoffman Bath Soak. It sounds totally relaxing!

  39. Pia

    Body Polisher!!!!

  40. Anja

    I would use the spa bath soak first. I love soaking in the bath!

  41. Gail

    I would use the body polisher.

  42. Katy

    I would use the Spa Bath Soak first!

  43. Michelle

    I’d use the Spa Body Creme first!

  44. sofia

    especially with so high temperature i would first use Spa Body Wash!!!

  45. Megan

    I’d use the Spa Body Wash first!!!

  46. KyaLyn

    The Spa Bath Soak!

  47. Amy

    I’d use the spa body polisher first !

  48. Dawn

    The first thing I would try would be the Madagascar Orchid Oil

  49. mia

    Wow, this is great, i would use Spa Bath Hand & Foot Butter fist because of my dry skin on hands and feet.

  50. I would use the Spa Body Creme first because i love that kind of product. Their texture is pleasant and they are a source of relief for my too often dry skin :)

  51. Naomi

    the hand and foot butter! :)

  52. Annie

    definitely the spa body polisher!

  53. Carrie

    Hand & foot butter!

  54. DJ

    I would definitely use the Fragrance Oil first!

  55. amy

    I would probably use the body cream first, I have really dry skin and use cream daily for it.

  56. Grace

    Probably the body polisher, I’ve heard great stuff on it!

  57. Nadine

    Spa Body Polisher

  58. virginia

    I would use the body polisher first. It sounds like a spa experience at home!

  59. Sabrina

    Bath soak. After the past couple weeks, I just need a relaxing bath.

  60. Alicia

    I would use the hand and foot butter first.

  61. laura r

    definitely, i’d use the foot and hand cream first….i did a number on my feet at the beach last week.

  62. LU

    I would use the body polish to give my feet a good scrub, and then the hand and body butter on my feet after! Wearing flip-flops in the summer really does a job on my feet!

  63. Brooke

    I would use the Spa Bath Hand & Foot Butter first.

  64. Stephanie

    I’ll use the Madagascar Orchid Fragrance Oil first. I love orchids!

  65. I’d use the hand and foot butter because my hands are always so dry.

  66. Yvonne

    OOOh!! I would TOTALLY use the Madagascar Orchid Fragrance Oil. I’m a sucjer for oils, I have lost count of how many I have…and my skin thanks me for it!

  67. Mia

    The creme because it looks the most luxurious ^^

  68. Brittni R

    The hand and foot butter for sure! Wee!

  69. tiffanyd.

    Definitely the soak! I’m going back to law school (2L, FINALLY lol) this week and that bath soak just sounds heavenly. I rarely get to have “me time”, but this would be a nice simple way to do so!

  70. I would use the Spa Bath Soak first cuz I had a crazy weekend and could use the relaxation of a bath! <3

  71. Annie S

    Spa Body Polisher!!

  72. Kalex

    I would definitely be applying the fragrance oil the moment I received it!

  73. tpzhearts

    I would use the creme first, sounds lovely!

  74. Heather

    The body wash!!! Mmmm!

  75. Brittany

    I would TOTALLY Spa Bath Soak first!!! I need a day away and I’m sure that’d take me somewhere tropical! :)

  76. sarah

    Bath soak!

  77. Michelle H

    I would definitely try the body polisher! Sounds interesting :)

  78. Kaylabella

    Probably the fragrance oil!

  79. Bekah

    Bath soak!

  80. Amie

    I would sure the body polisher.

  81. JPScraps

    The body polisher!

  82. Sasha

    Definitely the bath soak.

  83. JamieJamez

    Spa Bath Soak, would be first to go at!

  84. Fatima

    Body Polisher for sure!

  85. I would use the foot butter first for sure! Sounds like something good to add to my pedicure routine 😀

  86. Zechariah

    The bath soak sounds amazing!

  87. Natalie

    The Polisher! I love body polishers and I’ve been wanting to try this one forever :)

  88. Sara

    the fragrance oil or the body wash

  89. Rebecca Hodge

    I would use the Spa Bath Soak first.

  90. Probably the Madagascar Orchid Fragrance Oil! I met her at Sniffapalooza a couple years back. She was lovely and elegant and a true fragrance lover!!

  91. ecori

    i would try first the orchid fragrance first

  92. Gwen

    Definitely the body polisher! Exfoliating is my best friend :)

  93. Holly

    I would use the bath soak first; along with a good book!

  94. rose

    The Spa Bath Packette For Sure!

  95. I’d probably use the soak first in a nice hot bath!

  96. I would use the Spa Body Polisher first.

  97. Liz W

    The hand and foot butter!

  98. ter

    I would definitely use the Hand & Foot Butter 1st on my hands. My hands are so dry right now.

  99. Ester

    I would totally use the body polisher first!!