Thursday, May 20th, 2010

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RULES: All entries must be submitted by May 31st, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to U.S. & Canada Readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

One Way to Win

  • Leave me a comment on this blog post and tell me what your favorite outdoor activity during the summer is!

Congratulations to AmyVA!

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656 thoughts on “Win $165 in AMOREPACIFIC Products!

  1. Ava Dahl


  2. Maddie

    corr where do i start! i LOVE to canoe trip, i do it every year and my latest has been for 5 weeks, this year i hope to do a 9 week trip. its outside all the time obviously, sleeping in tents or just under the night sky, in the wilderness of canada. beautiful and a once in a lifetime experience. :)

  3. lazy days just hanging out with friends :)

  4. Paloma

    Ooooooh, goody! I love swimming.

  5. Mimi

    i love to go swimming out in the sun…on a nicely breezed day =D or shopping

  6. Tatyana

    My most favorite outdoor activity during the summer is playing beach volleyball. I love volleyball, but since I have a full-time school and full-time work, I don’t get to do it much. So during the summer, I love to run to the beach any chance I have.

    thank you for another fabulous giveaway.

  7. Nadia

    I love going on picnics and walks in the park!

  8. Jenny

    lounging at the beach =)

  9. Valerie

    My fave summer outdoor activity is eating lobster in the rough on the waterfront on Cape Cod.

  10. Bobbi

    My favorite summer activity is a good old fashioned bbq and bonfire with friends and family!

  11. Nina

    I just love swimming and going to the beach.

  12. Alex

    Simply enjoying the fresh air and not being in school!

  13. Kim

    dressing up as a mermaid for the Coney Island mermaid parade and swimming in the ocean with harvey keitel.

  14. Katie

    my favorite outdoor activity during the summer is going to the beach with my best friends. :)

  15. riding my bike to the beach!

  16. Lynda

    I love the beach. Its the best in-expensive way for the family to get out of the house and enjoy hot summer days

  17. Tina

    My fave outdoor activity during the summer is sipping an icy cool drink under an street cafe umbrella :))

  18. Johanna

    Swimming is the best and my workout is done, fun in the sun too
    with SPF, sunglasses , and a hat of course

  19. Justred

    Drinking Sangria on a patio of course

  20. Marta

    SWIMMING + Badminton ! I love summer :)

  21. Mona

    My favorite summer activity is hiking! Making it to the top is the best reward your body can give you, so amazing :)

  22. Eliane

    I love to go to the beach to enjoy the sun! :)

  23. Natalie T

    I love going to the beach with my kids and picking shells to make jewlery or building sand castles :)

  24. BAP

    During the summer around here, where it gets up into the 90’s, anything water related is a favorite outdoor activity! Beaches, lakes, swimming pools, it’s all good!

  25. Kenneth Alan

    I like laying in the sun with a frozen margarita… not very active but oh so good.

  26. Michelle Pattison

    I love the amore pacific peel I got from sephora – large sample size and would love to try some of their other stuff.

  27. Cat

    my favorite activity during the summer is just being outside whether it be bbqing or just hanging out in the sunlight!

  28. I love swimming! Whether it’s in a pool or at the beach, I love being in the water :)

  29. amy

    My favorite activity during the summer is spending time with my daughter. She is eight years old and its a fun age. We go to the movies, the park, we have an out door mall here which is great during sunny days. We are less then an hour away from Hershey Park which we both love. During the day, if we get bored, we go to this coffee shop. I sit and enjoy a coffee while she gets milk or juice. Its a fun way to break up the day and get out an do something.

  30. brittany

    During the summer I loovvvveeee to go to the river. Whether its relaxing and tanning, swimming, bbqin’ I just love chilling with my friends and having a good time:)

  31. Katie

    sitting by the beach!

  32. Gabrielle

    Swimming at the beach!

  33. Aisha

    I know it sounds too cliche but I really enjoy going to the beach, it is just so much better than the pool, the sand, the sound of the waves, I love it.

  34. Samantha

    Playing tennis!

  35. Shelly

    My favorite outdoor summer activity is having picnics–aka sitting around and eating lol

  36. Rosemary

    I like to go swimming.

  37. Madelynn

    I love going rock climbing and gardening with my mom. :]

  38. Hands down, crawfishing! It’s a great to cool down in the water with friends and family AND to enjoy your delicious earnings at the end of the day. :)

  39. Zoe

    my favourite is swimming!

  40. Yams

    I’ve never been a big outdoorsy person, but in the summer if there’s a pool you’ll find me in it!

  41. Kim

    My favorite thing to do outdoors in the summer is be in the pool. A plus if someone is barbecuing LOL.

  42. Wendy M.

    I love going to the beach and listening to my surroundings… it relaxes me. :)

  43. ilmy

    My favorite outdoor activity during summer is to go camping. And during camping, I can hike, swim, and enjoy the sun!!
    Thanks, Christine this is an awesome give-away

  44. Xiaoxin

    I like swimming~

  45. milly

    My favourite activity during summer is to, take strolls and long walks by the riverside and parks, i also like playing tennis and badminton :) summer is great for all sort of activities, i personally like to capture every moment of it by doing something i enjoy :)

  46. Kylee

    Hiking is my favourite thing to do. I live in the Niagara region and one of my favourite places is the gorge.. So beautiful to get back to nature once in a while.. Rock walls with waterfalls, moss growing up trees and shade. I love it. :)

  47. Michelle

    I love horse back riding and mountain biking and swimming and hiking and so much more

  48. Sasha B

    I love to tan in the park and play frisbee 😛

  49. Sam

    i loveeeee to go swimming in the ocean!

  50. zeinab

    biking…its what gets me through the winter.

  51. Jordan

    My favorite outdoor activity durring the summer is swimming!! By the beach, lake, pool everything!

  52. Isheeta

    Going to the beach!!

  53. Alex

    I think my absolute favourite has to be swimming – the feeling of being carefree, engulfed and just floating. Closely followed by barbecuing in parks with friends.

  54. One of my favorite outdoor activities is walking with my puppy at the doggy park!

  55. Kat

    Fishing. Especially on a boat.

  56. Kathy

    My favorite outdoor activity during the Summer is definitely swimming!

  57. Sara

    Grilling with the fam while we listen to music, yeah!

  58. Diane

    My favorite outdoor activity during the summer has to be grilling with the family. Everyone participates in the meal and it really feels like together time and the warm weather is heaven on earth.

  59. natasha m

    play outdoors with my daughter nad jumping rope

  60. I just to just walk around on the beach and enjoy the sunlight! I’m from Vancouver so sunlight is quite rare in the fall/winter and sometimes even Spring. Vancouver summer is very beautiful as well, so just walking around aimlessly is fun =)

  61. Brittany

    My favorite outdoor activity during the summer is to go swimming & tanning! :)

  62. Jessica

    Playing volleyball!!

  63. Though my sensitive skin can’t handle the sun very well…I gotta say I love hitting the beach in the summer.

  64. Joanne

    going to the beach to read, people-watch or simply lay under the sun

  65. rachel

    roasting marshmallows by a campfire mmmmm

  66. Anita

    Hiking, with napping in the sun a close second

  67. catrienna


  68. Jenna

    My favorite activity is hiking! I like to take my dog to Tilden Park or somewhere in the North Bay where it’s sunny and windy at the same time!

  69. NANA

    my favorite outdoor activity is swimming in the summer.

  70. abby

    my fav summer activity has to be swimming!!!

  71. Anna

    hahaha my favorite outdoor activity is absolutely nothing. just sitting in the sun and enjoying the weather. maybe with a cold starbucks and a cute sundress =)

  72. Andrea

    Because here in Holland is Always Cold, In the summer my fav outdoor
    activity is walk in the city ,pic a place outside and drink something.

  73. riding my beach cruiser from beach to beach. My favorite route is down in Orange County…starting in Balboa Island and ending at Huntington Beach. I can’t wait for summer!

  74. Sara

    I love to play volleyball and take nature hikes!

  75. Christine

    My favorite outdoor activity would be going to the beach, followed by biking!

  76. Diana Lau

    my favorite outdoor activity is laying out on the beach!

  77. Shawna

    My favorite outdoor activity is to take my dog out on this trail near my apartment. I just got a new puppy and he’s up to date on his shots now, meaning I can take him out near other dogs! He loves this trail because there’s a beach next to the one side, it’s huge and there’s other dogs to play with. I love it because he loves it!

  78. Lauren


  79. Ramlah

    sounds boring, but just taking a walk somewhere scenic during the early evening when it’s slightly cooler than the rest of the day

  80. Juanita

    My favorite activity is to walk around my neighborhood, i also love going taking pictures of the outdoors with my little sister :)

  81. Michelle M

    I like to hike nature trails! :)

  82. Holly

    Hiking and walking my dog in the mornng before it gets too hot, and then lazy afternoons! :)

  83. Val♥Temptalia

    River rafting! Love going to the American River up in Sac!

  84. Judy

    Favorite outdoor activity… has to be going hiking in the mountains!

  85. diana


  86. Kati

    I love to swim, however there is no decent place to swim around here.

  87. Cindy

    That’s an easy one…swimming!!

  88. Ann

    I’m not an active kind of person per se, but in the summer my friends and I like to put a blanket out on the lawn and read magazines and tan. Honestly I think it’s way more fun than any kind of sport!

  89. Nic

    I live near the shore, so one of my fave things to do in the summer is walk on the boardwalk.

  90. Going to the beach and wading around in the water (how dorky) :B

  91. Schmidty

    Spending long lazy days at the beach.

  92. Jenn

    Taking a hike! The summer breeze is so refreshing!

  93. Andrea

    Spending time at the beach!!!

  94. Bailey

    i love playing volleyball and badminton during the summer!

  95. Sandy

    I love to stretch out under a shady tree with a nice breeze blowing over me, and read the latest trashy novel!

  96. Paula

    Just going out and about with my friends!

  97. Monica

    I LOVE going camping!

  98. Wendy

    I love love love swimming!

  99. Elysia W

    Definitely camping and going to the beach!