Friday, February 7th, 2014

Temptalia Asks You

How willing are you to reapply your lip color? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerEvery four hours or so is about all I have the patience for! If I know I really need lip color to last, then I usually opt for something longer-wearing so I really don’t need to worry about it.

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42 thoughts on “How willing are you to reapply your lip color?

  1. I don’t have a problem reapplying lipstick at all, but my favorite finishes are Satin and Matte, so they wear a little bit longer anyway.

  2. Michelle Reece

    About every 2-3 hours in the day, which is when I have to reapply SPF. At an evening party, it’s more like 8 hours.

  3. Although I wouldn’t mind reapplying it frequently, I like the tint that’s left on the lips once the lip colour starts wearing off. So I rarely reapply it.
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    • Eileen

      LOL! I actually prefer the tint left behind to some of the actual lipstick colors in which case I just use a quick swipe of Jack Black between color applications :-)

  4. xamyx

    As often as necessary… Lip products are the easiest to reapply, and they take up so little space, even in a small evening clutch, so having one on me isn’t a burden. I also remove my l products beforw a meal, so even for a formal dinner, I’d have to touch up. My biggest draw to a lip product is color/finish, so when I find one I like, lasting-power is irrelevant.

  5. I always believe in long lasting lip colors especially for occasions and events. You may not get time for touch ups and a badly faded lipstick is just so scary. Now a days lipstick formulas are so hydrating and long lasting that its easier to keep the lasting longer. I love MAC Lip Mix as a base for lipstick so that it lasts.

  6. I’m very willing. My daily lippies are Revlon’s lip butters, balm stains, and then other tinted balms like Burts Bees and Lipstick Queen Medieval. The balm stains last fairly well but the others need re-applying every 3-4 hours depending on my eating or drinking.

  7. I’ll reapply as often as it takes – but only up to ‘every hour’. I find the action of applying lipstick oddly soothing, but not when it happens so often it’s disruptive to nromal everyday life! 😀

    Certainly I prefer my lipsticks to last as long as possible, but reapplying is just one of those things I have a lot of patience for, it seems (don’t worry, I’m as surprised as you are!).
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  8. Im bad with this I reapply every hour! Last night when I wore NARS full frontal lipstick I was applying it every half hour!

  9. Not very willing, I must say, unless I am at a place where I can be alone once every couple of hours. I prefer long-wearing lip colours. I use the ones with lower staying power on occasions of shorter duration.
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  10. Obviously it depends on what I need to do, but in general, I don’t mind reapplying. I reapply lip balm every hour or two if I’m just hanging around the house anyway.

  11. I’m with you. Around 4 hours is the cut off. Anything less and it just becomes a burden for me. I love long wearing lippies!
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  12. Sassa

    I enjoy reapplying lip color, so I do it as soon as I need to. When I throw a party, or if I’m going to an event where I can’t reapply (I do a good number of speaking and panel events during the year), then I wear a lip stain.

  13. I’m not willing at all to apply lipstick (or any other makeup for that matter) when I’m out! That’s one of the reasons I stick to MLBB shades, there’s nothing worse than faded dark or bright lipstick.

  14. Sam

    I try to drink a lot of water for obvious reasons, so whenever I wear lipstick it lasts less than an hour. Am I the only one with this problem?

    • Karen

      Same here so it doesn’t bother me to reapply frequently. I do wear long-wearing mattes and stains but I find lip butters or glosses less demanding so I wear those more alone or over a stain. That way I can choose to reapply while its still there or just wait until it is completely gone. Because of this the one thing I rarely do is wear gloss over a lipstick.

  15. I reapply 3-4 times a day… I do work at home, but I reapply lipstick if going out of the house. And if I’m out, I reapply after eating.

  16. I’m totally willing to reapply my lip colour since it seems the only option is to wear on of the long-lasting lippies that is very drying and uncomfortable (at least to me) to wear). I ‘d love to find something that lasted all day and felt and looked moist and great but I haven’t discovered any such thing, alas! I do like Clarins’s Rouge Prodige lipsticks. While they don’t last for 8 hours or more, they are fairly long-wearing but at the same time, they feel moist and don’t leave my lips looking like dried out tissue paper.

    • Ms

      I second that, I’d rather reapply than have dry lips from long lasting lip sticks. Try mac mattenes, they last and aren’t drying.

    • Kate

      I have horrible dry lips and the make up forever aqua rouge is wonderful. My lips are so dry sometimes I have to apply lip balm several times an hour. Anyway, the colored side is the color (obviously) and the clear side seals the color so it lasts forever. Through meals and constant diet coke forever. The clear side is moisturizing enough for me. Only problem is the color range is quite small.

    • Astrild

      Same here. A long-wearing moisturising lippie would be heaven for me.

  17. Valentine

    well i might be an odd bird in this topic as i seldom re-apply (almost never), and though i drink and eat as all of you do, and lipcolor fades as well (for that matter i have to wipe off the edge of my cup all the time with a maniac compulsive manner lol), but i always find color fades evenly and nicely, and i like the tint all the lipsticks leave on my lips, never did i find they would fade unevenly. maybe i am lucky. i don’t feel it’s necessary to re-apply as my lips always have tint on at the long day’s end.

  18. Veronica

    As often as necessary. I’m very fastidious about the appearance of my lipstick and eyeliner, so I tend to check both throughout the day every couple of hours. If I feel my lips starting to dry out of see it feathering, I’ll wipe everything off, balm up, and completely redo the lip over again. So many of the lipsticks I wear are very bold, so it’s kind of necessary to make sure they’re still evenly applied, y’know? As an NW10, any sort of makeup error tends to stick out pretty easily on my skin. 😛

  19. I feel weird putting on lipstick at work (makes me feel like I’m not working hard enough idk), so I just use lip balm to keep the color looking fresh as long as I can (it’s pretty much all gone after lunch). That’s why I usually wear chubby lip pencils or something else more forgiving to work. If I do opt for an actual lipstick, I will usually re-apply after lunch. I’ll put some color back on after work, especially if I’m going to meet someone. If It’s a day off, I re-apply after eating, or if I have down time like on subway or waiting for someone, which probably amounts to every 4 hrs or so. I like putting on lipstick, but it feels like a hassle to have to keep doing it all day long.

  20. LU

    I only reapply once mostly, and I don’t reapply based on when it’s gone, depends where I am. If I’m at a casual party with friends, I don’t bother unless I really need the restroom. If I’m at a special event or a restaurant type setting, after the meal I will use the restroom to touch up once.

  21. TrippyPixie

    It depends on how time-consuming it is to put the product on. If it’s a tinted lip balm or lip gloss, I don’t mind reapplying between classes, since they’re easy to work with. However, if it’s a tricky lipstick or anything that requires a lip brush, I only want to reapply it once (usually after I eat lunch).

  22. I typically only need to reapply after I eat or drink… so maybe once or twice during the day. But if I’m just saying in, I won’t always bother reapplying my lipstick.

  23. I try to keep touch-ups to a minimum. Since I’m disabled (wheelchair-bound), a quick dash into the restroom for a touch-up isn’t feasible, and since I have full use of only one hand, I can’t even use a hand mirror for public touch-up jobs.
    I always layer a stain under my lipstick, for serious lasting power, and then, if I’ve eaten, I’ll reapply a good tinted gloss (my favorite is Clarins Gloss Prodige) without a mirror.
    Lip stains are an important part of my makeup routine.

  24. It depends. Sheer, balmy stuff? Once every two hours or so. If it’s supposed to be an opaque lipstick, I expect it to last 4 hours.
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  25. I don’t mind reapplying & if I like what it looks like, which is more important to me than lasting power for the time being. I’m not that big of a lipstick person anyway though I do own a few. I’d like to become more of a lippy lady though!

  26. Kristen

    I’m horrible at it. If my lip color wears off then it’s gone. I use chapstick the rest of the day LOL.

  27. Kica

    Eh •shrug• I kinda don’t mind it. The Revlon lip butters however test my reapply nerve though.

  28. I try to reapply as often as possible. It’s not so much about the color, but about the feel. I like to have my lips feel very moisturized, and my lip product to feel very slippy and emollient. I find most lipsticks tend to dry out a little on the lips if you don’t reapply at least every hour.

  29. C

    I tend to wear lipstick with gloss on top so I’m likely to just put on another coat of gloss every couple of hours.

  30. Not too keen on reapplying lipsticks but I’m happy to reapply a tinted lip balm whenever I feel that the lips are dry.
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  31. Tam

    In the past, I’ve been a one and done type of girl when it comes to reapplication. I’ll apply it once in the AM, but thereafter, I usually don’t. What’s so weird about that is the fact that lipsticks were my first love in the makeup world. And, I’ve always loved centering everything else about my look around the color of my lipstick. It’s just that my job is so hectic that I rarely make time for reapplication. This is so sad because I have a large candy glass full of different colors and finishes that I would love to wear! So, I’ve decided to make more of an effort to reapply, if for nothing else but to decrease my stash.

  32. Stacey

    Everyone talking about long-wearing lip products that last you forever need to give me shopping tips, otherwise I must clearly be the only person who spends several hours a day at my job in a speaking role. No amount of “long wear” has ever been able to triumph over managing a restaurant and the amount of talking that I have to do over the course of one shift. Am I missing something?

  33. Jan

    Every 3-4 hours or so.

  34. I don’t mind reapplying lipstick at all. I prefer seeing myself with lipstick and looking good than been lazy and having all my makeup looking good but no lipstick. Of course long wearing is also good.

  35. kurohana

    I dont reapply lip color or carry makeup with me.

  36. Extremely willing. I am addicted to all lip products and have someone on my lips almost 24/7. I think I’m sick. :)