Sunday, March 11th, 2012

This or That

Which would you rather wear: green blush or green lipstick?

  • Green lipstick (76%, 3,205 Votes)
  • Green blush! (24%, 991 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,196

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39 thoughts on “Which would you rather wear: green blush or green lipstick?

  1. green blush! Because my rosacea flares up now and again and that would hopefully tone it down a bit :) LOL

    Plus, it would tone redness around the nose.

  2. Definitely lipstick! When done well, it could still look artsy and fun. Green blush would probably just look dirty no matter how you apply it.

  3. Blush is way too subtle to enjoy green! I would LOVE a green lipstick the boldness and gorgeous jewel-tone shimmer as Dragon RAL but in a true emerald shade. AH the thought of it makes me want to create it!

  4. Stephanie C

    Haha, depends how green! I’m guessing blush because technically color correcters are already green… and it might hide my redness? I’m pretty sure either blush or lipstick would make me look sick though.

    • Carla

      I actually wouldn’t wear green blush *or* green lipstick, but if I absolutely HAD to do one or the other, I’d probably opt for green lipstick. It wouldn’t look healthy, though.

  5. I can’t stop laughing at this question! For me a Green blush would only take out the redness of my face. lol

  6. helen

    Really??? Green blush or green lipstick????

  7. Amy

    Lipstick cuz I already own a mint colored one that I absolutely adore<3 and I guess you can use it to cover red blemishes too.

  8. I’ve worn green lipstick, but not green blush. Have worn a cheek highlight with a green iridescence, though.

  9. renee

    green blush, because at least i could blend it away to nothingness lol

  10. Jo

    I actually have a green lipstick but it is a colour PH changing one that goes pink so maybe that is cheating?!

  11. I didnt realize either existed. Who sells green blush?

  12. I think a dark, glossy, emerald lipstick could be absolutely gorgeous! I’d much rather rock that than green blush.

  13. Kathy S.

    I have heavily-pigmented lips and a florid complexion, so maybe either, but I picked the lipstick because I’m pretty sure that they’d cancel each other out.

  14. Caroline

    I think i could blot down a green lipstick to sheer enough that it wasnt as green as much as it neutralized the red in my lips!

  15. Dinitchka

    I choose green lipstick. I have NO CLUE how I would pull off green blush without looking sick and bruised *LOL*

  16. Gina

    This question reminded me if the review of Illamasqua’s Violate lipgloss from a while back. It was such a beautiful shade of emerald, I’d definitely wear it at least once if given the chance!

  17. Tigress

    I used to wear dark green lipstick for fun. Ah, the beauty of being a young teen who lived at punk rock shows.

  18. alison

    this was a toughy – i was first thinking green blush, since that would tone down the constant redness in my cheeks (i’m like an nc10, and i flush easily, so i’m ALWAYS a little red), but.. i also have pretty pigmented lips, so maybe the green there would be a little less noticeable? plus, if it was a deep green-black, that might look hotttt for a high fashion look! :)

  19. Miss J

    Why pick one or the other?! I would just looove to slather green all over my face, thank you. ;P

  20. Jocelyn


    I love trying out different lip colours!

  21. Sharon Hsu

    I really want a green lipstick!! And I hope there will be one with deep green like the green lip gloss from Illamasqua and have the texture like kontrol. I don’t like the texture and color like from Lime Crime, their lipsticks are like whiteouts (greenout?)

  22. I would rather wear green lipstick lol

  23. artemis

    blush but also lipstick :))) funny, cause i asked my bf once what kind of crazy look would he like to put on me he also included light springy green haha :)) we’ll try that someday

  24. I actually own some green lipstick, from Evil Shades! It’s called Mage:–Mage.htm

  25. Rebecca

    Probably a green lipstick, but more of a greeny blue. It could easily be complemented into a brown-vampy purple with a pink gloss!
    Although a deep forest green might make a cool vampy lip. Not for every day of course!

  26. MonicaP

    Green lipstick. I could cover it with red gloss and get purple 😉

  27. Mar

    I wear Illamasqua’s Violet lipgloss, which is a very dark jewel tone green but to get more effect I use a lipliner underneath which changes how strong it is (either dark green or teal) and I love it.

  28. I’ve done a green lip that was a green MAC chromagraphic pencil and Bling Black gloss over. It was STUNNING! I love the drama of a green lip.

  29. Olga

    No idea, but I just WANT this Illamasqua teal lipstick! I don’t know where I’d wear it to, but who cares?! 😉

  30. gabriella

    I would totally rock a light pastel minty green lipstick! :)

  31. AussieAngelcakes

    Ummmm NEITHER? That wasn’t a hard choice. The Grinch look is so not flattering ;p

  32. angel

    idk…some greens can make me look jandice….

  33. Janelle @ Life.Love.Nailpolish

    Blush! I’m sure I could use it to contour if it was dark enough.