Sunday, February 5th, 2012

This or That

Which would you rather: blue eyeshadow or blue eyeliner?

  • Blue eyeliner! (78%, 3,334 Votes)
  • Blue eyeshadow! (22%, 944 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,278

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28 thoughts on “Which would you rather wear: blue eyeshadow or blue eyeliner?

  1. Denise

    I really don’t like blue eyeshadow, it always makes me look tired, even though there are so many lovely shades of blue :-(

  2. I love wearing navy blue eyeliner as a pop of color, but I’m just not comfortable with most blue eyeshadow.

    I don’t think I’ve worn a pastel blue since I was in high school. Some people can definitely pull it off, but I don’t trust my blending skills for that!

  3. Ana R.

    I feel so trashy when I use a blue eyeshadow. It just doesn’t go well with my skin/hair tone at all! There a girl at work that looks so gorgeous with it. Makes me kind of jealous. Only a little bit.

  4. Blue eyeshadow has the tendency to look Mimi from the Drew Carey Show -esque if you don’t know what you’re doing, but blue eyeliner (especially navy!) looks so chic!

  5. Mariella

    For me, it really depends on the product. I am quite happy wearing MAC’s Birds & Berries as either a shadow or a liner. Today, I tightlined with a Lise Watier dark blue liner because I didn’t want to look “made up” but wanted my eyes to look have a bit more “pop”. I guess I’m more likely to wear dark blue liner since it’s much easier than blue shadow (which takes work, blending, co-ordinating with other colours) but I do have some blue shadows that I like too.

  6. an eyeshadow, i’m just not a big fan of eyeliners.

  7. Carly

    My boyfriend said it best. “Hookers wear blue eyeshadow.”

    • And how would your boyfriend know?….from experience?…..I think blue eyeshadows are really pretty….I put MAC satin taupe on the entire lid and then place Sugar Pill Weekender over it up to the crease area….and I get compliments….and this is one of my many “blue looks”

  8. I love them both, don’t make me choose, lol.

  9. blue shadow…because there is a variety of color range, texture etc….even though I have brown hair and eyes, I can wear it well without looking like I am coming out in the 70’s…..

  10. Nichole

    I’m NC45 and love blue shadow and liner. I tend to use more navy in the crease or outer corner, but like lighter blues on the lid as well. I think it depends on how and where you use it. A light blue on the lid with a darker crease color (brown, dark gray, plum or purple) looks great.

  11. Xero

    Blue just doesn’t work with my skintone…but at least eyeliner takes up less space! And navy is close enough to black…

  12. Makaegan

    I said eyeliner, just because it’s easier to work than eyeshadow. But I’m obsessed with any deep sapphire/midnight blue. Eyeshadows like Le Metier Midnight Sky or theBalm Risque Rene, eyeliners like MUFE Aqua Liner #6…stunning. I wish I could wear them more often.

  13. Miss J

    I picked blue eye shadow, but really I would wear either. I just don’t prefer colored liners as much. I used to HATE blue eye shadow, though. I didn’t own any. I wouldn’t touch the stuff. It was like a weird, random phobia of blue eye shadow and looking tacky. It used to be the thing for people to wear light frosty blue shadow up to the crease and slightly above with lots of black liner. Even in the 6th grade (when the trend hit), I thought it was ridiculous, and ever since I had the hugest aversion to anything blue on my eyes until a MAC girl sold me on a blue shadow.

    It’s still not my favorite color to wear, but I love mixing it with other colors, and I do favor a dark smoky, navy eye!

  14. I voted blue eyeshadow, and though I knew I would be part of the minority, I never thought it would be by quite so much!
    Don’t get me wrong – I love colored eyeliner, but blue eyeliner just doesn’t really suit me.
    However, I ADORE colored eyeshadow, and I love blue in particular. Such a fun shade, you can do so many things, from a deeper navy, to a poolside blue to and icy winter look – so many options! I am a bit crazier with makeup though, so I understand why people prefer to go with the more subtle blue liner option :)

  15. Violet912

    This was a horrible question because I so love both!! In the end I voted blue eyeliner because I can wear it with my blue eyeshadow or with other color themes also, so I get more wear out of it.

    But I have more fun BUYING blue eyeshadow than eyeliner.

  16. Christy

    A deep blue buffed into the outer crease is perfection on brown eyes.

  17. I don’t see anything troublesome with wearing either. 😛

  18. Linda

    I voted for eyeliner even though i love blue eyeshadow and some of the deeper shades look great on me (loving my estee lauder blue dahlia palette at the moment) but as people have said above me it takes time, patience and skill to apply so 9 times out of 10 if i’m in a rush and want a little blue in my life i just reach for the eyeliner.

  19. Jennifer

    I chose blue eyeshadow. I don’t wear full-on blue eyeshadow (“full-on”: think bright, clear blues), I usually tone it down with silver or gold on top and neutrals in the crease. I also use my light blues in a thin layer between my base shadow and my lid shadow for eye-brightening properties. Also, a navy blue can be used as a liner or a crease/outer corner color.

    From experience, I have found that a navy liner in the lashline to be too obviously blue. However, in the outer half of the lower lashline, it looks wonderful.

  20. Veronica

    Well, I like both, but I generally prefer it as an eyeliner than a shadow. Actually, I’m wearing a winged eye in electric blue liner as I type this. 😀

  21. sunny

    i am so psyched about playing with MAC petrol blue! It looks beautiful

  22. MORENA

    BOTH! I wear both. I’ve been wearing blue eyeshadow a lot lately though.

  23. Jazz

    um both lol. I may wear a navy shadow to work tonight

  24. Tamara

    blue is my favorite color to wear i have pale cool skin brown eyes and black hair and i look so alive with a sky blue i wear more eyeliner then shadow causes its quick but love both. mimi from the drew carey show wore makeup in general badly dont judge blue by her. and to the comment about hookers that was kinda judgmental dont u think ? if the color looks good on u to your own sense of what works wear it