Sunday, December 25th, 2011

This or That

Which would you rather: no makeup for a week or sleep in your makeup overnight?

  • I'll deal with the aftermath of wearing makeup for 24 hours! (51%, 2,346 Votes)
  • I'll go naked for a week! (49%, 2,218 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,564

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37 thoughts on “Which would you rather: no makeup for a week or sleep in your makeup overnight?

  1. Adrienne

    I’d rather sleep in mine b/c I would get tons of comments at work about how tired I look without makeup and I enjoy wearing it. I slept in my makeup all through college anyways ahhhh! It looked just as good the next day for class lol

  2. Aging_Beauty

    Okay now…are we talking about a WORK WEEK, or a week of vacation at home? Cause no way in hell am I going to work without makeup – I need my job! lol I’ll definitely choose sleeping with my makeup on!

  3. Fiaspice

    I often wear no make up so it’s a not a big deal to me. Once, after a barty, I was relly drunk and didn’t took my make-up off properly and the morning after was terrible: my eyes where almost shut due to swelling (other than that I was quite well despite the alchool I drank the night before)

  4. Eh, I’ve done both. I keep hearing that sleeping in makeup is bad for your skin (and I believe it), but I do it…relatively often with no ill effects. So that’s what I chose.

  5. francesca

    I am surprized that so many people chose going naked for 1 week.
    1 overnight with makeup does not do much of an effect on me :S

  6. E

    It sort of depends on what I’m doing during that potential no-makeup week. If I’m staying home, I’ll easily go without makeup hahaha, and this coming week, I’m going on what will likely be a hectic trip, so I’m only bringing mascara, concealer, and lip gloss, and I’m not sure if I’ll wear any of it. But I guess in the end, I’m confident enough in my skin to bare it to the world for a week :]

  7. Kathy S.

    I’ve done both, but I can get over the consequences of wearing makeup for 24 hours straight. I doubt that putting me into a coma would keep me from doing makeup. So…I guess that I’ll be getting the Oxy 10 out…..

  8. Lyss

    I’ve done both… and which I’d prefer varies. If my face is in crap shape, I’d rather sleep with make up (and risk making my face worse) than going a week without it. When I have a good face, there are plenty of things I will do before I’ll sleep in my make up.

    Then there are days like Christmas Eve, where I’m up so late that I need all my energy just to get into bed and washing my face is the last thing on my list of things to do. (… my eyeshadow is still perfect…)

  9. bdancr

    I’d definitely choose to sleep with it. One day can cause nothing. Doing it in a regural basis can cause harm. And make up is what makes me feel energetic in the morning, the play with the clors actually wakes me up and makes me feel ready for the hardest day.

  10. lol this question is a no brainer. I’ve slept with my makeup on so many times. there really weren’t any consequences, i’m sure it wont be good for my skin if i do it for a longer period of time, but occasionally it doesn’t hurt, hasn’t so far…
    not wearing makeup for a week?! Hell NO!

  11. CocoVonB

    I wear makeup even on my off days. I would rather sleep in makeup for a week, then go without it for even a day!

  12. Considering I’m naughty and fall asleep in my makeup once a week anyway…

  13. Lucie

    I can barely tolerate wearing makeup for 8 hours straight, 24?!! No way, gross. My skin would feel disgusting. Don’t mind going bare too much, a week wouldn’t be hard, but I’d miss playing with new looks!

  14. Dinitchka

    If I didn’t have to leave the house AT ALL, then all I need is my EOS lipbalm (or any lipbalm) and I could go naked … no make-up.

    If we are talking normal daily work week and going out, then I’d choose to sleep in my make-up … I know gross but truthful.

  15. Maureen

    There’s an aftermath to wearing your makeup overnight? I’m better about it now, but I still do it pret-ty regularly.

  16. Amy

    Would one night with makeup on really wreck your skin? I did it recently for the first time in YEARS and my skin is fine. Besides, I work at makeup counters and I’m required to wear makeup, so I’d just sleep in mine for one night.

  17. Sam

    I’ve done both, but I chose going without makeup for a week as I do that more often than sleeping in it. I never put on makeup everyday unless I have something I’m doing that’s worthy of an effort. Lol otherwise I just dont give a shit. My skin is too acne-prone to sleep in my makeup.

  18. heidi

    I sleep in my makeup from time to time. My skin usually looks pretty bad the next day but its not like it does irrepairable damage. I just love playing with makeup too much. I could go a week without wearing makeup out and about but it brings me so much pleasure to put on that I’d at least want to be able to play with it at home even if I had to take it off. Its not about not feeling like I can go outside without makeup its just so much fun that why would I want to?

  19. Saffy

    Eh, my skin will be a bit clogged and oily if I sleep in my MU, but it’s nothing some exfoliation and a mask can’t fix. I’m too pale too go a week without makeup, I need mascara and blush to look alive!

  20. Yumi

    i’m actually surprised at how it’s almost 50/50.
    i chose naked for a week myself cuz wearing makeup too long is suffocating for me. i’d just pretend i’m sick or something lol. a week without makeup would probably do my skin good anyway!

  21. Veronica

    My job requires me to go sans cosmetics most of the time (they generally let cream-based products slide – powder is the big no in IV rooms), so I’ll go bare-skinned. I’m lucky to have clear skin, but I know better than to tempt fate by leaving that much product on it for too long.

  22. Nadia

    I do go out without makeup from time to time so it’s not that big a deal to me. However, out of the two, I’d pick sleeping with it on all night simply because it’s one night vs a week!

  23. TiffanyG

    I love my makeup, but I can’t stand to sleep in it. Even back in college, after a loooong night out I always took off my makeup. 7 days without for sure!

  24. Ashley

    I already go plenty of times without makeup of any kind. I think that women who wear makeup but feel comfortable in their skin and confident in themselves both with AND without makeup wear the makeup better than women who cannot deal with being bare-faced sometimes.

  25. Oh gosh… I’m guilty of always falling asleep with makeup on anyways… BUT I rarely have a full face of makeup. So.. I kind of can go for either option 😀

  26. Must take of my makeup before I sleep no matter how tire I am. Kim Kardashian should really be answering this question.

  27. Chiara

    I’ve never slept with make up on. No matter what state I’m in or how early in the morning it is, I take it all off. However, I still picked sleeping with make up on for one night. How bad could it be right? Maybe it would be good for me, to get over my compulsive behaviour of having to take my make up off. At this point, I seriously can’t sleep with make up on, I keep on worrying about it as I lay in bed.

  28. I can go a week without makeup no problem, but I refuse to sleep in my makeup. Even if I am exhausted, I have to drag myself into the bathroom and wash my face! I got some Olay face cleansing cloths that help a lot.

  29. I wouldn’t really care if either happened!

  30. Mel

    No makeup for a week which is what I do during school anyway. Outrageous heat + Early classes + humidity = no make up for me as much as I love my makeup. Murad Lip Protector and I’m good to go.

  31. Rebecca

    I voted for the overnight BUT if I would have perfect skin (meaning no acne) I would definitely go with naked for one week but under the current circumstances I NEED make up or I feel really bad ^^

  32. Ana

    No makeup for a week which I’ve eone already haha

  33. Megan

    I always fall asleep in my make-up. I know it’s not good for my skin but it happens… a lot.

  34. Christy

    I wear bare Escentuals so I regularly sleep in my make up with no problems in the morning. My skin has actually improved to an almost flawless state after being faithful to the brand for 12yrs!

  35. Janelle @ Life.Love.Nailpolish

    No makeup for a week! I do this all the time anyway. I’ll wear makeup for 2 weeks straight, and then go for 2 weeks straight without wearing any. I guess I’m lucky that I was blessed with good skin, so not wearing foundation for me isn’t a big deal. But I will look sallow without blush/bronzer!

  36. Anna

    I don’t drink very often, but once in a while I’ll have one too many, and when I get back home, I go to bathroom and wash my makeup off… I just can’t stand sleeping with anything on my face… I feel dirty.
    So yes- I’d go a week without makeup for sure.